sorcha : Russia Orders Troops To Iran and Syria, Breaks All Ties To NATO

mercredi 20 août 2008 23 h 44
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Objet: Russia Orders Troops To Iran and Syria, Breaks All Ties To NATO
Date: mercredi 20 Août 2008, 19 h 21

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August 21, 2008

Russia Orders Troops To Iran and Syria, Breaks All Ties To NATO

By: Sorcha Faal, and as reported to her Western Subscribers

Reports circulating in the Kremlin today are showing the firm resolve of
Russia’s Military to begin implementation of President Medvedev’s
directive to deliver a ‘crushing response’ to those Western Nations
intending to harm Russian citizens after the US and Israeli backed
unprovoked invasion and mass slaughter of Russian soldiers and civilians
in South Ossetia by their puppet state Georgia.

Russia's Foreign Ministry has also echoed Medvedev’s directive by
warning the West that Russia ‘will go beyond diplomacy’ in answering
these latest attacks against them, including the United States
positioning of their so called missile shield in Poland, and has further
notified Norway that Russia is now cutting all ties to NATO, and has
warned the Western Military Alliance that it will not tolerate the
rearming of Georgia.

In a move that will, undoubtedly, increase the anger of the United
States, President Medvedev is meeting with Syrian President Bashar
al-Assad where he is reported to have offered the Syrians advanced
Russian surface-to-air missiles in exchange for the expansion of Russian
troops at Russia’s Syrian bases located at Tartus and Latakia.

These reports also state that President Medvedev has ordered an
immediate increase of Russian troops and air defences at Iran’s Parchin
military base, and which is Iran’s most secretive weapons development

The moves being made by Russian Forces against the United States are,
ominously, coinciding with one of their most important military
doctrines envisioning a World spiraling towards Total War wherein
Western Forces must be confronted wherever they may be located, even to
their very Homelands.

The United States Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice issued a warning
to Russia that it is playing a ‘dangerous game’ with its bomber patrols
off Alaska, but Russian Deputy Chief of General Staff Col.-Gen. Anatoly
Nagovitsyn was quick to counter that US backed ally Israel had supplied
Georgia with its vast arsenal used to kill Russian soldiers and

Not being understood by the American people about these events, but well
known to all Russians, is that their War Leaders have embarked upon a
course leading to Total World War as their only option for survival
prior to their economic collapse, and which many economists state is
likely to occur before the end of this year.

One such economist, Kenneth Rogoff, the former chief economist for the
International Monetary Fund, and who states about the American economy
that the ‘worst is yet to come’, has issued a dire warning that one of
the United States largest banks is ready to fail ‘within months’.

In a complex World demanding that all human beings know the full
importance of the events directing their lives, it remains the sad fact
that those people living in one of the greatest Nations ever conceived,
the United States, remain the most ill informed and ignorant about every
critical event now occurring, and the facts behind those events, of all
the Earth’s peoples.

To the depths these once great people have sunk we need only read as
reported by Britain’s Independent News Service in their article titled
“You can't be serious: How a comedian became the most influential voice
in American politics”:

“When Jon Stewart inaugurated his fake news anchor on The Daily Show
eight years ago, his goal was to send up the hyperbolic and manufactured
controversy of US Cable News and, if possible, be even more outrageous.
Now, in a wonderful through-the-looking-glass moment, he has supplanted
the subjects of his mockery in the country's current affairs
consciousness, and finds himself crowned the bemused voice of reason in
an insane world.

The underground comic has become such a cultural touchstone that The New
York Times asked this week whether he has become "the most trusted man
in America".

With their Nation in an unending war soon to escalate into Total World
War, their economy in total collapse, millions of them losing their
jobs, their homes and their savings, with an upcoming winter in which
millions more of them will not be able to afford heating their homes,
with tens of millions of them not being able to afford even the most
basic of medical care, one can rightly believe that almost all of them
have gone completely insane.

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Sorcha Faal