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By Christopher Story FRSA, Editor and Publisher, International Currency Review, World Reports Limited, London and New York. For earlier reports, press ARCHIVE. Order your subscriptions and our 'politically incorrect', hence correct, intelligence books from the Edward Harle segment.

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This private communication was lifted by another website and placed onto their space out of any context, causing some confusion. The reason for the confusion was that the information published in the second panel, though accessible to anyone, represents, as indicated, this Editor's private
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The following brief report on the barbaric behaviour of brainwashed Members of the European Parliament, who shouted down Ashley Mote M.E.P. in the Parliament when he delivered a brief speech teaching them the meaning of the Irish NEIN, and instructing them in the rudiments of democracy, is inserted because of its importance as an indicator of the kind of Hitler/Stalin-type mentality we are dealing with. A big THANK YOU to the mental defectives who shouted Mr Mote down for telling them what they didn't want to hear today. Your crude, childish, intolerant, unruly behaviour makes it CERTAIN that the British will insist on getting out from under your jackboots.

The Socialist block in the European Parliament today shouted down Ashley Mote, Independent, SE England, when he attempted to speak for one minute on the Lisbon Treaty after the Irish voted 'No'.

Exceptionally, the President of the House made no attempt to call for order, despite the tradition that speakers are are at least heard, if not in silence. Ashley Mote's largely unheard speech was:

"May I remind this House that the Rule of Law is far more important than laws themselves. Lisbon required unanimity. Ignore that and you ignore the Rule of Law.

The Irish are not just 10% of the EU. They are 100% of those allowed to vote. And we all know others would have said NO, given the chance.

They said NO despite threats, bullying, intimidation, the combined pressure of the media and all the political parties bar one. Lisbon was incomprehensible, and the Irish knew why.

Like many others elsewhere, they have seen through the deceit and subterfuge of the last 50 years. Suggesting that the process goes on, devising clever ways to re-package Lisbon in open defiance of widespread opposition, is an insult, an outrage, arrogance of breathtaking proportions.

We've seen it all before, of course, when the Constitutional Treaty was voted down. The Austrian Foreign Minister then boasted that the 36 institutions and projects depending on the [discredited] Constitutional Treaty for their legitimacy were still going ahead.

Lisbon will now give them no legitimacy, either. They are unlawful and must be abandoned or abolished. Democracy is about people making choices, whoever they are... and whatever they decide. I relay a message from Edmund Burke of some 200 years ago:


Editor's comment: Mr Mote, a friend of the Editor's, is much too polite. These people are the dregs of political life, has-beens in their own countries, 'former' Communists, collectivists of every hue, people whose brains are addled with dead ideology, gutless fellow travellers with no capacity to think for themselves, parasites, placemen, retreads from whom no-one would buy a used car: in short, the political scum of the earth. Their behaviour sends a clear signal to Britain: GET OUT.

Note: the Editor will be a guest of Mr Mote at the European Parliament in Brussels next week.

IMPORTANT: This report was compiled on the basis of information obtained between Thursday 12th and Wednesday 18th June. Certain developments occurred in the evening of Tuesday 17th and Wednesday which appear to represent an escalation of the game of bluff being played out at the highest levels of the US Government. We have a standing constraint that we cannot report on ‘real time’ events both because the full picture may not have emerged, and further because it is incumbent upon us not to ‘get in the way’ or to report on sensitive matters which must take their course. However we are flagging these unreportable developments now, as they may illuminate some of the necessarily incomplete older information published below.

LONDON, 18th June 2008:

At around 11.45pm on Tuesday 17th May, we were advised as follows:

Cheney stole the money again [see outline conjectures below].

Cheney was ordered to pay it back.

In the course of this recent sequence, several Bank of America bankers were arrested. This appears to be what the eavesdroppers didn’t want us to publish, which is curious given that 7,000 bankers were arrested last autumn, and there have been spasmodic waves of such arrests ever since. However a moment’s thought reveals why ‘they’ won’t have wanted this fact to appear in this report: the identity of the bank directly implicates DVD-George H. W. Bush who remains the prime criminalist mover, the Wizard of Oz behind the curtain, with Cheney, his primary handler, hitherto implementing Bush Sr.’s kleptostrategy but insanely jealous and desirous to seizing everything he can for himself. [Cheney’s circumstances may have ‘changed’ abruptly over the past 24 hours].

(Nobody who is not sitting on their brains outside the United States can understand why Bush Sr. has not long since been arrested or worse – the only possible explanation for this inaction being that the long-range pan-German Nazi penetration throughout the US structures, and the associated internal divisions and power struggle are so deep and intense, that cutting off the master head of the serpent has hitherto been precluded. We have to say that in May 2003, Delmart Marc Vreeland, who predicted the 9/11 atrocities in advance, accurately informed the Editor, in a hotel in Canada, that the world’s problems are largely attributable to George Herbert Walker Bush Sr.

Whatever the other side of his split MK-ULTRA-type personality may represent, Vreeland clearly, in this Editor’s opinion, which has not changed over time, understood the geopolitical realities of the situation. He correctly identified the source of the world’s problems and his assessment has been fully borne out by the underlying Nazi documentation).

We believe that the events referred to above took place either on Monday 16th June, or on the 17th June 2008. In the course of being informed of these events, our transatlantic communications were severed not once, but twice.

The information seems mundane enough, doesn’t it. But consider the background that follows.

On Friday 13th June, when criminalist President George W. Bush Jr. was in Paris, the President placed a telephone call to Vice President Cheney (who seemed to have emerged from the various misadventures to which he has been subjected as a consequence of his serial criminality).

Several weeks ago, the corrupted US legislature passed a law authorising the US Department of Homeland Security to provide the Vice President of the United States with special protection. The immediate consequence of this was that a contract was placed by Chertoff with Blackwater, which now surrounds Cheney with thugs and gunmen, just like a Soviet oligarch.

