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lundi 18 août 2008 13 h 40
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Saint Germain

If the Bush family had made arrangements with Nicanor Duarte, it was unlikely that Fernando Lugo would continue them.

On Friday 16th May 2008, a $14 trillion sum of money belonging to China was moved into Citibank. It was then illegally moved offshore by Madame Wu Yi. Acting in personal Ming family interests, she put out the cover story that John Glover Roberts, Alan Greenspan and Dick Cheney had attempted to steal the funds, had failed and had been taken into custody. Her intention was to split the money between herself and George Bush Jnr, each party taking $7 trillion each.
 Upon discovery, Madame Wu Yi was sent home to China to face interrogation and execution. The Green and the Red Secret Societies were thought to be waiting for her at the airport.
The main creditors of the 2008 American bankruptcy, apart from the Crown Temple in London and the Vatican in Rome, were the Chinese. By May 2008, the total sum which the US owed China was thought to be not less than $100 trillion.
In the third week of May 2008, the indication was that the Chinese were about to foreclose. Madame Wu Yi had had the ICJ Writ of Execution in hand.
When this was actioned, it was likely that among other disposals in the Energy, Armaments and Pharmaceutical sectors, ten or twenty of the biggest American banks and their international assets would pass into Chinese ownership.

In the week preceding the Beijing Olympics in August 2008, President George Bush Jnr illegally accessed some of the
NESARA-related prosperity funds and stole a sum of $3 trillion from 40,000 individual accounts. He paid this money into a single new joint account in Dubai bearing his name and the name of the Dubai government. He then promised Dubai that a further $4 trillion would soon arrive in that account from similar sources. Dubai looked at their screens, saw the $3 trillion registered, and on that basis lent Bush a sum of $7.1 trillion. This money was handed over to China when Bush arrived in Beijing on Thursday 7th August 2008.
 Basel II Inslaw/PROMIS software detected the illegal $3 trillion wire transfer, and the international banking authorities repatriated the monies from Dubai into the original 40,000 accounts. Bush thus tricked Dubai into paying China $7.1 trillion to settle a US debt.

In related actions, when Bush left for the Olympics on board Air Force One from Andrews Air Force Base in Maryland, he stopped off at the Elmendorf Air Force Base in Anchorage, Alaska. While there, he attempted three times to change into unmarked planes and fly to Dubai. Security and law enforcement agencies prevented this, and he was compelled to continue his scheduled flight to Beijing aboard Air Force One.
Bush's original programme for Beijing had him scheduled to watch the USA/China men's basketball match on Sunday 10th August 2008. At the last moment, the arrangements were changed and Bush flew out of Beijing after the Olympic Opening Ceremony on Friday 8th August 2008.
The main creditors of the 2008 American bankruptcy, apart from the Crown Temple in London and the Vatican in Rome, were the Chinese.(...) When this was actioned, it was likely that among other disposals in the Energy, Armaments and Pharmaceutical sectors, ten or twenty of the biggest American banks and their international assets would pass into Chinese ownership.

On Thursday 12th June 2008, the US Supreme Court delivered an Opinion in the case of Lakhdar Boumediene v. George W. Bush, President of the United States, et al ((Nos. 06-1195 and 06-1196; 476 F. 3d 981, reversed and remanded).
The Opinion enunciated gave detainees at Guantánamo Bay access to the US courts for the first time. This reversed an earlier judgment by the US Court of Appeals.

In delivering the Opinion of the US Supreme Court, Justice Anthony Kennedy said: "Because our nation's past military conflicts have been of limited duration, it has been possible to leave the outer boundaries of war powers undefined. If, as some fear, terrorism continues to pose dangerous threats to us for years to come, the court might not have this luxury. The laws and Constitution are designed to survive, and remain in force, in extraordinary times. Liberty and security can be reconciled; and in our system they are reconciled within the framework of the law.
In some of these cases six years have elapsed without the judicial oversight that habeas corpus or an adequate substitute demands .... While some delay in fashioning new procedures is unavoidable, the costs of delay can no longer be borne by those who are held in custody. The detainees in these cases are entitled to a prompt habeas corpus hearing."
This Opinion dealt a body blow to the hegemony of the Roman Catholic cabal at the US Supreme Court, which had been straining every sinew to keep the illegal Guantánamo Bay arrangements in place for the White House.
John Glover Roberts, Samuel Alito, Antonin Scalia and Clarence Thomas voted as a bloc against the Opinion, but they were outnumbered 5-4 and the majority view of the other Justices defeated them. Full details of the case can be found here.

