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Wednesday 25 June 2008 22:41


By Christopher Story FRSA, Editor and Publisher, International Currency Review, World Reports Limited, London and New York. For earlier reports, press ARCHIVE. Order your subscriptions and our 'politically incorrect', hence correct, intelligence books from the Edward Harle segment.

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This private communication was lifted by another website and placed onto their space out of any context, causing some confusion. The reason for the confusion was that the information published in the second panel, though accessible to anyone, represents, as indicated, this Editor's private
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The following report was largely compiled on Sunday 22nd June 2008, but has been held back in order not to conflict with 'real time' considerations, and also to take account of the Editor's visit to the European Parliament in Brussels:

BRUSSELS, 24th June: The 'happenings' that took place during the week ending 20th June 2008 finally triggered the Settlements payment process. They also reconfirmed that Bush, Cheney and the other criminalist operatives never had the slightest intention of paying out a single cent, while at the same time raiding the funds as often as they could for self-enrichment purposes, to restore the Bush Crime Family's decimated finances, and to sustain the spigot that is used to finance the World Revolution, and the secret financing of the world governance structures, and to finance the secret projects of the US Intelligence and Military Power apparats, as well as covert operations in Iraq and elsewhere by the oil corporations and their associates.

The most senior tier of payments, to the 160 countries, was completed on Saturday 21st June 2008. On Tuesday 24th June, a certain 'licensed' US information source mentioned that money was being pulled out of banks in New York City. Specifically, Wayne Madsen reported:

'[Our] United Nations sources report that there has been a sudden rush in requests for foreign exchange wire transfer requests from the New York City banks'.

'The sudden demand for transferring funds abroad has resulted in a 24-hour to 48-hour processing delay due to the sheer volume of requests'.

'Foreign employees at the United Nations are transferring their money from accounts at the United Nations Federal Credit Union (UNFCU) and other New York City banks, both domestic and foreign-owned, and the move has been sudden'.

'There has been no explanation for the sudden wire transfer activity, although the [US] rumor mill suggests fears of a sudden economic collapse and/or a US and Israeli military attack on Iran, which could touch off a wider regional conflict'.

The rumour mill was talking rubbish, illustrating how crass and inaccurate it usually is. The reason for the sudden surge in requests for foreign exchange wire transfer requests was that the country payees had at long last received their payments and were now transferring their funds out to their respective governments and central banks.

In the above context, less than a handful of 'top-tier' Trustees were poised to receive the funds they have been waiting for for years (in one case, over two decades).

One very highest-ranked Trustee was understood to have distributed $1.9 trillion to certain key recipients over the weekend, while a diverging report from a primary source on 25th June 2008 reconfirmed to us that 'everyone' concerned must have been paid by close of business (6:00pm) European time on 26th June 2008, with all 'immunities' contingent upon that happening.

These 'immunities' reflect one of the basest dimensions of this crisis, given that the organised crime operatives who have been scamming, stealing, deceiving, double-crossing and destroying people's lives on the altar of their inordinate greed for years are supposedly to be let off the hook by the World Court provided they cease interfering with the Settlements. We think the immunity is nothing more than 'transactional', but it stinks nonetheless.

A handful of highest-level Tustees were to have been paid on 25th June, with these requirements governed by a World Court order WITH ENFORCEABLE POWERS (hence the ubiquitous presence of MI6 agents, Interpol operatives and US Marshals in all relevant US locations).

Manual loading instructions and routings of monies were completed by mid-afternoon on Tuesday 24th June to the satisfaction of the World Court's supervisors on site at the five paying banks (see below for further details) who therefore gave the go-ahead for the payments.

But what lay behind the breaking of the previously never-ending logjam? The truth of this matter will surprise many observers. Note our use of the word 'truth'.

In our extensive report dated 18th June, the Editor incorporated the following paragraph:

We will now pose the following question. WHY was it 'necessary' for Brown, who had seen George Bush in the morning of Monday 16th June, to rush up to Northern Ireland so as to be in a position to be standing on the tarmac at Belfast airport, to 'greet' the President and Laura when they arrived in Northern Ireland? After all, he had just said goodbye to President Bush. Perish the thought that the purpose of his presence there might have been to open bank accounts. Perish the thought.

This paragraph was inserted because we had simply queried the curious fact that Gordon Brown had reappered in Belfast, information that was reported in the press, after seeing Mr and Mrs B. at Number 10 Downing Street on Monday 16th June, where they had been welcomed on a red carpet in front of the world's TV and print media assembled outside the UK Prime Minister's office for the purpose. Why would it be necessary for Brown to rush to Belfast when he had done his business with the President? The only possible rationale would be that he needed to visit a bank or banks.

It was also interesting that Mr Bush's entourage had included Stephen Hadley, the ubiquitous high-level CIA operative, whose presence signified the presence and the involvement of the National Security Council (NSC), with its ties with Cheney, Bush Sr. and the Clintons.

Uh, what then happened, we were finally told on Sunday 22nd June, was that the possibility implied by our inserted paragraph about Mr Brown flying to Northern Ireland was immediately investigated, apparently in the Pacific Rim timezone, but also we strongly suspect, by MI6.

