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Saturday 12 July 2008 12:11



By Christopher Story FRSA, Editor and Publisher, International Currency Review, World Reports Limited, London and New York. For earlier reports, press ARCHIVE. Order your subscriptions and our 'politically incorrect', hence correct, intelligence books from the Edward Harle segment.

BOOKS: Edward Harle Limited has so far published FIVE intelligence titles: The Perestroika Deception, by Anatoliy Golitsyn; Red Cocaine, by Dr Joseph D. Douglass, Jr.; The European Union Collective, by Christopher Story; The New Underworld Order, by Christopher Story; and The Red Terror in Russia, by Sergei Melgounov. All titles are permanently in stock. We sell books DIRECT.

Please Make a Donation, if you feel able to do so, to help finance Christopher Story's ongoing global financial corruption investigations. Your assistance will be very sincerely appreciated and will make a real difference, hastening the OVERDUE resolution of the worst financial corruption and linked financial fallout in world history. The Editor's $35,000 Wanta bail-out money has been stolen.


LONDON, 12th July 2008: The enormous 976-page double issue of International Currency Review focusing on the biggest criminal financial crisis in world history was yesterday collected from our London premises in a 7.5-tonne Royal Mail truck, for distribution to paid subscribers worldwide.

Publication of this issue makes it impossible for the organised financial criminalists who have been 'enronising' the whole world, to arrange for their exposed complicity in this crisis to be expunged from the record, or overlain by diversionary lines of enquiry, lies, or orchestrated attempts by the counterintelligence websites to 'shoot the messenger'.

For the extensive historical record is now lodged, or shortly will be, with official and private sector institutions, governments, intelligence agencies, university and public libraries, and other 'special' locations around the world. This FACT precludes anyone being able to rewrite history in such a way as to seek to cover up the criminal behaviour of the chief snakes who have brought the world to the brink of financial and economic catastrophe, as we first predicted on this website in September 2006, when we warned of what could happen if the snakes were allowed to continue their crimes.

The chief snakes, whose identities are familiar to readers of this service, have seen to it that their corrosive bribery modus operandi has polluted and corrupted many other governments around the world, plus their high (including their very highest) officials and office-holders. Criminal operatives always seek to enmesh their targets in parallel and related criminal activity, in order to have the familiar blackmail weapon ready to hand in case 'circumstances change'.

And since rats in a stinking sack always turn on each other (as they have been doing, by the way, with added venom in recent weeks), the blackmail weapon is invariably used. You can see its scars on the jaded faces of these odious official rip-off merchants, all of them.

We are constrained by certain 'real time' factors from elaborating further at this stage, but when the truth of what has been going on, especially since we last reported, is comprehensively exposed, it should cause worldwide revulsion and consternation, given the identities of those known to have succumbed to the belching corruption orchestrated from the Black House in Washington, DC.

Nor will the chief US financial snakes enjoy a peaceful night's sleep for the rest of their despicable little lives: that, we understand from key sources, can be taken for granted.

International Currency Review, published since 1969, is a journal of record and insight into what goes on behind the scenes, and is differentiated from every other publication in this field not least because it addresses issues that the 'mainstream' is unable to develop, since most such financial sector publications are owned by the big, corrupted media houses.

When we say 'corrupted', we do so with intent: we and others are aware of the identity of the large US broadcasting organisation that accepted a colossal bribe, thought to have been arranged by Unterreichsführer Reinhard B. Cheney, worth $2.0 billion, specifically NOT to cover the underlying criminal dimensions of what, as we predicted, has broadened into the worst financial corruption crisis in human history. The assumption all along has been that if the sordid details of the financial criminality could be confined to the Fifth Estate, and multiple diversionary lines of enquiry could be fostered in the controlled US and British neocon media, no-one would ever be any the wiser and the whole thing would blow over with the passage of time.

Faced with this challenge, the Editor of this service has attempted to ensure that the entire can of worms has been lodged IN PRINT all over the world, rather than simply stored electronically.

This will ensure that the record cannot be amended in order to facilitate, for instance, a further free run by 'Box Gang 2' in the future: for that was what was intended.

But with International Currency Review Volume 33, 3/4 lodged all over the world 'where it matters', this will not be possible. The enormous presentation not only records the narrative which led to the exposures of embedded financial fraud, but also publishes documents showing how Wantagate led to the present predicted state of affairs, while also showing how the crisis can/will be resolved.

