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Andrew C. Wallace

August 13, 2008

“Declaration of the People’s Sovereignty, and Intent to Wrest Unlawful Control of the Government of the United States of America from Traitors.

This Proclamation outlines the Brutal Treason being visited upon us by Traitors in government and corporations including our sure and certain reactions to it. There is a well developed and generalized loathing for most current and recent leaders and candidates of Democrat and Republican parties. Only media cover-ups of all but the most heinous acts by illegals such as multiple murders and total financial destruction has prevented this from quickly becoming a large scale focused retaliation by the people on government and corporate officials. But the retaliation has only been delayed. We have no desire to replace our constitutionally defined government. Our unyielding objective, as long as we have life and sufficient sovereignty is to lawfully expel the traitors who have taken control of our Republic.


The American people, using the Rule of Law and their Sovereignty, will take the following actions, among others.

* Force traitors out of government.

* Release political prisoners such as Ramos and Compean.
* Stop illegal invaders from entering our country.
* Use combat troops to deport illegals from sanctuary cities.
* Prosecute sanctuary city officials and employers of illegals.
* Stop, and revoke birth citizenship for children of illegals.
* Mandate English as the only official language.
* Deny Social Security and other benefits to illegals.
* Institute a minimum ten year moratorium on all immigration.
* Stop all visa work programs.
* Stop all subsidized student visas.
* Stop all so called Free Trade(Slave Trade) deals that cause loss of American jobs, manufacturing capability, or technology.
* Terminate all treaties and agreements that reduce our sovereignty.
* Terminate the private Federal Reserve Bank.
* Return to a constitutional currency with real value.
* Use Tariffs and Duties for income and to protect American workers and industries.
* Require visas for all people entering our country.
* Terminate dual citizenship.
* Modify legal structure of corporations and foundations so they no longer have unique characteristics allowing them to be used to the detriment of employees, stockholders, customers and our country.
* Reduce federal government activities to comply with specified Constitutional powers only.

We solemnly promise those Heroes who sacrificed and died to defend this great Republic that it will not perish. We will do our duty as law abiding citizens and when we meet them there will be no need to offer excuses for our failure.

August 18, 2008 1:10 PM


August 18, 2008 7:32 PM



Christopher Story


London, 18th August 2008:
In a major escalation of tensions attributable to the greed of Bush 41 and Bush 43, the following grave developments are hereby reported:
GRU-Prime Minister Vladimir Vladimirovich Putin was NOT paid the $30 billion plus compound interest that he demanded must be paid into the relevant bank account under the unpaid Reagan-Mitterrand Protocols arrangements, aggregating $87 billion. The money should have been seen in the bank account by Monday 18th August 2008, to meet Putin's exasperated deadline.
For the grim background, see our reports dated 12th, 14th, 16th and 18th April: ARCHIVE: www.worldreports.org.
With effect from 12 noon Moscow time, Putin ordered all Russian Naval vessels in the Black Sea area to be re-equipped with LONG-RANGE MISSILES, by which is meant here that the short-range missiles on the ships are being replaced by long-range missiles 'as we speak'. So far we have only been able to verify that the Russian Navy ships in question are the ships of the Black Sea Fleet.
We understand that when he was not paid, Putin let it be known that he would take these steps. He gave the White House time to 'do the necessary', which it refused to do. He then proceeded to issue the order for the Black Sea ships to be re-equipped with long-range intercontinental missiles.
We separately understand that Bush 41 and 43 have indicated their preference for war, rather than making any payments whatsoever.
 In response to this stance, we have been advised that:
The Pentagon has informed President Bush and his demoniac father that THE U.S. MILITARY WILL NOT ALLOW A WAR AND FURTHER THAT PRESIDENT BUSH MUST RELEASE THE GLOBAL SETTLEMENT FUNDS ON TUESDAY THE 19TH AUGUST 2008, including of course the $87 billion demanded by Mr V. Putin, to which he is entitled under the Reagan-Mitterrand Protocols (taking proper account of the compound interest). 'VERY SHARP' LANGUAGE WAS USED.
Bush 41, the most wanted and dangerous criminal in the world, has again stated today that 'the money belongs to me and I will not release it'.          He's a private citizen.
The U.S. military now face the following situation. Since they have told the President in so many words that they will DISOBEY ANY ORDERS THAT THE PRESIDENT MAY ISSUE TO START WAR WITH RUSSIA, IN ORDER TO OBFUSCATE AND COVER UP HIS OWN CRIMINALITY,
they will be faced with NO CHOICE on Tuesday, if this mad President refuses to comply forthwith and to release the overdue Settlements, but to ARREST THE PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES on charges of gross treason and endangering the peace and stability of the whole world because of his avarice.
It is not for us to tell the US military what their duty is, but if they flinch from taking the measures that appear to be indispensable, it is not just the United States that will suffer, but the Rest of the World as well. Since we form part of the Rest of the World,
 we are entitled to urge the US military to CEASE AND DESIST from their feckless cowardice in the face of these endless provocations by the White House, and to do what may need to be done FOR THE SAKE OF THE WHOLE OF HUMANITY.
If not the blood of millions, maybe billions, could be on their heads. TIME HAS RUN OUT.
COMMENT: This is exactly what we have predicted.
 Bush 43 is possessed. He and his demoniac father actually prefer a WORLD WAR to making the payments that they have stolen. Bush 43 wants to make a BIGGER BANG than the father who abused him. HE MUST BE STOPPED RIGHT NOW.
casper 8-18-08
 Are you sitting down?
The INVESTORS in the FREEDOM PROGRAM, a level above the "participants", have been blocking the Freedom payout and therefore the payout of all programs for eight years. The Freedom "INVESTORS" are primarily MAFIA and also include DONALD TRUMP and BILL GATES. They were trying to get lawsuits filed by participants so deliveries could be blocked permanently.
Last Friday afternoon BUSH met with the NEW YORK MAFIA at the ranch in Crawford. BUSH has borrowed one Trillion Dollars from the MOB which in turn had borrowed it from someone else.
The day before, after being CAUGHT transferring Treasury money to Dubai, JOHN ROBERTS, thinking he could get himself off the hook,
 had "ratted out" the JUSTICE DEPT., the SUPREME COURT, BUSH, CLINTON, CHENEY and SENATORS and CONGRESSMEN participating in these thefts and illegal money movements.
When ROBERTS subsequently learned his last gasp for freedom had bought him no immunity, ROBERTS and BUSH acting together, ordered the packs back into the court where they were this morning.
Roberts then threatened to BURN EVERY PACK IN EVERY PROGRAM.
Among the demands being made by BUSH, ROBERTS, TRUMP, GATES, THE MOB, etc. were
complete immunity for all, money sent to DUBAI released to them, all FREEDOM money to be released to them not the participants, all confiscated bank accounts released, all calling of loans to be cancelled, etc. etc. etc....
TRUMP, GATES, BUSH and others outstanding loans have been called and he (TRUMP) can't pay. He sought relief from BUSH who is in the same boat unable to repay the 1T borrowed from the MOB plus oh so much more.
BUSH sent TRUMP to DUBAI where he was turned down flat.
While all this was unfolding between Thursday of last week and today        the NEW YORK MOB and the CIA were telling key people "this is what we and BUSH are doing and there is nothing anyone can do about it. We are taking all the money".
For record keeping purposes neither Chicago or Seattle were in on this with New York.
As bank accounts were being frozen, loans called, etc. CHELSEA CLINTON is reported to have said "How will I live. My daddy stole this money legally".
Meanwhile attempts were being made by this sorry bunch to bribe the wrong man in the Far East who called TRUMP, GATES and their MOB allies and informed them as to how the cow ate the cabbage, I.e. stick it where the sun don't shine.
ROBERTS threats to burn every package resulted in the packages being removed from the court this afternoon and they are enroute for delivery tomorrow            unless the current crop of BUSH CRIMINALS copies the bootlegging great grandpa BUSH            and physically hi-jacks the trucks on the roadways.
GATES, TRUMP, BUSH etc. had great projects planned so as to whitewash years of criminal behavior while playing Santa Claus with stolen money.
Lets see now, 7.1T owed DUBAI, one T to the New York MOB, lots of Billions to PUTIN, a T here, a T there, first thing you know we are talking serious money.
Poor DONALD, BUSH and others owe everyone on the planet and can't pay, loans called, no way to pay, accounts frozen, no one wants to hear their sad story
and the financial world beginning to learn the true extent of the corruption.
Oh, did WE mention that all the FREEDOM INVESTORS MONEY IS BEING FORFEITED TO THE FREEDOM PARTICIPANTS? "We do not need or deserve this money" they said. 
Poor GATES and TRUMP and MOB affiliates, when is enough enough?
 Bet a bunch lose a bunch. SEVEN AND OUT BOYS.
                  casper   august-18-08
p.s. your turn brother STORY. 
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Prosperity Programs and NESARA

July 31, 2008 I call upon the Violet Flame of Transmutation and St. Germain to guide me as I write these words.   Since the beginning of our known recorded history humans have used barter and exchange in society. Since the earliest days of time, people have used items of value as a barter tool for goods and services. The dark side has always sought to control the exchange system as one method of the enslavement of man.. » read more

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A Few Personal Thoughts For Casper on His 7/25 Fourwinds Post

