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--tom hen.: Attacks vs Caroline Kennedy /
casper 12-27-08
Again and again delv are scheduled.
Again and again they are delayed.
The last three times the excuse given has been consistent--Bush, Clinton-Obama acting in concert to delay deliveries. Threats are made then not followed through by our side. WE don't know why. It may be that the announcements of the Constitution preclude Obama and Hillary from taking office and avoiding exposure the primary Bush purpose.
As we said recently it was necessary to withdraw the funds from Treasury due the corrupt activities in D.C.. Even so, delv were rescheduled as the cards representing the deposits care not where the deposit is actually located.

Thursday night and Friday A.M. the G-20 reps arrived again in anticipation of delv Friday, then today. Packs had moved. Delv were certain, then stopped.
There were a variety of last minute problems recently from the firings of the Trustees to trouble with the RED CHINESE. Remember, they are drowning in U.S. debt Instruments and preserving that value is their primary concern.
These and other problems were handled then bingo, new problems arise. Delv. were scheduled yesterday with announcements last night, then today with announcements tonight. Problems with Obama/Clinton/Bush is all we hear.

As for your questions about which Senators were paid off the answer is all of them got the cards with 251M/per and 1576 such cards containing the STOLEN funds were distributed in D.C.. If we had named names prior to this Intel coming out we would have mentioned Kay Bailey Hutchison, Phil Gram, Orrin Hatch, Barbara Bush, etc. who were being paid sums in addition to the 251M. These STOLEN sums were distributed throughout government including Treasury and even the Justice Department. The cards were cancelled,...Who knows what new scam replaced this one.
These criminals should be arrested and jailed but as you can surely see laws are for you and me, not for politicians in D.C..

Make no mistake friends, every important report for the last two weeks says OBAMA is a full fledged partner in these blockages.
Extreme anger is being expressed in many places and always his name is front and center. Of course they are all just puppets of the money interest.
Those following us had been promised their funds Friday, needless to say "one delay all delay" a fifteen year old rule which has never failed.
The secrecy is intense as they are extremely worried about which scandal will break next. WE still expect the full announcements to occur and something to be done about the colossal cesspool which is Washington D.C.. Every day the crisis deepens economically and politically.
The ignorant masses are like sheep headed for the butcher shop as they can not even comprehend the extent of the corruption. There is not a nickels worth of difference between Congress and the money interest. Add to this 20+ years of Executive Branch corruption with Judicial Branch cooperation, malfeasance and treasonous conduct and we have what you see on television every day, one disgraceful exposure after another with no end in sight.
Remain positive. Not because we are delusional but because so much evidence justifies this viewpoint.
The current news says: "Early next week", but is subject to overcoming the latest OBAMA/CLINTON/BUSH/ILLUMINATI blockage.
casper 12 27-08
casper 12-27-08     2nd
Word now comes, the G-20 have been lying since their arrival claiming packs were picked up at the court and enroute for delivery.
They are not moving, still in the court.
The carriers, we hear, have been "barred" from pick up and delivery.
The G-20 knew this when telling their bold faced lies.
They now "guarantee" deliveries within 48 hours. Can liars now be believed? Only time will tell.
They were to release the suitcase if there was further interference. They are to Chicken S*it to follow through.
casper 12-28-08
OBAMA/CLINTON/BUSH, acting in concert, bribed the five Trustees who then authorized B.ofA. to STEAL 400B from our cards and give it to the D.C. criminals on 1576 cards with 251M/per.... The Trustees were caught and fired, the cards cancelled. Included in the payoffs were Cabinet Secretaries, most of Congress and those throughout government who were participating with BUSH/CLINTON/OBAMA in blocking deliveries and the planned theft of all funds except a small expense check to us which would have triggered the activation of their cards loaded with our money.
The second half of this plan, call it Plan A, was the delay until after OBAMA'S inauguration of any serious money when he was to issue an Executive Order confiscating all funds except the 400B they had divvied up among themselves and the small expense checks to us.
When the above was caught and stopped they resorted to Plan B, the bribery of the G-20 who had been sent to the U.S. for the express purpose of getting the deal completed. BUSH SENIOR approached and bribed the Communist Red Chinese representative who in turn recruited three other of the G-20 reps to participate in the ongoing blockages hence the lies emanating from the G-20 upon arrival in D.C. last week. They were to be paid after the fact, after all funds had been confiscated via OBAMA Executive Orders.
          Just as the Trustees had fallen into a trap so too did these snakes and skunks get caught with every hand in someone else's cookie jar. The GO-20 were huffing and puffing and play acting they were on our side when in fact they had been bribed individually by SENIOR/JUNIOR/CLINTON/OBAMA.
OBAMA was an instigator not a silent participant. He said he was going to get our money "legally or illegally" but either way he was going to get it. After several confirmations from our own sources we now have it from his own people that not only did he do these things but that he has been confronted face to face with the facts and told point blank... he is a bigger crook than George Bush.
He was told "this is not your money and you will never see a dime of it". The G-20 reps involved have been replaced. The amounts involved in the bribes are huge but so far no exact numbers, WE are working on that.
The current status is we are on go again immediately. Focus on the positive which is that the scumbags are overcome again and again. We must expect and look forward to the announcements putting a stop to much of this out-of-control corruption in D.C....
If all goes as scheduled this may well be our last communication.

For goodness sake wake up America.
A "community organizer" does not become President with 600 million in financing unless he is on board with the money interest, the Illuminati.
It is shocking but true, they are no better and no different than Madoff.

Until WE THE PEOPLE are willing and able to open our eyes to the actual reality and truth of the CORPORATION and the D.C./Wall Street nexus of corruption
they will own the plantation, they will continue to rape and pillage the people on the plantation and our once great nation will be no more, replaced by their NWO.
What do YOU, as an informed and wealthy individual, intend to do about this?
casper 12-28-08


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December 30, 2008

West Begins Massive Attacks On Sinai Peninsula ‘Watcher’ Stargate.