We have prepared a detailed analysis of the so-called 'Paulson proposals', which represent an easily demolished FALSE PROSPECTUS, the key purpose of which, all along, has been to ensure that 'Box Gang 2' will be able to operate in an environment of total permissiveness dressed up as though it represents a reformed banking and financial market environment. But even if we knew nothing about the semi-technical aspects of what is being proposed here, we can with ease show that these proposals, brought forward last March, and now being trumpeted by the criminalists via wall-to-wall TV coverage, Congressional hearings and evaluations by sycophantic financial media hacks, represent a transparently FALSE PROSPECTUS, for the following straightforward reason:

The financial markets, the banking networks, the currency, the entire international financial system, depend upon something called CONFIDENCE. But a simple glance at the confused and deliberately convoluted 'Paulson proposals' reveals that their actual outcome is to UNDERMINE CONFIDENCE, which they are certainly doing, not least because of the jerkily PHASED stages suggested by the Working Group, which include recommendations for 'studies' to be launched before any decisions are taken as to which old or new regulator does what, when and where, and for what purpose. This confusion is a recipe for destabilising the financial markets, which has been successfully achieved.

As for the malicious intent to scrap the 'rules-based system' and to replace it by a nice'n corruption-friendly, imprecise, fuzzy, muddled-up pot-pourri of 'principles' dignified by the epithet 'principles-based system', to be 'regulated' by a rats' nest of expensive new US bureaucracies, it represents a cynical exercise in OBFUSCATION which, allied to the parallel operation fronted by the US Federal Reserve to revise Basel-II despite the reality that the United States, a clapped-out pariah financial basket-case these days, has agreed to implement its provisions, can be demonstrated to represent a failing operation by the cornered US criminalist classes to salvage the permissive environment to which they are accustomed, always with the intent of resuming corrupt 'business as usual'.

So, our paper on the self-discrediting 'Paulson' false regulation prospectus will be published soon.

As noted above, we cannot go into details at the moment bacause matters must take their course and it is not appropriate for a 'foreigner' to get entangled in the wheels of the juggernaut, which has a momentum of its own and is, contrary to the fears of pessimists, in steady international and US hands which have NOT been corrupted and WILL PROCURE THE NECESSARY OUTCOMES.

Necessary events will follow thick and fast. Reconstitution of a sound financial system will take a little longer: two years is what we are being told by our sources. One reason for this is that the key developments cannot be implemented by the current Executive and Legislative Branches, which are of course tainted beyond repair; and nor can the operation to shovel more regulatory powers into the hands of the Federal Reserve, which is RESPONSIBLE with other compromised parties for the corruption crisis and has FAILED TO REGULATE, 'happen' while the US Federal Reserve System apparat is itself under investigation, contrary to fears expressed hysterically by others.

And the International Monetary Fund though far from whiter than white itself, is preparing to take a detailed look-see inside the US financial can of worms, provided it can rustle up enough gas-masks to conform with staff health and safety regulations. The Fund will have to STOP allowing parties to exploit its de facto off-balance sheet, hidden accounts arrangements, if it is itself to recover any credibility. As for the World Bank, that corrupt institution appears not yet, under Zoellick, to have grasped that its own reputation has been severely degraded since these exposures exploded.

To sum up, we have just distributed worldwide the huge double issue of International Currency Review that we promised, which is now on its way to paid subscribers and will be present in all the key places where it matters, thereby precluding any retrospective rewriting of history designed to protect the hides of the criminalist operatives who are responsible for these abominations.

Secondly, we are engaged in finalising a demolition job on the so-called 'Paulson proposals', which represent a criminalist FALSE PROSPECTUS, although we are certain they will be consigned to the dustbin of history; and this offensive will be published as soon as possible. This has been much more important than sustaining the current narrative, a pause being necessary anyway (see below).

Thirdly, we WILL revert to the narrative of events since we last reported in June, which we have been unable to elaborate since then due to certain constraints that we cannot go into but which can generically be summed up as 'not getting in the way of the juggernaut'. Some of these events will, as indicated, cause revulsion and consternation, when the identities of characters who have been corrupted are promulgated for public consumption.

Additionally, an underlying intention of the counterintelligence website manipulators has been to engage us in sterile polemical argumentation leading down rabbit holes, into byways and away from the relevant issues, with the ultimate purpose of imploding everyone who has been commentating on these developments, from whatever perspective. Maligning, libelling or else compromising the messenger is thought to be the cheapest way to close down unwanted exposures. These attempts, which have been many, intense and varied over the past several years, have all failed.

It is worth adding that in playing around with the housing and mortgage markets, even going so far on 11th July as to trailer the nationalisation of Freddie Mae and Freddie Mac, the main criminalists intended to pull the pin of their grenade, imploding the whole system, on the cynical presumption that 'we've got our money, so who cares?' They found that this decision, taken at the early meeting attended by the chief criminalists on the morning of Friday 11th July, could not be implemented as there are no financial resources available anyway, and the outcome would be not just a US, but also a global, hyperinflation. With the collapse of a huge US financial institution capitalised at $32 billion after the market closed, it was borne in on these criminal clowns that they have their backs to the wall and that Bush Sr.'s observation about lamp posts would turn out to be a prophecy come true, given that millions of Americans would soon be made aware of WHO has been responsible for their plight. Other crucial factors have kicked in that are subject to the mentioned 'real time' constraints.

