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While the world slept through the month-long cyclic dream of the Olympic Games, the Axis of Evil took the opportunity to move its pieces onto Russia's doorstep. The Eastern bear responded, and the US/UK/Israeli propaganda machine went into overdrive.
As usual, ordinary people paid a heavy price for this deadly game of global chess.
Playing chess with Russia at the expense of the human race.
A month ago we observed the signs of a New 'Cold War'.
The first salvo seems to be the proxy war in South Ossetia and Georgia, not unlike the one in Afghanistan back when the Taliban were "freedom fighters" and the "headquarters of terrorism" was Communist Moscow. The basic dynamics at play are rather obvious and have been explained by a number of writers whose articles have been reproduced on SOTT in the last few days.
But to make it crystal clear, there are at least four key pieces of information that need to be known to have a fairly complete picture:
1. Georgia stepped into South Ossetia before Russia stepped into Georgia, although the Western media is attempting to convince the world that precisely the opposite is true.
2. Georgia is a puppet of the Axis of Evil (US, Israel, UK and allies) and only one element in a series of movements to get Russia under control and/or provoke it.
3. An oil pipeline which runs through Georgia connects Central Asian producers to Western markets.
4. The conflict coincides with a US-Poland treaty for the installation of an anti ballistic missile system on Polish land.
5. There are reports of a large number of US ships heading towards the Persian Gulf.
So let's have a closer look at these points:
We'll start with a summary of the basic facts of the Georgian conflict, which we quote from this article (emphasis added):... (...)

Everytime I See A Sott "Connect The Dots" Article  / comment  By Great hierophant

I say uh-oh and go straight to them because these articles are always right-on.
I have another dot to connect. Hurricane Gustav. First it's a category 5 when it leaves Cuba. It's out on very warm open water, on a hellacious path to New Orleans and all of the sudden it loses it's steam to a category 3 and misses New Orleans. Umm... Could it be the puppet masters have a "secret" weapon to fizzle out hurricanes and change their path when they want to? If so, why did they let New Orleans drown from Katrina?
Another Masterpiece...                 By Data

... thank you very much, and please keep it coming!
Great Article                   By Benito
THanks once again for putting everything in perspective. About the comment above: I live in New Orleans and we were issued a mandatory evacuation. We left although it was obvious this was not another Katrina. Now we are being denied entry into the city. This is an exercise in control, as was the aftermath of Katrina. How much are the people willing to be controlled? etc, etc.

