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Gary L. Wean Exposes the Meshpocheh:

The Anatomy of a Conspiracy of Race War & Revolution
Gary L. Wean
August 19, 1994

The evil brain of the Mishpucka which controls everything is in the ADL B’nai B’rith headquarters in New York City, not in Israel as some believe. It was located in New York City long before Israel was ever created. All orders and direction come from this location.  Their financial headquarters and source of the Mishpucka’s great wealth is the Federal Reserve System in Washington, D.C. Mishpucka Alan Greenspan is the head of the Federal Reserve System and the Federal Reserve Banks, but strange as it seems, even in this seemingly top post Greenspan is still only middle-level in the Mishpucka hierarchy.

The source of the Mishpucka’s great physical power, their unbendable strength to overpower the U.S. Government and its people is their overwhelming superior numbers wearing the Black Robes in every federal and state courthouse in the United States of America. They have usurped the power to control at their will any and all criminal and civil lawsuits or issues filed and to destroy the people who filed them.

The gross, unmercifully evil brain of the Mishpucka octopus whose slimy tentacles writhe across the breadth of the land is in the ADL B’nai B’rith headquarters in New York City, New York. With its head cut off, the monstrous tentacles with millions of suctions attached everywhere sucking the lifeblood from our country would shrivel and die.

The Mishpucka has in their possession millions of tons of gold, precious stones, ivory, bonds and securities, deeds, and fortunes looted clear back to WWI when the Mishpuckas from New York City slaughtered the Russian Czar and his entire family and stole the world’s greatest fortunes. And continuing right up to the present day destruction of America’s Savings and Loans, banks, giant corporations, pension funds, and devastation of individual citizens’ fortunes -- trillions and trillions of dollars -- hidden hundreds of feet beneath the burning sands of Israel’s Negev Desert in their secret Dimona nuclear factory. There in this monstrously huge subterranean chamber the fabulous treasure is protected by thousands of nuclear armed long-range missiles capable of reaching and incinerating the heart of America, Russia and Europe. The Mishpucka will not allow the U.N. or anyone else to inspect their nuclear warhead factory where not only these world-destruction weapons, but also their secret treasure as well, could be discovered. Israel refuses inspection even though the U.N. demands that all other nations in the world comply.

A high ranking Mishpucka in the Israeli government, a madman, Shimon Peres has threatened the entire world with annihilation by their nuclear arsenal. Referring to the alleged Holocaust, Peres tirades that, “Next time we will take all of you with us.”


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Gary L. Wean Exposes the Meshpocheh


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