Habeas corpus is the freedom from being thrown in prison illegally, with no help, no end in sight and no due process. The Latin phrase 'habeas corpus' means 'you have the body'. Prisoners often seek release by filing a petition for a writ of habeas corpus. Such a writ is a judicial mandate to a prison official ordering that an inmate be brought to the court so it can be determined whether or not that person is imprisoned lawfully and whether or not he should be released from custody. A habeas corpus petition is a petition filed with a court by a person who objects to his own or another's detention or imprisonment. The petition must show that the court ordering the detention or imprisonment made a legal or factual error. Habeas corpus petitions are usually filed by persons serving prison sentences.
                Until the 12th June 2008, habeas corpus was denied to the inmates at Guantánamo Bay. In effect, what the Bush White House had done was to assume the sole power to call someone an enemy, wave its hand, and lock that person away indefinitely. The SCOTUS Opinion was therefore a stinging rebuke to Bush-Cheney's anti-terror policies and to the fascist influence of the Roman Catholic Justices placed there for the convenience of the US Executive Branch.
                On Friday 13th June 2008, President George Bush Jnr was in Paris. He believed himself to be at imminent risk of arrest because of his continuing blocking of the Global Refinancing Settlements and the NESARA reforms. The President placed an urgent telephone call through to Dick Cheney in Washington. It was a conference call which included John Glover Roberts at the US Supreme Court.
According to Christopher Story's paraphrase (here), part of the exchange ran as follows:
Bush: "I have to pay or I’ll be arrested."

Cheney: "That’s your problem. You gave me a Power of Attorney two months ago to handle these financial matters and I’ll do as I like." Cheney then asked Roberts to confirm that he (Roberts) held the Power of Attorney. Roberts confirmed this.
Bush: "I have to see The Queen and Brown tomorrow and they’ll want to be certain we’ve paid, or either they won’t let me go, or I’ll be arrested on arrival back home."
Cheney: "I can prove to you that no-one will touch you."

If this report is accurate, the legal signifiers are alarming. While in post, and at a time of war, the 43rd President of the United States has signed over his Power of Attorney to another in the full knowledge of the Chief Justice of the US Supreme Court. Why was this done? Was the President of unsound mind? Is he now still the de jure President or is he only the de facto President? Was Congress consulted? And why have the American people not been informed? The President is the Commander-in-Chief of the Army and Navy of the United States, and of the Militia of the several States, when called into the actual Service of the United States. How can George Bush Jnr be Commander-in-Chief when he does not even command his own personal estate? And by which law does the Chief Justice of the US Supreme Court legitimate this irregularity?

By the end of July 2008, it was thought highly unlikely that John Glover Roberts would be able to stay in post at the Supreme Court. His fingerprints were all over a slew of incriminating papers, wire logs and the altar linens of Mammon's Black Mass.