Since this is in part a BRITISH matter, we can report this now without fear of getting entangled in the juggernaut and caught in the US dimension of the 'real time' trap.


Bank accounts based in Ireland include, by the way, George H. W. Bush's Pilgrim Investments, the Clintons' notorious Children's Defence Fund, accounts connected with goings-on in Northern Iraq, and operations of Bank of Nova Scotia, which has been heavily involved in questionable financial operations for many years.

The IMMEDIATE consequence was that the Irish accounts were FROZEN.

As reported to us by several sources, it was realised that Bush Jr., aided and abetted by Gordon Brown, had tried to take kickbacks in Northern ireland, on the assumption that prior agreements with the British (see below) covered him, and in the expectation that he would get away with it, as he has always done in the past. The exact details cannot be known with precision since we are not privy, of course, to what undertakings were agreed between The Queen and President George W. Bush, before Bush's party returned to the United States after the visit to Northern Ireland.

The next consequence was that, following the immediate investigations that took place, as the matter was put to us [verbatim]:

'Bush's butt was pinned against the wall, and he had to concede'.

A third consequence was initially thought to be (although this interpretation proved premature: again, see below) that Vice President Cheney, who had all along been masterminding resistance to the Settlements, not least to prevent the imposition of NESARA (the environment which would lead to the exposure of ALL OF THE CRIMINALISTS), had been finally defanged, as had been repeatedly trailed earlier. According to one source, it was put to Cheney that his corrupt Halliburton dealings would be exposed, although we have a problem with this version of events because we are among those who have already exposed them [see our report dated 26th May 2008 providing the outline details of the Halliburton rip-off offices inside the CIA and the Pentagon].

At all events, it appears to have been optimistically assumed that Cheney would be unlikely to interfere any longer, after documents, which had been faxed backwards and forwards between London and Washington on the 18th June 2008, had evidently resulted in a bilateral agreement between The Queen and the President, authorising the Queen to move the funds.

This was associated with/followed by the issuance by President Bush of two Executive Orders:

An Executive Order giving instructions for the release of the Settlement funds.

An Executive Order instructing that ANYBODY standing in the way of the Settlements was to be arrested: and neither the Vice President nor the Chief Justice were to be excluded.

Underpinning the issuance of these Executive Orders were the latent threats from London, given real substance by the exclusion of the Citibank Board of Directors from their offices in the morning of 19th June, that any hindrance of these Executive Orders would trigger any or all of the practical financial sanctions previously listed: the removal of the loaned $6.2 trillion held within the Citibank suspense account, and the last resort of freezing US dollar 'offshore' accounts held with the Bank of England. When the Editor enquired further about the prospect of the British authorities freezing US assets with the Bank of England, he was authoritatively informed that this prospect was very real and that the assessment was ‘absolutely correct’.

The US spin surrounding this matter behind the scenes elaborated that President Bush had given the Queen ‘his blessing’ and would support her and the British authorities in any actions they had to take to force the Settlements through. This extraordinary revelation, when investigated further, yielded the following equally stunning intelligence:

It represented a contrived twisting of the facts of the matter, which were that the moment that Gordon Brown's presence in Belfast [see above] was investigated and found to have been related indeed to certain banking activities, both Bush AND Brown had been caught 'in flagrante corruptio', and the game was up. But for prospective public consumption purposes:

Bush had now completely reversed his stance, in that he had exposed the obstructive roles played throughout this crisis by Mr Cheney, Chertoff, Stephen Hadley, General Heyden, and all the other snakes, and had basically thrown them all to the wolves. Apparently President G.W. Bush had decided that he had had enough of his colleagues’ antics, and would tolerate them no longer. This of course has to be taken with a huge pinch of salt, since the reality was that he himself had been caught, this time at last, DECISIVELY, conducting fraudulent operations, aided and abetted by the British Prime Minister who can now be labelled as being as corrupt as his predecessor [see below]. Furthermore it appeared that President Bush had again tried to deceive The Queen.

President Bush had apparently ‘caved in’ or ‘broken down’ under pressure from The Queen and the British authorities, following the investigation into what transpired in Belfast triggered by our report, in the course of which sequence he had decided to reveal the treachery and duplicity of his colleagues, in order to save his own skin, according to an early version of the course of events.

As noted above, the resulting bilateral agreement between the Heads of State (whatever form this may have taken) authorised The Queen to move the funds, so that any further crude interference would represent overt defiance of the British Head of State, with the most grievous implications.

The Queen and Mr Bush had initially signed papers under the terms of which Mr Bush Jr. was to procure the Settlement releases, and the exchange of these earlier documents (which simple logic suggests must have occurred while President G.W. Bush was in Britain) had made it possible for the Americans to leave for Washington*. Yet was discovered on 18th June 2008 that the intention had been to steal funds from the Irish accounts, i.e,. corrupt business as usual, and that The Queen was being double-crossed. [*This interpretation is based upon the Editor's logical deconstruction of the events, not on official British information: it is therefore plainly subject to error in terms of precise logistics and the exact sequence of events: but it represents our best efforts here].