In fact there is no qualitative difference here: Mr Cheney is indistinguishable in type from Mikhail Fridman, Boris Berezovsky, Mikhail Khodorkovsky in his heyday, Viktor Vekselberg, Semen Kukes, Leonard Blatavnik, Alexander Berman, Chalva Tchigirinski, Pyotr Aven, Roman Abramovich, or any of the other notorious Soviet kleptocrats we know about.

Prior to wangling his greatly expanded entourage of thugs, Cheney had tried to recruit the Italian mafia to provide him with the protection he evidently needs so badly.

Because one thing’s for sure: he could hardly appeal to the Chicago underworld for protection, could he, since elements of that community have been beside themselves with fury for more than a year at Cheney’s thievery and duplicity.

The call placed by Bush to Cheney from Paris consisted of Bush screaming at Cheney [paraphrase]:

‘ I have to pay or I’ll be arrested'.

Cheney: ‘That’s your problem. You gave me a Power of Attorney two months ago to handle these financial matters and I’ll do as I like’.

Deferring to Chief Justice John Roberts, who was in on this conference call, Cheney asked Roberts to confirm that he (Roberts) holds the Power of Attorney, which he did.

Bush: ‘I have to see The Queen and Brown tomorrow and they’ll want to be certain we’ve paid, or either they won’t let me go, or I’ll be arrested on arrival back home’.

Cheney: ‘I can prove to you that no-one will touch you’.

This, at least, was the gist of the phone call. Subsequently it became clear that the call was actually about Cheney’s theft of the pertinent cash funds. The way this may have been done is discussed below. Sticking to the main events first, it will be recalled that a severe power outage occurred in Washington, DC, on Friday 13th June. According to one source, Cheney informed Bush during this period, which may have coincided with the call, that he (Cheney) was now in full charge of the US Government, controlled all communications, and there was nothing that Bush could do about it.

This interpretation appears to have represented a flight of fancy built upon the solid fact of Bush’s Power of Attorney to Mr Cheney. By means of this document, Bush actually resigned his position as President of the United States. However, as we all know, these deceivers are disciples of Lenin in the sense that they follow Lenin’s methodology of signing documents and making statements with the specific intention of reneging on any such undertakings as soon as the ‘correlation of forces’ so necessitates. In Bush’s case, this always means ten minutes later.

The first point to be noted about the conference call is that, since the gist of the conversation was leaked, it must have been at least partly staged. After all, this is the same technique that was used by Bush and Paulson in 2006 and 2007, when each said on various occasions that they had ‘signed off’ on the payments, while the other blocked them, and vice versa.

It’s called YING and YANG, or ‘backy-forthy’ (standard CIA criminalist procedure). However there was also another element – namely, that George W. Bush really was under pressure this time: he had to get through three days in the presence of Brown and The Queen unscathed, without raising their suspicions that he and Sarkozy had taken a huge cut form the funds (see below) and without allowing the British to deduce that Bush had no intention of paying. Bush Jr. appears, on the face of it (notwithstanding that his Dark Acting skills are highly sophisticated) to have been genuinely concerned about what might happen, although given his hardened schizophrenia, he displayed a posture of supreme confidence and arrogance throughout his recent European visit.

But while Cheney may have imagined that he was firmly in the driving seat and could continue having his criminalist associates at Bank of America (a most corrupt CIA criminal enterprise) carry on stealing and diverting funds, i.e. ‘corrupt business as usual’, he encountered a few problems.

Since Cheney appears to be ‘perfectly possessed’ (such an infested human being can be identified by his total lack of emotion and the absence of any expression on his face at all times) what then followed will have caused him no concern whatever.

But others will not have shared his cynical lack of concern, especially those who may have been accustomed to doing Cheney's corrupt bidding and may anticipate that their services may still be needed in future: such people may suddenly no longer be available for this monster to use.

Specifically, in the course of whatever happened in DC on Friday 13th June 2008:

Two of Cheney’s operatives or associates were shot dead at point blank range.

Tim Russert, the broadcasting executive, died suddenly at 1.20pm, ostensibly from a heart attack.

Later, either on Sunday 15th or Monday 16th June 2008, which was the date when a further 72-hour ‘immunities’ extension authorised by the World Court expired, the overdue Settlement payments having been required to be completed by the end of the 72 hours (Friday to Monday morning), two of Cheney’s closest associates, who were involved in the systematic stealing and diversion of funds, were murdered.

What happened was that they had their throats cut: that is all we have been able to find out. After their throats had been cut, Cheney received a telephone call conveying this information, in which he was asked: ‘DO YOU UNDERSTAND?’.

It is also believed that at a crucial juncture of this sequence, certain highest-level US criminalists (identities currently uncertain), confronted with the absolute necessity of delivering the Settlement payments, and with substantial amounts of money having been illicitly creamed off the top in the course of corrupt deals transacted during Bush's European trip, had the temerity to contact certain foreign parties whom they had fleeced and stolen from for decades, to ask for their assistance in providing funds for a period of several hours, so that obligations could be met.

It is further understood that the American criminalists were given, appropriately, the very sharpest possible brush-off. Mind you, since these people are so insensitive as to call up important foreign counterparties they have repeatedly scammed in the past, this will not have phased them either.

Separately, during the week ending Friday 13th June 2008, a senior Halliburton executive involved in the endless criminality and scamming (given that Halliburton is a criminal enterprise), suffered the terrible underworld retribution of having his grandchildren murdered.

According to the reliable source for this information, this was too much for this man, and he then ‘rolled over’ on Cheney, although we do not have further details.