Understanding the New Age Children

Alcuin Bramerton
July 14, 2008
It is becoming apparent that all over the world children are being born now who are more advanced, spiritually, than most adults.
Many of these children have psychic or clairvoyant powers. They can see people who their elders and betters say are not there. Their invisible friends are more important to them than their parents. They live simultaneously in full waking consciousness in more than one dimension or reality. Benign extraterrestrials are their confidantes and helpers. They carry clear recollections of past and future lives. They are healers and they are knowers. Some, like Channie Centara, are not only human beings, they are simultaneously angels and benign extraterrestrials as well.
Some of these children have strange eyes. Light comes out of them, pale blue light sometimes, directed light. Some of them have very old, wise-looking, deep-seeing eyes. When their brains are scanned, unusual electrical activity is observed. They communicate with each other telepathically. They are creative. They love animals, flowers, water and crystals. They prefer to wear nothing on their feet. They prefer outdoors to indoors. They loathe the smell of television.
The New Age children among us are free at the level of spirit. And they feel no fear. They hate the psychology of control and they therefore hate school, they hate religion, and they hate our meat-fixated prescribed diets. Some do not need to eat or drink at all.
The Western educational establishment responds to these children as enemies. They are stigmatised as having behavioural special needs, their approach to life has new disease-names invented for it, and they are drugged stupid with Ritalin and other child-poisons to avoid embarrassing the received orthodoxies of adult normality. Orthodox religion says they are possessed by evil spirits. Dieticians say they will die of malnutrition.
Because the New Age children are free and fearless, they do not hesitate to controvert the control systems they are made victims of. They are not afraid to rebel, to misbehave, to be awkward or disobedient if their personal spaces are invaded by grown-ups or removed by institutions trying to cure them.
Often they do not concentrate in class because they cannot concentrate in class. They are being distracted by psychic experiences. They are doing more important work in the universe next door.
Often they get deeply frustrated with educational tasks which do not require, or applaud, creative thought. They get deeply frustrated when their linguistic creativity is rubbished as being dyslexic, ungrammatical or rude.
Because they feel no fear, they sometimes play truant from school and from home. Because they feel no fear, they sometimes deliberately become pregnant in early puberty to demonstrate their freedom and to exercise their creativity. Because they feel no fear, they sometimes commit suicide if their parents and schools prove to be unsatisfactory nurturers.
These children are here to smash up the system. We need their help and we need their teaching. They are wise beyond our imagining. They will help us to build new systems built on freedom, creativity and sharing. They will teach us how not to feel fear. They will teach us to be free. They are not only the children of the New Age, they are the creators of the New Age.
The benign extraterrestrials who assist human evolution on Earth sometimes talk about the New Age Children. For example, on the 9th July 2008, a Sirian called SaLuSa, speaking on behalf of The Galactic Federation said: "There will be so much that you want to know once we can meet you, and there will be no lack of communication on our part. We have our plans in full readiness for your enlightenment, and a number of different forms of communication will be used. We wish to reach as many people as possible even in remote areas, and have the technology to do so. There are also large numbers of illuminated souls that have specifically joined you upon Earth for such an occasion. They are largely amongst your younger people, and they are already aware of their mission. They have the eyes with which to see where Man has gone wrong, but more importantly the answers to put it right. Take notice of your young people as many are speaking words of wisdom. They are advanced souls who have come from the higher levels where your destiny lies. The Earth has little to teach them, and they bring great love and compassion to lead you out of the dark into the Light ...." The full text of the Sirian SaLuSa's 09.07.08 comments can be found on Mike Quinsey's site here.
The talks between George Bush Jnr and Mohammed bin Zayed Al Nahyan took place at Camp David. They followed earlier ones between the two leaders in Sowaihan, UAE, on Sunday 13th January 2008. It was after this meeting that the Bush White House decided to cut the Arab internet cables.
Camp David, in Maryland, is a major covert human cloning centre. Three or four clones of President George Bush Jnr are kept in operation at any one time, and the ones not on duty are stored and renovated in sleeper cells at the Camp David clone labs.
The original George Bush Jnr was quietly murdered in January 2003 on the instructions of President George Bush Snr and Dick Cheney. He had become inconvenient, unmanageable and was an alcohol and cocaine addict.
More details here (20.05.08) and here (10.04.08).
The June 2008 talks at Camp David between George Bush Jnr and Mohammed bin Zayed Al Nahyan also covered oil and stock market volatility. The Sheik was furious with Bush about the Enron Loophole and the profiteering manner in which American commodities traders associated with the Bush family energy interests had been driving up the international oil price at a time when there was no shortage of oil in the supply lines.
And he was angry about the capital destruction of the American financial sector which was taking place because of White House opposition to the NESARA and Basel II and III banking reforms.(...)
June 30, 2008
Abu Dhabi Prince Rows With Bush Over Citibank
A stolen sum totalling $4.5 trillion (four and a half trillion American dollars) was held illegally in a suspense account at Citibank’s offices at 399 Park Avenue, New York, USA, at the end of October 2007 and the beginning of November 2007. The money returned to Citibank on the 16th November 2007, having been temporarily concealed at Morgan Stanley.

The USA Treasury Secretary, Henry Paulson, was centrally involved in the administration of this theft. On several occasions in 2006 and 2007, the Chinese authorities and others pressed Paulson to instruct release of the $4.5 trillion. He refused to do this and was assassinated. His shooting took place on Friday 28th December 2007. He died on Wednesday 2nd January 2008. The Bush White House, after some initial confusion and panic, decided to conceal the fact of Henry Paulson's execution. This inexpert fiction was swallowed uncritically by the Western mainstream media. More details about the Henry Paulson assassination and the Bush White House's attempts to obfuscate the issue can be found further down this page, and on this separate page