Finally, a project we have in mind will examine, in due course, the mentalities of the various parties enmeshed in this nexus of criminality, whether wittingly or unwittingly, to highlight several of the basic lessons to be learned, such as the crass idiocy of constructing ANYTHING, including even a criminal house of cards, on the basis of lies. The reason for this is that all lies, like plutonium, have a half-life, and therefore decay. Assuming the metaphor of an upturned pyramid, the base of which is the master lie, this lie and all successive lies and diversions have to be sustained, as the earlier lies are inevitably called into question. The result is that the upturned pyramid of untruth becomes progressively more and more unstable, having to be supported by emergency scaffolding on both sides which, ultimately collapses. When that happens the entire structure of deception unravels: and that, folks, is what we have the very great privilege and joy of witnessing today, 'as we speak'.





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Only You Can Raise The Sun, Only You Can Extinguish The Light


-- Sorcha Faal sorchafaal@fastmail.fm






icke ...   http://www.davidicke.com/content/blogcategory/30/48/ :


Questions that David Icke would ask David Davis if he was not banned from his meetings
This is what David Icke has sought to ask of David Davis, the man who instigated the 'Big Brother' By-election because he said he wanted a debate on the Big Brother State. A debate on his own terms, that is, and the terms of his Neoconservative allies, and certainly not a debate on global Big Brother with David Icke.


Friday, 11 July 2008

‘Big Brother’ By-Election plays out as David Icke predicted from the start


David Davis wins by a mile and David Icke gets the very few votes he always said he would get in an election in which his focus was information nationally and internationally, not winning irrelevant votes within the small constituency area in which this election took place.

And it was job done.

As the votes were being counted today, David Icke’s video of his election public meeting exposing ‘Big Brother – The Big Picture’ was the most watched Google video in the UK and his 1996 presentation, ‘Turning of the Tide’, in which he predicted so accurately the Big Brother world we have today, was the third most watched Google video in the UK. 

Also this morning ‘Big Brother – The Big Picture’ was the fifth most-watched Google video in the world. Click here to see and circulate ...

While the corrupt system had its election and crowned its impostor ‘king’ in its attempt to hijack the Big Brother ‘debate’ in Britain, far more people are now aware of the real Big Brother – the one that David Davis and his sidekick from ‘Liberty’, Shami Chakrabarti, have no intention of talking about, let alone exposing.

David Davis, an aloof and arrogant man it turned out, refused to debate the wider aspects of the Orwellian State with David Icke and even barred him from his public events. And this is the new standard-bearer for the opposition to 'Big Brother'? It is all a scam.

We must not let Davis and Chakrabarti control this debate and keep it within the desperately narrow confines that leave the real Big Brother unchallenged and unexposed.

David Icke has taken yet another dose of abuse and ridicule from the mainstream media to stand up for what he believes in, but he has been so moved by the fantastic support he has received from all over the world from people with eyes to see and minds to open. 

Thank-you to everyone who has supported David over the last ten days, both locally, nationally and internationally, in giving yet more people the opportunity to see what is really going on.

It has been a great effort, so much has been achieved against all the odds in such a ridiculously short time, and now on we go …

Thanks for all your efforts. So much will come from this, and indeed is already doing so. Upward and onward.

Click here for BBC election report ...


What David Icke said from the start ... 

Making it clear

I want to make it clear one more time because a few people have still got the wrong impression. I have not put my name forward in the upcoming by-election because I want to win and nor do I have any chance of winning. I will get a few votes at most in the time we have. Personally I am not in the least bothered if I get zero.

It is not about that. It is about taking an opportunity in a by-election called by the sitting MP on the subject of 'Big Brother' to make the point that this is far, far bigger than even he realises and unless we see the BIG picture of what is going on nothing effective can be done to stop it.

We can sit on our bums and moan, or we can do what we don't want to do (as with me in this case) to communicate what people need to know as effectively as we can.

best wishes,



And so it has turned out ... and let's hope that, as a result, more people stop just moaning and disconnect their bums from the sofa. Doing nothing is not an option - unless we fancy living in a fascist global state knowing that our children and grandchildren will have to suffer in its clutches for the rest of their lives.

So ... to all those who have some understanding, but are doing nothing about it ... 



Come on ... Let's go ... 