Hence, it can be deduced that the special protection that Cheney has selfishly erected around his foul person by courtesy of the armed Blackwater mercenaries and thugs, has simply made life more dangerous for anyone associated with this hideous oligarch. Because Unterreichsführer Cheney is currently protected by this wall of armed thugs (who have been seen accompanying him on several occasions recently) his enemies, who are legion, are today picking off his closest associates and their family members instead. This is typical of the darkest recesses of the criminal underworld, to which Cheney belongs. Furthermore, we predicted such an outcome in 2006.

We will now go so far as to elaborate the following prediction: Washington may soon descend, like ancient Rome and the Papacy at the height of their decadence, into an open-ended bloodbath and an uncontainable disintegration of the sinews of the Government, if this crisis is not resolved.

The predictions we first posted on 2nd September 2006 about what would happen economically as a consequence of this endless financial criminality have been largely borne out by events, taking the complacent 'mainstream' media and the highly-paid punditry by surprise. The same may happen with our prediction of a bloodbath, from which we may be only days away. Let's hope we're wrong.

There are grotesque divisions between Dark Forces throughout the structures inside the Beltway, between the holders of the highest offices and their greedy predecessors, within the notoriously criminalised intelligence services, inside the CIA's criminal enterprise banks, and also inside law enforcement which seems paralysed in the face of the brazen intransigence of these criminals.

Certain well-known figures may not be heard of again, we have been told.

On Monday 16th June, President George W. Bush sent legal representatives to the World Court, where he pleaded that it was not his responsibility to make the payments, as he had handed that responsibility two months earlier over to Vice President Cheney via his Power of Attorney. Under US law, a Power of Attorney can be rescinded or overwritten or declared null and void due to any abuse of such a power associated with fraud or injury – a point immediately picked up, we believe, by the World Court, which is assumed to have thrown out his Petition. It was made because Bush had walked through the 72-hour ‘immunities’ extension without having made the payments, which he had implicitly blamed on Vice President Cheney, to whom he said he had delegated his powers to effect the payments. But of course, this further non-payment had reflected the crude fact that funds had again been stolen – by Cheney. It also, we suspect, reflected the standard dialectical methodology used 24/7 by these criminalists, which has been in evidence all along.

In having his lawyers plead his case at the World Court in order to gain more time given the expiry of the 72-hour ‘immunities’ extension, Bush deceived the Court because he knew that Cheney had already stolen the money. For this alone he should be arrested.

(Certain developments made known to us on 18th June place these extraordinary developments in perspective: but they are too ‘real time’ to be publicised at this critical juncture).

On the one hand, Bush had screamed down the line at Cheney that since Mr Cheney was again blocking the payments, he (Bush) was liable to be arrested; while three days later, Bush’s lawyers were arguing before the World Court that making the payments was not President Bush’s problem because he had delegated his powers in this respect to Vice President Cheney. This is a perfect example of the familiar duality, double-mindedness, duplicity and two-faced Leninist behaviour of these world class official criminals.

In the course of Bush’s subsequent encounters in Britain (which were bordering on the frigid, we understand), the Prime Minister, Gordon Brown, agreed to handle the public relations dimension, to make everything look good for the President, provided the Settlements were completed before Bush left for home (via Northern Ireland). This explained the repulsive pictures of President Bush, with his arm on the shoulder of Brown’s wife and on Brown’s back, while Mr Brown kisses Laura for the benefit of the stupid press and TV cameras massed outside Number Ten Downing Street, which graced our newspapers on Monday morning, 16th June.

In reality, Bush’s encounters with The Queen and her Prime Minister, though cordial at all times, were somewhat distant, as can be imagined. Bush may have cut secret deals with the phoenix Prime Minister of Italy, with the German Pope, with the Establishment in Slovenia, and with Angela Merkel, the German Chancellor, in addition to the ‘haircut’ that he is believed to have agreed with France’s President Sarkozy. But when he arrived in Britain, there was no such possibility.

On the contrary, he knew that he would be lucky to be allowed to land in the United States without having been arrested on landing, or being confined to a dank dungeon in Northern Ireland. We were explicitly told from the United States, and not from our usual sources, that Bush would be arrested if the Settlements had not been completed when he left the United Kingdom.

Notwithstanding all of this, and much more, the payments had not been made, in the United States, at least, by nine p.m. British time on Wednesday 18th June. They were supposed to begin at one minute past five EDT in New York on the Tuesday. President Nicolas Sarkozy is said to have had a ‘meeting’ with “someone’”, believed to have been representatives of Interpol and possibly MI6, probably on Monday, in the course of which it was made clear to this criminal operative that he, too, needed to replace stolen money forthwith, given that any failure to do so at once would be liable to result in his immediate arrest.

It was thought possible (in the evening of 18th June, UK time), that President Bush had been able to fly back to the United States because certain payments may have been effected in Europe. This assessment was strengthened by the information about momentous developments monitored on 18th June which we were constrained (see above) from elaborating ‘in real time’.

During the dinner attended by President Bush with Sarkozy in Paris on Friday 13th June, papers were exchanged which we interpret below as providing for a massive ‘haircut’ for both parties to the agreement. Obviously we don’t know precisely what happened, but what IS known by us is that Cheney had blown up earlier because whatever was agreed to, tapped into the vast store of Euros into which the dollar funds stolen by Mr Cheney in collusion with and on behalf of George Bush Sr., but almost certainly by now mainly for his own account, had been converted.

Cheney sub-accounts held with Paribas were in focus. Whether Bush Jr. helped Cheney steal the funds by having them repatriated via the closed US Federal Reserve Interbank Settlement Fund, which is a publicly unaudited, closed, controlled enterprise, or else had to replace funds stolen by Cheney, is unknown. The likelihood is that Cheney had stolen the cash-cash money (which is what they were all after) and that President Bush’s screams on the transatlantic telephone line, though partly representing play-acting for dialectical effect, placed Cheney on the spot, despite the Vice President’s bravado. That Cheney stole the money is quite evident from the fate that befell two of his people on Friday, and a further two close associates on Sunday or Monday (see above).

