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Objet: Top Australian Defense Experts Targeted By Airline Bomb Over Pacific
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July 25, 2008

Top Australian Defense Experts Targeted By Airline Bomb Over Pacific

By: Sorcha Faal, and as reported to her Western Subscribers

Reports from Admiral Vladimir Vysotsky to President Medvedev are
reporting today that Russia’s Pacific Fleet has intercepted a ‘distress
call’ from an Australian airliner reporting that a bomb had exploded
onboard and was requesting ‘immediate’ landing rights to Philippines
capital Manila.

Western media reports are also stating that an Australian Qantas jumbo
jet 747-400 airliner with over 300 passengers was critically disabled
over the Pacific Ocean while in route from London to Melbourne with the
Associated Press News Service saying: “Passengers who talked to the
media at the airport described hearing an explosion and then oxygen
masks were the cabin’s floor gave way, exposing some of
the cargo beneath and part of the ceiling collapsed.”

In a perplexing statement on this airline bombing, Scotland Yard issued
an almost immediate press release stating that a bomb was not
responsible for this near catastrophe, but is more than curious because
no official investigations have yet started.

However, Scotland Yards statement stands in sharp relief to those made
by British Aviation experts, and as we can read as reported by Britain’s
Telegraph News Service:

“David Learmount, Safety Editor at Flight International Magazine, said:
"It's possible there was some kind of explosive device in the suitcases.
There's a hole where there shouldn't be. He said the hole had exposed
some bags in the hold which are usually contained in metal containers.
"It's interesting to see them - how else could that be if not an

Russian aviation experts in these reports are echoing their British
counterparts and further point out that any type of mechanical failure
on the part of Qantas Airlines would be ‘nearly impossible’ as they have
one of the top safety ratings of all of the World’s airlines and have
never suffered a casualty in their entire history.

These reports also state that two of the passengers on board this Qantas
airliner were top aides to Australian Defense Minister Joel Fitzgibbon
who were returning from a NATO meeting in Europe where in a heated
exchange with the Americans they reiterated Prime Minister Rudd’s
refusal to send more troops to Afghanistan.

Prime Minister Rudd had previously provoked the wrath of the Americans
when upon his election victory he removed all of Australia’s troops from
Iraq and has warned that he will do the same for Australian troops in

The United States War Leaders have long been suspected of ‘engineering’
the attacks upon their own people in the September 11, 2001 attacks
along with bombing attacks in London, Bali and Madrid to ‘encourage’
their reluctant allies United Kingdom, Australia and Spain to join them
in their War on Terror against the Muslim peoples of the World.

To the question of if this latest attack was indeed another US-backed
action to further their war aims at the expense of innocent civilians it
is not to our knowing. But, what is to our knowing is that there can be
no underestimating the diabolical intrigues of the American War Leaders
as their Nation continues it plunge into the abyss of Total War.

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Sorcha Faal

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