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Paul Cienfuegos

Posted 8/18/08
News Flash from Paul Cienfuegos at Democracy Unlimited
Please spread this BIG NEWS far and wide through each of your email lists.
There is now an escalation of events in Pennsylvania regarding corporate personhood!
The elected officials of Porter Township, Pennsylvania, have passed a law declaring that corporations operating in that township may not claim civil and constitutional privileges. A unanimous vote cast on December 9, 2002, evolved out of long-time efforts by citizens and public officials to bar corporations from dumping toxic sludge on township lands.
The new law declares that corporations allowed to do business within Porter Township possess none of the human rights that corporations have been wielding to overrule democratic processes and rule over communities.
For details, contact the Community Environmental Legal Defense Fund (CELDF) in PA ...... or contact the Program on Corporations, Law and Democracy (POCLAD) in MA (www.poclad.org).
First Local Government in the United States
Refuses to Recognize Corporate Claims to Civil Rights:
Bans Corporate Involvement in Governing
        On the evening of December 9, 2002, the elected municipal officials of Porter Township, Clarion County -- a municipality of 1,500 residents an hour north of Pittsburgh in Northwestern Pennsylvania -- became the first local government in the United States to eliminate corporate claims to civil and constitutional privileges. The Township adopted a binding law declaring that corporations operating in the Township may not wield legal privileges - historically used by corporations to override democratic decisionmaking -- to stop the Township from passing laws which protect residents from toxic sewage sludge.
       The actions by Porter Township thus repudiate the history of state and federal public officials restricting the rights of citizens while expanding the rights of corporations and their owners. (...)
  A Post-Election Wrap-Up: Iraq, 9/11, Drugs, Cheney, and Watergate Two, by Peter Dale Scott, 27 Nov 2004   
The 9-11 bombings Are Not Acts of War
The 9-11 bombings Are Crimes Against Humanity
 Broadening Our Perspectives of 11 September 2001,   by David T. Ratcliffe,   September 2002
Text and Analysis: USA `PATRIOT' Act and, `Domestic Security Enhancement Act of 2003' draft
911 - What Aren't We Being Told?  Everything you wanted to ask but we're afraid to know  -  Analysis by John Judge
Perversions of Justice - Indigenous Peoples and Angloamerican Law  -  talk by Ward Churchill, 2/22/03
Concentration Camp Guantánamo, by Richard K. Moore with accompanying articles, 12/5/03
   International Criminal Tribunal For Afghanistan at Tokyo - Final Written Opinion of Judge Niloufer Bhagwat, 10 March 2004 
August 18, 2008 7:02 PM

First Local Government in the United States Refuses to Recognize Corporate Clams to Civil Rights: Bans Corporate Involvement in Governing

Hari Heath  

From the July 2008 Idaho Observer:
A revolution is quietly under way and it appears to be one that can’t be stopped, thanks to the digital age and the dissemination of technology. This is good for us and bad for the Evil Empire of Oil and its derivative subsidiaries. Yes, you can improve the fuel economy of your automobile, perhaps even double your current mileage, using technology available on the Internet, common tools, and stuff from your local hardware store.
The dark side has attempted to suppress this technology as it has emerged over the last century, but now they just can’t buy off or kill enough innovators to keep it out of your hands. The revolution has begun.
Snake oil
This "dark side" could be traced back to a snake in the garden who was peddling apples from a certain tree to a woman named Eve, or more recently, to a traveling snake oil salesman (yes, literally) who became the father of John D. Rockefeller, who in turn became a commodities broker supplying the Union side of the War of Northern Aggression and Constitution Termination (the so-called "Civil War"). As the hostilities and profiteering were concluding, John D. slowly turned his attention to the emerging commodity of petroleum.
Reluctant at first, he soon saw the potential of supplying oil to the emerging Industrial Age. Through ruthless acts of commerce he implemented a procedure and policy that would later become his motto: "competition is a sin."
In a few short years Rockefeller owned nearly all of the refineries in Cleveland, Ohio, where the Empire of Oil began. Soon thereafter he controlled the railroads, which delivered crude from the oilfields to the refineries, cutting off even more of his competition.
Now monopolized, he expanded his products and market to the eastern seaboard and Europe. The Harriman railroad empire and J.P. Morgan’s bank became allies with Rockefeller’s Standard Oil. From this unholy alliance emerged our modern age.
What does this have to do with you, your car and potentially better mileage? Your car has been engineered to consume fuel—lots of it.(...)
Still don’t understand the problem? Pop the hood on a modern vehicle and try to identify and understand the various systems that make a new car run. New cars are "loaded" with about $10,000 worth of excess stuff designed to make bureaucrats feel empowered and the auto, oil, war and banking industries wealthy. Your car has been engineered to consume fuel—lots of it. (...)
But times are changing. The Empire can’t keep on top of all of today’s innovators and the Empire has a few problems of its own:
• The whole fiat credit system is failing.
• The Pharma cartel is losing revenue to alternative health.
• Industrial agriculture is depleting their soil base and losing market share to organic farming.
• No one wants our dirty little wars for false pretenses anymore. Recruitment is down. They can’t conquer Baghdad, can’t start a war with Iran and can’t pull off another fake terror event like 9/11 because too many of us are watching them closely.
• Big oil is running scared because YOU could put together some mason jars, stainless steel electrodes, hoses, fittings, wires and other doodads, which would substantially reduce their market.
And it gets worse: Some people claim to be able to run cars ENTIRELY on water!
Oil is a crude substance with many nasty byproducts. It requires a massive industrial infrastructure to produce and supply useful products. Petroleum fuels, as they are presently refined, burn incompletely, leaving various forms of pollution, which degrade our planetary home.
HHO, or Brown’s Gas, is produced by electrolysis of water. Providing direct current electricity to the electrodes of the HHO generator results in hydrogen and oxygen, which are then usually, consumed directly "on demand." Once burned, the exhaust byproduct of HHO is something not degrading to our planet: Water.
An HHO system
Water4Gas.com is one of the Internet technologies available from the web in the form of several ebooks. There are several other purveyors of information, some of which have been around for years, successfully demonstrating results. The actual systems vary from different innovators and for different applications, but the primary components are similar.
Ozzie Freedom of Water4Gas readily acknowledges that he has merely compiled other people’s innovations into an information package that intends to be simple and user friendly. His approach is to simplify construction with readily available components from sources like Home Depot and the supermarket.
Water4Gas’ first ebook informs the reader on the what and why of HHO on demand systems. The second ebook tells you how to build them with simple instructions and ample photos and illustrations. Purchasing their ebooks online ($97) also allows you access to enough alternative energy system information to keep the home innovator busy for several decades, plus forums to communicate with other HHO/MPG enthusiasts and several opportunities to make HHO conversions a livelihood.
Ozzie begins with maintenance and performance tips, additives, better driving habits, gas quality and several ways to measure fuel economy. Water4Gas and other HHO systems are more than a single system. Each of the multiple components add performance and some cars need a combined system before HHO produces a benefit.
The HHO generator
The Water4Gas HHO generator is one or more wide mouth Mason jars with stainless steel wires wrapped around a support structure. The wires (one positive and one negative) are wound so they are near each other but not touching. They are wired into your car’s electrical system so that when the ignition is on they begin generating HHO from the water and baking soda solution in the Mason jar. Oxygen comes off the positive wire (anode) and hydrogen comes off the negative wire (cathode). The resulting HHO gas is plumbed directly into the car’s carburetor, intake manifold or fuel injection system where it supplements the conventional fuel (petroleum). It’s that simple!
Or it would be if your car wasn’t designed by the big automakers, big oil and big regulatory agencies to use more petroleum. Modern cars with evermore complex emission and fuel systems and computers require some intervention.
The O2 sensor
Most cars today have an oxygen sensor that reads the exhaust output and informs the computer so it can adjust the fuel system. The extra oxygen from the HHO generator causes modern cars to dump extra fuel into the engine, reducing fuel economy and the benefits of an HHO system. One solution is to add a component that overrides or limits the O2 sensor’s reading to the computer. Water4Gas provides the plans and schematics for the construction and installation of such a device or you can purchase an EFIE unit from www.eagle-research.com. Eagle Research is one of the grandfathers of the HHO revolution. They sell books on HHO systems and other efficiency enhancements for cars and many other alternative energy innovations. Their EFIE unit looks to be a simple and effective solution for the O2 sensor interface, usable on a wide variety of cars.
In 1996, under the hood (and in the computer) technology took a giant leap towards complexity. Some newer cars have multiple O2 sensors.
As automotive technology becomes more complex, challenges arise. Future HHO conversions of new cars may require computer hardware and/or software installations.
An additional component to the Water4Gas system is the Vaporizer. It simply is another Mason jar filled with tap water. It has an aquarium bubbler feeding air down into the water. A vacuum line connected to the manifold provides water vapor to the engine and operates the vaporizer. Water4Gas claims it boosts power, saves gas and reduces emissions.
For some applications Water4Gas and other HHO systems use multiple HHO generating cells. Wired and plumbed in various series and parallel arrangements, more HHO can be produced with greater efficiency. For use on large diesels (yes truckers, you too can use an HHO system) or just for greater efficiency and longer maintenance intervals, multi-cell systems have some benefits if you can find somewhere to put a larger system.
PCV Enhancer
Nearly all cars in the last 20 plus years have a PCV valve. The PCV, or positive crankcase ventilation valve, is a one-way valve that uses the vacuum of the motor to extract the "blowby" gasses that get past the piston rings and into the crankcase. The blowby gasses include unburned fuel, water vapor and other compounds that can build up and harm the engine.
The PCV valve pulls these out of the crankcase and feeds them back into the combustion chamber. The PCV enhancer takes it a step further, allowing the sludge and heavier compounds to "condense" and collect, while the filtered gasses go back to the intake manifold. Water4Gas uses an intake filter bowl intended for air compressors. This easy Home Depot/hardware/auto parts store construction project costs about $25-30 and provides a small mileage gain and a cleaner engine. The "Condensator" (www.condensator.com) and the "PCV jar" are similar innovations, which are larger and may be more effective. A five to 25 percent increase in fuel economy is commonly reported with these devices.
Fuel Heater
The Water4Gas fuel heater is another Home Depot special, likely to give a small increase in MPG. Essentially, it is brass plumbing fittings fastened to the radiator hose and insulated with layers of aluminum foil and tape. An extended fuel line runs fuel through the heater, warming it up for improved vaporization and thus better combustion efficiency. Other systems use similar devices. (...) (...)
The hydrogen future
Large automakers, major research facilities and government agencies have been focusing on the "hydrogen fuel cell" technology as the promise of the future. Why? They know this red herring solution will continue to be problematic, expensive and always just out of reach. We will continue to use lots of petroleum while "they" continue with their well-funded research.
Hydrogen fuel cells are essentially charged from half of an HHO generating system which attempts to store this lightest and atomically smallest of all gasses for later use. It is both challenging to store and potentially explosive. On demand HHO systems use the oxygen component and don’t require any storage.
PICC has two systems for better fuel economy. PICC, or "pre-ignition catalytic converter," is a replacement catalytic converter that runs the fuel through it, using a catalytic process to convert the fuel to smaller molecules before it is burned.(...)
By converting gas to smaller, more uniform and more easily vaporized fuel molecules, the PICC substantially improves efficiency for more complete and clean burning inside the engine while it is still making usable power. This differs from conventional catalytic converters which only catalyze the unburned fuel "after the fact" in the exhaust. Initial tests on a stationary engine claim a potential 900-percent increase in fuel efficiency with the PICC. That means if you are getting 20 MPG now, replacing your catalytic converter with a PICC could result in 180 MPG!
The PICC is under development and not presently available. The PICC people do offer an HHO system through a network of dealers and installers. Visit www.preignitioncc.com/woj for more information.
The PICC folks’ Hydro-Assist Fuel Cell (HAFC) is an HHO kit that is ready to install. Their kit is guaranteed to increase your gas mileage by at least 50 percent or the cost of the kit will be refunded to you.
The HAFC has a stainless steel HHO generator that can withstand freezing. Their system has three main components: The generator, a fuel vaporizer and an optimizer. The HAFC Vaporizer uses the radiator hose to preheat the fuel and powerful magnets to ionize the fuel and break it down into tiny molecules for better vaporization and efficient combustion. The HAFC Optimizer is an actual computer that ties into the emissions control system on the car and teaches the car’s computer to operate the HAFC System and keep it from rejecting the fuel savings.
It’s been around
None of this technology is particularly new. Electrolysis and HHO have been around for at least a century. Mr. Pogue began developing his vaporizing carburetors in the 1920s.
PICC is just an improved version of the GEET technology for automotive applications. Eagle Research has been perfecting and publishing its innovations for decades.
Allen Caggiano began developing his FIVS Fuel Implosion Vaporization System after the 1973 oil embargo. His story of success, suppression and the lengths government agents and others will go to keep us using more oil is impressive. Visit www.renovationpress.com/AllenCaggiano.html to read Al’s story, "Calling all Ants."
Times are changing
Al’s experiences were common in that era, but times have changed.
The Evil Empire is too busy coming apart at the seams to kill or suppress all the fuel technology innovators. We are everywhere and the information is readily available to overcome the government-regulated, electronically constipated automobiles of today.
Hydrogen Boost
Hydrogen Boost (www.hydrogen-boost.com) has complete or partial systems for everything up to 40-ton trucks. Their complete system for cars costs $1,000. They also sell components, larger systems and perform installations.
Fuel Vaporizer
AGS Instruments, formerly Wyoming Instruments (and still at www.wyominginstruments.com) offers a fuel vaporizer that installs on your fuel line.
More HHO
Gas4free.com and Runyourcarwithwater.com both offer technology similar to the Water4Gas ebooks. Some reviews suggest they are more easily read and understood and provide local sources for the materials. The process is the same but the actual devices vary with each system.
Bluwavehybrid.com from Ohio is another company that offers their HHO system ready to install in three different units—depending on the size of the motor—and an O2 sensor enhancer to control the car’s computer.
HHO system manufacturers and technology purveyors are surfacing like hydrogen and oxygen bubbles in an HHO electrolyzer. Ads are appearing on radio and in print publications. The Internet has a new system every time I look up the subject. The HHO revolution is well underway.
Our modern gasoline is not the most perfect fuel. Numerous experimenters over the last century have had successful results with gasoline alone by various techniques that refined the molecules to a smaller uniform size and/or converted the gas to a true vapor before combustion. People like Pogue, Paul Pantone, Al Caggiano and many others have increased combustion efficiency of gas by a factor of 50 to 1,000 percent with their techniques. HHO may be another technique, using simple plug in technology, to extract the latent potential of gas and other fuels.
Once this level of the HHO revolution becomeswidely accepted, innovators can move on to the next level of freedom from the Evil Empire of Oil—cars that run entirely on water.