Cheney’s son-in-law Philip Perry, has been up to his neck in these criminal financial operations, so it would not be surprising if he turns out to have been one of the gentlemen who came too close to a sharp knife. However that is conjecture.

At all events, this game of YING-YANG definitely went wrong on Friday 13th June. Let us pause here to make the following important point. The known fact that key representatives and structures of the international community are corrupt like Mr Bush is, does NOT mean that these people are in harmony. How could that EVER be the case?

On the contrary, since Satan, their god, is the author of lies and confusion, it is the norm for them to be at loggerheads with each other, like rats in a sack. When their interests may coincide, they are capable of putting up a fine display of 'unity' for the cameras. But the glue underlying such displays of harmony is liable to shatter at any time. Do not, therefore, be dismayed when, all of a sudden, new alliances spring up out of nowhere. Only understand WHY they are happening.

The new 'alliance du jour' is that between President Sarkozy (whose shoes have elevated heels, did you notice, so that this little fellow’s diminutive height is raised) and the United States.

It was in France, not Britain, that Mr Bush, in buoyant schizophrenic form, delivered himself of a 'major policy speech', in which he referred to La France as 'America's first friend', according to a sycophantic interview in The Observer, London, on 15th June. Upon what is this 'first friendship'
predicated, do you suppose?

Uh, on a deal perpetrated, as suggested above, on the 'backside' during dinner in Paris on 13th June when Presidents Sarkozy and Bush exchanged corrupt documents supposedly authorising the final release of the Settlement funds while simultaneously awarding themselves and their own cronies a massive 'haircut' which will enable the off-balance sheet, untaxed, high-yield investment programme carousel based upon leverage and hypothecation, to start all over.

The clue as to what was agreed appeared in The Wall Street Journal on 11th June [page C3], in a report under the headline: 'Paribas to buy BofA Brokerage Unit'. It stated that:

'BNP Paribas will spend as much as $300 million to acquire the equity prime-brokerage business of Bank of America Corp. in an attempt to strengthen its position in the derivatives market'.

'The unit has 300 employees across the United States and in London and provides brokerage services to about 500 hedge funds'.

So, if we all thought that the carousel and the derivatives poison had been cauterised, we must all think again. Far from screeching to a grinding halt, the exotic fiat money carousel has been thrown a lifeline and will restart, so to speak, in parallel with and as the price of, payment of the Settlement money (or, just as much to the point, without any Settlement if the criminalists continue to think that their ‘backy-forthy’ dialectical obfuscation gimmick will see them through to the new Presidency).

Except that this deal actually 'haircuts' the Settlements money behind the backs of the payees, and procures colossal secret 'backside' payments to the top criminalists. That, essentially, is what may have been exchanged when Presidents Bush and Sarkozy dined in Paris on Friday 13th, although the accord was pulled off in the face of a crisis at the highest levels of the US Government that almost led to the whole thing erupting into the public domain [see above].

Paribas, it will be recalled, is the Paris-based vehicle used by the Bushes and Paulson through BNL, Hong Kong, to conduct exotic fraudulent finance transactions in the past. The use of Paribas is also significant because Cheney, working for Bush Sr., and as the handler for Bush Sr. himself, has been shorting the dollar on a colossal scale and accumulating, through his fraudulent finance operations, vast stashes of Euros for profiteering purposes, a habit that was regalvanised with the arrival of the Illuminati's chosen representative in France, President Sarkozy.

He is described thus because the Editor has been specifically informed by a contact in touch with Illuminati sources that 'Sarkozy has a big role to play for the Illuminati, who put him there'.

That figures: look at the man's face, and his choice of wife: she openly brags that she was what most people would call a prostitute.

The BNP/Paribas deal may have been all about the Bush Jr. and Sarkozy helping themselves to their huge cut by trying to divert Euros accumulated by Cheney et al., thereby compromising the
Settlements, and short-changing them not only for self-enrichment purposes, but also to provide the 'seed money' to ensure that the old carousel mechanism will survive the massive shocks and upheavals that have rocked it to its foundations since June 2006. The carousel will, we suspect, emerge, phoenix-like, via the 500 hedge funds mentioned in The Wall Street Journal's article, as though nothing had happened.

It will be recalled that the June 2007 Group of Eight Meeting decided that the hedge funds were sacrosanct: they could not be touched. In other words, via this typically two-faced, double-minded, duplicitous decision, they provided for the emergence of a new two-tier system – consisting of the overt system, subject to disciplines including those imposed by Basel-II and the 1933 and 1934 US Securities Acts (the regulations of which are at long last starting to be enforced again, following our excoriating criticism of the failure of the US authorities to enforce the securities regulations); and a covert, hidden system for secret financial operations, including the gross techniques that have generated colossal volumes of unsupported ‘virtual’ currency, and for political bribery, self-enrichment, and continuing the financing of the corrupt World Government project.

In other words, the hedge funds are collectively the 'vent' that has been left open in the system, to enable this open-ended financial corruption to CONTINUE, while the rest of the financial system is
subjected to the disciplines imposed by Basel-II, which the American banks are being compelled to adhere to after they have put their books and affairs in order by the end of the 100-day deadline of 29th August 2008. By allowing this ‘venting’ arrangement to be perpetuated following any belated Settlements, the Bushes and their corrupt associates, led by President Nicolas Sarkozy, 'America's first friend', are ensuring as follows:

That the system of self-enrichment and financing for the discredited World Revolution by means of fraudulent finance, which we have exposed, will continue into the future.

That, accordingly, any resolution of the Settlements will not be 'the end of the matter', but will be followed in the years ahead by the accumulation of a further gigantic and destabilising overhang of virtual non-money, leading to the certainty of a financial collapse worldwide, as opposed to the near-collapse we are now enduring or may, by the narrowest of squeaks, have managed to avoid.