The stolen $4.5 trillion originally came from The People's Bank of China in May 2006, at the time when Henry Paulson took over as USA Treasury Secretary in Washington. It was a private transfer of funds from China to an American financier called
Lee Wanta of AmeriTrust Groupe. Henry Paulson stole this $4.5 trillion in June 2006. The provenance of the funds involved has been described in detail by the UK-based financial journalist Christopher Story here (07.03.08) and by Don Nicoloff here (19.01.07). In this latter piece, Nicoloff drew most of his material from published sources written by Story.
(...) The $4.5 trillion has become tangled up with banking release procedures to do with the much larger NESARA global prosperity programme shortly to be announced. The $4.5 trillion is referred to in G8 Nation memos as 'The Wanta Plan' funds. In 2007, Queen Elizabeth II of England conferred special diplomatic status upon Lee Wanta and his colleagues.
monday 18.8.08, Sorcha Faal <sorchafaal@fastmail.fm> wrote :
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Objet: Putin Orders ‘Nuclear Noose’ Put Around US
À: sorchafaal@fastmail.fm
Date: lundi 18 Août 2008, 10 h 13

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August 18, 2008

Putin Orders ‘Nuclear Noose’ Put Around US

By: Sorcha Faal, and as reported to her Western Subscribers

New reports circulating in the Kremlin today are stating that Prime
Minister Putin and President Medvedev((16)) have jointing ordered Russia’s
Strategic Missile Troops (RVSN)(( http://warfare.ru/?catid=239&linkid=2244)) to begin the encirclement of the United
States with a ‘Nuclear Noose’ in preparation for ‘all out’ war with
American Military Forces.

Sparking the fears of Russian leaders, these reports state, were
conversations held this past week between Putin and former US Secretary
of State Henry Kissinger (Kissinger McLarty Associates)((2)) wherein Mr.
Kissinger stated that the likelihood of Senator John McCain ascending to
the presidency of the United States was ‘all but assured’.

Russian policy analysts have long considered a McCain led US government
as a continuation of Bush’s foreign policy for an American led
implementation of a ‘New World Order’ that would see the abolishment of
Nation States and the establishment of World Trading Blocks, and which
Putin has vowed to prevent occurring.

Making an American Government being led by McCain even more intolerable
for Russia has been McCain’s strident calls((3)) for Western military action
against the Russian people and its leaders, but which can only be fully
understood by knowing that his, McCain’s, top foreign policy advisor,
Randy Scheunemann,((4)) is a longtime lobbyist for Georgia whose lobbing firm
has been paid over $1 million((5)) by the Georgian government to further
their influence in the US.

Further enraging Russian leaders was the announcement this past week
that the US and Canada are jointly cooperating((6)) in an attempt to wrest
vital Arctic resources away from Russia in an attempt to control the
last source of new oil reserves remaining on our energy starved planet.

Russian moves to counter the growing threat of war between themselves
and the United States over these issues have included Putin’s
announcement in July((7)) to increase Russia’s nuclear aircraft carrier and
submarine fleets and to begin working with other Nations to form a
strategic alliance against the Americans.

Western reports are further stating that Russian Military Forces have
moved into Georgia SS-21 missile launchers and that Russia plans the
deployment of Iskandar SS-26 surface missiles in Syria and the Baltic
enclave of Kaliningrad.

Venezuela’s President Chavez has further announced((12)) that he as accepted
Russian President Medvedev’s offer to send a Naval Fleet to his South
American Nation, and which are equipped with long-range sea based
nuclear missiles.

To the full machinations of the US War Leaders to provoke Total War with
Russia it remains lost upon the American people, and who have not even
now begin to understand how the United States ‘sacrificed’ its ally
Georgia in its bloodstained ‘final objective’ to force Poland into
accepting ((13)) their so called missile shield targeted against the Russian

Russia's deputy chief of staff of the armed forces General Anatoly
Nogovitsyn was quick to respond to Poland’s acceptance of US missiles by
stating, “Poland, by deploying (the system) is exposing itself to a
strike; 100 per cent.”((14))

To the overall outcome of these events it is not in our knowing, except
as they pertain to the plans of the War Leaders of the United States,
and as best summarized by the American Anti-War activist Justin Raimondo
who has written:

“The War Party never sleeps – they've always got a new angle up their
sleeves, a new "Hitler" who must be crushed in the name of democracy
decency, and against whom all the resources of the West must be
mobilized – until a new enemy is found. The latest such enemy is Putin's
Russia, specifically, Putin himself, who is now being characterized as a
hybrid monster, an authoritarian admixture of Hitler and Stalin.” ((15))

How sad it is that the American people have chosen for themselves such
ruthless leaders, how very sad.

© August 18, 2008 EU and US all rights reserved.
Sorcha Faal
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