Gilad Atzmon
Tel Aviv University historian, Professor Shlomo Sand, opens his remarkable study of Jewish nationalism quoting Karl W. Deutsch:
A nation is a group of people united by a common mistake regarding its origin and a collective hostility towards its neighbours" [1]
As simple or even simplistic as it may sound, the quote above eloquently summarises the figment of reality entangled with modern Jewish nationalism and especially within the concept of Jewish identity. It obviously points the finger at the collective mistake Jews tend to make whenever referring to their 'illusionary collective past' and 'collective origin'. Yet, in the same breath, Deutsch's reading of nationalism throws light upon the hostility that is unfortunately coupled with almost every Jewish group towards its surrounding reality, whether it is human or takes the shape of land. While the brutality of the Israelis towards the Palestinians has already become rather common knowledge, the rough treatment Israelis reserve for their 'promised soil' and landscape is just starting to reveal itself. The ecological disaster the Israelis are going to leave behind them will be the cause of suffering for many generations to come. Leave aside the megalomaniac wall that shreds the Holy land into enclaves of depravation and starvation, Israel has managed to pollute its main rivers and streams with nuclear and chemical waste.
"When And How the Jewish People Was Invented" is a very serious study written by Professor Shlomo Sand, an Israeli historian. It is the most serious study of Jewish nationalism and by far, the most courageous elaboration on the Jewish historical narrative.
In his book, Sand manages to prove beyond any reasonable doubt that the Jewish people never existed as a 'nation-race', they never shared a common origin. Instead they are a colourful mix of groups that at various stages in history adopted the Jewish religion.
In case you follow Sand's line of thinking and happen to ask yourself, "when was the Jewish People invented?" Sand's answer is rather simple. "At a certain stage in the 19th century, intellectuals of Jewish origin in Germany, influenced by the folk character of German nationalism, took upon themselves the task of inventing a people 'retrospectively,' out of a thirst to create a modern Jewish people." [2]
Accordingly, the 'Jewish people' is a 'made up' notion consisting of a fictional and imaginary past with very little to back it up forensically, historically or textually. Furthermore, Sand - who elaborated on early sources of antiquity - comes to the conclusion that Jewish exile is also a myth, and that the present-day Palestinians are far more likely to be the descendants of the ancient Semitic people in Judea/Canaan than the current predominantly Khazarian-origin Ashkenazi crowd to which he himself admittedly belongs.
Astonishingly enough, in spite of the fact that Sand manages to dismantle the notion of 'Jewish people', crush the notion of 'Jewish collective past' and ridicule the Jewish chauvinist national impetus, his book is a best seller in Israel. This fact alone may suggest that those who call themselves 'people of the book' are now starting to learn about the misleading and devastating philosophies and ideologies that made them into what Khalid Amayreh and many others regard as the "Nazis of our time". (...)
As far as the Palestinian cause is concerned, the message is rather devastating. Our Palestinian brothers and sisters are at the forefront of a struggle against a very devastating philosophy. Yet, it is clearly not just the Israelis whom they fight with rather a fierce pragmatic philosophy that initiates global conflicts on some gigantic scale. It is a tribal practice that seeks influence within corridors of power and super powers in particular. The American Jewish Committee is pushing for a war against Iran. Just to be on the safe side David Abrahams, a 'Labour Friend of Israel' donates money to the Labour Party by proxy. More or less at the same time two million Iraqis die in an illegal war designed by one called Wolfowitz. While all the above is taking place, millions of Palestinians are starved in concentration camps and Gaza is on the brink of a humanitarian crisis. As it all happens, 'anti-Zionist' Jews and Jews in the left (Chomsky included) insist upon dismantling the eloquent criticism of AIPAC, Jewish lobbying and Jewish power posed by Mearsheimer and Walt. [15]
Is it just Israel? Is it really Zionism? Or shall we admit that it is something far greater than we are entitled even to contemplate within the intellectual boundaries we imposed upon ourselves? As things stand, we lack the intellectual courage to confront the Jewish national project and its many messengers around the world. However, since it is all a matter of consciousness-shift, things are going to change soon. In fact, this very text is there to prove that they are changing already.
To stand by the Palestinians is to save the world, but in order to do so we have to be courageous enough to stand up and admit that it is not merely a political battle. It is not just Israel, its army or its leadership, it isn't even Dershowitz, Foxman and their silencing leagues. It is actually a war against a cancerous spirit that hijacked the West and, at least momentarily, diverted it from its humanist inclination and Athenian aspirations. To fight a spirit is far more difficult than fighting people, just because one may have to first fight its traces within oneself. If we want to fight Jerusalem, we may have to first confront Jerusalem within. We may have to stand in front of the mirror, look around us. We may have to trace for empathy in ourselves in case there is anything left.
Naomi Klein
Common Dreams.
Exactly one year ago, I set off on a book tour to promote The Shock Doctrine. The plan was for it to last three months, quite long by publishing standards. Twelve months later, it is still going. But this has been no ordinary book tour.
 Everywhere I have traveled- from Calgary, Alberta to Cochabamba, Bolivia - I have heard more stories about how shock strategies have been used to impose unwanted pro-corporate policies. I have also been part of stimulating debates and discussions about how the current round of crises - oil, food, financial markets, heavy weather -- can be transformed into opportunities for progressive change.
And there have been other kinds of responses too. The Shock Doctrine is a direct attack on the intellectuals and institutions that have disseminated corporatist ideology around the world. When I wrote the book, I fully expected to get hit back. (...)
Several readers have written to this site asking me to respond to these attacks, if only to help them defend the book more effectively. I resisted at first (clinging to my summer vacation...) but I appreciate the feedback and several points do need correcting. Since the reports by Cato and The New Republic - though purporting to come from radically different points on the political spectrum - share some marked similarities, I've decided to tackle them together. Here goes. ....(...)
It is also why Debra and I launched the "resources" section of the book's website. On this page, readers can access dozens of original reports, letters and studies that make up some of the key source material for the book. If you are concerned that I am exaggerating Friedman's support for the brutal regime of Augusto Pinochet, read a letter Friedman wrote to Pinochet. If you are suspicious that I am making disaster capitalism seem more conspiratorial than it is, read the minutes from a meeting that took place at the Heritage Foundation just two weeks after the levees broke in New Orleans. It lays out 32 "free market solutions" for Hurricane Katrina and high gas prices, many of which have been championed by the Bush administration.
The thesis of The Shock Doctrine was not born of whimsy but of four years of research. Debra and I put these documents online because we want educators, students and general readers to move beyond an admittedly subjective version of history - as all histories are -- and go straight to the source. We invite you to explore these documents, send us ones we missed, and come to your own conclusions.