Thursday, 10 July 2008
We're Doing It!
At 2.45am this morning and this afternoon the David Icke video presentation 'Big Brother - The Big Picture' was the most watched video on Google in the UK and by this afternoon it was the fifth most watched Google video in the world.
David's video from 1996, 'Turning of the Tide', in which he describes the world that we are now experiencing was the fifth most viewed in the UK. 
This is why David stood in the Big Brother By-Election, to communicate information, not to win votes. And we can do it without the mainstream media.
Please keep circulating the videos to everyone you know and ask them to do the same. This is making a difference and everyone can play a part in that.
Just direct people to this page ... http://www.davidicke.com/content/view/14373/48/



Thursday, 10 July 2008

The final globalisation of the US banking system  

To appreciate the importance of what is currently taking place, we must first realize that as a private corporation, the Federal Reserve is not required to make public who sits on their board of Directors nor who or what banks and corporations hold stock in their private company. Additionally, they are not required to publish an annual report, and I am told, they pay no taxes. So why is it that the American people cannot forgive themselves the interest on their debt? It is because it is owed to a private corporation!
Joan Veon is a businesswoman and international reporter, who has covered over 100 Global meetings around the world since 1994. Please visit her website: www.womensgroup.org.
Friday, 11 July 2008

Money As Debt

'Paul Grignon's 47-minute animated presentation of "Money as Debt" tells in very simple and graphic terms what money is and how it is being created.'

Click here to watch ... 

Friday, 11 July 2008
 Senate Approves HR6304: 4th Amendment Abolished
Fascism, nothing less, and this is to protect Bush and the Neocon cabal behind him - the same cabal supporting David Davis in his 'challenge' to Big Brother. Go figure.
'69 members of the U.S. Senate voted to abolish the 4th amendment and protect the President of the United States and his friends from illegal activities perpetrated upon the people of the United States in direct violation of the United States Constitution. 28 Senators voted NO. This is what some of them had to say about HR 6304.'
Added: July 10, 2008
On July 9, 2008, 69 members of the U.S. Senate voted to abolish the 4th amendment and protect the President of the United States and his friends from illegal activities perpetrated upon the people of the United States in direct violation of the United States Constitution.
28 Senators voted NO. This is what some of them had to say about HR 6304.
Saturday, 12 July 2008
The Truth Continues To Fly
This morning, the David Icke presentation Big Brother - The Big Picture
was the most-watched video on Google Video in all countries of the world combined.
Click here to watch ...  
Saturday, 12 July 2008

Iran's Photoshopped Missiles Are 'Glorified Scuds'

'The events of the last two days surrounding the Iranian missile tests once again highlight that the perception of any threat Iran poses to the U.S. and even to Israel is wholly manufactured and has been blown out of all proportion by the Western media and, by proxy, the two presidential candidates. Several defense analysts reiterated yesterday that the missile test, far from being a show of strength on the part of the Iranians was another reminder of their supreme lack of fire power.'




Saturday, 12 July 2008

Barak In Washington To Lobby For Iran Attack

'Israeli war minister Ehud Barak will visit Washington next week to meet with top U.S. government officials and President Bush in what some are suggesting will be the final planning session in anticipation of a military strike on Iran. Barak will hold talks for three days with Defense Secretary Robert Gates, Vice President Dick Cheney, Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice, National Security Adviser Stephen Hadley and UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon - as well as U.S. President George Bush.'




Saturday, 12 July 2008

McCain avoids question about the Project for the New American Century and 9/11 at town hall meeting

'During a town hall event in Portsmouth, Ohio on Wednesday, John McCain was asked by a member of the audience whether his links to the parent organization of the Project for the New American Century explain why he has been reluctant to support calls for a new investigation of 9/11. The questioner began, "I was curious about a document. Back in September of 2000, the Project for the New American Century, or PNAC, whose members included Dick Cheney, Donald Rumsfeld, Jeb Bush and Paul Wolfowitz, wrote a document entitled Rebuilding America's Defenses."'

The background to the Project for the New American Century and it's connections to the 'Big Brother by-election' in Britain last week is included in David Icke's free video presentation, Big Brother - the Big Picture. Click here to watch ...




Saturday, 12 July 2008

Mum's police check for school run


'A mother has been told she cannot travel to school with her severely epileptic son because she has not been police checked. Jayne Jones, of Aberfan near Merthyr Tydfil, used to travel with her son Alex, 14, in the council-provided taxi when she feared he may have a fit. But Merthyr Tydfil council has told her this must stop until she has undergone a Criminal Records Bureau (CRB) check.'

Parents are being systematically disconnected from their children by a vast range of laws and regulations that are designed, Totalitarian Tip-Toe style, to give control of all children to the State. See The David Icke Guide to the Global Conspiracy.

Read more ... 


Saturday, 12 July 2008



The David Icke Newsletter goes out on Sunday with the background to his stand in the 'Big Brother' by-election
The election's main purpose was to highjack the debate about the Orwellian transformation so that David Davis and his sidekick at the Liberty organisation, former government barrister, Shami Chakrabati, can dominate ‘opposition’ while refusing to even consider the bigger picture that must be exposed if it is to be stopped.
Today, whenever there is a Big Brother-type story in the UK the mainstream media trot along to Davis or Chakrabati for a comment and, given these are both establishment figures, it means that the establishment controls the debate. This will now be the even more the case after Davis and his ‘Big Brother’ by-election - at least for a while.
This technique is something to watch for in any country and the people directly involved, in this case Davis and Chakrabarti, do not necessarily need to know how they are being used. Put people of a certain mentality into a position of influence and that mentality will play out in the way they conduct themselves. In this case, in a refusal to look outside of their particular ‘box’.