The Editor speculates that, since such documents would have been worthless without spelling out the consequences for Bush, his colleagues, the criminalists, the US financial system, Citibank, the Federal Reserve, the US Treasury, the US economy and the American people, should further impediments to the Settlements have materialised, it was these earlier accord(s) which had initially been relied upon to trigger the Settlements.

According to sound information made available to us from several sources, it would appear that, despite Bush's standard deceitful behaviour after giving some undertaking or other, the possibility that Mr George W. Bush Jr. would proceed to deceive and double-cross The Queen had not been considered, a fact that we find quite extraordinary in view of the President's record in this respect.

But the situation CHANGED DRAMATICALLY following the discovery of what had been going on in Belfast. Any document that George W. Bush Jr. signs is prospectively worthless, as he cannot be trusted to honour any of his obligations at any time, and reserves, like Lenin, the right to renege on all his undertakings; and indeed, his continued attempted stealing in Belfast confirmed this. But the 'changed circumstances' resulting from the verified fact that he had been found out, forced the issue, leading finally to issuance of the Executive Orders, and thence to the Settlement payments.

The Editor was given to believe that this brazen deceit and duplicity by Bush after he had given what amounted to his pledge of honour to The Queen to cease impeding the Settlements, was and remains the subject of indescribable outrage in London, and among certain US circles.

Bush now provided the back-up rationale that he was 'doing this in order to salvage his family’s name'! We find this nuance extraordinary, too: is it possible that these people in high places are allowed to remain in a gold fish bowl, protected from information such as, in this instance, that the reputation of the Bush Crime Family had been in the sewer for years and was now being eaten by worms, so that there was nothing left of it? He was doing this to save the reputation of his family?

Leaving such considerations aside, who would now enforce compliance?

In answer to this question we established the following:

MI6/Interpol agents were in place where required, and in force [see above]. These agents were cooperating with and were to be assisted by US Federal Marshals, to make the arrests in the event of non-compliance. When we pointed out that in the course of an earlier episode, the US Federal Marshals had tipped Cheney off that he was about to be arrested (as we reported some weeks ago), it was stressed that the powers underlying these prospective actions now included not only the World Court/ICJ arrest warrants and The Queen’s Writ of Execution or Lien, but also Executive Orders of the President of the United States now, ironically brought about by his own grievous treachery and the fact that he had got caught. On Wednesday 25th June, the Editor was told that MI6/Interpol agents and US Marshals were on high alert and were stationed 'everywhere' to move in the event of any repetition of the usual sabotage antics [see updated information below].

How would the Blackwater thugs protecting criminalist Vice President Cheney be dealt with? Again, the Presidential Executive Orders would override any other considerations, but as a back-up, the Navy Seals were standing by to ensure that the so-called 'wishes' of President Bush with regard to Vice President Cheney would be fulfilled.

Now it will be recalled that Bush and Cheney were, by Wednesday 18th June, locked inside an extremely tight timeframe dictated by the measures taken and pending by the British authorities:

(1) The $6.2 trillion loan provided by The Queen and Prince Alaweed of Saudi Arabia, which was keeping Citibank afloat, had effectively been frozen when the Directors of Citibank in New York were prevented from entering their offices on 19th June. Separately, a lady equipped with powers, we believed, from The Queen, was flown to New York from Canada under very heavy guard, to go to Citibank's offices, where she implemented the instructions with which she had been formally equipped, against the background that Citibank had failed to provide the necessary answerback on the preceding day, when required to do so. This operation would have been overseen, we assume, by The Queen's official representative at Citibank, Sir Win Bischoff, who may have been placed at Citibank to watch the activities of the guardian of the Clintons' interests there, Mr Robert Rubin.

(2) As previously reported and noted again above, there was much concern on Wall Street and in intelligence circles that the British authorities might now executive their lien generally by freezing the 'offshore' US dollar accounts held by US and other interests with the Bank of England. Any such development would have immediately flattened the Federal Reserve and would have destroyed the US Treasury also, by removing the last traces of the 'Full Faith and Credit of the United States'.

This was the weapon of last resort, and it appears to have been borne in on 'the interested' that this possibility was not mere bluff, since the British authorities now held all the trump cards, not least subsequent to the raid on the lock boxes by 300 armed police on 2nd June, which as we pointed out at the time, represented a severe body-blow to the criminalist octopus.

Concerning the completion timeframe, while the 'box' governing completion of the Settlements reflected the circumstances outlined above, which indeed resulted in completion of the country payments by the end of Saturday 21st June, the further 'immunities' extension and the 72-hour settlement (SWIFT) window expiring at 6:00pm European time on 26th June 2008 arose in part as a consequence of the precautionary manual loading and routing operations supervised by the World Court representatives at the five banks, as described above. In addition, further obstruction of part of the Settlements (affecting Pacific Rim payments and 'Wanta') was attempted on 23rd June. This very late attempt to interfere is dealt with at the foot of this report.

With the freezing of the Irish accounts, the US criminalists were in an even worse bind than was already the case given the tight timeframe described above. Having been caught trying to take kickbacks AFTER having (we assume) assured The Queen that everything would proceed without any further hitches, the payments still had to be made even though accounts from which sizeable funds were to have been disbursed, had been frozen. What to do?