Proposals to monitor all our communications are an intolerable assault on liberty in the name of security.

A. C. Grayling
The Guardian.

In the Queen's speech this autumn Gordon Brown's government will announce a scheme to institute a database of every telephone call, email, and act of online usage by every resident of the UK. It will propose that this information will be gathered, stored, and "made accessible" to the security and law enforcement agencies, local councils, and "other public bodies".
This fact should be in equal parts incredible and nauseating. It is certainly enraging and despicable. Not even George Orwell in his most febrile moments could have envisaged a world in which every citizen could be so thoroughly monitored every moment of the day, spied upon, eavesdropped, watched, tracked, followed by CCTV cameras, recorded and scrutinised. (...)




B.R. Gowani

How Cops Extort Confessions;
How the U.S. “Justice System” Really Works.
Ninety-two per cent of felony convictions in the U.S.  are obtained by plea bargains or confessions. Without them the “justice system” would grind to a halt. In an important piece in our latest newsletter, available only to subscribers, Emily Horowitz shows how totally innocent people will “confess” under police pressure, even without physical torture. Horowitz outlines the powerful case for banning confessions altogether. Also  in this new edition Marcus Rediker, co-author of the legendary  The Many Headed Hydra, writes of popular heroism and resistance in the favelas of Medellin, Colombia.

 Alexander Cockburn reports on how America’s oldest bank, patronized by the global elites, washed billions smuggled out of Russia, and how the Russians might win their money back, shaking the world’s banking system if they do so. Serge Halimi describes the real battle for the soul of Europe.


B.R. Gowani

What If the Israel Lobby was the Islamic Lobby? (Part Two)
The Lobby as Juggernaut


B.R. Gowani

Reparations Would Have Been Paid Long Ago



(...) And that strikes me as the biggest irony of all. Here in the U.S., where Zionism is the default perspective for viewing the Middle East, people look at Palestine's confrontation with Zionism and ask: Why can't the Palestinians adopt Gandhi's nonviolent methods?

But when Gandhi himself looked at Palestine's confrontation with Zionism, the question that occurred to him was: Why can't the Zionists adopt my nonviolent methods?


 Soraya Sepahpour-Ulrich
Information Clearing House.

The recent De Telegraaf article 'revealing' the Dutch intelligence cooperation with the CIA is a propaganda piece aimed at undermining the credibility of United Nations, its specialized agency, the IAEA, and its chief Mohammad ElBaradei. It also seeks to demoralize the Iranians and undermine their resolve in confronting outside enemies.
De Telegraaf would have the readers believe that the Dutch intelligence has been secretly operating inside Iran and the information gathered is being shared with the CIA. It is common knowledge that the American administration is frustrated with the lack of information it has on Iran and its civilian nuclear program. Equally frustrating is the Administration's dissatisfaction at being in the dark about the complex Iranian society and its government. There are no or few Iran specialists; certainly few who are willing to cooperate with the CIA. Likewise, it is an open secret that the terrorist cult Mojahedeen-e Khalg which according to sources receives its information from Mossad, has been providing the CIA with -- not reliable and accurate-- information. There is no doubt that the Dutch are cooperating with the CIA - but the extent of their cooperation is limited to communication - disseminating rumors. (...)