The HHO Revolution (Hydrogen - Hydrogen-Oxygen from H2O)

August 18, 2008 1:08 PM

The HHO Revolution (Hydrogen - Hydrogen-Oxygen from H2O)

August 18, 2008 12:47 PM

Gaza's Shocking Devastation

Harry Shannon - The Hamilton Spectator

A Canadian Jew's visit to the territory left him ashamed by what he saw
August 14, 2008
had expected conditions in Gaza to be bad, but I was still shocked at the devastation when I went there in July.
Last month my companion and I entered Gaza at the Erez crossing through a modern building reminiscent of an airport terminal. After questioning by the Israeli border police, we left the building and had a kilometre walk to pick up transportation.
It was as if we had travelled to another planet. The sandy track is surrounded by the blown-up remnants of Gaza's former industrial district. Rubble stretching for hundreds of metres lines the route.
Even on the main road through Gaza, driving is a slalom course around potholes. The air reeks of burnt oil and stale food from exhaust fumes (cars rely on used cooking oil for fuel.)
There are not many cars on the road, anyway. Donkey carts are common.
Despite the 35 C temperatures, drivers don't use air conditioning in cars so they can save fuel.
Every so often, the smell of sewage fills the air. Lack of treatment facilities means that much of it is dumped raw into the Mediterranean.
We went first to a children's hospital on the edge of Gaza City. The hospital director and doctors described the conditions. Of 100 beds, 40 were occupied by children with bacterial meningitis, an extremely serious disease.
There's a shortage of basic medicines and supplies, even simple things such as alcohol swabs.
The hospital has three ventilators; only one is working. Israel won't let in spare parts for the others.(...)
As a Jew, I, too, am ashamed and disgusted at what is happening. Yes, Israel needs security. But what is happening goes far beyond security needs.
Israel's actions amount to collective punishment, forbidden under international law.
I am ashamed that the Harper government has tilted toward unconditional support for Israel against the Palestinians.
The current policy is unconscionable, as anyone who visits Gaza can see only too well.
Harry Shannon is a professor of clinical epidemiology and bio- statistics at McMaster University, and a member of Independent Jewish Voices. He lives in Dundas.
August 18, 2008 12:47 PM

