From: Jacques Fortier     
Today at 10:28 PM

          Bonjour, Je viens de signer cette pétition -- pourquoi pas toi?

Au Parlement du Canada Ainsi que ceux des autres pays du Commonwealth.: La fin de l'asservissement des citoyens de ces pays et du monde entier.
 À l'attention de: Au Parlement du Canada Ainsi que ceux des autres pays du Commonwealth.
Cette pétition est très importante et nécessite notre aide. Clique ici pour en savoir plus et signer:
( To the Parliament of Canada and other countries of the Commonwealth,(we ask ) the end of this slavery-system, in every country. ) /// Merci beaucoup, {Jacques Fortier}       (( The principle of modern banking was thus established: invent money from nothing, put it into circulation as "running cash notes" that have to be paid back with real wealth, that is produced from our labour, .... sit back and become unbelievably wealthy and powerful men: hidden rulers of nations. In England this deceitful system was officially sanctioned in 1694. The usurper of the throne, William of Orange, had overthrown the legitimate King James II, with the financial backing and plotting of powerful Jewish financiers in Amsterdam. In return he gave the sovereignty of England, to a group of financiers, by means of a Charter allowing them to call themselves the Bank of England. ////////////           Pétition avaaz...
Bravo Jacques, ton entêtement à faire cette lutte depuis tant d'années, t'as mené bien loin, une  pétition mondiale, encore bravo.( )     Jacques began this fight against banks, many years ago, when few knew about this fraud, now with the help of internet, it is a pleasure to see his work, at this level.Congratulation to him, please sign, people. //