That the key players in Europe are being recompensed via the 'backside'. Look who Dubya visited in Europe, prior to seeing The Queen: Chancellor Merkel (Deutsche Bank); the Pope (Vatican Bank); Sarkozy (BNP/Paribas, which has been at the receiving end of the stolen Bush Sr./Cheney Euros.

George W. Bush has stated that he will step down at the end of his term and will embark upon a project to promulgate 'universal values'. For 'universal', kindly read 'consistent with the globalist hegemony objectives of the World Revolution, of which I am proud to have served as the leader'.

The Observer, an international socialist newspaper published in the British capital, stated on 15th June 2008 that President George W. Bush Jr. intends to build a Presidential Library with a 'Freedom Institute... aimed at promoting the universal values that need to be defended'.

The mind boggles. What are the 'universal values' that Dubya Bush's 'Freedom Institute' will be promoting? They will surely have to include the following, at a minimum:

It’s Okay to order the 9/11 atrocities knowing that 30,000+ people will die in the course of the preplanned demolition of the Twin Towers alone, and to use technology derived from weapons of mass destruction to do so, in order to generate the ‘necessary’ Hitlerian ‘Reichstag Fire’ event to be used as a pretext for invading Afghanistan in order to re-establish total undisputed control over the heroin poppy crop, and then Iraq in order to seize the Central Bank of Iraq, its assets and those of Saddam Hussein’s private institution (Rafidain Bank), and all the country’s oil assets, so that the price of oil can continue to be falsified through the operation of the external oil corporation price cartel for which the CIA ‘works’.

It’s Okay to falsify all subsequent ‘blowback’ responses, including falsely managing the grief and expectations of the families of the 9/11 victims, and evidence to be considered and published by a controlled ‘whitewash’ commission set up for the specific purpose of managing the fall-out from the 9/11 atrocities, in the knowledge that the truths underlying these abominations can be made to ‘go away’. Goebbels taught that people soon believe lies, and we have learned from him.

It is Okay to invade and usurp the sovereignty of another country when you covet its oil.

It's Okay to murder 1.5++ million of its inhabitants and to reduce 25% of its population to the ranks of the dead, the wounded, the deprived, the bereaved, and for an estimated two million of them to be reduced to abject poverty as refugees. Asked by The Observer what he thought that his legacy might be, Bush suggested that 'the liberation of 50 million people from the clutches of barbaric regimes is noteworthy, at a minimum'. The population of Iraq as of June 2006 was 28.51 million. The population of Afghanistan is currently unknown, but that country has no more been 'liberated' than has Iraq (much less so). Mr Bush had also conveniently forgotten (as had the British newspaper's interviewer, clearly) that Bush is on record as having recently described figures like the King of Saudi Arabia as 'barbarians', in the course of his propaganda for 'democracy' in the Middle East [see our further comment on his 'democracy' drive in the region, below].

It’s Okay to invent tall stories to rationalise an illegal invasion in order to cover up the reality that its purpose was to seize the Central Bank of Iraq and its assets, and subsequently to seize the fiat assets of former financial trading partner Saddam Hussein.

It’s Okay to authorise the deliberate liquidation of 100+ (probably very many more) special US operatives who were engaged in the seizure of the Central Bank of Iraq, so as to destroy those involved and thus preventing the truth of this atrocity from emerging into the public domain.

It’s Okay to authorise, legitimize and perpetrate barbaric torture practices replicating Nazi-style behavior in gross, knowing breach of the Geneva Conventions, and to fabricate false, spurious legal rationalizations for doing so.

It's Okay to commit treason almost every day, to perpetrate open-ended financial fraud, to lie through both sides of one's face, to demand cuts from transactions involving stolen funds, to blackmail domestic and foreign leaders, to order assassinations (by shooting or poisoning) and to commit other outrages for which the statutory penalties in the United States are death by lethal
injection. (That should not worry him, as he presided over 151 executions while Governor of Texas, more than any other State Governor in history: and it is on the open record that he rejoiced in the prospect of the deaths that he was inflicting).

It's Okay to attack a sovereign country on the basis of a false prospectus, to lie to the nation on the basis of that false prospectus, to disregard evidence that weapons of mass destruction were removed from the country (via the two Russian ships that sailed from the Iraqi port of Umm Qasr a few weeks prior to the March 2003 invasion) and to perpetuate that basic deception with devious obfuscations such as the following statement from Bush's interview with The Observer: 'We didn't realise, nor did anyone else, that Saddam Hussein felt like he needed to play like he had weapons of mass destruction'. No harm, presumably, in implicitly blaming the intelligence community for its
incompetence, given that the so-called intelligence community is itself the co-author of these lies, deceptions and illicit operations.

It's Okay to freeze a reported $50 billion of Iraq's money (but we think vastly more than this) with the Federal Reserve Bank of New York in order to maximise pressure on the Iraqi Government into signing a coveted treaty granting the United States 58 permanent bases in the occupied country
(compared with the current 30 bases), not merely in order that the United States can control Iraq's oil in perpetuity, but also so that the US kleptocracy can be permanently embedded inside Iraq ready to seize Iran's oil resources and contracts that it lost back in the 1950s.

It's Okay to ponce around the Middle East preaching 'democracy' after having presided over the stealing of two General Elections through the rigging of electronic voting machines and software. In this respect the Bush II Administration is no better than a 'former' Soviet Republic – resembling
Georgia under Shevardnadze (known there as 'Stalin II'), when ballot boxes were brought already pre-stuffed to the polling stations even under the noses of Western 'election monitors' bribed to certify in writing that the election had been fair, with a contradictory minority report attached.

