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vendredi 4 juillet 2008 10 h 03
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Objet: Top French Bird Flu Researcher Brutally Murdered In London
Date: vendredi 4 Juillet 2008, 8 h 16

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July 4, 2008

Top French Bird Flu Researcher Brutally Murdered In London

By: Sorcha Faal, and as reported to her Western Subscribers

France’s General Directorate for External Security (DGSE) is reporting
today that one of their top avian flu researchers, Laurent Bonomo, and
his French roommate Gabriel Ferez [both pictured top left], have been
brutally murdered in London, and as we can read as reported by Britain’s
Times Online News Service:

“As two talented biochemistry students and close friends, Laurent Bonomo
and Gabriel Ferez had come to London to develop their skills as
specialists in infectious disease and environmental engineering.

Instead the two became the victims of an attack that, even by the
standards of a city battling against the blight of knife crime, is among
the most horrific in living memory.

The bodies of Mr Bonomo and Mr Ferez, both 23, were found late on Sunday
evening, bound, gagged and with hundreds of stab wounds and other
injuries. They had been tortured and beaten repeatedly with a blunt

Yesterday officers described the killings, which took place in Mr
Bonomo’s flat in southeast London, as the most vicious they had seen.

Mr Bonomo, a student in the proteins that cause infectious disease, had
been stabbed 196 times, with up to half the wounds inflicted after he
was dead. Mr Ferez, who hoped to become an expert in ecofriendly fuels,
had 47 separate injuries.”

Most interesting about these reports, however, is not just the brutal
murder of Mr. Bonomo, but the area of study he was embarked upon at
London’s Imperial Collage, one of the World’s premier institutions
investigating the deadly H5N1 Avian Flu Virus, and which is being
reported to be the claim made by the Indonesian Government that this
deadly virus has been ‘engineered’ by the United States.

Indonesian Health Minister Siti Fadillah Supari has joined an ever
growing list of government officials calling for the ‘immediate’ closure
of the United States Naval Medical Research Unit 2 (NAMRU-2) located in
their Nation, and has stated:

“This laboratory has been in Indonesia without a permit for over 40
years for research of diseases. Various types of viruses from Sri Lanka,
Vietnam and Indonesia had been studied in this laboratory," she said.

The minister suspected that the results of the research work may be used
for a certain dangerous and mysterious target and she was also very
concerned about the government for being unable to prevent the country
from threats of foreign powers already inside the country.”

As Indonesia has been the World’s hardest hit Nation affected by the
bird flu virus, with 109 of their citizens reported killed, they have
refused to hand over their bird flu samples to the United States opting,
instead, to give them to France’s prestigious Inserm Medical Institute,
from which Mr. Bonomo was a student of prior to his being sent to the
Imperial Collage in London to further investigate his line of research.

These reports further speculate that the assassin(s) of Laurent Bonomo
and Gabriel Ferez were ‘spurred to action’ upon their examination of Mr.
Bonomo’s laptop computer that was stolen from his flat last week.

As the World’s top scientists have issued, yet again, another warning
that our World is ‘at risk’ from an avian flu pandemic, the murder of
Mr. Bonomo, and his friend, actually comes as no surprise as over 80 of
the World’s top researchers investigating the avian flu and infectious
diseases have been murdered in the past 4 years.

Not being known by the Western peoples is that there is no protection
against the deadly bird flu virus, and one of the latest experiments in
developing a vaccine ended in the deaths of over 20 Polish homeless
peoples paid to take part in one such experiment.

Even worse for the American people is that their government is planning
for their citizens survival on the dangerous anti-viral drug Tamiflu,
and which Japan has already outlawed for its causing the suicide deaths
of teenagers.

And in a World growing more strange, and dangerous, by the minute, one
could only wonder how the masses of Americans would react by knowing the
fact that the billions of dollars that their government is spending on
Tamiflu is actually going into the pockets of one of their Top War
Leaders, Former Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld, is a major
investor in the company that makes this deadly and suicidal drug.

© July 4, 2008 EU and US all rights reserved.
Sorcha Faal

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