Gaza's Shocking Devastation

Harry Shannon - The Hamilton Spectator

A Canadian Jew's visit to the territory left him ashamed by what he saw
August 14, 2008
had expected conditions in Gaza to be bad, but I was still shocked at the devastation when I went there in July.
Last month my companion and I entered Gaza at the Erez crossing through a modern building reminiscent of an airport terminal. After questioning by the Israeli border police, we left the building and had a kilometre walk to pick up transportation.
It was as if we had travelled to another planet. The sandy track is surrounded by the blown-up remnants of Gaza's former industrial district. Rubble stretching for hundreds of metres lines the route.
Even on the main road through Gaza, driving is a slalom course around potholes. The air reeks of burnt oil and stale food from exhaust fumes (cars rely on used cooking oil for fuel.)
There are not many cars on the road, anyway. Donkey carts are common.
Despite the 35 C temperatures, drivers don't use air conditioning in cars so they can save fuel.
Every so often, the smell of sewage fills the air. Lack of treatment facilities means that much of it is dumped raw into the Mediterranean.
We went first to a children's hospital on the edge of Gaza City. The hospital director and doctors described the conditions. Of 100 beds, 40 were occupied by children with bacterial meningitis, an extremely serious disease.
There's a shortage of basic medicines and supplies, even simple things such as alcohol swabs.
The hospital has three ventilators; only one is working. Israel won't let in spare parts for the others.(...)
As a Jew, I, too, am ashamed and disgusted at what is happening. Yes, Israel needs security. But what is happening goes far beyond security needs.
Israel's actions amount to collective punishment, forbidden under international law.
I am ashamed that the Harper government has tilted toward unconditional support for Israel against the Palestinians.
The current policy is unconscionable, as anyone who visits Gaza can see only too well.
Harry Shannon is a professor of clinical epidemiology and bio- statistics at McMaster University, and a member of Independent Jewish Voices. He lives in Dundas.
The unofficial history of America™, which continues to be written, is not a story of rugged individualism and heroic personal sacrifice in the pursuit of a dream.
It is a story of democracy derailed, of a revolutionary spirit suppressed, and of a once-proud people reduced to servitude.
By Kalle Lasn
It’s a story of America triumphant. A story of its rise after World War II to become the richest and most powerful country in the history of the world, "the land of the free and home of the brave," an inspiring model for the whole world to emulate.
That’s the official history, the one that is taught in school and the one our media and culture reinforce in myriad ways every day.
The unofficial history of the United States is quite different. It begins the same way — in the revolutionary cauldron of colonial America — but then it takes a turn. A bitplayer in the official history becomes critically important to the way the unofficial history unfolds. This player turns out to be not only the provocateur of the revolution, but in the end its saboteur. This player lies at the heart of America's defining theme: the difference between a country that pretends to be free and a country that truly is free.
That player is the corporation.
The United States of America was born of a revolt not just against British monarchs and the British parliament but against British corporations. We tend to think of corporations as fairly recent phenomena, the legacy of the Rockefellers and Carnegies. In fact, the corporate presence in prerevolutionary America was almost as conspicuous as it is today. There were far fewer corporations then, but they were enormously powerful: the Massachusetts Bay Company, the Hudson's Bay Company, the British East India Company. Colonials feared these chartered entities. They recognized the way British kings and their cronies used them as robotic arms to control the affairs of the colonies, to pinch staples from remote breadbaskets and bring them home to the motherland. The colonials resisted.
When the British East India Company imposed duties on its incoming tea (telling the locals they could buy the tea or lump it, because the company had a virtual monopoly on tea distribution in the colonies), radical patriots demonstrated. Colonial merchants agreed not to sell East India Company tea. Many East India Company ships were turned back at port. And, on one fateful day in Boston, 342 chests of tea ended up in the salt chuck. The Boston Tea Party was one of young America's finest hours. It sparked enormous revolutionary excitement. The people were beginning to understand their own strength, and to see their own self-determination not just as possible but inevitable. The Declaration of Independence, in 1776, freed Americans not only from Britain but also from the tyranny of British corporations, and for a hundred years after the document's signing, Americans remained deeply suspicious of corporate power. They were careful about the way they granted corporate charters, and about the powers granted therein. Early American charters were created literally by the people, for the people as a legal convenience. Corporations were "artificial, invisible, intangible," mere financial tools. They were chartered by individual states, not the federal government, which meant they could be kept under close local scrutiny. They were automatically dissolved if they engaged in activities that violated their charter. Limits were placed on how big and powerful companies could become. Even railroad magnate J. P. Morgan, the consummate capitalist, understood that corporations must never become so big that they "inhibit freedom to the point where efficiency [is] endangered." The two hundred or so corporations operating in the US by the year 1800 were each kept on fairly short leashes. They weren't allowed to participate in the political process. They couldn't buy stock in other corporations. And if one of them acted improperly, the consequences were severe.
 In 1832, President Andrew Jackson vetoed a motion to extend the charter of the corrupt and tyrannical Second Bank of the United States, and was widely applauded for doing so. That same year the state of Pennsylvania revoked the charters of ten banks for operating contrary to the public interest. Even the enormous industry trusts, formed to protect member corporations from external competitors and provide barriers to entry, eventually proved no match for the state. By the mid-1800s, antitrust legislation was widely in place.
In the early history of America, the corporation played an important but subordinate role. The people — not the corporations — were in control.
So what happened? How did corporations gain power and eventually start exercising more control than the individuals who created them? The shift began in the last third of the nineteenth century — the start of a great period of struggle between corporations and civil society. The turning point was the Civil War. Corporations made huge profits from procurement contracts and took advantage of the disorder and corruption of the times to buy legislatures, judges and even presidents. Corporations became the masters and keepers of business.
President Abraham Lincoln foresaw terrible trouble. Shortly before his death, he warned that "corporations have been enthroned . . . . An era of corruption in high places will follow and the money power will endeavor to prolong its reign by working on the prejudices of the people . . . until wealth is aggregated in a few hands . . . and the republic is destroyed."
President Lincoln's warning went unheeded.
Corporations continued to gain power and influence. They had the laws governing their creation amended. State charters could no longer be revoked. Corporate profits could no longer be limited. Corporate economic activity could be restrained only by the courts, and in hundreds of cases judges granted corporations minor legal victories, conceding rights and privileges they did not have before.
Then came a legal event that would not be understood for decades (and remains baffling even today), an event that would change the course of American history.((in1886)) In Santa Clara County vs. Southern Pacific Railroad, a dispute over a railbed route, the US Supreme Court deemed that a private corporation was a "natural person" under the US Constitution and therefore entitled to protection under the Bill of Rights. Suddenly, corporations enjoyed all the rights and sovereignty previously enjoyed only by the people, including the right to free speech.
This 1886 decision ostensibly gave corporations the same powers as private citizens. But considering their vast financial resources, corporations thereafter actually had far more power than any private citizen. They could defend and exploit their rights and freedoms more vigorously than any individual and therefore they were more free. In a single legal stroke, the whole intent of the American Constitution — that all citizens have one vote, and exercise an equal voice in public debates — had been undermined.
Sixty years after it was inked, Supreme Court Justice William O. Douglas concluded of Santa Clara that it "could not be supported by history, logic or reason." One of the great legal blunders of the nineteenth century changed the whole idea of democratic government.
Post-Santa Clara America became a very different place. By 1919, corporations employed more than 80 percent of the workforce and produced most of America's wealth. Corporate trusts had become too powerful to legally challenge. The courts consistently favored their interests. Employees found themselves without recourse if, for example they were injured on the job (if you worked for a corporation, you voluntarily assumed the risk, was the courts' position). Railroad and mining companies were enabled to annex vast tracts of land at minimal expense.
Gradually, many of the original ideals of the American Revolution were simply quashed. Both during and after the Civil War, America was increasingly being ruled by a coalition of government and business interests. The shift amounted to a kind of coup d'état — not a sudden military takeover but a gradual subversion and takeover of the institutions of state power. Except for a temporary setback during Franklin Roosevelt's New Deal (the 1930s), the US has since been governed as a corporate state.
(...) In boardrooms in all the major global capitals, CEOs of the world's biggest corporations imagine a world where they are protected by what is effectively their own global charter of rights and freedoms — the Multinational Agreement on Investment (MAI). They are supported in this vision by the World Trade Organization (WTO), the World Bank, the International Monetary Fund (IMF), the International Chamber of Commerce (ICC), the European Round Table of Industrialists (ERT), the Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) and other organizations representing twenty-nine of the world's richest economies. The MAI would effectively create a single global economy allowing corporations the unrestricted right to buy, sell and move their businesses, resources and other assets wherever and whenever they want. It's a corporate bill of rights designed to override all "nonconforming" local, state and national laws and regulations and allow them to sue cities, states and national governments for alleged noncompliance. Sold to the world's citizens as inevitable and necessary in an age of free trade, these MAI negotiations met with considerable grassroots opposition and were temporarily suspended in April 1998. Nevertheless, no one believes this initiative will remain suspended for long.
We, the people, have lost control.
Corporations, these legal fictions that we ourselves created two centuries ago, now have more rights, freedoms and powers than we do. And we accept this as the normal state of affairs. We go to corporations on our knees. Please do the right thing, we plead. Please don't cut down any more ancient forests. Please don't pollute any more lakes and rivers (but please don't move your factories and jobs offshore either). Please don't use pornographic images to sell fashion to my kids. Please don't play governments off against each other to get a better deal. We've spent so much time bowed down in deference, we've forgotten how to stand up straight.
The unofficial history of America™, which continues to be written, is not a story of rugged individualism and heroic personal sacrifice in the pursuit of a dream. It is a story of democracy derailed, of a revolutionary spirit suppressed, and of a once-proud people reduced to servitude.
August 12, 2008 3:43 PM

The Unofficial History of America

IF YOU STILL DOUBT that the big media  is determined to keep under wraps the organized crime origins of the $200 million fortune of John McCain and his wife Cindy, take note of how the prestigious Washington Post touched on the issue in its July 22 edition. Rather, instead, note how the Post covered up the matter.
The Post did not mention that Mrs. McCain’s father was a highly-placed fixture in the Arizona branch of the national organized crime syndicate: He was the chief henchman of the late Kemper Marley, Arizona point man for infamous mob chief Meyer Lansky and his powerful partners-in-crime, the super-rich Bronfman family of Montreal.
In that capacity—for 40 years until his death in 1990—Marley was undisputed political boss of Arizona, acting as the behind-the-scenes power over both the Republican and Democratic parties.
As such, his wealth and connections played the primary role in advancing John McCain’s political career from the start.
Correspondents for American Free Press have repeatedly referenced the McCain fortune’s ties to the Lansky-Bronfman syndicate going back to 2000 when McCain first ran for president.(...)
Newsweek did not mention what AFP had reported and which is republished here in order to keep this important story before the American public:

To repeat: McCain’s father-in-law was the top lieutenant for Kemper Marley, the Lansky syndicate’s chief Arizona operative who acted, in turn, as the front man for the Bronfman family—key players in the Lansky syndicate.
During Prohibition, the Canadian-based Bronfmans supplied—and thus controlled—the “spigot” of liquor funneled to Lansky syndicate functionaries in the United States, including Al Capone in Chicago.
After Prohibition, Lansky-Bronfman associates such as Marley got control of a substantial portion of liquor (and beer) distribution across the country. Marley’s longtime public relations man, Al Lizanitz, revealed that it was the Bronfmans who set Marley up in the alcohol business.
Since McCain’s career was sponsored by the Lansky-Bronfman syndicate, it is no coincidence McCain recently traveled to London where Lord Jacob Rothschild of the international banking empire raised money among American expatriates on McCain’s behalf.

Rothschild has long been allied with the Bronfman family as major patrons of Israel.


A journalist specializing in media critique, Michael Collins Piper is the author of Final Judgment, the controversial “underground bestseller” documenting the collaboration of Israeli intelligence in the assassination of John F. Kennedy. He is also the author of The High Priests of War, The New Jerusalem, Dirty Secrets, The Judas Goats: The Enemy Within and The Golem: Israel’s Nuclear Hell Bomb. All are available from AFP: 202-547-5585.

He has lectured on these topics in places as diverse as Malaysia, Japan, Iran, Canada, Russia and the United Arab Emirates.

Part 2:  Rise of Fourth Reich -Where Is the Nazi “Die Glocke?”
© 2008 by Linda Moulton Howe

Arndt:  “The following are the salient features of The Bell, according to information Cook received from both German and Czech sources.