How the ‘anti’-Big Brother ‘debate’ is controlled by ‘Big Brother’


... I made it clear on my website before I stood that no matter what happened Davis was going to win this election easily and I was going to get a few votes at most, which is how it turned out. But attracting votes was never my aim. I could not care less about votes because they are irrelevant in the context I am talking about and in the rigged system we call ‘democracy’.
For example, the Green Party came second in the election with something like 1,700 votes and they would, I am sure, be proud of themselves at finishing in second place. But two parties that normally beat them were not standing on this occasion and what will change by the Green Party getting 1,700 votes? NOTHING, absolutely NOTHING. The Green Party will no more change society for the better with 1,700 votes than they would with 17.
This is what I mean by irrelevant. The change must come by people action, not political action because that is also irrelevant in a system designed to crush any political threat to itself.  
Saturday, 12 July 2008

Big Brother: The Google cars that will photograph EVERY front door in Britain


'Plans by Google to photograph millions of British homes and publish them online have been condemned as a 'gross invasion of privacy'. The internet giant's StreetView website will allow anyone in the world to type in a UK address or postcode and instantly see a 360-degree picture of the street. It will include close-ups of buildings, cars and people. Critics say the site is a 'burglar's charter' that makes it easy for criminals to check out potential victims.'

Oh, I think it's a bit more than that. Would you like to connect the dots for us, Mr. Davis? Ahhh, thought not.

 Thursday, 10 July 2008

 'Non-Lethal' Weapons: Where Science and Technology Service Repression

'A domestic version of the system known as the Silent Guardian is being hawked to law enforcement by Raytheon for its alleged ability to provide "a zone of protection that saves lives, protects assets and minimizes collateral damage." According to some reports, ADS has "been present" at some public events in the United States. How comforting.

But as disturbing as Raytheon's ADS may be, there are systems about to come "on-line" that are far, far worse. New Scientist recently described how one enterprising outfit of capitalist grifters, the Sierra Nevada Corporation, is "ready to build a microwave ray gun able to beam sounds directly into people's heads,".'




Thursday, 10 July 2008
Bush's Secret Army of Snoops and Snitches
'The full scale of Bush's assault on our civil liberties may not be known until years after he's left office. At the moment, all we can do is get glimpses here or there of what's going on. And the latest one to come to my attention is the dispatching of police officers, firefighters, paramedics, and utility workers as so-called "terrorism liaison officers," according to a report by Bruce Finley in the Denver Post.'

Thursday, 10 July 2008

 Eco-economic Warfare and the Planned Collapse of Western Civilization


To some of us who haven't swallowed the environ-mental lies being peddled by these criminal psychopaths, it's painfully clear to see that this has nothing to do with the environment and everything to do with ushering in a fourth world system of socialistic, fascistic control. This will be a completely controlled system where people will be confined to overcrowded cities. The land surrounding these cities will be off-limits to the general public. Private property and vehicle ownership will be a thing of the past, and everyone will be made to live in single-dwelling, "eco-friendly" housing as mandated under Agenda 21. Everyone will be made to get along with their neighbor, and should you decide you're not a "team player" in the socialistic, multi-cultural society that you will be forced to adapt to, you will be deemed "mentally unstable" or "dangerous" and either jailed or killed.

Since most people will be out of work, there will be no money. Money will become credits, and these credits will be issued weekly by the state. This was discussed by Bertrand Russell, in his ironically-titled book Roads to Freedom (1918). Since this will be a completely automated control system, punishment will be able to be administered by the withholding of these credits should one dissent against this system. Under this totalitarian nightmare, the world's population will be greatly reduced by way of plagues, HAARP-induced famines and water shortages, and perpetual wars, to a more "manageable" number of peasants to serve the elite's utopia on earth. One-child policies will become mandatory and eventually the only humans born will be purpose-bred to serve the "Great Work."

This is what we are really looking at when we hear about "sustainability" and "slowing (or greening) the economy." Once you can better understand what's going on, you can see why oppressive communist countries such as China are awarded "Most Favored Nation" status by the UN. China, which has been under globalist control for the better half of the past 100 years, is merely the test bed for the system that will soon be installed in the US and across most of the world. The only difference is that the coming system will be more scientifically controlled, and of course technology will play a huge role in this.