Biggest Newspaper In Holland Says Dutch Intelligence Helped Prepare Imminent Attack On Iran
De Telegraaf front page says sources inside AVID helped CIA map air attack






Wednesday, 03 September 2008

 Canadian Jewish Congress warns [it's always warning] against calling election on Jewish holiday
'The Canadian Jewish Congress has written a letter to the Prime Minister, warning that holding an election during Sukkot would make it difficult for some Jews to get to the polls and would rob political parties of workers. Mr. Harper also might suffer a backlash from a group of influential voters he has worked hard to court.'
PM's plan for Oct. 14 vote hits snag
Canadian Jewish Congress warns Harper against calling election that would conflict with Jewish holiday


Wednesday, 03 September 2008

UFO hacker is broken man, says family
'A Glasgow-born computer expert accused of hacking into American military systems is "distraught" as he awaits extradition to the US, his family and friends said yesterday. The parents and girlfriend of Gary McKinnon, 42, joined supporters in London for a demonstration outside the Home Office, calling on the government to prevent him from being handed over to American authorities.'


Wednesday, 03 September 2008

Georgia admits dropping cluster bombs and Russia also accused
'The Georgian government has admitted dropping cluster bombs in its military offensive to regain control of South Ossetia, reports Human Rights Watch. The international organisation says it has received an official letter form Georgia’s Defence Ministry that acknowledges the use of the M85 cluster munition near the Roki tunnel linking South Ossetia with Russia.'



Wednesday, 03 September 2008
Researcher and blogger Rik Clay has died
  'The funeral is to be held at 11:30am on Friday 5th September at Scunthorpe Crematorium. Anyone is welcome and there is a relaxed dress code for those who wish to come. His ashes will be scattered on Ilkley Moor a week or so later, those that wish to pay their respects are welcome to this too.'
  Rik was a regular contributor to the David Icke forum and we send our condolences to his family and friends. Rik was just 26.
Read more ...
Rik Clay on Red Ice Radio
  Click here to listen ...
Tribute page
  Read more ... 







September 2, 2008 9:19 PM

BLURRED OUT: 51 Things You Aren't Allowed to See on Google Maps


September 2, 2008 9:05 PM

CNN interview with Vladimir Putin


Russia Won't Be Isolated

The atom smasher ... the 17-mile-long machine that some fear will destroy our planet
September 2, 2008 8:45 PM

End of the World Due in Nine Days






Mohawk Nation News
Aug. 31, 2008.


... Let’s take a look at Judge Nielson’s reasoning in Wii’litswx v. British Columbia (Minister of Forests) [2008 BCSC 1139].(You can find the full text by Googling “Canlii”). What did she do when the B.C. Ministry of Forests gave out timber licences on Gitanyow land without Gitanyow consent?


and : MNN    (mohawk-nation-news)


Through daily news and articles to raise awareness of the sovereignty position of the Kanionke:haka/Mohawk, in particular:
  1. The impossibility of legitimately alienating our land according to our constitution, the Kaianereh'ko:wa/Great Law;
  2. The original constitutional relationship between us, the United States and Canada is nation-to-nation as governed by the Two Row Wampum Agreement;
  3. Resistance to the illegal misrepresentation of our people by "foreign" federal, state and provincial entities and their band, tribal and other corporations which constitutes genocide according to international law; and
  4. To repudiate all colonial reasoning and practices.