“(1)  The Bell was reportedly a metallic object, approximately 9 feet in diameter and 12 - 15 feet tall.
“(2)  It looked like a bell; hence, its codename to the Germans, die Glocke.
“(3)  It was comprised of two counter-rotating cylinders, rotating a purplish, liquid-metallic-looking substance at high speeds that was code-named ‘Xerum 525’ by the Germans.
“(4)  Xerum 525 was apparently highly radioactive, purple in color, and was housed in cylinders with lead lining about 30 centimeters (12 inches) thick.
“(5)  The Bell apparently required high amounts of electrical power in its operation.
“(6)  During use, it could only be run for approximately one to two minutes, as it apparently gave off strong radiation and/or other electromagnetic or unknown field effects.
(a)  Several scientist died on its first operation.
(b)  Subsequent tests included various plants and animals, all of which decomposed into a blackish goo and without normal putrefaction, within a matter of a few minutes or hours after exposure to its field effects when in operation.
(c)  Technicians near the Bell during these experiments reported metallic tastes in their mouths after being exposed to it.
(d)  The chamber in which the Bell was tested was lined with ceramic bricks and rubber mats, and had to have its rubber matting removed and burned after each test. It was subsequently washed down with brine by inmates from nearby concentration camps.
“(7)  All the scientists and witnesses who saw or worked on the Bell were allegedly murdered by the SS as the war neared its end.
“(8)  The Bell was transplanted out of Silesia to a destination that has never been discovered. [ Silesia is an historical region of Central Europe located in contemporary Poland, the Czech Republic and Germany.] The Bell, along with General Kammler himself, simply disappeared entirely from history, never to be seen again. It is believed, however, that both the Bell and General Kammler were transported by U-boat to a base outside of the Reich (Base 211 in Neu Schwabenland, Antarctica being the strongest candidate). Others suggest Norway where German troops still held that territory.(...)
Jim Marrs, Journalist and Author,
The Rise of the Fourth Reich © 2008,
Wade County, Texas.
Jim Marrs, Journalist and Author, Wise County, Texas:
Well, the bell – and even today, there are attempts to duplicate the experiments they were conducting on the bell. It was simply called the bell because it was kind of a bell-shaped object. This object had an outer chamber and inner chamber and created electromagnetic energy fields that were set into rotation movement. Then one layer would rotate clockwise; the other layer would rotate counter-clockwise. In doing this, it increased the power and the efficiency of this energy field generator. In doing so, there were some very unusual properties.
Around the bell, plants either blossomed and grew, or withered and died; people would die around this thing. This plays into some of the stories that we’ve heard from other sectors such as the infamous Philadelphia Experiment, experiments with energy and magnetic fields that apparently altered the whole composition of material objects, including people.
Part 2:  Rise of Fourth Reich -Where Is the Nazi “Die Glocke?”
© 2008 by Linda Moulton Howe
German Die Glocke:  http://discaircraft.greyfalcon.us/DIE%20GLOCKE.htm
German Vril Craft:  http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Vril
Prescott Bush History:  http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Prescott_Bush
Habeas Corpus:  http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Habeas_corpus
Majestic-12 Documents:   http://www.majesticdocuments.com
UFO Casebook:   http://www.ufocasebook.com/
NUFORC:   http://www.nuforc.org/
Part 1:  Rise of Fourth Reich in America?
© 2008 by Linda Moulton Howe
(...) When we decided to attack Iraq in the spring of 2003, we violated normal military tactics, which is to seize an objective, consolidate your winnings and then move on to the next objective. We simply made a beeline for Baghdad, which is one of the reasons we’re having so many problems still is because we failed to pacify the countryside. Instead, we went straight to Baghdad and despite assurances to world museum directors by the Pentagon that the Iraqi National Museum would be protected, it was not and there was wholesale looting. According to Col. Matthew Bogdanos, who investigated the Iraqi Museum looting for General Tommy Franks, he described the looting of the basement as an ‘inside job.’ He said there were guards conveniently missing; they had keys to some of the locked vaults; they knew exactly what they were looking for; they by-passed expensive looking fakes. They went right for the new, uncatalogued stuff. 
.... . On the Sumerian cuneiform tablets, we find not only accounts of extraterrestrial visitation on this planet, but we also find perhaps the secrets of energy manipulation at the atomic and subatomic levels.
 That’s the very thing that the Nazis were working on in their infamous ‘Bell Project,’ which was a device that created counter-rotating energy and magnetic fields to create another field, which could then theoretically lead to antigravity, flying saucers, star portals, time and inter-dimensional gateways, time travel, a lot of real science fiction sounding things.”
Prescott Bush History:  http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Prescott_Bush
Habeas Corpus:  http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Habeas_corpus
German Die Glocke:  http://discaircraft.greyfalcon.us/DIE%20GLOCKE.htm
German Vril Craft:  http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Vril
Majestic-12 Documents:   http://www.majesticdocuments.com
UFO Casebook:   http://www.ufocasebook.com/
NUFORC:   http://www.nuforc.org/
It is eye-opening for me as an American patriot to realize that I have strayed so far from my anti-communist roots that I now find myself supporting a Russian president who is confronting the United States. But it is true, that the current American administration is so out of control and of such apparent murderous intent that it must be stopped by whatever means necessary, from succeeding in its mad quest to initiate world war, and the only force that can do that is the Russian military. The hope of the world is that Putin is indeed a skilled chessman, and will be able to outthink Bush and Cheney and avoid a global thermonuclear meltdown.(...)
The empire that has been built on lies cannot withstand the light of day. The criminal enterprise that calls itself our “democratic government” knows that the people will consume them in their wrath when the day of revealing finally comes. They fully intend to take much of the earth back to the stone age in order to prevent that day from arriving. We have to be just as determined to stop them.
If this is the price for preserving the American global empire, then we cannot allow it to be paid. Leaders who have decided for us that maintaining the wasteful American lifestyle is more important than wasting millions of lives cannot be allowed to remain in power. It is far more important to save America than it is to save the corrupt empire. America must be forced to pull back from empire. The resources that are being robbed from the people to maintain the empire must be invested in America-strengthening projects, as a first measure to preserving the Republic. (The second necessary step will be investing in re-building the acreage we have bombed into oblivion.)
America has bankrupted its future, turning itself just another debtor nation that can no longer repay its debts. By all rights, it should be subjected to the same stringent IMF conditions as any Third World nation. The money that has been “loaned” throughout the world to nations with no resources to cover those debts, shackled under unreasonable repayment conditions is money that will never be repaid. The world economy has to swallow all this bad debt and restructure itself. The new economic system has to find ways to guarantee an end to resource piracy, as practiced by the United States and any nation with a formidable military force.
The world’s energy resources must be available to all, according to actual needs for development, just as the earth’s other limited vital resources (food, water, medicine, etc.) must be made accessible to all. The needs of the human race must take precedence over the desires of the chief rodents leading the “rat race.”
To this end, all activist groups working to change the course of history must unite. We have a common purpose that has room for a diversity of opinions and directions. Preventing the one unprecedented calamity that would destroy everything we cherish the most is the most important thing any of us can do. The long history of American terrorism must be brought to an end.
It really is way past time for the counter-revolution to begin. The urgency of our predicament demands that we all get off our asses and down from our high horses and proceed to get it on, while we still can.
August 12, 2008 3:44 PM

Now IT's The Post Covering Up  John McCain's Mob Connections

August 12, 2008 3:49 PM

Warrior John McCain: Far More Dangerous Than Bush

August 12, 2008 4:28 PM

Can an Ex KGB General Save America From Itself?

The Beginning Of The Summer Olympics
And The Third World War
Earl Of Stirling
There are certain global banking families who have made countless billions and even trillions over the last 200+ years organizing wars, economic depressions, revolutions, etc. to profit on everyone's misery. They have been very successful at this. But it is simply too late in human history to be doing this now. The level of mass murder/destruction from 21st Century warfare is beyond our ability to recover. So why continue. Again, we get back to the question is this just totally crazy or just plain evil.
On the 5th of August, days before the attack on South Ossetia, in my article "The Good and the Bad and the Truly Ugly", I quoted an interesting prophecy from Nostradamus, Quatrain X.74 which reads "The year of the great seventh number accomplished, it will appear at the time of the games of slaughter, not far from the age of the great millennium, when the dead will come out of their graves." This could refer to the Seven Year Tribulation, which could well be the time from 9/11/01 to 9/11/08, at the time of the Olympic Games, not far from the age of the great millennium (the beginning of the Third Millennium in 2000/2001), and Armageddon (when many dead saints are suppose to "come out of their graves"). It is interesting that the dates of the 9/11 and 7/7 attacks and now the 8/8/8 attack all have occult meanings.
I suspect that this is all simply unstoppable. However, being human we want to live not be killed in some insane Third World War. The trouble is, time is very short and most political leaders are totally corrupt, bought and paid for time and again by many of the same forces arranging the coming global war. Still, if you want to live, contact your political leaders and demand that they stop the coming war on Iran and the resulting global nightmare. It may be you only hope to stop the events that are unfolding before our very eyes. My most recent article, MASSIVE US NAVAL ARAMADA HEADS FOR IRAN, has become perhaps the largest "happening" in the history of the Internet. It has been posted on a truly massive number of web sites and blogs, emailed to hundreds of thousands, and seen by more people than any similar article in history. This was done not by the main stream lying media or by political hacks but by ordinary people concerned about their lives and the lives of their friends and loved ones in the days and weeks ahead. By all means people please continue this ~ post this on every site you can, email it to every person you can. Our time is short and our very lives depend on it.
Addendum 2
The two-ton elephant in the living room of the neo-con strategy is the advanced biowar (ABW) that Iran, and to a lessor extent Syria, has. This places the motherlands of the major neo-con nations (America, France, the United Kingdom), as well as Israel, in grave danger. When the Soviet Union fell the Iranians hired as many out-of-work former Soviet advanced biowar experts as possible. In the last 15 or so years they have helped to develop a truly world class ABW program utilizing recombination DNA genetic engineering technology to create a large number of man made killer viruses. This form of weapon system does not require high tech military delivery systems. The viruses are sub-microscopic and once seeded in a population use the population itself as vectors. Seeding can be done without notice in shopping malls, churches, and other public places. The only real defense to an advanced global strategic biowar attack is to lock down the population as rapidly as possible and let those infected die off.
If this were more widely known, it would be a great casus pax, a reason for peace, as war between enemies both having weapons of mass destruction (WMD) is insane. Hence the aptly named "MAD", for mutually assured destruction, where both sides can cause truly massive fatalities on their enemy in the event of a all out war.
My recent article, WAR ON IRAN: THE PERFECT STORM FROM HELL, carried by several of the leading on-line/non-MSM sites, and read by hundreds of thousands world wide was a frightening eye opener for many to the intense danger from a all-out war between US/EU/Israel on one side and Iran/Syria/Hezhollah/Hammas on the other side. The public has been largely ignorant about the rise of a new type of global strategic warfare based on Advanced Biological War (ABW). Most people understand Biological War (BioWar or BW) as powered anthrax or smallpox and the like. That is really "your grandfather's biowar". Over the last twenty-five or so years, an entire new level of mass killing has evolved. Only this new ABW has a technology base that is far less expensive than than required for entry into the "nuclear club" of nuclear weapon producing nations. Where it costs approximately $1 million to kill a person using nuclear weapons, it only costs approximately $1 to kill one person using ABW weapons. Comparing BW to ABW is like comparing a old Model T Ford to a 2008 Rolls Royce Phantom ~ both are automobiles (or types of biological warfare) but there is a difference of several orders of magnitude. ABW has a kill level in global strategic warfare similar to that of nuclear war.
.... The Iranians have built up, over the last 15 plus years a truly world class ABW program, as well as co-developing with Syria the Earth's largest chemical warfare program. ABW weapons do not require ICBMs and $2 billion dollar per copy B2 bombers to kill hundreds of millions.
The genetically engineered viruses are sub-microscopic and can be spread unnoticed in public places and continue spreading, through replication from person to person. An advance global strategic biological war, like a global strategic nuclear war, cannot be kept in control. In fact, the horrific massive death from global strategic biowar will certainly lead to all-out nuclear war between Russia/China and NATO/Israel.
The War Party has been running on some pretty low energy lately, and this revival of the Cold War will no doubt recharge its batteries. The warmongers need a new enemy, a fresh face in their rogues' gallery, to get the masses excited again, and Putin's Russia fits the bill. I've been warning of this possibility for what seems like years, and now the moment is upon us. What's interesting is how many left-liberal "peaceniks" are falling for the War Party's guff and lining up behind McCain, their hero Obama, and the neocons in the march to confrontation with the Kremlin.
~ Justin Raimondo