In the middle of the night Thursday-Friday 19th-20th June, the Editor was suddenly informed that the 160 countries were to be paid with Treasury securities. We also learned that Lee/Leo E. Wanta would be paid in this manner as well. Payment using Treasury securities facilitates concealment, which was why the Editor published the further report dated 20th June, given the simple point that payment of Wanta with Treasury securities bypasses the transparent corporate securities account arrangements set up for him inter alia so as to protect him from the theft of his funds, thereby of course enabling these people to renege on their undertakings, sold to the Group of Seven (G-7) financial powers and The Queen, to conduct financial transactions for the restoration of the US Treasury's finances in a consistently transparent manner, which we had to conclude was not the intention after Wanta consorted with Vice President Cheney, Hannah and others contrary to the stance that we had adopted on his behalf and on his direct instructions for 23 months.

With Cheney possibly now in the doghouse, the prospect of such under-the-radar transactions proceeding in accordance with the emergency response triggered by our report dated 18th June has diminished. Nevertheless the points made in both reports (18th and 20th June) remain valid. One satisfactory outcome is that Wanta will be obliged to make (or will have taken from him) the famous $1.575 trillion tax payment (35% of $4.5 trillion).

He will also need to make the outstanding payables contained in Due Diligence dossiers containing Pay Orders, corporate resolutions, transfers of powers and other responsibilities signed by Wanta which would otherwise represent a monumental portfolio of 'frauds in the inducement'.

The contents of these dossiers are so explosive that only four of them exist. They are in the right hands and will be 'deployed' in the most decisive fashion under certain circumstances.

An authoritative source informed the Editor on Saturday 21st June that 'they are trying to get it done without being exposed'. We thought this was quite extraordinary. They HAVE BEEN exposed! By 'exposure' is presumably meant 'in the mainstream', which these people evidently still fear more than the Fifth Estate (for some unknown, illogical reason).

Furthermore, it is no longer accurate for us to complain that the 'mainstream' are not rpeorting this crisis. As anticipated, several years too late, the 'mainstream' is picking up bits and pieces of the crisis without (so far) understanding what underlies it. For instance, given that the Federal Bureau of Investigation has been taking overdue drastic measures against up to 400 'mortgage brokers', a.k.a. bankers, with this operation trailed to be widened sharply in the near future, the failure of the SEC to enforce the relevant regulations is history and the writing is well and truly on the wall for all in the financial sector who were involved in the serial fraudulent finance operations.

So, WHY would 'they' SUDDENLY fear the possibility that the 'mainstream' media, which 'they' so closely control, might, all of a sudden, come to its senses and start exposing this open-ended, high-level corruption? After all, one very large broadcasting organisation received a $2.0 billion bribe to 'sit on' this financial corruption, a fact that we knew and divulged many months ago.

Uh, again, Tim Russert, to begin with. What had happened to Tim Russert?

This is the question that 'mainstream' types have been asking ever since their media hero died suddenly after returning from Rome, where Bush had visited inter alia the Pope.

It is believed that while in Rome, the Pope informed Bush that he had to choose between paying the lot out, or making no payments at all. Although this cannot be confirmed (by our sources) the provenances of this assertion, and the balance of probability, lead us to believe that this is true.

For anything other than these alternatives held the potential for the dsigrace and destruction of the Catholic Church. Tim Russert may have become aware of this, and may have factored this discovery into investgations that he is believed to have been discreetly conducting into this unprecedented nexus of millennial financial scandals. His sudden death followed an interview with Barrack Obama which we think may have been used as a diversion (to prospectively compromise Obama). It is also known that on Wednesday 18th June, President Bush spent his time avoiding the press, when he appeared, as mafia godfathers do, at the memorial event for the late Mr Russert.

That event was out of all proportion, strongly suggesting that something weird was going on.

If, therefore, there were concerns within the controlled 'mainstream' media cadres that Russert's death was not natural, and given that the one thing that even these controlled media types cannot stomach is any of their colleagues being 'whacked', one can understand why the US criminalists may be worried that what they consider to have been their successful operation to insulate this scandal within the confines of the Fifth Estate, may collapse.

Even journalists employed by the huge news organisation that took a $2.0 billion bribe from Cheney to keep the lid on this scandal, may have been having occasional troubling second thoughts after the sudden demise of their colleague and fellow journalist.

Added to which, elements of the 'mainstream' media in the United States (not yet in Britain) are believed to have realised that this is a systemic crisis which has a common underlying cause.

That such a conclusion is accurate SHOULD be borne in on even the most sluggish of media 'hacks' in the immediate future, when we anticipate that certain cascading events will materialise which, by default, will have the outcome that the crisis that we have been exposing for so long will now 'go mainstream', possibly, to begin with, without journalists grasping any of the bacdkground.

They will be scrambling to work out why what they will observe is taking place, whereas, if they had paid proper attention to our reports and/or had not been prevented from conducting investigative analysis by the intelligence cells embedded in every US press room, they would have been able to explain global financial and economic developments with appropriate cutting-edge relevance.

