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YOU…are the enemy!!!

Every American citizen will awaken today to the news that their governments ‘terrorist’ list has now grown to include 1 million names…and most of them are Americans!

These Americans will also awaken to the news that more of their banks are failing as depositors rush to withdraw their money and that gasoline prices in their country have hit a new record high. 

To those few Americans who have followed the Sorcha Faal these past years, not only do these things not come as a surprise, they have been known and have been prepared for!

As Sister Filicia has so eloquently stated in the Sisters latest appeal, Only You Can Raise The Sun, Only You Can Extinguish The Light, the times we live in demand that you have available to you honest and timely information in order to protect yourself and your families.

The government-corporate cabals aligned against YOU are opposed to you having this information as it threatens their power to enslave you…and even as these very words are being written, they are more determined than ever to make sure that when all is ‘said and done’ you will be nothing more than a penniless subject with no power at all to make the choices you now are able to make.

The thousands of you reading these words today have a choice to make… do you support those who lie to you? Or, do you support those who, and at great sacrifice, have done nothing more than to keep the light of truth shining into your World?

If there is NOTHING else you do today please do this…go read for yourself Sister Filicia’s words written at     Only You Can Raise The Sun, Only You Can Extinguish The Light and decide to make a stand for what’s true by supporting the Sisters efforts to help you.

The fate and survival of the Sisters efforts on your behalf is in your hands… the fate and survival of your major media and government propaganda outlets you’ve already paid for with your taxes and purchases, and which shows how the executioners always make the condemned pay for their own deaths.

One human being who knows these words to be true is a Canadian citizen who at 15-years-old was captured by US Forces as he was near death and has been held prisoner ever since without trial.  To know what faces YOU, or maybe even your children, read about his torture here. 

To those Americans reading these words, ask yourself why you have NOT been aware of the growing trend in US Law Enforcement to inject prisoners with the amnesia drug Midazolam?  Will YOU be next?

Never forget the words of George Orwell, "During times of universal deceit, telling the truth becomes a revolutionary act."   

Thank you for your time in reading this:

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the gay man who has claimed he had sex and did drugs with Barak Obama in Chicago!!!

Larry Sinclair will be my guest at 9:00 PM eastern time tomorrow night. Be sure to tune-in as this man talks about what he did with the presumptive Democrat nominee for President.





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