It is Okay to steal billions and trillions of dollars belonging to others, to subvert and suborn the banking system, to bribe legislators, to 'legitimise' fraudulent finance by not only condoning it but also participating in it on a grand scale, to treat the holding of the highest office as an opportunity to make trillions on the side, to connive with corrupt foreign leaders to help oneself to more stolen funds whenever such an opportunity arises, to pontificate about 'universal values' while stamping upon every 'value' except those of his master, Lucifer, and then obfuscating the immense damage that he has inflicted upon humanity by having his staff arrange for well-known sycophantic British journalists to be on hand on Air Force One, in Rome, in Paris, at breakfast, wherever, to record every nuance of his serial lies and obfuscations, as he attempts to fine-tune his 'legacy image' in the knowledge that, thanks to his apparatus's control over the corrupted US Fourth Estate, the general population will have 'forgotten' his depredations by November 2008, and knowing that it is neither here nor there who wins the forthcoming election, since the criminalised US intelligence community will win and will remain in charge.

It's Okay to treat the families and the closest relatives of bereaved American soldiers with hard-hearted contempt (until it was pointed out to him that he'd better clean up his act in this respect, as the reports of his indifference were being disseminated far and wide).

It's Okay to steal computers equipped with foreign spying software and to hawk them for cash to foreign users in an organised 'open day' sales operation inside the White House itself. for the sole purpose of self-enrichment.

It's Okay to squander taxpayer funds on illegal wars and to re-bribe corrupted US legislators with stolen money to maintain the necessary cover-ups.

Since the CIA is a den of iniquity, it’s perfectly Okay to subvert and steal from the CIA itself, and to do the same from inside the Pentagon, by procuring and perpetuating the old Luciferian practice of profiting from fabricated wars, by installing a controlled criminal enterprise (Halliburton) inside both the structures for the specific purpose of scamming, stealing and profiteering from fabricated wars and fabricated rumours of wars, and to fleece the government and the US taxpayer 24/7 in the process, on the assumption that any impeachment process will be subverted (as is happening).

It's Okay to steal The Queen's gold and to play with it for over four months (until we advocated kicking the US Ambassador out of London), and later to compromise $6.2 trillion of British funds placed with Citibank, largely (it is believed) in the name of The Queen, and to connive in repeated
deception operations aimed at diverting or stealing that 'replacement' cash-cash money with the firm intention of stealing it, as with all the other huge sums he has stolen.

It’s Okay to continue stealing and diverting funds right the way through to the present, using the notorious controlled criminal enterprises Bank of America, Citibank and JPMorganChase and the closed-end Federal Reserve Interbank Settlement Fund for the purpose.

It's Okay to make repeated verbal promises and repetitively to sign documents, including Powers of Attorney, without having the slightest intention of ever honouring them, and then to renege on all such undertakings well before the ink of the presidential ballpoint pen has dried on the useless pieces of paper in question. In this respect, Herr George W. Bush, Unterreichsführer Cheney et al behave exactly like V. I. Lenin, whose revolutionary (i.e., going round and round in circles) modus operandi included reaching accords with the 'bourgeoisie' with the full prior intention of reneging on them 'whenever the correlation of forces so required'. In other words, as well as behaving like the Nazi that he is, Bush Jr. is a consummate Leninist: which need cause us no surprise at all, since National Socialism and International Socialism are two sides of the same Illuminati coin.

On page 551 of the Editor's book, The New Underworld Order, is an illustration of an early Nazi Labour Day Emblem, showing the head of Karl Marx, a hammer and sickle, and the usual’ spread-eagle' borrowed from the death-worshipping religion of the ancient Egyptians, that is sitting on an orb within which is depicted a swastika. [See the intelligence books section].

It's Okay to hold up the global Settlements ad infinitum on the basis of the 'never-Pay' model that his evil father perfected with the assistance of Dr Alan Greenspan, the most corrupt US financial official in history, for personal enrichment and geopolitical purposes; and it’s Okay, in so doing, to destabilize and destroy the lives of multiple thousands of American families after stealing their investments, because the ‘never-Pay' model – invented by Dr Alan Greenspan and George Bush Sr. – has ‘worked’ so 'satisfactorily' and for so long in the past.

It's Okay to abuse the Presidency of the United States as a captive platform for the pursuit of internationalist, globalist, World Revolution objectives, with the collaboration of a brainwashed US military class which the whole world can see is much more interested in its pensions, payoffs and
plaudits, than with saving the United States from the clutches of the most evil bunch of organised financial criminals to have walked the face of this earth since the days of Mussolini.

Turning to related UK domestic affairs, the main story on the front page of the Sunday Telegraph on 15th June 2008 was headed 'Priests marry in first gay church 'wedding'. This report states that two male Church of England priests exchanged vows in a traditional wedding ceremony conducted in one of the most glorious Norman churches in Britain: St Bartholomew the Great, deep in the City of London. This filthy, grotesquely blasphemous 'in-your-face', reprobate performance represents the latest, orchestrated assault upon both True Christianity and Britain's structures, since the Church of England and the Monarchy are joined at the hip, The Queen being Head of the Church. (Never mind the historical basis of this: keep it objective here).

By means of such carefully timed, provocations aimed at undermining the faith, the enemy (the human identity of which is known, in case it thought that its anonymity had not been penetrated)
is systematically seeking to destabilise the Monarchy, the sole defender of the Rule of Law, which has collapsed in the United States and is being very severely corroded by the institutionalised
corruption within the European Union Collective and its structures, in parallel.

This explains why the enemy, desperate to consolidate what it assumes to be its gains even as it has suffered a succession of brutal kicks in the pants (see below), imagines that it is piling on the pressure. On Friday 13th, the United Nations, that decadent collective which pushes operatives out of 19th floor windows, suddenly suggested that Britain 'MUST' [sic] 'consider whether it should keep the Royal Family', without even bothering to explain why it had had this conniption.

Specifically, the United Nations' Human Rights Council pronounced that the British Government should 'think' about holding a referendum on this issue, 'to see if people would prefer to live in a Republican state with a written constitution'. This obscure United Nations council has 29 members, including the well-known liberal democracies of Saudi Arabia, Cuba and Sri Lanka.