The History of Mohawk Nation News (MNN)

Mohawk Nation News service began during the Mohawk/Oka crisis of 1990 by providing updates on the resistance. MNN grew to become an internationally recognized news service providing independent indigenous commentary on Kanion'ke:Haka/Mohawk land, legal, culture, history, and current issues as they affect the nation.
02.09.2008 22:37:23
By Ieri’wa:onni and MNN Mohawk Nation News Staff

(...) We evolved from this land on Onowaregeh. The Supreme Court of Canada has acknowledged that we were here before any of them. We did a lot of work to create the paradise that the Europeans found when they arrived. So far Canadians do not understand or acknowledge that we never agreed to join their colonial regime. We have never given up who we are as peoples.
Our relations with various European colonists are based on the Tekeni Teiohate – Two Row Wampum. ...Some of our nations were allies of the British during many famous battles. However, we were NEVER British subjects. We always dealt with colonial visitors as an independent political organization. We even sent ambassadors abroad as seen in the famous paintings of the “Indian Kings” who visited the court of England’s Queen Anne in 1710. ....

The internationally accepted legal definition of a “state” was established by the Montevideo Convention of 1933.

Article 1 states that: “The state as a person of international law should possess the following qualifications:

a ) a permanent population;

 b ) a defined territory;

c ) government; and

 d) capacity to enter into relations with the other states.”

We have a permanent population, a defined territory, and an established capacity to enter into relations with other states. THE ROTINOSHONNI:ONWE CONFEDERACY IS LEGALLY A STATE.


Under international law, as set out in United Nations Resolution 1541XV, and confirmed by the International Court in the Western Sahara case, relations between peoples may be organized on the basis of independence, free association or incorporation. No state may legally incorporate another without the free and informed consent of the majority of the population as expressed in a free and fair election.

This standard was endorsed by the Supreme Court of Canada in the Reference re the Secession of Quebec. Quebec could not separate from Canada without the consent of a clear majority of its people in response to a clear question. Quebec had been fully incorporated into Canada because it plays a major role in Canadian institutions. It’s elected representatives agreed to join with other British colonies to form Canada. It has representatives in Parliament and on the Supreme Court. It has supplied many Canadian Prime Ministers.

The Rotinoshonni:onwe Confederacy never agreed to join Canada. It has no representation in Canada’s parliament or on Canadian courts. Between 1876 and 1951 Canadian law excluded “Indians” from the definition of a “person”.


When the Rotinoshonni:onwe Confederacy first established diplomatic relations with European colonists, the Europeans were organized in monarchical states. The people were called “subjects”. Under British law, the relationship between the subject and the monarch was considered to be a personal bond. The subject owed the monarch obedience and in return the monarch owed the subject protection. You could become a subject either by conquest or by swearing an oath of allegiance.

The Rotinoshonni:onwe were never conquered. Only a few eccentric or deluded individuals ever voluntarily swore an oath of allegiance to the British Crown. THE ROTINOSHONNI:ONWE NEVER BECAME BRITISH SUBJECTS. The Rotinoshonni:onwe Confederacy has issued its own passports since the international passport convention was passed in 1920.

The “Dominion of Canada” was formally established when Britain’s Parliament passed the British North America Act, 1867. It was founded to promote the interests of the British Empire as part of an administrative re-organization that united some of the colonies established on Onowaregeh. (British North America Act, 1867, Preamble).

A “Dominion” is legally defined under British law as “a colony”. The people of the colonies that joined the Canadian confederation remained “British subjects”. The Queen of England remains the Queen of Canada. Britain continued to manage all international matters. Britain has only authorized Canada to conduct international relations on behalf of “the empire” (British North America Act, 1867, s. 132). All treaties signed with Indigenous peoples on Onowaregeh were negotiated on behalf of the British monarch. Canada did not sign any international treaty until Britain allowed it to sign the Halibut Treaty with the United States in 1923. CANADA DID NOT BEC0ME AN INDEPENDENT STATE IN 1867.

Britain’s “Dominions”, which also included Australia, New Zealand and South Africa, contributed so much money and lives during World War I (1914-1918) that they wanted more control over their imperial obligations even though they did not want to leave the British Empire. The Balfour Declaration of 1926 gave them equality with Britain under the monarch. This became British law when Britain’s Parliament passed the Statute of Westminster in 1931.

Canada and the other “Dominions” remained under the same British monarch and legal system. Their passports continued to be issued by the British monarch. Canadian citizenship was not established as a legal status until 1947. Britain’s parliament kept the power to change Canada’s constitution and Canadians remained British subjects.