Webster G. Tarpley

WASHINGTON, DC -- Clearly playing the role of the aggressor, the NATO puppet regime of Mikhail Saakashvili has carried out a midnight sneak attack against Russian peacekeepers in the province of South Ossetia. Those peacekeepers have been there for 15 years under an agreement with Georgia. Saakashvili is a protégé and creature of Zbigniew Brzezinski, the foreign policy boss of the Barack Obama presidential campaign. As is explained in my book Obama- The Postmodern Coup: The Making of a Manchurian Candidate, Saakashvili was brought to power in 2003-2004 by a people power coup or CIA color revolution, directed by the Brzezinski clan and financed by George Soros, one of Obama's key financial backers. In a very real sense, it is the Obama campaign which has attacked Russia in South Ossetia.(...) Bush has dropped his plans to attack Iran and North Korea, and is now slavishly following Brzezinski's orders by concentrating on provoking Russian and China.
Most interesting is the response of Brzezinski's other puppet, Obama. The Messiah first intoned that it was necessary to show restraint, and stop the armed conflict. He talked then to NSC Director Hadley, Saakashvili, Rice, and unspecified foreign policy advisers ­ undoubtedly the Brzezinskis, Zbig and Mark. Notice Obama's failure to talk with a single Russian leader ­ he failed to bring anybody together this time. Then Obama switched to a full warmonger line, identical to that of Bush: Obama now lied that Russia had invaded Georgian sovereignty and encroached on Russian sovereignty. Obama's spokesman, Ben Rhodes, added that Russia was responsible for the conflict. This goes to show that Obama is a ticket to World War III on the Brzezinski Plan, the crackpot design to break up Russia and China, securing another century for the Anglo-American world empire. Because Brzezinski's strategic insanity unfolds on a scale more vast than that of the neocons, Obama is indeed a far bigger warmonger than Bush.(...)
South Ossetia can be compared to West Virginia. When Virginia seceded from the Union in 1861, West Virginia soon retaliated by seceding from Virginia. Similarly, when Georgia left the USSR in 1991, South Ossetia chose to remain with North Ossetia, which has been a part of Russia since about 1761. A second West Virginia exists in the form of Abkhazia, another province assigned by Stalin to the Georgian SSR which chose to stay de facto with the Russian Federation. Abkhazia fears a Georgian attack, and has declared a state of emergency, mobilizing its armed forces. Do not be surprised if Abkhazia pre-emptively seizes back some of its territory now held by Georgia.
The attack is coherent with Brzezinski's desperate plan to save the collapsing US-UK regime of world domination by finding ways to smash Russia and China, the two serious power centers capable of checkmating Washington and London. As predicted, the epicenter of world confrontation is shifting rapidly away from the Persian Gulf. The method is classic Brzezinski: Zbig, working through the Principals' Committee (Gates, Rice, Paulson, Mullen, Hadley) which rules Washington behind the scenes while the lame ducks Bush and Cheney babble off into the sunset, is playing his Georgia puppet state against Russia, leading in all probability to regime change and possible guerrilla warfare in Georgia. This is exactly what Brzezinski did with Afghanistan in 1979, leading to the collapse of the Soviet Union. It is also what Brzezinski intends to do with Iran.
There are 2,000 Georgian soldiers serving for the US in Iraq. These forces have now been called home. The US is flying them back to Georgia in US military aircraft, a very unfriendly act towards Russia......American national interest demands that these Georgians be told to get home on their own power, without the US Air Force.
The Russian navy is now blockading the Black Sea coast of Georgia. What if the US or other NATO states now decide to send ships carrying humanitarian or military aid to Georgia? A large NATO fleet buildup in the eastern Mediterranean is reported. What if the US, the British, or the French try to break through the Russian naval blockade? If shooting starts, World War III could loom very quickly.
The NATO puppet regime in Ukraine controls the bases for the Russian Black Sea fleet. These NATO provocateurs in Kiev are now saying that, since the Russian Black Sea fleet has left those ports to blockade Georgia, they will not be allowed to re-enter their Ukrainian home ports. If shooting starts, this could be a wider war. If the NATO Tusk regime in Poland, yet another gaggle of Brzezinski puppets, decides to come in on the side of the Ukrainians, then Warsaw could invoke the NATO alliance, and the US could soon be at war with Russia.
Ukraine could also decide to support Georgia with ground troops. If the Ukrainians get into trouble, they will call on the Poles, and the Poles will call on NATO, also threatening to drag the US into a real war of catastrophic proportions.
Letting Poland join NATO was supreme folly. We are fortunate that Georgia and Ukraine are not NATO members already. American national interest demands good relations with Russia. The United States must not be carried towards World War III as the tail of the Brzezinski- Obama kite. There must be no support for Saakashvili and his gang.
August 12, 2008 3:02 PM

Brzezinski's Georgia Puppets Attack Russia -   WWIII In Sight ????


sunrise august 11th



Will BUSH War Crimes "Be Tried"
by a High International Court TRIBUNAL


PLEASE make or take the time to listen to this brief sudden break-through of
light into public mainstream knowledge

Video: http://www.brasschecktv.com/page/387.html


Posted By: Watchman Date: Sunday, 3 August 2008, 10:07 a.m.

Can Bush pardon himself? Under US law, sure - and he will.
But he can't pardon himself under international law.

Here's a possible scenario:

1. US recklessness tanks the world financial markets
2. Standard of living in US declines precipitously
3. The last remaining 20% of the US that supports Bush (including the
corporate news media which made him possible in the first place) finally
withdraw their support
4. War crimes charges filed against Bush by an international body
5. The US hands Bush over with glee and the same US news media which made
him possible now presides over his being publicly torn limb from limb.

It won't be the end of the criminal Bush family dynasty, but their ability
to steal and wreck havoc will be greatly diminished going forward.

Unfortunately, Cheney will die of a heart attack before he can be sentenced.
'The important thing is to begin to build a conscious, "thought" network...
to link the warriors together. Every person who knows has to connect with
everyone else in their lives who would want to know." ‹James Redfield "The
Secret of Shambhala"

[Ed. Note: Always trust YOUR own knowingness. Never take anything for
granted. Use your own mind to discern what you will from your own readings.
Do your own additional research].



Damn right America is exceptional. It is America that defiantly walked out of the first “world trade organization,” known as the British Empire, announcing, “We hold these truths to be self-evident that all men are created equal and are ENDOWED BY THE CREATOR with INALIENABLE rights, and AMONG THESE are life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.”
Now, think about that. These rights don’t come from Congress or Kings or Soviets, they come from The Creator, that is, we are born free-and “we” are Sri Lankans as much as Minnesotans. Our rights are “INALIENABLE”: no one, NO ONE, may take them away, not the Ayatollahs of Tehran or Generalissimo Negroponte at the Department of Homeland Security or the kill-o-crats in Baghdad pre- or post- Saddam.
Will the snarling closet imperialists try to turn America from its cause and soul? Damn right they will. That’s why two U.S. military lawyers resigned from their posts at the Guantánamo prison camp. They wouldn’t put up with Bush-niks tearing up their Constitution. ("We the people" own it, not "them the Republicans.") In Iran, these two guys would have been shot, in Britain arrested. In America, Bush fears them-that their story would come out-as it did. Only in America could that happen.
No question, the USA holds itself exempt from the legal standards of this world-which are execrable. Whose standard should we adopt? China’s torture standard? Britain’s Secrecy Act as a standard? Switzerland’s Nazi-money-protection standard?(...)
The signing on August 14 of an agreement between the governments of the United States and Poland to deploy on Polish soil US 'interceptor missiles' is the most dangerous move towards nuclear war the world has seen since the 1962 Cuba Missile crisis. Far from a defensive move to protect European NATO states from a Russian nuclear attack, as military strategists have pointed out, the US missiles in Poland pose a total existential threat to the future existence of the Russian nation. The Russian Government has repeatedly warned of this since US plans were first unveiled in early 2007. Now, despite repeated diplomatic attempts by Russia to come to an agreement with Washington, the Bush Administration, in the wake of a humiliating US defeat in Georgia, has pressured the Government of Poland to finally sign the pact. The consequences could be unthinkable for Europe and the planet.(...)
Russian officials earlier said Moscow could deploy its Iskander tactical missiles and strategic bombers in Belarus and Russia's westernmost exclave of Kaliningrad if Washington succeeded in its missile shield plans in Europe. Moscow also warned it could target its missiles on Poland.
Russia is also discussing to put in place an orbital ballistic missile system in response to US missile defense plans for Central Europe, according to a senior Russian military expert.
"A program could be implemented to create orbital ballistic missiles capable of reaching US territory via the South Pole, skirting US air defense bases," said Col. Gen. Viktor Yesin, former chief of staff of the Russian Strategic Missile Forces, now vice president of the Academy of Security, Defense and Law Enforcement Studies.(...)
Any illusions that a Democratic Obama Presidency would mean a rollback of such provocative NATO and US military moves of recent years should be dismissed as dangerous wishful thinking. Obama's foreign policy team in addition to father Zbigniew Brzezinski, includes Brzezinski's son, Ian Brzezinski, current US Deputy Assistant Secretary of Defense for European and NATO Affairs. Ian Brzezinski is a devout backer of US missile defense policy, as well as Kosovo independence and NATO expansion into Ukraine and Georgia.
Mary Dejevsky: Russia the bad guys?
Who are the West trying to kid?
Bbc World News                 By Axj
Actually, I was quite surprised that BBC world news is now reporting that Georgians have destroyed the South Ossetian capital.
Yes, The Tide Seem To Be Changing              By Freetrinity
in how the conflict is being reported, thanks no doubt to INternet bloggers and readers worldwide
Another moment of censorship, illustrating western media biases in the Georgia-Russia conflict coverage, is brought to you by CBC news.
During a press-conference, the US Secretary of State Condoleeza Rice receives the following provocative question:
"Many people in Russia will say that what you did after 911 was very disproportionate to the threat [..] the Russians are trying to ensure the security of their forces and their citizens and their peace keepers ...":  .................
At this point, the transmission is interrupted, a rainbow screen saver comes on for four seconds, and later an anchor says: "Well, we seem to have lost out line here to the press conference ..."
Condoleeza Rice's complete hypocritical answer can be heard in this BBC recording:
How Does She Do It?                    By Nonpon
Simply amazing, her ability to maintain a straight face during all of this. It would have been nice if she would tell us about the lack of intelligence involved in the unilateral invasion of Iraq, you know, that country that isn't a threat to the US.
Yeah, She'S Pretty Good At Dissembling                By Deej
Her answer just has no real substance, does not address the question directly, - - it seems to simply sidestep the question and go back to her talking points.
Another way to look at it - she ignores the reality and logic of the questioner - just sidesteps it, and explicates the reality she wants to impose - but which is waaay out of touch with objective reality.
-- what a horrible twisting of truth, as usual for this gang. --
Doncha Just Love Her...?                    By Bedower