By: Sorcha Faal, and as reported to her Western Subscribers

Russian Military Analysts are reporting today that the West has launched
a ‘massive’ assault upon what are described as numerous undersea and
underground bases of the ‘Watchers’, an alien race reported to have
occupied our Earth since our most ancient of times and described in our
oldest myths and legends as ‘gods’.

In our previous reports on the growing confrontation between our Earth’s
present rulers and this ancient race of gods (“World Shipping Comes To
Halt As Global Navies Prepare For ‘Unprecedented’ Confrontation”, “Earth
Must Be Warned!” Screams French Astronaut Before Suicide Attempt”,
“Obama Rushed To Middle East After ‘Watchers’ Issue Dire Threat To
Mankind”, and ‘Watcher’ Attack On Hawaii Leaves Obama Forces Stunned”)
we had detailed from previous Kremlin reports the gathering of nearly
all of our World’s Naval Forces to the Gulf of Aden, (the present day
location believed by many to have been the entrance to the Biblical
Garden of Eden) in preparation for what these new reports describe as an
attempt to break our human races’ centuries long ‘embargo’ [no English
translation] from leaving our Planet.

It is important to note that Russia is now standing alone against the
World in confronting these Watchers and that two separate attempts in
the past few weeks to reach what is described as the Watchers
underground ‘Stargate’ base in Egypt’s Sinai Peninsula ...
has resulted in the deaths of 32 Russian diplomats and scientists at the hands of
Western Forces now conducting this war.

President Medvedev has further warned the Western Powers that as Russia
was prepared during the West’s attempt to breech the Caucuses through
its puppet government of Georgia this past August, and where another
‘major’ Watcher base is reported to be located,
Russia was, once again, fully prepared for war.

These warnings, however, have gone unheeded by the West as it has
launched a major assault upon the people of Gaza
in its attempts to
disguise its massive bombing by American B-52, B-2 Stealth and B-1
Bombers throughout the Gulf of Aden and Egypt’s Sinai Peninsula
on the vast network of underground bases throughout this region.

The attempts by the West to launch simultaneous attacks against
underground Watcher bases in the Himalayas using a major war between
nuclear armed Pakistan and India as their ‘cover story’, though, appears
to be ‘on hold’ as Indian leaders, following the lead of Russia, are now
said to be ‘balking’ at attacking
what they state is a ‘species’ that has not, as yet,
proved to be hostile towards mankind in our present day.

If our Earth’s ancient myths and legends are to be followed, the wisdom
of Russia and India not joining the West led attack upon these ‘gods’
should prove to be wise          as our Earth’s last attempt to rid our World of
these Watchers by building the Tower of Babel (reported to have been a
massive starship bomb        meant to destroy the Watchers main star base in
orbit over Earth) ended in total failure, to say the least.

It should also not go unnoticed in these reports, that at a time when
our World’s financial structure is in total collapse, and as new
warnings are being issued that massively changing Global weather systems
are threatening our ability to feed our human race,
there is now taking place a convergence of news, ancient myths and religious beliefs
on a scale not seen since our most ancient of days.

Unfortunately, though the masses of the Western peoples are able to see
for themselves (most of them for the first time in their lives) the
titanic changes taking place all around them,
the destruction of their intellectual and spiritual abilities by a lifestyle designed for just
that purpose       has left nearly all of them unable to fully understand
these events. Even worse, without their understanding of these things
they remain powerless to protect either themselves or their families
during the much harsher times to come.

So enamored are these deluded peoples with the false concepts of
‘instantly’ and ‘right now’ they have no conception that these days we
are now in        are but the beginning stages of what will prove to be the
most catastrophic war in our Earth’s entire history.

One can only wonder how these people will be able to survive when the
UFO’s they nearly all believe in, will cease being objects of mere
curiosity and speculation and become staples of their everyday existence
as they roam our Earth’s skies      to destroy at will all they so desire.

Even worse, these coming times will utterly devastate tens-of-millions
of Western Evangelical Christians    led falsely into believing they will
escape the cataclysms to come    by their being ‘raptured’ from this Earth.

Though this word ‘rapture’ is nowhere to be found in the Christian Bible
(or for that matter any historical Christian writing period) it has not
stopped these millions of believing
in the 1830’s ‘vision’ of the young Scottish girl Margaret Macdonald near death from illness, which was then
sized upon by the founder of the Plymouth Brethren John Darby,
and then carried into mainstream prominence by the bank swindler and ex-convict
Cyrus Ingerson Scofield
who promulgated the ‘vision’ by writing his own Bible
which is still accepted today by these poor souls.

But in this World we live in today, where the lies have become the
truth, it remains the sad fact that even though we attempt to break the
holds of falsehoods currently imprisoning these peoples minds,
they remain as adamant as ever to hold onto them….even as these lies are
leading them to their own destruction.

© December 30, 2008 EU and US all rights reserved.
Sorcha Faal



Monday, 29 December 2008
The Hanukah Massacre on Gaza-Judaism in its Finest Hour.
'The aerial assault on Gaza thus far resulting in several hundred deaths and close to a thousand casualties (much of which will result in even more deaths) must-if it is to be understood correctly-be placed within the historical context of the religious ideas expounded by Judaism since its inception and which today constitute the philosophical lifeblood of the state of Israel.'



Mark Lavie Associated Press Thu, 25 Dec 2008
Comment: As always, the imperialist designs of Israel must be mitigated for the eyes of the audience with the reminder that 'someone' fires (mostly ineffective) rockets into Israel. But the conflict is far from equal and Israel's oppression far from justified; just compare the number of casualties on both sides for a quick reference.