The cells are there for the main purpose of preventing information about the financial scandals from appearing in the 'mainstream', just as the intrusive surveillance regime, underpinned by the fake 'War on Terror', has been about establishing how much people know about the corruption.

The 'loading' of codes relating to the payments due to about 3,000 high-level trustees/recipients, beyond the payments to the 160 countries which were completed between Friday 20th and Monday 24th June, had been performed manually, with two World Court representatives/agents overseeing each manual operation at each of the five paying banks. When the Editor made a certain telephone call at 5.02pm on 25th June to clarify a small detail underlying these facts, the clumsy intelligence eavesdroppers immediately severed the transatlantic connection the moment that the Editor had posed the question, thereby confirming both the relevance of this question and its sensitivity.

Following completion of the manual loading operation, which took much longer than the electronic method (causing a degree of bewilderment among those not sufficiently focused on this detail), the intention was to release the lot simultaneously.

Accompanying the two World Bank supervisors at each of the five banks will have been MI6 and Interpol agents and US Marshals, who were also, as noted, standing by to take drastic measures thought likely to become public knowledge imminently.

On Saturday 21st June, The Daily Telegraph carried an article by the paper's Political Editor, Andrew Porter, under the headline:

'After admitting he will fight only one election, who will replace Brown?'

Excuse us? Maybe we missed something, but before spotting this article, it had not been known that Brown would be stepping down. Political contacts in London and Brussels inform us that the news, which took everyone by surprise, actually started surfacing on Thursday 19th June, the day after the exposure of the Belfast 'banking activities'. The newspaper's article began as follows:

'Next Friday Gordon Brown will have been Prime Minister for exactly a year after finally realising decades of laser-focused political ambition'.

'Yet the end of his journey is already in sight, for Gordon Brown has decided he will fight only one General Election as Party leader. As a result, in less than two years there will for the first time since 1994 be a genuine debate over who should lead the Labour Party'.

The article, and all other sources, assumed that the next General Election will take place in 2010, following Brown's failure to have the courage to seek his own mandate at a General Election last October. However in the light of the events that unfolded on 16th-18th June 2008, we have some difficulty, as matters stand, in 'buying' this scenario.

The presumption must be that any backhander that Gordon Brown may have intended for his own benefit in Belfast will have been thwarted, since his action in aiding and abetting the further thefts and diversions that Mr Bush had intended to perpetrate were blocked when, following the posting dated 18th June, the Irish accounts were frozen.

Therefore, whether he received a corrupt payment or not (not, as we assume), Brown's reputation has been irretrievably tarnished. Earlier we interpreted this article as implying that Gordon Brown would 'take his money and cut and run'; but the Editor has revised this opinion to omit the first part of that statement. He may run, which means that he may even resign without bothering to front a General Election at all (run in the British sense here. In elections, Brits 'stand', Americans 'run').

We wonder whether this sudden indication that he will fight only one General Election is actually a precursor to his resignation before he gets sucked into the run-up to the election, which would in normal circumstances start in the second half of next year. Apart from the considerations above. the latest ICM/Guardian public opinion poll, published on 25th June 2008, placed the Labour Party at 25%, down two points on the result for May, and the lowest result since ICM began its polling in 1984. The so-called 'Conservative' Party (which is nothing of the sort) was rated at 45% of the UK electorate, the highest figure since 1988. The poll showed that 74% of those interviewed thought that Mr Brown was a change for the worse compared with Blair, whereas of course if electors knew that it is neither here nor there which of them is Prime Minister as both have now been identified as being corrupt, they would have been insulted by the question.

Either way, Mr Brown's tenure appears likely to be short. He's next to toast.

Part and parcel of this scenario is the fact that the Brown Government pressed ahead with the UK ratification process for the convoluted and greatly disliked Lisbon Treaty not only in the face of the known opposition of an estimated 80% of the British people, who feel just as the Irish do, but also despite a legal challenge in the High Court against the Government's deception in asserting in its election manifesto that it would hold a referendum on Britain's overall position in Europe, only to reverse that decision later in a brazen display of duplicity.

Specifically, the Editor's former school and university colleague, Stuart Wheeler, brought a case requesting a Judicial Review of this pernicious decision in the High Court. On 20th June, Lord Justice Richards told the Prime Minister to delay British moves to ratify the EU Collective's Lisbon Treaty, which essentially destroys the residual sovereignty of its Member States (not entirely).

The Government had concluded the London-based element of ratification, but has still to deposit the relevant documents in Rome, where the entire unification project was originally initiated by Giuseppe Mazzini and the necromancer Albert Pike in the third quarter of the 19th century. If you didn't know that, please see the Editor's book The New Underworld Order.

By pressing ahead with UK ratification, in defiance not least of the clear verdict of the Irish people, who greatly dislike being ordered around by the EU's gauleiters and their co-conspirators, Brown has antagonised not only the majority of British people for whom the pan-German Europroject is anathema, but also the judiciary. The Judge is considering Stuart Wheeler's case, which alleges that Ministers have acted unlawfully by seeking to ratify the Treaty without holding a referendum.

The Government won a final House of Lords vote on a bill ratifying the Treaty on 18th June, and the new legislation enabling ratification reecieved the Royal Assent on 19th June.