...not here though:
[Link] http://english.pravda.ru/opinion/columnists/16-08-2008/106114-condoleezaricestupid.0
I know which one I pick...
best-of-web          Brass Check TV:
Russia "invaded" Georgia out of the blue and entirely unprovoked, right?
Not quite.
In fact, it's amazing how successfully the US news media doctored the basic facts of the story.
Mikhail Gorbachev was invited to provide commentary on the Larry King show and surprised and baffled King by laying out the simple chronology of what actually happened.
Compare the following video with the well coordinated US-UK propaganda campaign.
Watch All Three Parts                          By Rabelais
It is almost beyond belief that in part 3, King gives the anchor position to rebut Gorbachev to Saakashvili. He never once mentions or questions the fact that Georgia instigated the hostilities. Instead, he lobs meaningless softball questions to the sniveling zichopath.
Part 2 [Link]
Part 3 [Link]
Part 3      comment         By Niall
Justin Raimondo
Luke Ryland
OpEd News
The following is a partial transcript of the interview (full transcript here):
Horton: Welcome back to Antiwar Radio. It's KAOS 92.7FM in Austin Texas. Antiwar.com/radio. And introducing our guest today, it's Joe Lauria.
He writes for the Sunday Times of London, Boston Globe and Bloomberg News, the Huffington Post. He is the co-author of the new book: "A Political Odyssey: The Rise of American Militarism and One Mans Fight to Stop It" with former U.S. Senator and presidential candidate Mike Gravel. Welcome to the show, Joe.
Lauria: Thank you, Scott.
Horton: It's good to have you here. You came to my attention early this year when this three part - I guess it turned into a four part series - in the London Times came out, about at least part of the case of Sibel Edmonds, the former FBI translator-turned-whistleblower, and she's raised allegations kind of in all different directions - drug-smuggling and all kinds of different corruption and prior knowledge of impending attacks before 911 etc, and yet you guys focused really on the nuclear black market angle of her story.(...)
Authors Website:
Authors Bio: Luke Ryland is a blogger with a particular interest in Sibel Edmonds' case.
The Neocons Are Nuts!                   By Great hierophant
The proper term is psychopathic!
When will the world ever WAKE UP TO THIS?
http://www.theoccidentalobserver.com/index.html home
The crimes of George W. Bush are not limited to Iraq. For an excellent summary and extensive documentation of charges that he has authorized illegal detention, torture, and rendition to nations that torture, please see these three Articles of Impeachment: [link, link and link]
Thank you for your careful and impartial consideration and courage.
David Swanson
Nathan Nahm
(...)First, by launching an illegal invasion of Iraq based on systematic lies and deceptions of its citizens, the Bush/Cheney administration has caused the deaths of more than four thousands of our own soldiers and serious injuries of tens of thousands more whose impact will last for their life time, which are still continuing without any clear prospect of when it might end, and which are worse than the deaths and injured on 9/11;
Second, by launching and continuing the same illegal war in Iraq, the Bush/Cheney administration has caused nearly a trillion dollars to be wasted, to date, for no redeeming economic benefit to the United States and its citizens, and will continue to cause an enormous economic burden to the country for years to come, which are more than the costs of replacing several skyscrapers that were destroyed on 9/11;
Third, by launching the same illegal war in Iraq, the Bush/Cheney administration has caused hundreds of thousands of innocent Iraqi civilians to be killed and seriously injured for life, as well as destroyed the infrastructure of their country, and thereby left a terrible moral and legal legacy for our children to bear toward another sovereign state and its citizens in future history;
Fourth, by launching the same illegal war in Iraq in blatant violation of the international law which unambiguously prohibits unprovoked invasions as illegal, violating other well established international law, the Geneva Conventions and our own domestic law on torture, and allowing unscrupulous private contractors to profiteer from the illegal war, the Bush/Cheney administration has seriously undermined the moral stature and authority of our nation in the world, to a point where, in the polls taken worldwide, our own President, incredibly, now ranks as a more dangerous person than the heads of terrorist organizations in the view of citizens of many important friendly foreign countries and where some of the highest present and former officers of our own government are now seriously mentioned in connection with a possible international tribunal for "war crimes," which not only has brought shame on all Americans but which no amount of propaganda orchestrated by a hostile foreign government or foreign terrorist organization could possibly have produced;
Fifth, the Bush/Cheney administration's misguided economic policies and their utter failure to provide the necessary oversight and regulation on the financial market, coupled with the wastes of the horrendous amounts of money in connection with the illegal war in Iraq, have made a shambles of the U.S. economy and caused the value of the U.S. dollar to decrease by 40% or more, relative to other major foreign currencies, during the last 7 and a half years, whose overall economic effect is that we, the US citizens, are collectively 40% or more poorer today than we were only 7 years and a half ago, relative to the rest of the world; such profound diminution of our national economic power and such drastic reduction of our citizens' economic well being over such a short period of time most certainly could not have been brought about except by own internal government's seriously misguided economic polices;
Sixth, the tax policies of the Bush/Cheney administration and the business environment fostered under the Bush/Cheney regime have significantly contributed to widening further the gap between the most affluent, on the one hand, and the middle class and the poor, on the other, creating seeds for a more serious social unrest for the future of this country and possibly for the rest of the world;
Seventh, the Bush/Cheney administration has been totally negligent of its duty to perform any action which may be necessary for long-term research and preparation to deal with the global environmental issues that may have the potential of threatening human life and civilization, as we have known it for the past several thousand years; and
Eighth, the Bush/Cheney administration has been totally negligent of its duty to encourage and support research and development for alternative, renewable energy sources to deal with the serious energy problems that are rapidly becoming a serious threat to our national and worldwide economy, even though these problems were expected to arise because of the dwindling source of fossil fuel on which our entire economic system currently depends.
The charges listed above are but a few that can be brought against the Bush/Cheney administration. I know there are more charges that can be brought against them, including some that are, in some sense, more serious than the ones listed above. But the purpose of the above list is not to record all possible charges against the Bush/Cheney team but only to show enough to make my basic point that the Bush/Cheney administration has caused far more harm and damage to our country and to the future welfare of its citizens than any foreign country or external terrorist organization, however hostile to us and however well organized, could possibly have caused.
Michael Klare
Foreign Policy in Focus
Comment:                *The Georgians may only be interested in regaining control over an area they consider part of their national territory. But the Russians are sending a message to the rest of the world that they intend to keep their hands on the Caspian Sea energy spigot, come what may. *
This argument is null, given that Georgia first attacked Ossetia, and not Russia, which would be the case if Russia indeed wanted to sent a message. Also, Russia is a country with vast amounts of natural resources, unlike Saakashvili's puppeteers, the US and Israel .
Justin Raimondo      Antiwar.com
http://www.sott.net/articles/show/140323-Bush-Madness-A-deluded-king-and-his-court-lickspittles  march 2007
people  tasered:
Recent examples of police misconduct towards people are unfortunately no less appalling and usually include the use of tasers.
Police in South Carolina punched a teenage boy 13 times in the face before tasering him as he lay prone on the ground.
Police tasered an injured teen from Ozark, Missouri up to 19 times after he fell from a highway overpass in late July.
The 16-year-old had broken his back and heel when the officers began tasering him.
In yet another bizarre instance of police violence, a 66-year-old minister was tasered and beaten by hospital security guards for what he claims was a joke.
In that incident, hospital security cameras caught five officers kicking Rev. Al Poisson on the ground for at least five minutes.
So Many Possibilities To Choose From                            By Deej
-- A Chantix pyschotic episode? Sinister programming gone awry? Black Ops supplied "voices" in his head? A bad episode on drugs? Tamiflu psychosis? Schizoid break?
-- so many ways to get whacked out - and most of them seem to involve a little help from our p-path "friends"
The Italian ambassador to Canada criticized the Quebec government Friday for failing to provide explanations for the sudden death of an Italian immigrant almost a year ago. Claudio Castagnetta, 32, died Sept. 20, 2007, while in custody of Quebec City police. He was reportedly shocked four times with a police Taser and jailed without receiving medical care.
"One year to find out what happened is not acceptable. You expect that possibly in some distressed, out-of -control African place - but not on this continent," Ambassador Gabriele Sardo said in an interview with Canwest News Service.(...)
Twelve people have died in Canada since 2005 after police jolted them with electric stun guns.// .....  His comments come as the Canadian Association of Chiefs of Police is preparing to meet Aug 24 in Montreal where new research into stun gun safety will be presented. (...) The Italian ambassador expressed his frustration in a letter sent this week to Quebec Premier Jean Charest. Sardo also said Italian officials boycotted the events related to the 400th anniversary of Quebec City this summer to send a "strong message" to the government.
nenki, conspiration.cc
Les compagnies Bell et Rogers ont admis avoir commencé à faire du "modelage de trafic".
Contrôle d'Internet au Canada: vous sentez-vous observé?
Le contrôle d'internet se poursuit. Les compagnies Bell et Rogers ont admis avoir commencé à faire du 'modelage de trafic', un nouveau terme qui ne signifie rien d'autre que le ralentissement de la bande passante des internautes.
Le blogueur Éric Baillargeon a mis à la disposition de ses lecteurs la vidéo ci-bas qui fait le point sur la question de la neutratlié de l'accès à Internet au Canada. Bell et Rogers en prennent pour leur rhume. Il est peut-être temps que les internautes canadiens se mettent à poser des questions. À Bell, à Rogers, à Vidéotron, et surtout, pour le faire bouger un peu, au CRTC.
Parce qu'en gros, quelqu'un quelque part surveille ce qu'on fait sur la Toile, et si ça ne fait pas leur affaire, parfois, ils bloquent. Et non seulement ça prive les internautes canadiens d'un contenu à leur goût, ça prive aussi les innovateurs et les entreprises d'ici d'une éventuelle occasion d'affaires qui pourrait nous permettre de se distinguer de concurrents américains, européens ou asiatiques (où, par ailleurs, la censure n'est pas exactement inexistante non plus).
Le blogueur Éric Baillargeon a mis à la disposition de ses lecteurs la vidéo qui fait le point sur la question de la neutratlié de l'accès à Internet au Canada. Bell et Rogers en prennent pour leur rhume.
Neutralité de l'Internet au Canada par Amber MacArthur :