Nidal al-Mughrabi Reuters Sat, 27 Dec 2008 10:50 UTC
Comment: Despite the propagandist slant of much of the wording in this article it should be clear to anyone, from observation of the facts, that it is not the Palestinians who are 'unleashing hell'
Media Coverage comment By: Sankara
I usually don't listen to mainstream news, but this morning I watched the yahoo pages which gave the tone. Sport, gossip, emptiness and one ligne:'hostility started again in Israel'
The 'zombie like westerners' won't notice... thus being accompliced to the Zionists who have already spoiled their very integrity, life, mental sanity.
Arabs and Muslims will get more and more upset...rightly so. In France (ruled by the Zionists) this might ignite civil war. The unrest would then turn from socio-economic reasons to ethnic...Ever since the 2005 riots (probably staged by the Mossad)the Zionist police train some elements of the French Police.
These Sabbatean/frankists are plain psychopath. Who will stop them...
Fortunately there are couragous people among the jewish community of normal people.
[Link]I told Muslim friends to check this blog, Neturei Karta, so they can understand that the problem is psychopathy...
A Reuters Report... comment By: Bedower
...how very - er - biased! This article was written under the by-line of someone called Nidal el-Mughrabi? A pound to a penny that isn't his real name! No Muslim would write such pro-Israeli rubbish!
The death toll and number of injured is probably a lot higher thanthe figures given out by the media. I'm sure not even the Gazans know the full total of dead and injured yet.

http://www.kawther.info/wpr/2008/12/28/the-bloody-saturday-of-israel-in-gaza ...
After I was forced by the Israeli occupation forces to leave my home in Palestine, I fled to Vienna, Austria, where I currently live as a refugee. I started my online diary in October 2001 while still living in Palestine, where I worked as a journalist.

This “nation” or that “nation” is an illusion. The leadership of the house of Saud is Edomite/Jew. The reason that the corrupt “leaders” allow the masses to be killed is that they are either part of the serpent seed or get their orders from them. To be a sociopath like the leaders of the various “nations” are they have to be sold out to Lucyfer. The masses will continue to die as long as they fight each other instead of joining together and fight the top of the power pyramid, the elite. There is only one group at the top and they have all sold their soul to the devil. All three major religions are slated for destruction by the elite. As long as they each continue to say that they are the only way and fight each other the sociopaths will continue to win. It looks like the elite will continue to win for a while longer and the masses will continue to be cannon fodder.

2anonymous coward:
Israel is like a mad dog, it has driven itself crazy with holocaust-fueled hatred, and it appears to believe it’s own history book telling it that it is God’s (only) chosen people, and everyone else is a little less than human, hence the genocide that is apparently so acceptable to it. Why the US continues to fund it is very curious and very sad. FDR didn’t want Israel to get that land, accurately predicting that it would arm and cause no end of problems. This is very scary to me, it makes world peace look farther away than ever. I just thank God that McCain didn’t get elected, or WW3 would be even closer than it already is. Pray for peace.
by Safa Joudeh
... some like to war on their neighbors because that is how they celebrate their holy days. Chief among the latter is the serial killer, theme park known as Israel.......:

Comment: An all-out propaganda War to cover-up Israeli Genocide.

Comment: Well, there you have it. All this death, pain and sorrow. It's the Palestinians fault, of course.
Condi, Bush, Olmert and his security cabinet all agree. "Well, just look. See what you made us do?"
They starve these people, deny them medical supplies and then blow the heck out of them. And use a few ineffective rockets as an excuse!
If we hadn't seen it many times before this would be unbelievable.
and .....
Comment: Almost 200 Palestinians have been massacred by F-16 air-strikes and the US and UK wants Israel to continue this slaughter.
As always, Israel is made out to be the victim whilst innocent Palestinians are murdered and represented as the aggressor.
Related articles:
Olmert: Our desire for quiet was met with terror
One Israeli killed, 4 hurt as Palestinian rockets hit Negev home
At least 205 dead, over 200 hurt in IAF Gaza strikes
ANALYSIS / IAF strike on Gaza is Israel's version of 'shock and awe'
IN PICTURES / Gaza under attack
Bradley Burston / The worst anti-Israel charges you'll hear in wartime
Israeli Arabs react with violence to IDF operations in Gaza
Israel to mount emergency international PR effort in wake of Gaza campaign

Comment: Psychopaths Barak and Livni also used the words "calm" while talking to the media. Do they mean Dead Calm?
And what exaclty do they have in mind when they say "The second goal is to create the kind of deterrence that would prevent future attacks from Gaza on Israel's south" if they claim that "the current operation does not aim for the outright toppling of Hamas' rule in Gaza"? Are they planning to kill all Hamas members and Hamas supporters by the end of their "operation"?

... Combined IW [Irregular Warfare, euphemism for TERRORISM] will require the joint force to establish.....

Comment: Damn lies! It might have been calm for the Israeli leaders, but it wasn't calm for the millions of Gaza, who had to learn to survive locked up without electricity, water, food, medical assistance, and constant IOF bullying and attacks.
Comment: Damn lies! The Zionist leaders of Israel and their international allies are the reason why Middle East is bleeding for the last sixty years!
and Arabs in Israel protest Gaza operation
Livni: We tried to achieve calm without force
Stuart Littlewood applauds Britain's Channel 4 TV for screening Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad's Christmas message and notes the speed with which Israel's stooges in the UK Parliament, Foreign Office and elsewhere raced with one another to condemn the broadcast:
Israel's stooges in the UK wasted no time orchestrating a tidal wave of protest against Channel 4 TV's showing of a Christmas message by Iran's president, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad.
The MP Philip Davies, a Friend of Israel, said that the address was "completely unacceptable on every level" but didn't explain why. "His previous comments don't strike me as being in tune with what most people feel at Christmas time. He is an offensive man and the last person you would want to use for a Christmas message."
Speak for yourself, Mr Davies.
Stuart Littlewood is author of the book Radio Free Palestine, which tells the plight of the Palestinians under occupation. For further information please visit here.
a comment... It Is Hardly Surprising... // comment By: Bedower
...that the Foreign Office is infected with Zionism when the Foreign Minister is David Miliband. The questions British taxpayers should be asking are; Does David Miliband hold duel British/Israeli citizanship? If so, why has he been given the Foreign Secretaryship? Isn't there a possibility of a conflict of interest there? Are the best interests of the British nation really being served by this man? The British people pay Miliband's salary and expenses; they have the right to ask these questions and they have the right to know the answers.
While we're on the subject, Gordon Brown should be indicted for treason, in my not-so-humble opinion, for putting the interests of a foreign power before the interests of the British people.


