Sujet: AVERT POSSIBLE TERRORISM **THIS FRI.** by sharing these news items!
De: Russ Rosser
Date: Wed, 12 Sep 2007 18:17:54 -0500
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Taken together in context, the following six news stories suggest another 9/11-type event on THIS FRIDAY, 9/14/07!  This is not a prognostication, but alarming implications that demand attention.  By forwarding this intel as widely as possible, we may thwart a possible plot by exposure.  It's up to us.

1)  The following items are coincident with the CIA Director's recent claims that Al-Qaida is planning "high-impact plots against the U.S. Homeland," Homeland Security Director Chertoff's "gut feeling" about an imminent terrorist attack, and the latest round of network propaganda on the anniversary of 9/11 to reinforce their official conspiracy theory.


2)  The Air Force Times and CNN are reporting that the entire US air command will "stand down" on Sept. 14th (THIS FRIDAY).  (American Heritage dictionary defines "stand-down" as “a relaxation from a state of readiness or alert.”)  This os purported to "review safety procedures" following the incident on Aug. 30, in which in which six cruise missiles armed with nuclear warheads were loaded onto the wings of a B-52H at Minot Air Force Base, N.D. and then flown over several states, without anyone on the ground or plane realizing it until the B-52H was parked at Barksdale Air Force Base, La.  Only bombers carry nukes, yet this stand-down order will also ground fighters that would ordinarily scramble in the event of terrorism.  

This parallels obstruction of our air deterrent on 9/11 in the form of "drills" that were coincidentally conducted during the 9 /11 attacks (including operation Vigilant Guardian, described as “an air defense exercise simulating an attack on the United States,” [ABC NEWS, 9/11/2002]), which resulted in the failure of fighters dispatched from Langley failed to find their targets.

3) El Al Airlines has cancelled all flights to Israel from NY, the largest Jewish population center outside of Israel, on Sept. 14th--the same day that the US Air Command will be grounded.

4)  MSNBC etc. have recently reported inordinate purchases of 'put' options, i.e., financial instruments that profit from the expectation of falling stock values.  These contracts equal 1/3 of the US stock market value...and they expire on Sept. 21!  In other words, certain wealthy insiders not only *expect* a market crash within two weeks--they're positioned to *lose* vast sums if it *doesn't* happen!  Among possible events that might precipitate such a collapse, another 9/11 incident tops the list.  Moreover, Cheney et al have repeatedly warned that future terror is "not a questions of IF, but WHEN" and that "the next will kill MILLIONS, not thousands." 

This parallels the disproportionate 'put' trades against United and American Airlines prior to 9/11 and the subsequent grounding of US flights.  $2B was earned, but the story was reported and the money was not claimed--obviously, for fear of prior/inside knowledge of the 9/11 terrorismResearchers traced the investments to the Deutsche Bank owned Banker’s Trust, which was formerly headed by then Executive Director of the CIA, Buzzy Krongard.

5) These suspicious trades follow recent remarks by Former US Treasury Sec. Larry Summers that the risk of a recession in the U.S. was greater that at any time since 9/11.  And in a recent interview, Congressman Ron Paul said that martial law provisions are in place to deal with economic discord.  Recall the warnings by Cheney, et al, that upon another terrorist incident they *shall* suspend the Constitution and declare martial law!  

6Moreover, this administration has threatened to invade Iran upon another 9/11-type incident, and asked Congress to authorize the use of nukes in that event.  As 9/11 was blamed on Osama Bin Laden as a pretext to militarize the Caspian Sea fuel pipeline through Afghanistan, and then on Saddam Hussein as a pretext to turn the Iraqi oil fields over to Haliburton, the next "terrorism" is likely to be blamed on IranDEBKAfile reports that the USS Nimitz and the USS Truman Strike Groups are now en route to the Persian Gulf to join the USS Enterprise!