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Objet: ‘Stop Now Or We’ll Bury You’, China Warns US As Weather War Intensifies
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June 21, 2008

‘Stop Now Or We’ll Bury You’, China Warns US As Weather War Intensifies

By: Sorcha Faal, and as reported to her Western Subscribers

Russian Military Analysts are reporting to the Kremlin today that
head of China’s Central Military Commission, General Guo Boxiong, has
‘warned’ the United States Secretary of Defense, Robert Gates, to
‘immediately stop targeting China or we will bury you’.

As we had previously reported on in our June 17th report, ‘Weather Wars’
Pummel US-China Heartlands, India In Total Chaos, the United States and
China have been pummeling each other from their respective billion watt
over-the-horizon radar systems located in China’s Lop Nor and the US’
Alaskan tundra.

Such catastrophic damage has occurred due to this conflict that China
has reported over 176 deaths due to massive flooding, and the United
States has reported over 24 deaths with billions more in crop damage to
their most vital growing regions threatening Global food price rises of
unprecedented amounts.

China’s latest warning, however, these reports state, are due to what
the Chinese
Military is saying is the United States ‘deliberate
steering’ of Typhoon Fengshen towards the South China Sea after its
deadly rampage through the Philippines.

Both Russian and Chinese scientists have long stated that the United
States has ‘perfected’ its abilities to direct the paths of cyclonic
storms and give as the latest example the ‘steering’ of Typhoon Nargis
into Myanmar, and which left nearly 200,000 dead in that embattled oil
rich Nation, and which ‘conveniently’ both US and French warships were
‘positioned’ near its coast to provide ‘aid’.

Of the greatest fears, however, of China’s warning to the US is that
like they blame the Americans for doing to them, and as we had
previously reported on in our May 30th report “China Orders Strike
Against US For Catastrophic Earthquake”, the Chinese by increasing the
wattage of their attack radar is able to, also, inflict a
earthquake upon the North American Continent.

Canadian researcher, and former Asia-Pacific Bureau Chief of Forbes
Magazine, Benjamin Fulford, and as we had, also, previously reported on,
has warned of these attacks, and based upon the strange multicoloured
clouds that form in the ionosphere preceding the ‘heating’ of our
Earth’s ionosphere by these radar weapons, Russian President Medvedev
has ordered Russia’s Strategic Bombers to begin patrols of the Arctic
Regions where the first evidence of an attack will be spotted.

It is not to our knowing if the United States will heed this warning
from the Chinese, or even if they are willing to as their economy
continues its death spiral and they now find themselves at virtual
economic war with their own European Allies, and as we had reported on
in our June 18th report “Catastrophic Collapse Of Western Economy Looms
As US-EU Begin
Monetary War”.

What is to our knowing though of these things, and as the United Nations
is warning today that the Middle East is about to turn into a ‘Ball of
Fire’ with the planned US-Israeli attack upon Iran, the United States
appears to have no choice left to them but Total Global War in order to
continue they hegemony of the Earth.

To the American people themselves, and who remain virtually blind to the
catastrophic power of these new weapons of war currently being unleashed
upon our World, they remain the least prepared to survive the coming
horrors of this new war, even to the mocking of those, like us, who
continue to issue warnings so that they may not be caught unaware, and
unprepared, for the many catastrophes soon to befall them.

© June 21, 2008 EU and US all rights reserved.
Sorcha Faal

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