In 1982 Britain’s parliament renamed the British North America Act, 1867 as the Constitution Act, 1867. Britain gave Canada permission to amend its constitution by passing the Canada Act, 1982 and appending Canada’s Constitution Act, 1982. On January 1st, 1983, Britain formally terminated “British Subject status” without the informed consent of the Canadian people. According to the Preamble to Canada’s Constitution Act, 1867, CANADA IS STILL LEGALLY PART OF THE BRITISH EMPIRE.

The Rotinoshonni:onwe Confederacy never gave possession of any territory to any European people. The Kaianerehkowa does not allow this because the land is held in trust for the coming generations. The Rotinoshonni:onwe cannot speak for the other nations of Onowaregeh. There is no evidence that any of them ever gave their free and informed consent to come under British dominion or to become British subjects.

According to s.91(24) of the British North America Act, 1867, the British monarch gave Canada’s parliament authority to make laws regarding “Indians, and Lands reserved for the Indians”. No state can give something it does not possess. Britain only possessed authority to make alliances and agreements with the people it called “Indians”. Britain did not own any land on Onowaregeh. So s.91(24) only grants Canada authority to negotiate with “Indians” concerning international relations and land use. The Rotinoshonni:onwe never ceded any land or authority to Canada.

The Charter of the Hudson’s Bay Company was issued by the British monarch. It granted protection for a British trading monopoly. It could not grant land on Onowaregeh because the British monarch did not own any. When the Hudson’s Bay Company assets were transferred to Canada, Canada only gained a trading monopoly. It did not legally acquire any land on Onowaregeh because the Hudson Bay Company did not legally own any.

There is no evidence that Canada has any land. Canada does not meet the requirements of the Montevideo Convention. CANADA IS NOT A “STATE” ACCORDING TO THE PRINCIPLES OF INTERNATIONAL LAW.



1. Canada does not have a permanent population. (...)

2. Canada does not have a “government” of its own. (...)

3. Canada does not have a territory.

None of our land that it claims was legally ceded to Britain. We never agreed to become part of the British Empire or the Canadian state.
So quit your bitchin’ Canada! Face the facts of life.

Every square inch of land you’re standing on is ours. We are holding it in trust for our future generations. You have no authority over us or our land. You can only boss around your subjects. Not us! Stop attacking us! Just about everything you’re doing is illegal!

We ask you “How did you get authority over us and our land?”

 If you are honest, you will have to answer, “Legally, we don’t. We have some bad habits. We have to stop threatening, assaulting, abusing, jailing and killing you. We have to stop lying to you and about you. We have to learn how to follow the laws and live like ‘true’ human being.”




September September02,2008WHY CANADA IS NOT LEGALLY A STATE


August 28, 2008   WARMAKERS “SHOW BOAT”


August 09, 2008   "SECURE CANADA 2008", OR “SICKO CAN”





November 26, 2007What is “ecclesiastical tyranny”?






Border/Jay Treaty





August 06, 2008Complaint to UN

July 20, 2008Why is Canada ’s Border Service Still Trespassing


 Six Nations




July 13, 2008AIN’T NO STOPPIN’ US NOW!







WE, THE ROTINONHSONNION:WE, insist that all our lands, right and possessions be restored to us.
For 500 years we resisted colonial efforts to do away with us and impose their unnatural institutions on us. The colonizers need to develop a peaceful relationship with us according to the principles of the Two Row Wampum agreement,
that they remain on their ship and not steer our canoe. The formula to peace is the Kaianereh’ko:wa, which was meant for everyone. To develop humanity and sustain life we must all come together as one with our environment.

(...) Today, at 7:00 am. Labor Day, the OPP raided the demonstration at the illegal construction site of the Irish company, Kingspan.  This had been shut down by Six Nations defenders.  Two more youths were arrested, according to sporadic reports.    
Why has this situation degenerated so three groups are blocking Highway 6:  the OPP, the Caledonians and the Six Nations?  Is this is Canada's idea of consultation and accommodation?   
Every inch of land in Canada is unsurrendered native land.  Canada doesn't want to face this.  Our property rights are extremely well documented. That's a problem for them.  The rights Canada and Ontario have been violating at Six Nations were documented before either the Canadian state or the province of Ontario were founded.  Canada is a product of fraud.  Is that why they don't want to sit down and work out a reasonable plan for peaceful co-existence?