Peter Chamberlain ThereAreNoSunGlasses Blog Wed, 24 Dec 2008
.... (...) American leaders and all the foreign leaders who work with them represent the greatest evil that this world has ever known. They are carrying-out and cooperating with the bloodiest, most devious plan ever devised by human minds, to grab all the wealth from all nations, regardless of the cost in human and animal life. Hitler and Stalin were mere "pikers," compared to our neocon/Zionist overlords. No previous tyrant or would-be dictator ever came as close to snuffing-out human freedom and individualism as these "Neo-American" dreamers have positioned themselves to do.
Collective human nature has never been so ready to surrender all rights for the privilege of working, eating or obtaining health care as it now stands prepared to do. Desperation remains the key to the warlords' success. The more desperation spreads, and the more desperate that people become to obtain the most basic of human needs, the more easily they will volunteer to become killers and to forsake all those insignificant things like human rights and morality that all of us resisters consider sacred.
What's at stake, besides the massive loss of life, is the massive reversal of all the gains and inroads made by human rights advocates throughout history and the complete elimination of the concepts of freedom and inalienable rights professed by America's founding fathers, for the sake of preserving the profit margins of today's robber barons.
David Swanson DavidSwanson.org
Russ Baker's new book presents an account of the U.S. government that is both remarkably new and extensively documented. According to this account, George H. W. Bush, the father of the current president, devoted his career to secret intelligence work with the CIA many years before he became the CIA director, and the network of spies and petroleum plutocrats he began working with early on has played a powerful but hidden role in determining the direction of the U.S. government up to the current day. ...(...)
Pakistan media finds "a wicked axis" of New Delhi, Washington and Tel Aviv ganging up against Islamabad. In this backdrop, protecting Pakistan from terrorists and securing the national border are the key issues on the media agenda.
The sense of paranoia is apparent in a Frontier Post editorial published on Tuesday. It says "what can you expect when a wicked axis of America's CIA, India's RAW and Israel's Mossad are so active in fuelling and fanning militancy in our tribal region? Why is it (government) keeping mum? It is because of the wickedness of this wicked axis, our military and our people have been pitched against each other."
Camillo 'Mac' Bica Truthout Wed, 24 Dec 2008
I have always thought myself a free spirit, a philosopher mendicant, seeking an alternative, more substantive lifestyle. Others, however, see my unorthodoxy, my "spiritual seeking," as abnormal and a clear indication of my insanity. Perhaps I need to pause and reevaluate my life. After all, being insane is not something one readily admits. I guess it's part of being crazy to cling to a facade of sanity, to think oneself normal and everyone else insane.
One thing I am certain of, however. I haven't always been crazy. Wasn't born crazy. I think insanity crept up on me, happened in Vietnam, in the war. War does that, you know, drives people crazy. Shell shock, battle fatigue, soldier's heart, PTSD. All that killing and dying can make anyone crazy.

Comment: This is why an understanding of the world within and around us, with all it's beautiful and terrifying forms, including a good understanding of the Pathocratic processes are so fundamentally important; the truth is that not all men and women are created equally, we do have a predator in our midst that stalks us, controls us, feeds upon us, and vectors us for their own purposes... Psychopaths, and Pathocrats in positions of power:
The pathological social structure gradually covers the entire country, creating a "new class" within the nation.
This privileged class of deviants feels permanently threatened by the "others", i.e. by the majority of normal people. Neither do the pathocrats entertain any illusions about their personal fate should there be a return to the system of normal man.... Pathocrats never possessed any solid practical talent, and the time frame of their rule eliminates any residual possibilities of adapting to the demands of normal work. If the laws of normal man were to be reinstated, they and theirs could be subjected to judgment... they would be threatened by a loss of freedom and life, not merely a loss of position and privilege. Since they are incapable of any kind of sacrifice, the survival of a system which is the best for them becomes a moral imperative. Such a threat must be battled by means of any and all cunning and implemented with a lack of scruples with regard to those other "inferior" people that can be shocking in its depravity.
Pathocracy survives thanks to the feeling of being threatened by the society of normal people, as well as by other countries wherein various forms of the system of normal man persist. For the rulers, staying on the top is therefore the classic problem of "to be or not to be".
We can thus formulate a more cautious question: can such a system ever waive territorial and political expansion abroad and settle for its present possessions? What would happen if such a state of affairs ensured internal peace, corresponding order, and relative prosperity within the nation?
The overwhelming majority of the country's population would then make skillful use of all the emerging possibilities, taking advantage of their superior qualifications in order to fight for an ever-increasing scope of activities; thanks to their higher birth rate, their power will increase. This majority will be joined by some sons from the privileged class who did not inherit the corresponding genes. The pathocracy's dominance will weaken imperceptibly but steadily, finally leading to a situation wherein the society of normal people reaches for power. This is a nightmare vision.
The biological, psychological, moral, and economic destruction of this majority (Normal people) is thus a "biological" necessity. Many means serve this end, starting with concentration camps and including warfare with an obstinate, well-armed foe who will devastate and debilitate the human power thrown at him, namely the very power jeopardizing pathocrats rule. Once safely dead, the soldiers will then be decreed heroes to be revered in paeans, useful for raising a new generation faithful to the pathocracy.
Theres A Plan In Affect comment By: Lenny
That plan is to squeeze society out of self sufficency by making job(s) go by, by and create an alternative purpose to survival. This leaves the only prospect to survive as to enlist and become a tool to be used and than physicaly and psychologicaly thrown away.