For the benefit of our American readers who may not have had the necessary opportunity to study the nuances of the British system of government, the Monarch has not, ever since the early 18th century, refused consent to parliamentary legislation, even when very greatly disturbed by what may be placed before him or her for signature, and does not express any such qualms other than in private discussions with her Prime Minister. There is no point in debating this issue: that's the way it is. We could make certain comments about the great hazards inherent in the US system of voting for a new King who is controlled by the unruly Intelligence Power every four years.

Anyway, in a direction handed down on 20th June, Lord Justice Richards expressed surprise that Ministers are pressing ahead with ratification before he had delivered his judgment on Mr Stuart Wheeler's case. Stuart is no lightweight, either: he has distinguished himself in the City of London and is a widely respected figure in the so-called 'Eurosceptic' community.

His Lordship said: 'The Court is very surprised that the Government apparently proposes to ratify while the claimant's challenge to the decision not to hold a referendum on ratification is before the Court. The Court expects judgment to be handed down next week. The defendants are invited to stay their hand voluntarily until judgment'.

With this intervention, the Judge made it clear that he was not intent on delaying the Government's proposed course of action by sitting on the matter, but that on the other hand he would appreciate the courtesy of the Government paying proper attention to the jurisdiction of the Court and abiding by it for a matter of days, rather than rushing ahead with the depositing of legal papers in Rome.

Denuded of the polite language and etiquette surrounding these matters, one could rephrase His Lordship's intervention as: 'Don't you dare'. It was also another way of inviting Stuart Wheeler to ask him for an injunction preventing the Brown Government from proceeding with the final stage of ratification, and of indicating that if Wheeler were to ask, an injunction would be granted.

After all, not only have the Irish refused to agree to the Lisbon Treaty, but so have the Czechs, according to current information. Formal ratification by Britain is therefore as much of a waste of time as is ratification by the other deluded Member States whose corrupted leaderships prefer continuation of the discredited EU status quo, than a cold douche of reality. It could be added that the British Government's behaviour on this score is more than just perverse: it is provocative.

The Editor attended two sessions of the European Parliament's Constitutional Affairs Committee (23rd and 24th June) and a Plenary Session in the European Parliament, Brussels, itself (24th June), witnessing the Members as they 'wrestled' with the painful slap in the face that has been meted out to them by the Irish, whose representatives made it clear that all the proposals being conjured up by the EU Collective to 'find a way forward'´(continuing the ratification process anyway, sending an official delegation to Dublin, 'communicating' more effectively with the Irish people, 'explaining' the glories of this quite incomprehensible Treaty document to them, alleviating their justified concerns about the intended EU legitimisation of euthanasia, and refurbishing the tired, jaded 'symbols' of European 'unity' in order to foster a warm, cosy feeling about Europe, and other garbage) would be going nowhere. (Further information on what the Editor found out in Brussels will follow).

Stunned by the shock of being told they can't proceed to complete the usurpation of the Member States' national sovereignty, these closet revolutionaries are now at a loss to know what to do.

They therefore spent well over an hour on 24th June 2008 discussing how to make 'better use of the European symbols': the ugly flag with its 12 geomasonic yellow stars representing inter alia the 12 tribes of Israel, a motto ('Unity in Diversity'), and the European 'anthem', Beethoven's Ode to Joy, which these idiots do not seem to realise reminds every European of the authors of this anti-nation state entity, which is always asserted to be Schumann, whereas the truth of the matter is that the blueprint for the EU Collective was formalised in the previously mentioned seminal World War II compendium published in Nazi Berlin during 1942, 'Europaische Wirtschaftsgemeinschaft' (meaning European Economic Community), copies of which will be found in the Staatsbiblothek, Berlin, and in the British Library, in Central London. (The copy has to be ordered in advance).

Considerable disinformation has been circulated, particularly by US sources, concerning the fate of the EU's Lisbon Treaty. We are being told by US observers who are not 'up to speed' on this matter that Britain's sovereignty has been extinguished. This is not the case. In addition to the facts stated above, the Polish President had refused to sign Poland's ratification papers, while the President of the Czech Republic, Vaclav Klaus, has joined his Prime Minister in asserting that 'Lisbon is dead'.

US observers are ignorant of the reason the Czechs are saying this, so here's the background. As a consequence of the events following the physical defeat of Nazi Germany, Czechoslokavia retained certain lands previously incorporated within Germany. Not only was this done 'under the radar' by Stalin, but the Czech attitude was and remains that the pan-Germans invaded Czechoslovakia and subjected the country to a reign of terror, so they were entitled, after liberation, to retain any spoils of war. The Lisbon Treaty contains provisions which the Cezchs interpret as liable to trigger legal action by Germany or pan-German interests against the Czech Republic to regain control of these lands, which would have destabilising potential, and could cost the Czechs huge sums of money.