Bell et Rogers «qui ralentissent le flot de données sur Internet quand bon leur semble.» Voilà la conclusion à laquelle en arrivent les producteurs de cet extrait vidéo.
Houston? Bell semble avoir un gros problème!
                    Soit que ses infrastructures ne répondent plus aux besoins actuels et qu'elle n'entend pas procéder à une mise à niveau, soit qu'elle entend limiter la concurrence des fournisseurs indépendants: dans les deux cas, la décision récente de Bell Canada de limiter le traffic Internet aux heures de pointe nous envoie comme message que le gouvernement n'a peut-être plus le choix d'ouvrir le marché canadien à la concurrence.
Ça me fait mal au coeur de le dire ainsi, sûrement une vague réminiscence de mon fond protectionniste canadien, mais on se doit de réfléchir sérieusement à la possibilité d'ouvrir le marché canadien des communications Internet à la concurrence extérieure. Après tout, il semble qu'avec Bell, nous soyons en face d'une situation de quasi-monopole quand au marché d'Internet haute-vitesse.
Voyons voir les faits.
Depuis peu, Bell Canada limite la bande passante sur son réseau lors des heures de pointe, soit d'environ 16h00 à 02h00. La raison: le réseau de Bell serait congestionné, principalement du fait de sa «sur-utilisation» par les utilisateurs de réseaux d'échange de fichiers utilisant entre autre le protocole P2P. Donc, durant ces heures de pointe, Bell impose une limite de vitesse sur l'inforoute. À sa clientèle, mais aussi aux fournisseurs d'accès Internet indépendants qui utilisent le réseau de Bell. Et donc, par le fait même, aux clients de ces fournisseurs d'accès.
Si on comprend bien, ce sont les méchants pirates qui font du P2P qui font payer tous les autres par leurs agissements? N'importe quoi! Et on fait quoi avec ces réseaux de télé comme la CBC qui commencent à utiliser LÉGALEMENT le protocole P2P pour distribuer leurs émissions? Et les logiciels de téléphonie Internet comme Skype qui utilisent eux aussi LÉGALEMENT le protocole P2P? Et il existe plusieurs autres exemples d'utilisation légale du P2P. Alors, tout le monde dans le même panier? 'Mande vot' pardon? (...)
 Mise à jour: En complément de programme, puis-je conseiller au lecteur la lecture de ce billet d'Alain McKenna, ? nouveau chroniqueur Québectech. à http://quebectech.branchez-vous.com/
 Publié par Michel Dumais  le mercredi 9 avril 2008 à 21h.
Cet article a reçu 18 commentaires: ....dont :
http://www.transnationale.org/companies/bce_bell_canada_entreprise.php )
Merk, firme pharmaceutique géante, admets avoir injecté le virus du cancer dans ses vaccins dans cet interview censuré. Et dire qu'on nous emprisonnera si on refuse de se faire vacciner. Vidéo en anglais.

Ici, 11 stratégies naturelles et efficaces de vaincre le cancer. Anglais.
http://www.cancerfightingstrategies.com/index.html HOME
Article original en anglais, Canada's C-51 Law to Outlaw 60% of Natural Health Products, publié le 30 avril 2008. 
Traduit par Dany Quirion pour Alter Info 
 Note du traducteur :
Deux partis politiques sur la scène canadienne s'associent à ce mouvement visant à contrer l'adoption du projet de loi C-51, soit :
- le Parti Vert (français) : http://www.greenparty.ca/fr/releases/12.05.2008 
- le Parti Action Canadienne (anglais) :
Projet de loi C-517 sur l’étiquetage obligatoire des OGM.
 Monsanto bien servie par le vote d’une majorité de députés fédéraux. Comment ont-ils pu éradiquer les centaines de milliers de votes contre les OGMs ?
http://www.greenpeace.org/canada/fr/ accueil
Greenpeace rend publics les noms de tous les députés ayant voté contre le projet de loi C-517  (Étiquetage obligatoire des OGM)
Des militants de Greenpeace perturbent les activités de Syncrude.
Fort McMurray, Alberta, Canada — En début d'après-midi aujourd’hui, des militants de Greenpeace ont réussi à entrer sur le site d’exploitation des sables bitumineux de Syncrude à la mine d’Aurora Nord. Ils ont installé une banderole avec un crâne humain dont la bouche encerclait la sortie d’un conduit d’évacuation des eaux usées. De sorte que l’on voyait une « tête de mort » qui crache des eaux toxiques. Ces eaux aboutissent dans le même bassin que celui qui a causé la mort de 500 canards migrateurs plus tôt cette année.
ET ...Les cinq principales raisons d’interrompre l’exploitation des sables bitumineux (...)

Halte aux sables bitumineux, M. Harper!

http://write-a-letter.greenpeace.org/323  en francais

Signez la pétition :
(en anglais)


(no-new-approvals-on-tar-sands-developments )

La crise alimentaire est-elle réelle ou s'agit-il d'une conspiration? "Contrôlez le pétrole et vous contrôlerez les nations, contrôlez la nourriture et vous contrôlez la population." Henry Kissinger (1970).
La crise alimentaire est réelle. Le prix des denrées alimentaires monte et monte. Les réserves diminuent. Il en va de même avec le pétrole qui place de nombreuses nations et les peuples qui ne produisent pas de nourriture ou de pétrole dans une situation désespérée. Est-ce le résultat d'une série d'événements attribuables à des hasards qui surviennent en même temps, ou est-ce le résultat d'un plan visant à dominer le monde?
http://www.alterinfo.net/La-crise-alimentaire-est-elle-reelle-ou-s-agit-il-d-une-conspiration-_a19823.html  pour d,autre détails.
 Ici au Québec, dû au pulvérisations massives de chemtrails depuis des mois qui causèrent les pluies incessantes que nous avons eu depuis des mois, 70% de nos récoltes sont perdues, pourries ou irrécupérables. C'est quand même beaucoup. D'où viendra notre nourriture cet automne, et à quel prix ? Et si les pays fournissurs ont eux-même subi des avaries climatiques, que mangerez-vous ?
                 Notre gouvernement n'a aucun programme, aucune solution, aucune idée de se qui se passe et rien ne sera fait pour contrer cette pénurie ou crise de nourriture qui pourrait survenir d'ici la fin de l'hiver. Notre gouvernement est en vacance, c'est l'été.
Ne riez pas en Europe. Comment sont vos récoltes ? Pas beaucoup mieux ?
 J'ai reçu 3 avis de personnes qui ne se connaissent pas ,que la ville de Trois-Rivières ou Montréal ou autre ..... aurait/auraient fait imprimer des coupons de rations pour la nourriture. Rumeur, intox ou vérité ? Je ne sais pas mais si quelqu'un possède une preuve de cette nouvelle encore non-vérifiée, s.v.p. m'en faire part. Merci.
p.de Chatillon:
12 août 08 "Les choses étaient, comme elles seront" par de Pierre de Châtillon.
Chaque millénaire est divisé en 4 grandes étapes de 230 ans, chacune d’entre elles se termine par une croisée climatique inaccoutumée, apportant une période de famine et de guerre proportionnée.
Sous la tutelle directe du président américain de l’époque, Vannevar Bush fut le principal artisan du blanchiment de ce savoir, dont il cacha l’origine réelle pour en réattribuer la paternité à des à des scientifiques oeuvrant pour les corporations qui les exploiteront, tous membres de l’Emporium : AT&T, IT&T, Xerox, Westinghouse, General Electric, IBM, et tant d’autres.
http://www.kerryr.net/pioneers/bush.htm vannevar
http://www.livinginternet.com/i/ii_bush.htm vannevar
http://www.ibiblio.org/pioneers/bush.html vannevar
http://www.doug-long.com/bush.htm vannevar
http://www.acmi.net.au/AIC/BUSH_BERRNIER.html by marc berrnier
http://freemasonry.bcy.ca/textfiles/famous.html dont VBush included
http://www.kerryr.net/pioneers/babbage.htm charles
 Le géoclimat, la crise et la guerre. Une odeur qui ressemble curieusement à cette voie où nous nous sommes engagés. Nous sommes le fruit de la génération ouvrière. Cette génération jetable fut créee par nécessité pour garnir la réserve de puissance des maîtres et seigneurs. Elle n’est plus requise, ni même souhaitée.

Bpath Compteur