Camillo "Mac" Bica, Ph.D., is a professor of philosophy at the School of Visual Arts in New York City. His focus is in ethics, particularly as it applies to war and warriors. As a veteran recovering from his experiences as a United States Marine Corps officer during the Vietnam War, he founded and coordinated for five years the Veterans Self-Help Initiative, a therapeutic community of veterans suffering from Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder. He is a long-time activist for peace and justice, a member of the Vietnam Veterans Against the War, and coordinator of the Long Island Chapter of Veterans for Peace. Articles by Dr. Bica have appeared in Cyrano's Journal, The Humanist Magazine, Znet, Truthout.org, Common Dreams, AntiWar.com, Monthly Review Zine, Foreign Policy in Focus, OpEdNews.com and numerous philosophical journals.
..and comments....
Chris Hedges Truthdig
...(...) Stable, industrialized societies, awash in wealth and privilege, can construct internal systems that mask this cruelty, although it is nakedly displayed in their imperial outposts. We are lulled into the illusion in these zones of safety that human beings can be rational. The "war on terror," the virtuous rhetoric about saving the women in Afghanistan from the Taliban or the Iraqis from tyranny, is another in a series of long and sordid human campaigns of violence carried out in the name of a moral good.
Those who attempt to mend the flaws in the human species through force embrace a perverted idealism. Those who believe that history is a progressive march toward human perfectibility, and that they have the moral right to force this progress on others, no longer know what it is to be human. In the name of the noblest virtues they sink to the depths of criminality and moral depravity. This self-delusion comes to us in many forms. It can be wrapped in the language of Western civilization, democracy, religion, the master race, Liberté, égalité, fraternité, the worker's paradise, the idyllic agrarian society, the new man or scientific rationalism. The jargon is varied. The dark sentiment is the same.
Case files of US Justice and Treasury Department refusals to investigate money laundering allegations since the year 2005 are now online[HERE].
Comment: And is it any coincidence that the Bernard Madoff "Ponzi" scheme totaled nearly the same amount in what was likely a huge money laundering scheme?

The Committee to Protect Journalists is an independent, nonprofit organization founded in 1981. We promote press freedom worldwide by defending the rights of journalists to report the news without fear of reprisal.

reem@website-pro.co.za     a écrit / wrote :

Hello there
I saw that  you mentioned the Committee to Protect Journalists, on your page here:  jacquesfortier.com/InfoBeate/InfoChrono20081227a.html    so I figured that free press.... is a subject you care for.

This is not an easy time for journalists, all over the world, with the discoveries of surveillance on citizens, which includes journalists and their sources.

I’d like to ask you to share a guide, written by one journalist to his colleagues, all over the world. The guide can help them, protect their work, and fulfil their mission.


If you can add it to your page, as well as share it over social networks, it would be a tremendous help, to the free press.


Thomas Frank USA Today
Comment: Really?? Are we supposed to believe that there are around half a billion 'terrorist webmasters' out there, and therefore billions of more 'common terrorists'?? Now, that's an army! Be afraid!
Comment: Exactly. A little common sense should be enough to alert us about what the real intentions of the authorities are: further surveillance in order to 'discipline' dissenting voices.
Comment: The effort comes as researchers are seeing terrorists increasingly use the Internet to plan bombings, recruit members and spread propaganda. "Blogging and message boards have played a substantial role in allowing communication among those who would do the United States harm," the department said in a recent notice.
Nonsense. The only concern of the authorities with the Internet is the increasing voices of common people who are critical of their lies, crimes and draconian measures.


.... nenki   conspiration.cc .....
Israël frappe Gaza assez dûrement. Peut-on défendre Israël ? Lettre de Michel Collon. "Parmi les nombreux messages qui me parviennent, un petit nombre veut défendre Israël en invoquant tel ou tel comportement palestinien. Voici, en quelques mots, une brève réponse.
Je pense qu’il faut toujours en revenir au point de départ : Israël est un Etat colonialiste qui a chassé les Palestiniens de leur terre en 1948. Il refuse leur retour qui ne serait pourtant que le respect du droit. Avec ses colonies, cet Etat raciste ne cesse de pratiquer le nettoyage ethnique pour continuer à augmenter son territoire. Il viole toutes les résolutions de l’ONU depuis soixante ans, se sachant protégé par l’Europe et les Etats-Unis. Ceux-ci ont besoin d’un gendarme au Moyen-Orient pour contrôler le pétrole.
Israël se plaint des armes nucléaires éventuelles chez ses voisins, mais il a lui-même deux cents têtes nucléaires, installées en toute illégalité. Israël se prétend “la seule démocratie au Moyen-Orient” (comme si un régime d’apartheid pouvait être démocratique!). Mais les alliés d’Israël au Moyen-Orient (Arabie saoudite, Koweït, Egypte...) sont des dictatures abominables.
En plus, lorsque les Palestiniens de Gaza “votent mal”, Israël les punit par des blocus et des agressions sans fin. Ceux qui critiquent certains mouvements palestiniens actuels, oublient de dire que précédemment, Israël a tout fait pour détruire les mouvements palestiniens de gauche ou nationalistes. Et qu’il a systématiquement refusé de négocier avec Arafat tout en prétendant le contraire.
Tout ceci peut être prouvé par des études d’historiens (notamment israéliens), des déclarations de tous les grands dirigeants sionistes eux-mêmes et des témoignages de juifs progressistes d’aujourd’hui.
Les colonialistes se plaignent de tirs de roquettes et d’attentats. Certes, toutes les méthodes de lutte ne conviennent pas. Mais puisque les oppresseurs, surarmés, ont privé les oppressés de tout moyen d’action légal, ils seraient bien aimables de dire comment il convient de résister.
Il n’y aura pas de solution au Moyen-Orient sans établir une vraie démocratie, pour tous. Et donc accorder tous leurs droits aux Palestiniens. Certes, des Israéliens souffrent également (d’ailleurs, ils souffrent aussi de la pauvreté et de discriminations racistes imposées par les dirigeants israéliens).
Internet nous permet d’ouvrir avec chacun, ici et là, un débat sur les véritables causes du problème. En dénonçant les médiamensonges et les déformations de l’Histoire.
Pas de paix sans Justice! "
... VOICI 3 LIENS/ 3 links :

1))) Ilan Pappé - En 1948, les Palestiniens ne sont pas partis "tout seuls"...
Traduit de l’italien par Marie-Ange Patrizio, from italian page:

2))) Albert Einstein, etc... - Lettre à propos d'Israël adressée en 1948 au New-York Times
http://www.michelcollon.info/articles.php?dateaccess=2008-03-03%2010:56:36&log=lautrehistoire and
Albert Einstein with many prominent Jews (list below) signed onto this letter published in the NY Times on Dec. 2, 1948
http://www.qumsiyeh.org/einsteinetalonbegin/ Qumsiyeh comment/update:
Herut is the precurser for the Likud Party of Israel (following on the ideology of Vladimir Jabotinsky). Begin (a wanted terrorist) later became Israel Prime Minister (Likud) and under his rule, tens of thousands of Lebanese and Palestinian Civilians were killed in the 1980s. Menachem Begin's successors in Likud (and as Israeli Prime Ministers) include Netanyahu and Sharon who are responsible for countless other civilian deaths. While the authors mention the apology from the Jewish Agency "sent to King Abdullah" who is not even Palestinian, later research shows involvement of the Hagannah and teh Jewish agency in the Deir Yassin massacre as well as JA/JNF involvement in ethnic cleansing.
02/03/2008, Qumsiyeh http://www.qumsiyeh.org/
Traduction : MG pour ISM http://ism-france.org/news/article.php?id=4278&type=analyse&lesujet=Racisme
Mazin Qumsiyeh is Professor at Bethlehem University. He previously served on the faculty of University of Tennessee, Duke and Yale Universities. .... He published several books of which the most acclaimed "Sharing the Land of Canaan: human rights and the Israeli/Palestinian Struggle" which was also translated to spanish.
Having seen and lived with war, terror and occupation in Iraq and Palestine, participants in the Wheels of Justice offer first-hand experience irrespective of partisan politics and sound bite sloganeering. The Wheels of Justice Tour canvasses the United States with education, outreach, training, active non-violent resistance, and network/community-building. http://justicewheels.org/

3))) Union Juive Française pour la paix - Gaza : la responsabilité directe de la France et de l'U.E. .... Ce crime a été rendu possible par l'impunité totale accordée à Israël depuis bientôt 9 ans et le soutien actif dont il bénéficie au sein de l'Union Européenne. ...
Depuis maintenant des années, la bande de Gaza subit, avec le soutien complice de l'Union Européenne un siège criminel qui viole délibérément toutes les lois internationales : un million et demi de civils sont prisonniers de l'armée israélienne et privés de tout : de nourriture, de carburant, d'électricité, de médicaments, de matériel scolaire. Moins d'un dixième des camions nécessaires au ravitaillement normal de la population parviennent à passer. La communauté internationale laisse faire, voire encourage ce siège. L'occupant a expulsé Robert Falk, le rapporteur spécial sur la situation des droits de l'homme de l'ONU.
... Il n'y a aucun statu quo possible, aucune perpétuation envisageable de ce siège impitoyable et criminel. Tout peuple assiégé a le droit de résister à l'oppression. ...
Les politiques européenne et américaine depuis Annapolis, en évitant d'affronter la réalité de l'occupation, aboutissent à l'impasse attendue dont encore une fois le peuple palestinien paie tout le prix. ... L'Union Juive Française pour la Paix dénonce le crime qui se déroule contre la population de Gaza. Elle appelle à manifester partout contre cette nouvelle agression.
and UJFP: Union Juive Française Pour la paix (French Jewish Peace Union):
http://www.ujfp.org/ http://www.ujfp.org/modules/mylinks/ :
Description :
The aim of this website is to provide information and alternative commentary on the ongoing developments in the Occupied Territories - the West Bank and the Gaza Strip - in Hebrew, English and Russian. The need for such information arises since the ongoing devastation of the Palestinian land and people in the Occupied Territories is misrepresented in the Israeli and US media as "fight against terror" and a "just struggle for Israel's very existence and security". The Editors represent a range of opinions as to the optimal solution for the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. However, we are united in the belief that a viable solution must be based on the unconditional end to the Israeli military occupation, and on principles of equality, justice and mutual respect.
EJJP, European Jews for a Just Peace
Description :
European Jews for a Just Peace, EJJP, is a federation of Jewish groups from different European countries. Its principles are formulated in the Amsterdam Declaration.
GAZA (AFP) - Israël, engagé dans une "guerre sans merci" contre le Hamas, attaquait lundi des cibles du mouvement islamiste pour la 3e journée consécutive dans la bande de Gaza où ses raids ont fait plus de 300 morts dont 51 civils, alors que se profile la perspective d'attaques terrestres (( du coté palestinien))

En Israël, des roquettes tirées par des combattants du Hamas depuis la bande de Gaza ont fait un mort et huit blessés, à Ashkelon, dans le sud du pays.(( du coté israélien))

Après une série de raids nocturnes, l'armée de l'air israélienne a mené de nouvelles frappes lundi matin, détruisant notamment le bureau du Premier ministre du gouvernement du Hamas Ismaïl Haniyeh, selon des témoins.
Dans la nuit, un appareil israélien a bombardé l'Université islamique de Gaza, un bastion du Hamas, et détruit une mosquée à Jabaliya, dans le nord de la bande de Gaza.
Cinq fillettes d'une même famille âgées de un à douze ans et habitant près de la mosquée ont été tuées lors du raid.
Selon le dernier bilan fourni par le chef des services d'urgence dans la bande de Gaza Mouawiya Hassanein, les attaques aériennes israéliennes ont fait depuis samedi au total 312 tués, et 1.420 blessés. La majorité des morts appartiennent au Hamas....(...)


About those "Rocket Attacks" against Israel. . . . .
they DESERVED every one of them.

West Bank & Gaza Strip, Palestine -- As the world enters day #3 of the Israeli military attacks against the West Bank and Gaza Strip, the U.S. media is replete with stories about how Israel is merely defending itself from "rocket attacks." Let's talk about that.

The so-called "rockets" are little more than Bottle Rockets used by American children or professional fireworks displays used to celebrate on the Fourth of July.

Most of the "rockets" being fired at Israel, land harmlessly in the desert. Rarely if ever is anyone injured by these rockets and NOT ONE person has been killed in Israel by these rockets in years!
Yet within the past 3 days, the Israeli military has seen fit to kill over 700 unarmed men, women and children inside the West Bank and Gaza strip. Think about that for a moment. No dead Israelis has prompted 700 dead Palestinians.

