Sorcha: US Turns ‘War Sights’ Towards South American As Saudi Arabia-Mexican Oil Output Plummets

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Objet: US Turns ‘War Sights’ Towards South American As Saudi Arabia-Mexican Oil Output Plummets
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July 11, 2008

US Turns ‘War Sights’ Towards South American As Saudi Arabia-Mexican Oil
Output Plummets

By: Sorcha Faal, and as reported to her Western Subscribers

South American Leaders are reported in turmoil today over the United
States reactivation this past week of the US Navy’s Forth Fleet tasked
to begin encircling the Southern Hemispheres, and perhaps the World’s,
greatest new oil region.

Of particular concern to South America is the makeup in leadership of
this new, and threatening, US force, and as we can read as reported by
the United States Navy News Service:

“The commander of Naval Special Warfare Command (NSW) turned over
command of 8,400 Navy SEALs, special warfare combatant-craft crewmen and
supporting staff during a ceremony today at the Naval Amphibious Base in
Coronado, Calif.

Rear Admiral Joseph D. Kernan relinquished command to his deputy
commander, Rear Adm. Garry J. Bonelli. Kernan had served at the helm of
the Navy's special operations forces since last June.

Kernan will go on to serve as both commander, U.S. 4th Fleet, and
commander, U.S. Naval Forces Southern Command in Mayport, Fla. U.S. 4th
Fleet is responsible for U.S. Navy ships, aircraft and submarines
operating in the Caribbean Sea and Central and South America and the
surrounding waters. The command was originally operational from
1943-1950 before it was disestablished. The Chief of Naval Operations
announced its re-establishment April 24.”

Russian Military Analysts, also, concur with South America’s assessment
of the choice of leadership for this ‘reactivated’ US military force now
off their coasts by openly wondering why the choice of an experienced
special warfare commander has been chosen over a more traditional open
water one.

Reaction to this latest provocative move by the US against South America
has generated great concern, with Argentina’s Deputy Foreign Minister,
Victorio Taccetti, stating to reporters "We are concerned by the subject
of the Fourth Fleet. We are concerned because we don't know why it is
being reactivated.", and Venezuela’s President Chavez stating,"What
reason could the United States have for dispatching such a powerful
naval force to a peaceful region? They will never admit that it is for
natural resources."

But, perhaps, the greatest slam against the neocon warmongers in the
United States was leveled by Brazilian President Luiz Inacio Lula da
Silva, and who during his visit to Vietnam praised the Vietnamese war
victory over the US by stating that it was a “victory of the oppressed”.

Russian oil analysts, however, state in their reports that the United
States has ‘nowhere else to turn’ but South America for their vital
energy needs as two of their largest importers of oil, Saudi Arabia and
Mexico, are both reported to be running out.

So drastic has the situation in Mexico become that they have reported
that production at their Cantarell oil complex, one of the World’s
largest, has plummeted by a third in the past year and they may lose
fuel self-sufficiency for their own Nation.

The situation with Saudi Arabian oil fields is even more desperate, and
as we can read as reported by the Business Week News Service:

“[The] detailed document, obtained from a person with access to Saudi
oil officials, suggests that Saudi Aramco will be limited to sustained
production of just 12 million barrels a day in 2010, and will be able to
maintain that volume only for short, temporary periods such as
emergencies. Then it will scale back to a sustainable production level
of about 10.4 million barrels a day, according to the data. Business
Week obtained a field-by-field breakdown of estimated Saudi oil
production from 2009 through 2013.”

These reports further point out that United States is unable to obtain
oil supplies from its traditional sources as Britain’s North Sea oil
output had peaked in 1999 and has been declining ever since, and the
vast Norwegian oil fields are also reported to be in ‘sharp decline’.

Even Russia, these reports warn, has reached its peak in oil production
with the Economist News Service warning, “The discovery that Russia can
no longer be relied upon to cater to the world's ever-increasing
appetite for oil is naturally helping to propel prices to record

Of the dire situation facing the United States, billionaire oil investor
T. Boone Pickens, perhaps the most knowledgeable person in the World on
oil, has stated that the current energy crisis is ‘very close to war’.

Mr. Pickens further pointed out that though Americans are led to blame
their oil companies for the catastrophic rise in oil prices, nothing
could be further from the truth as over 70 percent of the oil in the
World is owned by state-owned companies, none by the US oil giants who
only pump out, and sell, what belongs to other Nations.

Going unnoticed by the American people too, Mr. Pickens continues, is
that the United States appetite for oil is costing their Nation over
$700 billion a year in what has become during the past decade the
largest transfer of wealth in World history.

The energy crisis facing the World, however, does not apply to South
America, as Venezuela now has the largest proven oil reserves in the
World, and gasoline is selling for 12 US cents a gallon, and Brazil has
discovered new oil in what is being reported as the “World's
third-largest known oil reserve”.

Not just to Venezuela and Brazil, either, are the Americans coveting
South America, as Bolivia has one of the largest natural gas reserves in
the World, and the World’s largest concentration of iron ore, and Chile
has one of the World’s largest concentrations of metals, including
silver, gold and over 35 percent of World’s known copper.

Unfortunately, however, for the United States, their staunchest allies
in South America, Peru and Colombia have as their largest exports to the
US cocaine, heroin and marijuana.

Many in the World today, like Cuba’s aging leader Fidel Castro, are now
openly wondering if the American’s are returning to the era of ‘gunboat
diplomacy,’ and which saw the US backing of brutal South American
dictatorships throughout the 20th Century, including the assassinations
of Presidents, mass murders of civilians and the rape of resources from
all of Latin America.

To the likelihood, though, of South American Nations submitting to these
new US provocations with fear there appears to be evidence to the
contrary as Brazil has put out an order for 120 additional fighter
aircraft, Venezuela’s President Chavez is expanding his Nations arsenal
of weapons with new purchases from Russia, Ecuador’s President Rafael
Correa has ordered the removal of all US troops from his country, and
Argentina’s President Cristina Fernández de Kirchner has “told [her]
defence chiefs that Argentina must be prepared to assert its sovereignty
and protect its natural resources, as nations compete to claim areas of
the region believed to be rich in oil”.

There appears to be no evidence that the American people themselves are
aware of these grave new war moves being made by their Leaders as more
of their sons, daughters, fathers and mothers prepare to die upon yet
another foreign battlefield these peoples know virtually nothing about.

But, to their warning, and as their fears grow over Iranian nuclear
weapons, they should turn their eyes more south as South American
Leaders have vowed ‘never again’, and even worse, they now have the
means to back up the protection of their homeland, and as we had
previously reported on in our May 23rd report “Brazil Prepares Nuclear
Bomb Test To Protect Amazon Rights”.

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Sorcha Faal

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