Maurice Strong (pictured above...http://bp1.blogger.com/_e5slTxJ5tng/R7EuJVTZ1yI/AAAAAAAAAF4/KZyHfL90gJs/s400/strong.jpg ) is perhaps most widely known as the co-author of the 1994 Earth Charter with the communist and former Russian president Mikhail Gorbachev, who once stated that the threat of environmental crisis will be the "international disaster key that will unlock the New World Order."

'Strong's rise to prominence as internationalist gofer to the Rothschilds and Rockefellers goes back to 1946, when Strong was just 17 and working as a clerk at the United Nations in New York City. It was here that Strong was befriended and recruited by David Rockefeller. Despite his minimal credentials of only a high school diploma, Strong is moved up the ladder quickly following his introduction to Rockefeller, becoming a millionaire by his mid-20s, during the Alberta oil and gas boom ...

... While at the Power Corporation, Strong hires Paul Martin and James Wolfensohn, both of whom would move up the ladder quickly and go on to hold high positions of power -- Martin as Prime Minister of Canada, and Wolfensohn as President of the World Bank. (Strong would later become an advisor to Wolfensohn at the World Bank.)' (...)


In May, 1990, Strong was interviewed by WEST magazine of Alberta, Canada. Strong finishes the interview with a very bizarre and apocalyptic narrative about a novel he wishes to write.

This group of world leaders form a secret society to bring about a world collapse. It's February. They're all at Davos. These aren't terrorists - they're world leaders. They have positioned themselves in the world's commodity and stock markets. They've engineered, using their access to stock exchanges, and computers, and gold supplies, a panic. Then they prevent the markets from closing. They jam the gears. They have mercenaries who hold the rest of the world leaders at Davos as hostage. The markets can't close. The rich countries...?"

(The author of the article then goes on to say...)

...and Strong makes a slight motion with his fingers as if he were flicking a cigarette butt out of the window.

Strong's twisted little fantasy is a perfect example of the deranged, psychopathic mentality of these elitists. These people see the general public as cattle, and much of the public truly are like cows waiting in line to be slaughtered, blissfully unaware of anything other than the reality they're fed through the TV. We are now at the tail-end of what began (in terms of Western deindustrialization) as the post-industrial era of the 70s. Now that most of the United States' manufacturing capabilities have been sent abroad, the US (along with much of the West) is a predominately consumer nation riddled with debt and a deliberately devalued currency. The long-term goal of the elite has been to destroy the US economy (which will no doubt be felt across the board), because to bring in their new system they must destroy the old one. The planned chaos that will ensue will be used as the pretext to usher in a more controlled system and to implement the plans laid out in Agenda 21.



Thursday, 10 July 2008

 Banco Ambrosiano; The scandal that led to the RCMP’s demise and the rise of a Canadian Prime Minister

By: Daniel Deilgat
Toronto, Ontario.

Dan Deilgat is an information specialist that was retained in 1990 by some members of the Board of a public company called Allied Cellular systems Ltd. His mandate was to determine the extent of the losses incurred by the company at the hands of its management. Mr. Deilgat's report claimed that in excess of three hundred million dollars was embezzled from the treasury of the company. Mr. Deilgat's investigations uncovered extraordinary circumstances which are now publicly addressed by Karlheinz Schreiber, a German arms dealer that was accused of bribing a former Canadian prime Minister, Brian Mulroney. The Prime Minister of Canada, The Right Hon. Stephen Harper recently has called for a public inquiry onto the Schreiber allegations.


Part I

From Italy to Montreal in 86 years

'According to sources close to Ogilvy, Renault, Mulroney would sometimes advise on the Calvi file and eventually, Roberto Calvi’s body-and shoes, were exhumed and it was determined that the British Coroner had failed to acknowledge that Calvi’s shoes lacked markings that would have evidenced that Calvi had climbed the scaffolding under the bridge. Hence, if he didn’t climb up there, someone had to have brought him there …'

(...)The case in the media boasted that the discovery of Gladio was the single most significant blow to NATO’s secret armies operations in Europe. Soon after throughout Europe, other groups operating under NATO were uncovered and disbanded, most were affiliated with the P-2 Masonic lodge of Italy.(...)

Journalist David Yallop believes that Calvi, with the help of P-2, had been instrumental in the death of Albino Luciani, Pope John Paul I.
On June the 18th 1982 when Roberto Calvi was found dead, in his coat pockets was fifteen thousand dollars and the business card of Arthur Campeau, a lawyer and a partner in Brian Mulroney’s firm, Ogilvy, Renault.


Part II
The Holly Trinity, Brian Mulroney and the demise of the RCMP

In her book “Blue Trust”, Canadian author Stevie Cameron quotes Arthur Campeau as she alleges that he was retained by Calvi’s widow to fend off creditors but, what Campeau failed to acknowledge was that Roberto Calvi’s widow wanted the insurance money from her husband’s policy, she hired Campeau to sue the insurer…
Roberto calvi’s death was ruled a suicide and as such, the Calvis had no reasonable claims against the Italian’s insurer.
Yet Campeau accepted to act as the Calvi’s attorney and that meant that his new clients created a conflict of interests between the Calvi family and other clients of Ogilvy, Renault.