Let's move on to yet another item that the U.S. Media is repeating over and over and over: The Palestinians freely elected the Hamas Party into power and, according to Israel, "Hamas is a terrorist organization."
In fact, many dimwitted Americans swallow this line of reasoning hook, line and sinker, then repeat it as though it makes any sense. Let's consider this argument for a moment.

Yes, the people of Palestine freely elected the Hamas Party into power. That is their right. If my fellow Americans think that bombing people over who they elect is a valid thing, then let me know.....(...)

(...) One thing that is absolutely NOT being reported anywhere in the U.S. Media is WHY the rockets are being fired into Israel. Do you know why they're being fired? I do:

For over a year, Israel has sealed the borders of the West Bank and Gaza strip, not allowing anyone to work, earn money or - here's the real problem - get food deliveries IN.

The 1.4 million people inside Gaza are literally being starved to death by Israel.
The only way food has gotten in is through smuggling and not nearly enough can be smuggled in.
Let me ask you something: If someone was intentionally starving YOU to death, would you try to hurt them?

That's what is really taking place over in the cesspool known as Israel. Yet the U.S. Media isn't bothering to tell the American people about this. If the American people knew that Israel was intentionally starving over 1.4 million people to death, it would change the way the American people react, which would put pressure on the American government, which would then put pressure on Israel.

Here's the worst part: Even though the American people have been intentionally kept in the dark by the media, the U.S. government knows these facts and still does not intervene.

The American government knows that Israel has not allowed Palestinians to go to work for over a year. The American government knows that Israel has not allowed food shipments into Gaza or the West Bank for over a year. The American government knows that Palestinians have been starving to death. This is genocide, taking place right in front of us!
The American government has not only stood-by and done nothing to stop this genocide, they have actually aided and abetted it by supplying Israel with the weapons used to perpetrate the genocide....(...)


...tom heneghan.....
Wednesday, December 31, 2008
Khazarian Jews Attacks vs Caroline Kennedy Escalate
plus SEC Officials Receive Bribes from Madoff 
by Tom Heneghan
International Intelligence Expert

Monday December 29, 2008
Caroline Kennedy, daughter of assassinated U.S. President John F. Kennedy, attends a book signing for her book "A Patriot's Handbook" Rinaldi/Getty.
United States of America – We can now report that the anti-Gentile, anti-Christian, anti-Catholic KHAZARIAN Jew attacks vs Caroline Kennedy continue to escalate.
KHAZARIAN JEW Hillary Rodenhurst Clinton sits in acceptance of the
United States flag desecrated by a foreign Israeli Star of David
Rupert Murdoch Greenberg and Hillary Rodenhurst Clinton and Haim Saban

Mega MOSSAD agent Hillary Rodenhurst Clinton admires
her "handler" mega ZIONIST Bibi Netanyahu AP

Item: The smears and attacks are being directed by mega Israeli Mossad agent and Obama's Secretary of State designate, LOSER Hillary Rodenhurst Clinton.
Hillary's co-conspirators include the New York ZIONIST Times
and the Washington ZIONIST Post, along with NBC General Electric.
NBC's cable outlet station MSNBC attacks Caroline daily with extortion-friendly type journalists who are given talking points to attack Caroline on a daily basis by none other than LOSER Hillary, herself.
These alleged journalists have been on Hillary's payroll for years.
Here is a list of them:
Homosexual in-the-closet John Heilemann, Contributing Editor and National Political Columnist, New York Magazine
Homosexual in-the-closet John Ridley, an independent media type on the West Coast.
Homosexuals in-the-closet Mark Halperin, John Harris and Mike Allen, all contributors to the Washington Post and Politico .com.
Note: Allen and Harris were both clients at Barney Frank's noted homosexual whorehouse run out of his apartment in Washington, D.C.

(left pic) LOSER Hillary Clinton and U.S. Rep Gary Ackerman, D-NY, (right)
Lesbian in-the-closet Hillary Clinton embraces Charles Schumer, D-NY

These extortion-friendly media types are being assisted by KHAZARIAN Jew Congressman Gary Ackerman, D-NY, and KHAZARIAN Jew Senator Charles Schumer, D-NY, (202) 224-3121, in leaking dirt on Caroline to major Rupert Murdoch owned New York tabloids for the purpose of discrediting Caroline's attempt to become the next Democratic U.S. Senator from New York .
U.S. President John F. Kennedy holds daughter Caroline's hand

Reference: Caroline Kennedy, the daughter of assassinated President John F. Kennedy, is well aware that LOSER Hillary, along with George Herbert Walker Bush and Madeleine Albright aka Halfbright, conspired to have Caroline's brother, John F. Kennedy Jr., assassinated in July of 1999 before JFK Jr. could publish information and evidence in his George magazine detailing the extent of the criminalization and privatization of U.S. Special Forces in Bosnia in the late 1990s that led to the creation of what we now know, as of today, being the Bush-Clinton-Mossad-Gary Best "TRUE COLORS" worldwide assassination teams.
Caroline Kennedy with her brother John F. Kennedy Jr.
AP photo

Item: JFK Jr. had his private aircraft taken down by a barometric bomb triggered by a cell phone call from Herzliya, Israel within days after he confronted then First Lady Hillary Clinton at a luncheon, when JFK Jr. announced to Hillary that he would challenge her in the year 2000 Democratic Senatorial Primary.
Note: As you can see, folks, the opposition to the John F. Kennedy bloodline by the extortion-friendly ZIONIST-controlled U.S. media now borders on the pathological.
U.S. President John F. Kennedy issued $2 United States Note NOT a Federal Reserve Note
$2 1963 series - view the words "United States Note"
above Jefferson's pic, click here to enlarge