Mohawk Nation News, July 13, 2008
The American Association of Jurists (AAJ), a non-governmental organisation with consultative status at the United Nations Social and Economic Council (ECOSOC), condemns the use of excessive force by the Canadian Border Services Agency against two Indigenous grandmothers.
On June 14th, 2008, two outspoken Kanion’ke:haka (Mohawk) women were attacked by Canadian Border Service Agency (CBSA) guards at Akwesasne. Kahentenetha Horn aged 68 and Katenies (Janet Davis) aged 43 are grandmothers and the principal editors and managers of MNN (Mohawk Nation News, ) a popular internet site known for its critique of Canada’s treatment of Indigenous peoples.(...)
In the 1920’s the Haudenosaunee Six Nations Confederacy (including Kanion’ke:haka/Mohawks) petitioned the League of Nations to protect their right to jurisdiction over their own land and people, but this issue has always been denied a hearing both within Canada and internationally.
They never consented to become part of Canada or the United States or to the border later drawn through their community by the 1794 Jay Treaty between Great Britain and the United States. The Jay Treaty guaranteed the right of Indigenous peoples to travel and trade between Canada and the United States.
By Karakwine and MNN Staff
MNN. Aug. 4, 2008. Drug abuse in Indigenous communities is not random. Someone wants us to be pacified and to push us to have a total social breakdown. They want our brains, morals and ambition destroyed. They want our Indigenous youth to be criminalized and minimized. Drug abuse creates misfits and society dropouts who are supposed to be discarded and discredited. It stops us from campaigning for our social and political rights. The colonists want us to shut up. They don’t want to acknowledge their obligation to us. They don’t want to admit they are on stolen land.(...)





Hal Turner Show, the blog......

This Blog replaces the former radio show web site. The Hal Turner Radio Show ended on July 30, 2008. The regular web site ended on August 18, 2008.

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

PRICELESS: Member of FBI Joint Terrorism Task Force arrested for Bank Robberies!

A New York City Police Detective who was also with the FBI Joint Terrorism Task Force has been arrested for nine (9) Bank Robberies.

Athelson Kelson, 59, was taken into custody, Arraigned and now awaits psychiatric evaluation.

Isn't it comforting to know who is on the FBI Joint Terrorism Task Force? Don't you feel safer already?

Click Here

Monday, September 1, 2008

ADL blames me for rhetoric that contributes to murders!

The Anti Defamation League (ADL) is whining yet again about things I said on my radio show. Their most recent rant tries to link my criticisms of illegal aliens to murders!

Read it for yourselves at
tuesday  2.sept.08, Sorcha Faal <> wrote :
De: Sorcha Faal <>
Objet: Putin Orders US Ships In Black Sea Destroyed
Date: mardi 2 Septembre 2008, 22 h 54

[Ed. Note: This report should be read from its website location at
 as this email copy does not
contain the links embedded in the original report.]

September 3, 2008 there// sept 2nd in N.america

Putin Orders US Ships In Black Sea Destroyed

By: Sorcha Faal, and as reported to her Western Subscribers

Russian Military Analysts are reporting today that Prime Minister Putin
has ordered Russian Naval forces in the Crimea to destroy all NATO
warships currently operating in the Black
Sea upon the outbreak of World

Putin had just yesterday warned the United States that Russia would not
tolerate the rearming of Georgia by US led NATO ships currently docked,
and in route to, Georgian ports, by stating his intentions towards US
aggression in that "[Russia’s] reaction will be calm without any
hysteria. But there will of course be a reaction"

President Medvedev has further warned the American people of their War
Leaders actions against the Russian Motherland by stating:

“The world should be multi-polar. Unipolarity is unacceptable,
domination is impermissible. We cannot accept a world order in which all
decisions are taken by one country, even such a serious and
authoritative country as the United States of America. This kind of
world is unstable and fraught with conflict.”