Therefore, while the European Parliament and onlookers from afar fret about the Irish decision (with good reason because judging by their excellent speeches delivered in the Plenary Session attended by the Editor on 24th June, the Irish are not about to be intimidated), a much more potent threat to the doomed Lisbon Treaty is the time-bomb encased in the Czech attitude. This is all the more significant because, following the imminent French Presidency (under the German masonic system whereby the Presidency rotates every six months), the Presidency in the first half of 2009 will be held by the Czech Republic! Of course, this is a completely bizarre state of affairs, but since we are describing what life is like inside the Tower of Babel, what did you expect?

Now in 2005, Mr Gordon Brown was sold to us by a faction of the UK intelligence community as 'the man who will take us out of Europe'. In an earlier report, we asked the question: 'Did Gordon Brown take the EU's payola bribe, too?', referencing the corrupt practice whereby 'facilitators' of the EU's convoluted control documents (collective treaties) are paid huge sums out of a known slush fund in Switzerland financed by stolen and accrued monies originally stashed there by the Nazis: for the relevant details, see our report dated 12th October 2005 (the first of these reports: Archive).

Our question cited the contingency that Mr Brown may have accepted the slush money, just as Blair did before him. We eventually traced Blair's $100 million (paid in Euros) to the Central Bank of Belize, the official foreign exchange reserves of which ballooned by almost exactly $100 million between February and March 2006, for no indicated reason. It will be recalled that Blair was in the habit of visiting the Caribbean, and Florida, rather a lot. If Mr Brown succumbed to this DVD bribery, then he would already have started down the path of greed for 'backside' payments, which triggers a lust for more money, which in turn would have explained his behaviour on 16th June 2008.


At the end of June 2008, therefore, the international situation appears to have been completely transformed in the following remarkable respects:

The Settlement payment process had at last been triggered, despite fierce and continuing resistance by the gang of world-class criminals that long ago siezed control of the US structures.

The European Union Collective, a primary dimension of this pan-German, Nazi-inspired global crime scene, had been severely traumatised by the refusal of at least two 'Member States' to go along with the DVD's secret plans. Interestingly, both Ireland and the Czech Republic have direct experience of manipulation and traumatisation by the pan-Germans: the Czech Republic because Czechoslovakia was invaded by the Nazis with their Gestapo; and Ireland, because the Germans have always intermeddled in Ireland in order to weaken the United Kingdom, bankrolling the IRA from the outset, although control was handed to the Germany-serving cadres within the vast US intelligence community, penetrated by the Reinhard Gehlen organisation after World War II.

Corruption at the highest level of the British Government has been exposed, with prospectively momentous political consequences and a possible multi-dimensional reappraisal of UK interests.

Corruption at the highest levels of the US Government has been exposed and the highest-level perpetrators of this behaviour have been forced, at long last, to concede. They never intended to do anything of the sort. If they had had their way, this crisis would have continued for many years to come, and the Republic would have been destroyed. The corrupt Intelligence Power had intended the crisis to be kicked into the next Presidency, which would continue to block the Settlements.

We now await the logical next step: ACT TWO. Under no circumstances should this be aborted.

The refinancing operations that were promulgated via our platform labelled The Wanta Plan, remain clearly essential if the US Treasury is ever to dig itself out of the otherwise unsustainable hole into which it has collapsed due to a century of permissive deficit financing and the pernicious historical arrangement whereby the US Treasury has to operate with money backed by nothing issued by the private institution called the Federal Reserve System, when it could so easily be regularising its finances by benefiting from windfall taxation receipts generated from transparent, on-the-books financing operations. Instead, it presides over a corrupt carousel installed specifically, as has been confirmed, to line the pockets of a small, selfish cadre of self-appointed control-freak plutocrats.

In this context, the stalling of one category of Settlement payments, of which the Editor became aware on 23rd/24th June, concerned payments for Pacific Rim recipients and 'Wanta', both said to have been required to be handled by the same paymaster. When we investigated further, it was confirmed by multiple sources that 'Wanta is collaborating with Cheney', as revealed earlier, in gross confliction with the stance that he promulgated using our platform from June 2006 onwards, after the Editor had paid for his release from probation [refer inter alia to the report of 6th August 2007]. This represented the culmination, therefore, of the duplicitous double-crossing of Cottrell and Story, the two people who had helped him in order to get this crisis resolved.

The two dossiers mentioned above are directly related to this dimension of the overall matter. The motivation underlying this very late destabilisation attempt appears to be related to factors that it would be unseemly at this stage to go into, especially as the circumstances of this matter had to be conveyed to the British at the very highest level. The irony of this is that, in apparently relying on Cheney for his salvation, Wanta would be liable, as previously, to be double-crossed by that arch Luciferian manipulator, to his extreme detriment.

In other words, we have an interesting variation here of the French 'take' on what would occur in Moscow when Stalin was 'exposed' by Khrushchev:

'Le destalinisation destalinisera les destalinisateurs'.

An interesting corollary of this state of affairs is the sudden 'realignment' of parties, including certain extremely unpleasant characters who thought they had the upper hand, and who have at last realised that their customary bombast has been misplaced. Several instances of this tell-tale behaviour are known to us, indicating that it is 'every man for himself' time.