It was President John F. Kennedy that ordered the issuance of $2 U.S. Treasury Notes on June 4, 1963, which was the first step to dismantling the KHAZARIAN Jew-British owned [private] Federal Reserve Bank, which now, with the assistance of the Bush-Clinton Crime Family Syndicate, has looted the U.S. Treasury.
And, of course, it was President John F. Kennedy that opposed the idea of Israel becoming a nuclear power and simultaneously issued a direct order to keep the ZIONIST state from receiving high tech U.S. Tesla and HAARP technology,
which Israel did receive from Kennedy's successor, Lyndon Baines Johnson,
two (2) weeks after President Kennedy's assassination in Dallas, Texas.
Click here for Nuclear Underwater Sea Bases
(left pic) President Kennedy, 2nd left, and Senator Albert Gore Sr. (r)
(right pic) Senator Albert Gore Sr. AP

It was President John F. Kennedy, along with then U.S. Attorney General Robert F. Kennedy, and former Democratic Senator of Tennessee, Albert Gore Sr., that sued the General Electric Corporation, aka the parent company of NBC, in early 1963 for electrical conspiracy by General Electric in their attempt to diminish the power of the Tennessee Valley Authority,
which offers the people of Tennessee, and most of the American South, lower cost electricity compared to the higher charges of General Electric.
Note: The extortion-friendly, ZIONIST-controlled media smears against Caroline Kennedy, is almost directly similar to the ZIONIST media smear directed against then Vice President, now non-inaugurated, duly elected President Albert Gore Jr. during the year 2000 presidential election.

P.S. At this hour we can divulge that a Justice Department preliminary investigation has begun involving the role of the Bushfraud-Christopher Cox controlled SEC involving payoffs and bribes tied to KHAZARIAN Jew Bernard Madoff, J.P. Morgan and various CIA proprietary offshore accounts.
Bagmen involved in the payoffs and bribes of SEC officials include KHAZARIAN Jew Congressman Ackerman, D-NY
and KHAZARIAN Jew Senator Charles Schumer, D-NY.
Also a subject of the inquiry includes KHAZARIAN Jew Senator Hillary Clinton, D-NY.
Christopher Cox, Bushfraud and Bernard Madoff
The payoffs and bribes to SEC officials were coordinated by ex-NASDAQ Chairman, Bernard Madoff, through wire transfers from SECRET Mossad-run accounts in Dubai, United Arab Emirates (UAE).
Two SEC whistleblowers, one being a Gary Mack, have given depositions to FBI and Justice Department officials concerning obstruction of justice by SEC Chairman Christopher Cox.

P.P.S. And, of course, if gets worse!
Madoff's crime spree is also connected to the American-Turkish Council, Israeli AIPAC, the noted Chicago Turkish Consulate and the bribery of current and former U.S. Congressmen, including Dennis Hastert, former Republican Speaker of the House, former Republican Majority Leader Roy Blunt of Missouri, Republican Dan Burton of Indiana, the late Democratic Congressman Tom Lantos of California, former Republican Congressman Robert Livingstone of Louisiana, and former Democratic Congressman Stephen Solarz of New York.
This all dovetails to Special Counsel Patrick Fitzgerald's on-going investigation in the State of Illinois.

Stay tuned folks for our next update in which we will get in to the Madoff case even more, with tie ins to the funding of worldwide terrorism run by J. P. Morgan, including the Iran/Contra-Dawood Ibrahim, Adnan Khashoggi and Hassan Ali Khan links to the Mumbai, India massacre.

P.P.P.S.: Here is a direct message to scumbag Joe Scarborough of MSNBC (202) 885-4200:
It is in your best interest to cease and desist your smearing of Caroline Kennedy, along with your extortion-friendly media stooges, that is conducted now on a daily basis on your morning talk show.
We remember, Scoobie-Dooo, that you covered up the murder of your female intern that worked in your north Florida panhandle office during the year 2000 presidential election.
We are well aware that this intern was murdered because she knew too much about the Choicepoint software, Boca Raton, Florida, Bay Point Schools election fraud operation that was directed against then Vice President Albert Gore Jr.'s presidential candidacy for the purpose of STEALING the state of Florida and the state of Tennessee during the year 2000 presidential election cycle.
Could it be, Scoobie Dooo, that your female intern had you on tape with then Republican Florida Governor Jeb Bush discussing the implementation of the vote fraud operation seven (7) months before the election took place in November of 2000.
Could it be, Scoobie Doo, that some time, some place when you least expect it, that we will hear those tapes played on independent websites.

Joe Scarborough promoting and supporting Bushfraud
Bushfraud with brother, former Florida Governor Jeb Bush (left), who ILLEGALLY pardoned his criminal business partner, mega Colombian drug lord, Carlos Lehder, whose attorney was Hugh Rodham, brother of Bush-Clinton Crime Family Syndicate partner Hillary Rodenhurst Clinton

Final note: Scarborough, of course, spends a lot of time promoting Republican Jeb Bush for the Florida Senate.
Folks, we want you to call NBC General Electric, (202) 885-4200, and tell them you support Caroline Kennedy as the next Democratic Senator of New York and also inform them that you want this Bush-Clinton Crime Family propaganda show aka Joe in the Morning, be canceled immediately.
Tell them to bring back Imus so we can get some credibility back.
Make it clear to them, folks, that we will never give in and never give up until every last member of the Bush-Clinton Crime Family Syndicate is once and for all removed from American soil, along with their extortion-friendly, corporate-controlled U.S. media elite enablers.
Maybe we can set up a sting operation at Barney Frank's whorehouse aka apartment in Washington, D.C.
At this hour we live free or die as we continue to identify the enemies of the American Republic and the 2nd American Revolution in the 21st Century and eradicate them.
Overlord at Yorktown remains relentless and victorious.
Lafayette remains at Brandywine and Albert Gore Jr. remains the REAL President of the United States.
Non-inaugurated, duly elected
President Albert Gore Jr.
International Intelligence Expert, Tom Heneghan, has hundreds of highly credible sources inside American and European Intelligence Agencies and INTERPOL -- reporting what is REALLY going on behind the scenes of the controlled mainstream media cover up propaganda of on-going massive deceptions and illusions.
Liberty and Justice for We, the American People
Punishment with Due Prejudice for ALL Traitors
Patriotic, God-loving, peaceful Jewish People are NOT the same as the war mongering ZIONIST KHAZARIAN Jews.

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