Putin’s and Medvedev’s warnings, however, have fallen upon deaf American
ears as the US
backed puppet state of Georgia has formally broken off
all relations with Russia and reports from Senior Russian Military
sources are stating that Georgian Commando Forces, led by US and Israeli
Officers, are preparing for another attack upon Russia’s Peacekeeping
Forces stationed in South Ossetia.

US Admiral Mike Mullen, chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, in
ignoring Russian concerns has also stated that “Georgia is a very
important country to us and that the United States intended to continue
the military-to-military relationship.”

Russia’s representative to NATO, Dmitri O. Rogozin, in response to US
Admiral Mullen, issued a warning about the American intentions for war
by stating, “I believe that soon there will be an American military base
in Georgia, officially. And not only advisers. There will be a flag,
tanks, artillery, aviation, even marines.”

As one American commentator
has pointed out to his countrymen that the
US and NATO are ‘on the road to Armageddon’, the propaganda US media
organs are still keeping from their peoples the full consequences that
will be meted out against them due to their War Leaders aggression, and
how thousands of Ukrainians gathered in protest against US warships
entering their waters to begin hostile actions against Russia.

This cannot be said of the European peoples though as their leaders have
decided not to side with the United States against the Russian people
and have refused the American demand to establish sanctions against

It should be noted that the Europeans were, perhaps, persuaded against a
course of confrontation by Russia’s resumption of Strategic Bomber
Patrols along Northern Europe’s borders and Russian gas giant Grazpom’s
shutdown of all gas supplies to Europe for pipeline ‘maintenance’ for 30

Further to be noted, and in the category of life imitating art, is that
the famous American author, and former US Navy Officer, Dan Brown’s
book, “Black Sea Affair”, eerily echoes the current state of hostilities
between Russia and the US, and which in his work of fiction brings the
‘World to the brink of Armageddon’.

Two of the most famous examples of works of fiction predicting future
events as life imitating art are:

1.) The 1898 book titled ‘Futility’ which was about the largest
passenger ship in the World named the Titan which on its maiden voyage
from England to the United States hit an iceberg in the Northern
Atlantic and sunk into the sea with great loss of life and which was
followed in actual life 14 years later when the Titanic, the largest
passenger ship in the World, set sail from England bound for the United
States, struck an iceberg in the Northern Atlantic and, also,
sunk with
great loss of life.

2.) The March, 2001 American showing of a television programme called
The Lone Gunman which detailed a US Government plot to fly passenger
planes into the World Trade Center Buildings and which was followed 6
months later with an actual attack on these buildings on September 11,

It would be remiss of us not to mention a ‘pending’ work of fiction in
this line of thought yet to occur, and our hope is that it never does,
but whose warning signs are indeed ominous. This is a movie titled The
Last Kennedy and is about “a conspiracy to assassinate the first African
American President as told by the assassin's wife”, and which was almost
realized a few weeks ago, and though blacked out in the US we can still
read as reported by Britain’s Times Online News Service in their article
titled FBI investigates 'Obama assassination plot', and which says:

alleged plot received serious attention after an extraordinary
jail-cell interview with local television by Mr Johnson, who said that
his associates had planned to assassinate Mr Obama as he accepted the
Democratic presidential nomination in the 75,000-seat openair Invesco
sports stadium on Thursday. Mr Johnson also told police that the plan
had been to shoot Mr Obama “from a high vantage point using a rifle
sighted at 750 yards.”

Of all of these events, the most important remains the American people’s
refusal to see, or even attempt to understand, the true state of the
World and how it relates to them as World War nears their very shores.
It is as if they have completely forgotten the words of German Nazi
Propaganda Minister, Joseph Goebbels, and who stated as a warming to
these Americans of who their enemies really are:

“One of the most ridiculous aspects of democracy will always
fact that it has offered to its mortal enemies the means by
which to destroy it.”

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Sorcha Faal

Bpath Compteur