As for the apparent attempted assassination of President Sarkozy in Israel on 23rd June 2008, the 'authorised version' of events was that an Israeli guarding the airport shot himself in the head with one round after the VIPs had finished inspecting a guard of honour. For 'shot himself in the head', read: 'Was shot dead by Israeli marksmen'. For why? Follow the money.


casper june 25th
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"Zip-a-dee-doo-dah, zip-a-dee-ay"
"My, oh my what a wonderful day!"
"Plenty of sunshine heading our way"
"Zip-a-dee-doo-dah, zip-a-dee-ay"
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June 25, 2008 11:06 AM

Save Zimbabwe from Mugabe !!

June 25, 2008 10:50 AM

The LOve of the Universe is by our Side

Mohawk Bear Clan Woman Calls Queen's Bluff

Posted June 25, 2008

----- Original Message -----
From: Orakwa
To: ActionCanadaNetwork
Sent: Monday, December 25, 2006 10:11 AM
Subject: MNN Katenies v Queen Oct. 18 Cornwall Court

Brothers, Sisters, Friends and Allies:  This is the document that Woman Title Holder, Katenies, served and filed on the Cornwall court on Monday December 18th 2006.  It’s based on the Two Row Wampum and the Kaianerehkowa.  She did not acknowledge the colonial corporation's [Customs Canada] phony charges.  She already asked how Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II got jurisdiction over her and our land.   They refused to answer.  She's found the Queen, the corporation of Canada and all its public and private corporations guilty of theft, etc.  She's asking for restitution.  The message was so dangerous they got everybody out of the courtroom first.  She refused to stand up and started reading it.  “That’s enough!” they yelled.  Testosterone flew about the room as they all tried to be hyper-macho.  They tried to set the date for another performance.  She and her supporters didn’t hear and left.         MNN   


Katenies [aka Janet Davis] v. HER MAJESTY THE QUEEN


Information #C2202/03




FROM: Katenies [aka Janet Davis], Bear Clan, Woman Title Holder of Turtle Island; Onkwehonweh, Sovereign, a Manifestation of All the Elements as a real, flesh and blood Hueman being, does take exception to Fraud committed by HER MAJESTY THE QUEEN.     





1.       Kanion’ke:haka/Mohawk land comprises at least 20 million acres of Northeastern Turtle Island.  It is referred to as the St. Lawrence Valley, Great Lakes watershed, southern Quebec, southern Ontario, south to New York State, Vermont, Massachusetts and New Hampshire.  We are the “Keepers of the Eastern Door” of Turtle Island.  We are carrying out our duties as the caretakers.  The natural world has given us this responsibility by rooting us in this land.

  1. Our Indigenous communities existed on Turtle Island since time immemorial and continue to have trading relations with other nations.  We have trading relations before and after the illegal occupation of the colonial states of Canada and the U.S.  We never gave Britain the right to establish their corporations on our land.  Canada is illegal. 
Our vast territory has subsequently been illegally chopped into pieces by these foreign corporations in the name of “the Crown”.  
(...)  (...)  (...)

For 500 years we have been resisting your colonial efforts to eliminate us and to impose your unnatural institutions on us.  We wish to reinstate the lawful relationship with you once the inequities are remedied according to the principles of the Two Row Wampum Agreement.   


As you have not responded to my request for evidence to substantiate your false claim to jurisdiction over us, we find you guilty of genocide, violations of our freedom and our inherent right to self-determination, of theft of our lands and resources and of destruction of our environment.  You have allowed your subjects and your corporations to inflict ruthless violence on us.  According to Section 109 of the British North America Act, 1867, you are under an obligation to consider the “prior interest”, which is the “Indian” interest in all of your endeavors on our land and resources.  We know that the bottom line of any corporation is profit.  This includes collection of taxes, exploitation of our land, water, natural and mineral resources and all business your minions have conducted. 


You are hereby ordered to immediately relinquish all your stolen money, trust, lands, rights and possessions that were made or taken from our lands within 90 days.  You must disband all your foreign corporations such as “Indian Affairs” and forfeit all foreign laws, particularly the “Indian Act”.  We shall return to the original legal nation-to-nation relationship between us, the land owners and you, our visitors.  You are to deposit $1.4 trillion GDP for the year 2006 into an Indigenous Trust which we, the Indigenous people, will collectively own and control.  This money was created totally from your exploitation of us, our land and our resources.  This payment represents your corporations’ foreign debt payment to the Indigenous people of Turtle Island.           


Signed on this 18th day of December 2006 in the community of Akwesasne on the territory of the Kanion’ke:haka,


Katenies [aka Janet Davis] /s/ _____________

Women Title Holders of the Kanion’ke:haka of the Rotinonhsonnion:we:  according to Wampum 44 of our law, the Kaianereh’ko:wa, the women are the “progenitors” of the soil of Turtle Island.  The women are the caretakers of the land, water and air of Turtle Island.  As the trustees the women are obligated to preserve and protect the land’s integrity for the future generations.


Posted by MNN Mohawk Nation News

katenies20@yahoo.com - kahentinetha2@yahoo.com

for updates, workshops, speakers and to sign up, go to


Please sign the Women Title Holders petition on the site.  Nia:wen 



June 25, 2008 4:42 PM


June 25, 2008 4:34 PM

Iran War Resolution May Be Passed Next Week


Bpath Compteur