Campeau accepted to leave the firm and kept the Calvi file.

Ogilvy, Renault represented Banco Ambrosiano in various circumstances here in Canada. Accordingly, certain members of the Propaganda Due Masonic lodge were also clients of the firm through their affiliation with Banco Ambrosiano.

Strangely and although Roberto Calvi’s death was ruled a suicide at the time, the firm had the clairvoyant foresight to distance itself from the Calvi family and, Arthur Campeau.

It was much later that the clients of Ogilvy, Renault would be charged in Italy with the murder of Roberto Calvi.

By that time, the file and Arthur Campeau had landed at Brian Mulroney’s attorney’s firm, Bruce Verchere.
Brian Mulroney, as a former partner at Ogilvy, Renault was aware of the firm’s role in the Calvi file and he was no stranger to the conflict of interests that arose when the firm failed to diligently assess the relations of the Calvi widow's husband.

Mulroney’s supervision in the matters was crucial to and for the clients of the firm that were now being accused of the Murder of Roberto Calvi.

Once Mulroney became Prime Minister of Canada, he was able to exercise influence over Federal agencies and, in one of his boldest efforts, he dismantled the RCMP’s National Security Division by relieving the force of its National Security duties. Brian Mulroney’s government, under the guise of acting on independent recommendations, stripped the RCMP of its international resources and created the Canadian Security and Intelligence Agency-CSIS, an agency that to this day has yet to find its footing and is the laughing stock of the international intelligence community.

Overnight, it was assured that any intelligence that was gathered by the RCMP against P-2 and Banco Ambrosiano was no longer available for the force’s criminal investigators, blinding the Canadian authorities and reducing the RCMP to the rank of intelligence secretaries.

Brian Mulroney in time had proved his colors and would soon be brought back into the fold at Ogilvy, Renault. The firm had dodged a cannon ball and would forever be grateful.

Assets of the Wholly Trinity were safe here in Canada.

Meanwhile, Bruce Verchere and Arthur Campeau still had to sort out the details of the Calvi file. According to sources close to Ogilvy,Renault, Mulroney would sometimes advise on the Calvi file and eventually, Roberto Calvi’s body-and shoes, were exhumed and it was determined that the British Coroner had failed to acknowledge that Calvi’s shoes lacked markings that would have evidenced that Calvi had climbed the scaffolding under the bridge. Hence, if he didn’t climb up there, someone had to have brought him there…

This was now a homicide case.

But during that period dissent apparently set-in between Bruce Verchere and Arthur Campeau. Eventually Campeau left Verchere’s firm and confided in author Stevie Cameron that the Calvi file involved too much money, that the CIA had to be involved, that too many people were dropping like flies…

Soon after, Mulroney’s friend and lawyer- Bruce Verchere, was found dead.

Apparently Verchere had shot himself, twice.

Mulroney was resigning amid scandals surrounding his government and Verchere’s death was an untimely obstacle.

Mulroney sent the Calvi file to my attorney, James Woods.

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See David Icke's books for the horrific background to Brian Mulroney. 



Thursday, 10 July 2008
Doomed to a fatal delusion over climate change
'Rudd and Garnaut want to scare you into backing their plan to force people who produce everything from petrol to coal-fired electricity, from steel to soft drinks, to pay for licences to emit carbon dioxide -- the gas they think is heating the world to hell.
The cost of those licences, totalling in the billions, will then be passed on to you through higher bills for petrol, power, food, housing, air travel and anything else that uses lots of gassy power. In some countries they're even planning to tax farting cows, so there's no end to the ways you can be stung.'
Thursday, 10 July 2008
Bush tries to pardon himself retrospectively for war crimes
Added: 18 January 2008
President Bush Passes a Bill giving himself and his whitehouse retroactive immunity for possible war crimes!
Don't you wish we could all do that? NO WAY I WOULD BE A CRIMINAL!
Thursday, 10 July 2008

Seymour Hersh: US Training Jondollah and MEK for Bombing preparation

In an interview with NPR on his latest New Yorker Article, titled ‘Preparing the battlefield’, the renowned investigative journalist Seymour Hersh reveals more striking details of his findings on the aim of the $400 million budgeted US covert operations inside Iran. He provides valuable information on US military preparations to strike the country, on the total expansion of the Bush Administration’s executive power, about the US recognition of Iran’s overall positive role in Iraq and on the US support for the anti-Iran terrorist organisations Jondollah, PJAK and MEK.

Hersh explains that the aim of the US covert operations inside Iran is to create a pretext for attack with the goal of regime change. “The strategic thinking behind this covert operation is to provoke enough trouble and chaos so that the Iranian government makes the mistake of taking aggressive action which will give the impression of a country in acute turmoil”, he said. “Then you have what the White House calls the ‘casus belli’, a reason to attack the country. That is the thinking and it is very crazy.”

