sorcha: Russian ‘Sleeper’ Agents Begin ‘Day X’ Attacks In US/with the massive explosion at the Bayer Crop Science Bio Weapons Plant located in the US State of West Virginia

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Objet: Russian ‘Sleeper’ Agents Begin ‘Day X’ Attacks In US
Date: vendredi 29 Août 2008, 16 h 08

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August 30, 2008

Russian ‘Sleeper’ Agents Begin ‘Day X’ Attacks In US

By: Sorcha Faal, and as reported to her Western Subscribers

A number of conflicting, and disturbing, reports are circulating in the
Kremlin today that are stating that ‘someone’ appears to have
‘activated’ Russia’s ‘deep core sleeper agents’ in America, and who
members of Russia’s most powerful Department 12 of Directorate S
Foreign Intelligence Service known as Sluzhba Vneshney Razvedki (SVR),
to begin attacks on the United States Homeland.

The long feared existence, and use, of Russian sleeper agents in Western
Nations was confirmed by former KGB spymaster, Alexander Kouzminov who
had headed the ultra-secret unit, Department 12 of Directorate S. prior
to his defection to the West and confirmed these Nations worst fears by
detailing the former Soviet Unions placement of their agents in these
countries along with biological and nuclear weapons to be used in time
of war.

Most chilling of former Director Kouzminov’s revelations to the West of
his directorates work was his stating the ominous warnings of ‘Day X’:

“The formula ‘Day X’ in our documents meant the beginning of a
large-scale war against the West. Our Department 12 (together with
Department 8, - in charge of preparing acts of sabotage and terror on
the enemy’s territory in an event of war and/or a large scale military
conflict) had to participate in this through so-called ‘direct actions,’
which were clandestine acts of biological sabotage and terrorism against
‘potential strike targets’ on the enemy’s territory.

The ‘potential strike targets’ were:

Army targets, including classified military biological and medical
research labs/centers; biological warfare ammunition stockpiles;
military garrisons and bases; and military biological (and other)
defense commands, including those that were looking after surveillance
of biological weapons activities; civil (or so-called ‘soft’) targets,
including public drinking-water supplies, food stores, and processing
plants; water purification systems; vaccine, drug and toxin
repositories; pharmaceutical and biotechnological plants, etc; and

The economy of a potential enemy.

The list of potential targets could be extended.

Terrorist ‘illegals’ who were trained for ‘direct actions’ were to be
used in the event of ‘Day-X.’ Among the ongoing tasks of Department 8
were the training of deep-core [sleeper] agents, ‘illegal’ terrorists,
and fighters responsible for the preparation and carrying out of single
and massive terrorist acts, acts of sabotage and diversion, and the
assassination of key officials in important positions in various target
countries in the event of a large-scale war or a local military conflict
of the Soviet Union.”

Russian Intelligence Analysts reporting to Prime Minster Putin are now
stating that a ‘Day X’ attack has, indeed, occurred in the United States
with the massive explosion at the Bayer Crop Science Bio Weapons Plant
located in the US State of West Virginia [see photo second left], which
was listed as a ‘high priority’ target by Department 12 of Directorate S
as not only was it owned (since 1925) by the giant Nazi German chemical
and weapons firm IG Farben (IG (Interessengemeinschaft) stands for
"Association of Common Interests), but was also controlled by Bush
Families war profiteering company Carlyle Group.

Also interesting to note about this Bayer Bio Weapons facility in the US
targeted by Russia is that it is the maker of the dreaded pesticide
Larvin, which we had reported on in our March 26th report titled “Fears
Grow Over ‘Catastrophic’ US Biosphere Collapse”, and which many Russian
scientists state is responsible for the catastrophic loss of bees and
other plant pollinators in the United States attempt to cripple our
World’s food supply in order to foist upon humanity their genetically
modified foods designed to cause mass deaths and pacify humans through
the direct changing of our DNA.

These Russian FSB reports further state that this Bayer Bio Weapons
plant was utilized by US War Leaders for the mass production of
diacetylmorphine (heroin) from their vast poppy controlled fields in
Afghanistan, and which the Taliban had managed to eradicate prompting
the US invasion of their country, to further fill their coffers in their
never-ending quest for total World domination, and which Bayer had
invented in 1898.

The American people continue their failure to understand that as they
become the largest user of the illegal drugs heroin and cocaine in the
World, it is their own military forces that totally control the
production and distribution of these horrific drugs in their protected
territories of Afghanistan and Colombia for the financial benefit of
their elite rulers, including the Bush and Clinton families, and which
have long used the CIA (known as the Real Drug Lords) to control their
Nations illegal drug trade.

Most importantly, however, of these events are what they are leading to,
and as best stated by Dr Nikolai Sokov, senior research associate at
James Martin Center for Non-proliferation Studies at Monterey Institute
of International Studies, who says:

“It is time to seriously contemplate World War III. The most important
elements are already in place. Just as so many experts on the Caucasus
have predicted, the region has become a power keg and the main source of
great-power rivalry.”

© August 30, 2008 EU and US all rights reserved.
Sorcha Faal

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