The initiative signals to 'the interested' (the revolutionary ‘Useful idiots’ and ‘actives’) that it is now time to intensify pressure, by any means available, to remove the one remaining obstacle to the designs of the kakocracy: Her Majesty The Queen, who remains de facto the world’s sole remaining upholder of the Rule of Law.

The underlying rationale for this intensified, multi-faceted offensive against the Monarchy is that The Queen stands in the way of the full realisation of total control by the mental defectives who seek to protect their stolen assets and existence by relentlessly pressing for The New Underworld Order. Any resolution of the Settlements will have been achieved solely as a consequence of the resistance and determination of the British Monarchy, in accordance with the Queen’s appeal to the Group of Seven financial powers in June 2006 to the effect that these matters needed to be resolved ‘for the sake of THE WHOLE OF humanity’.

It will also be recalled that in April 2007, Her Majesty visited The World Court in the Hague, did she not. The Queen did not visit The Hague in order to look at the pictures on the wall.

Judging by the pleasure expressed by Her Majesty and other members of the Royal Family as they watched the impressive fly-past from the balcony of Buckingham Palace on the occasion of the military parade marking her official birthday on 14th June, the transparent intentions of the World Revolutionaries, through their United Nations mouthpiece, have not troubled the equilibrium of the Monarchy, which remains the true backbone of Britain's strength and its sole defence against the tide of evil swamping our shores from abroad. Britain, after all, is 50% of ‘The Main Enemy’:

'When the enemy shall come in like a flood, the Spirit of the Lord shall
lift up a standard against him': Isaiah, Chapter 59, verse 19.

The devil being the author of lies and confusion, it stands to simple reason (as the Editor often has occasion to remind those who may be downhearted) that everything his disciples touch and handle turns to dust. The truth is always simple: lies are always complex.

Where Satan gains a foothold, lies and delusions become the norm.

For instance, on the front page of The Sunday Telegraph, the Bishop of Winchester, the Right Reverend Michael Scott-Joint, asked, in relation to the aforementioned 'in-your-face' abomination at St Bartholomew the Great:

'Can we stand for clear teaching or are we powerless in the face of these actions?'

What a question for a Bishop to ask! Doesn't his Right Reverence yet UNDERSTAND that nobody who openly acknowledges and believes that Jesus Christ is the Son of God and is come in the flesh, is powerless in the face of these evils? Does he not YET understand that when you stand up to these representatives of Lucifer, they are so taken aback, that they 'fall to the ground'?

'Judas then, having received a band of men and officers from the chief priests and Pharisees, cometh thither with lanterns and torches and weapons'.

'Jesus, therefore, knowing all things that should come upon him, went forth, and said unto them, Whom seek ye?'

'They answered him, Jesus of Nazareth. Jesus said unto them, I am he. And Judas also, which betrayed him, stood with them'.

'As soon then as he had said unto them, I am he, they went backward, and fell to the ground'.
John, Chapter 18, verses 3 to 6.

The Bishop of Winchester commented that 'this [abomination] clearly flouts Church guidelines'. Note that he invoked 'CHURCH guidelines' (the rules that they make up as they go along in their Synod), whereas what he SHOULD have said was that this behavior contravenes the Word of Jesus Christ, who is the Way, the Truth and the Life.

What the Church, consisting of fallen men, says, is NOT what this Bishop should be preaching. He should be preaching the Word of God, not the Word of the worldly Church, which spends its time accommodating evil. But these days, as the enemy comes in like a flood, the Word is what multiple opinionated, self-important and arrogant intelligence operatives like Tony Blair, say it is.

For, just as Bush II has suddenly vouchsafed that he proposes to 'teach universal values', so does the tarnished former British Prime Minister now proclaim that he has a mission to propagandise for a Universal Religion. This is a cherished, age-old operation of the enemy, who has as his PRIMARY
objective, the 'destruction' of True Christianity, which stands in the way of Man doing 'as Thou Wilt' to cite the credo of the pagan Ordo Templi Orientis, to which Bush's father belongs. In other words, both Tony Blair and George Bush will be doing whatever their handlers on behalf of the struggling World Revolution tell them to do after leaving office: blindly, like the ‘Useful Idiots’ that they are, fulfilling destabilisation tasks allotted to them by the Revolution.

Having evidently cut a corrupt secret deal with his co-conspirator President Sarkozy, Mr Bush faced the ordeal of seeing the Queen on Sunday, 15th June, dining with Mr Gordon Brown in the evening, and attending at Number Ten Downing Street on Monday for a formal meeting with Brown ostensibly to discuss the timetable for Britain's withdrawal of troops from Iraq (the main agenda for the benefit of public consumption) but in reality to provide Brown, as the serving representative of the Bintelligence community and of the Queen, with the necessary documentary confirmations of the Settlements having been concluded, that would enable him to depart from the United Kingdom not in handcuffs and to land in the United States ditto.

For make no mistake: we were at one time advised that if President Bush were to arrive back in the United States without the Settlements having been triggered and well on the way to completion, he would be arrested (or worse). The Editor was first advised of this reality by very reliable sources at 3.50pm on Sunday 15th June 2008, and later this information was given even greater emphasis. We are quite prepared to assume that these undertakings, passed to us, were diversionary.

Since Bush had indeed returned to Washington after leaving Northern Ireland on 16th June, close observers were thereby invited to accept the Settlements as a fait accompli. We ourselves were not immediately inclined to do so, partly in view of a most extraordinary webcam-style broadcast that Bush made sitting on a chair from Northern Ireland, with various indistinct males sitting behind him with their arms folded. In this webcast, apart from suddenly talking about the floods in Iowa, Bush asked Congress not to worry because money would be forthcoming for all the matters that needed to be financed. Exactly WHAT was that all about? Was he signalling that the Settlements were going through, or was he playing Dark Games as usual, to disguise ongoing giga-thefts?