On Iran’s role in Iraq, Hersh points out: “There is absolutely no clear evidence known to the American government that the Iranian leadership has any interest in provoking trouble with the United States in Iraq by sending in people to cause mayhem or kill Americans. There is just no evidence for it.” He continues further on: “Frankly, the guys I know in the inside– in the Special Forces, high up in DoD, high up in the intelligence community–if you push them hard enough, they tell you that Iran has been more of a force for stability in Iraq than negative”.



Pancarte vue sur les autobus de la ville de québec:
  (annonce gardasil)
- - - ce que vous feriez pour protéger vos filles?
- -- - tout ce que je peux......//////// ..............ad for gardasil seen on local buses  ///
July 10, 2008 3:22 PM

Pushing Gardasil (video)

in UK:
There are two new vaccines on the market, Gardasil and Cervarix, that can prevent infection by up to four strains of HPV, which infects almost half of women in their 20s.
To achieve optimum success, injections need to be given before girls are sexually active because the vaccine is ineffective against existing infection.
In England alone, 2,200 new cases of cervical cancer are diagnosed each year, leading to more than 800 deaths. (...)
The main reason given by a third of those parents who did not want their child vaccinated was a lack of information on the jab and its safety.
Just one in 33 parents was concerned about the vaccine's possible effect on teenage sexual behaviour, while one in five gave no reason.
One in ten thought their daughters were too young for the jab.
HPV Vaccine – When Profits Come Before Safety
 Gardasil is a vaccine manufactured by Merck & Co., which targets the Human Papillomavirus (HPV) and was approved by the FDA in June of 2006. It is administrated in three doses over a six-month period at a cost of between $360-400 per person, making it one of the most expensive vaccines of all time. It has been recommended for girls and young women, and there has been a push by some to make the vaccine mandatory in some states. This would translate into even more profits. Merck recently reported a 63% rise in net income for its third quarter. Total vaccine sales went from $555 million to $1.2 billion, fueled mostly by Gardasil. The vaccine is not a cure for cervical cancer, and many believe that its benefits have been greatly exaggerated, leading to a false sense of security. There are some who believe that the money spent on this expensive vaccine could have been better spent on pap smears, which can detect pre-cancerous cells. The HPV vaccine is being marketed as a cancer drug when it is essentially a vaccine for a sexually transmitted disease. There is now a push towards mandating every new vaccine that comes out on the market, and it is unclear how long this particular vaccine's effectiveness will last. Many serious side effects including deaths have been linked to the HPV vaccine over the last several months. What is good for Big Pharma isn't necessarily good for our children.
Where's the Earth Live Concert to Draw Attention to the Dying Bees?
Trusting The FDA Can be Hazardous to Your Health
Towards a One World Religion
The Aspartame Cover-Up?
The Continued Assault on Our Health Freedoms
Sunday, 11 May 2008
The HPV Vaccine: Preventive Care or Human Sacrifice?
'Reports of adverse reactions to the new HPV vaccine Gardasil are escalating. One particularly heart-wrenching example is the story of 12-year-old Brittany who lost all feeling in her leg and collapsed two weeks after receiving the Gardasil vaccine. Adding insult to injury, people who are injured by the vaccine cannot even sue Merck, the maker of the Gardasil vaccine, because it is part of the National Vaccine Injury Compensation Fund.'
vaccines and horror:

From Sci-Fi Horrors to Real-Life Horrors, vaccine programs that affect our health, our food supply, and even our reproductive systems are being implemented. Whether it is with reckless abandon or a malevolence of purpose, I will leave that for you to decide. However, with vaccine-caused outbreaks, viruses leaving laboratories on their own accord, and companies willing to overstate the need for their questionable vaccines, Sci-Fi Horror is getting a little too real.

Washington Post: Vaccine-Caused Outbreaks

BBC: Foot and Mouth

New York Times: HPV Vaccine

Renew America: FDA and HPV

Prison Planet: Virus Released From Government Lab

Judicial Watch Uncovers Three Deaths Relating to HPV Vaccine

July 10, 2007
Event Reports Obtained from FDA Detail 1,637 Adverse Reactions to Gardasil (Washington, DC) -- Judicial Watch, the public interest group that investigates and prosecutes government corruption, today released documents obtained from the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) under the provisions of the Freedom of Information Act, detailing...read more:

Gardasil, the Parent State and Child Abuse ....and  Vaccines

March 17, 2007
Parents traditionally make decisions for dependent children until they are mature enough to make decisions for themselves. Parents who make decisions that are neglectful or injurious to children are charged with child abuse. If the state makes decisions for adult citizens out of some parental concern that we are not mature enough to make those...read more

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