Our general scepticism is also associated with the fact that we detect a further signal that the financial criminalist specialists have engineered a way out of their bind, and may emerge from this crisis of their own making as though nothing has happened, having learned no lessons at all, and with the full intention of continuing THEIR corrupt financial 'business as usual', as can be observed from the ongoing corrupt behavior of Bank of America, for instance.

The Depository Trust and Clearing Corporation (DTCC) reports (March 2008) that it cleared more than $1.98 quadrillion in securities transactions in 2007.

The quadrillions of purported US dollars generated via this virtual financial system involving the leverage and hypothecation of stolen assets used as collateral, disguised through securitisation, do not exist in concrete form, or in reality: they exist exclusively in the VIRTUAL electronic sector, and consist of nothing more than ‘bits’ unsupported by underlying documentation, in accordance with the model first described and envisaged by Marshal McLuhan in the United States.

(This illusion is paralleled by the new virtual reality environment spearheaded these days by TV and the Internet, which is being systematically exploited by the 'Black' and criminalised elements of the US intelligence community to spread confusion and disinformation in order to blunt perceptions of true reality and the truth).

The only respect in which these quadrillions of dollars exist is when they are translated from the secret untaxed offshore bank accounts into flows of funds that are delivered 'clean' into the ‘real’ financial economy, by whatever illicit or dubious means is used for that purpose (which in future will be primarily hedge funds, which were given a dispensation by the Group of Eight (G-8) financial powers during their meeting held in northern Germany in June 2007).

Such ‘virtual’ inflows are fundamentally responsible for the degradation of all fiat currencies, not just the US dollar, and account for the ongoing annual inflation that is these days routinely taken for granted everywhere, excluding consideration of other factors, the falsified escalation of oil prices being a case in point – although this factor, too, is related, since the cartel of energy giants, which is the cartel behind the cartel façade presented by the oil-producing countries, is engaged through its falsification of the world oil price in recouping, on behalf of its corporate membership and the criminalised financial cadres who have been caught ‘in flagrante’, the immense perceived losses and opportunity costs inflicted on them as a consequence of the exposures.

Through its subsidiaries, including European Central Counterparty Limited (EuroCCP), this semi-official US agency provides clearance, settlement and information services for equities, corporate and municipal bonds, government- and mortgage-backed securities, money market instruments and over-the-counter (OTC) derivatives. It is now hyping the word 'quadrillion' as though such a volume of US dollars exists. It does not. indeed, there is not even anything approaching $1,000 trillion of 'real', i.e. cash-cash dollar funds in existence. These 'quadrillions' have no documentary back-up whatsoever, representing nothing more than computerised 'bits', so that the transactions they purportedly signify cannot be identified, let alone enforced: see the Editor's outline report on the securitisation of sub-prime mortgages dated 26th December 2006 [Archive].

Yet here is a semi-official US entity boasting that it settled transactions valued at a record $1.8 quadrillion in 2007, thereby enticing its readership to 'buy' the illusion that this kind of money exists in reality, which it most certainly does not.

On the contrary, such valuations arise from the legitimate but insidious practice of hypothecation, the leveraging of underlying assets, ESPECIALLY STOLEN AND MULTI-SECURITISED 'ASSETS', for illegitimate, private, untaxed gain – and for the purposes of financing and bankrolling the World Revolution through the open-ended BRIBERY of corrupted operatives possessing very serious character flaws who have been specially selected for the purpose and placed in positions from which they can be made to serve the interests of the small claque of ruthless, greedy globalists who are intent upon global hegemony. 'Implementers' are selected for their weaknesses.

This lust is fed by greed for money and power: the ancient idolatry of Mammon.

As the Editor of this service has been able to reveal, it is specifically confirmed now (see also above) that the ‘Black’ power behind this operation is indeed Deutsche Verteidigungs Dienst (DVD), Dachau, the secret heirs of the former Nazi Abwehr (counterintelligence), which operates independently of the German Government du jour, merely 'informing' the German Chancellor of its operations if it chooses to do so. In order to achieve this long-range strategic objective, the DVD penetrated the US intelligence community from the outset, winding up with its chief at its head and subsequently in the White House. (The source of the global evil does not end at Dachau, of course: but ‘sufficient unto the day is the evil thereof’).

Please note that not only has no-one ever contradicted a single facet of this assessment, but its accuracy has been verified to us privately by both British and US intelligence sources. Indeed, on 4th April, a certain US operative who appeared at the Editor's London office without an appointment
specifically, without any prompting, confirmed that our DVD analysis is quote 'one hundred percent accurate'. The Editor knew this to be the case, as we hold copies of the relevant Nazi documents proving that 'Fur uns ist der Krieg niemals vorbei' ('For us the war never ended') and 'We shall build the Thousand-year Reich on the Ruins of the United States'.

These are the two main Nazi slogans that were promulgated by the German Geopolitical Centre from Madrid after the Second World War, according to pan-German documentation captured and intercepted by the Allies. This intended German strategy to reverse the outcomes of two World Wars, was suppressed by the US State Department and by the seeply penetrated US intelligence community, with the near-disastrous consequences that we observe today.

Friday 13th June 2008 was not a comfortable day for President George W. Bush, although, being schizophrenic, he is equipped with the capacity for presenting a smoothly untroubled outward appearance for public consumption, a feat he pulled off successfully during his European tour. During his visit to Rome, Bush allowed representatives of the Italian, British and American media, to spin off into the stratosphere the notion that Bush is 'the most Catholic-minded' President since John F Kennedy (whom his father is supected of having conspired to murder).

Il Foglio, said to be an authoritative newspaper, waffled that Bush might convert to Catholicism, like Blair, following his exit from office (which by the way, George W. Bush has now confirmed will happen: otherwise he wouldn't be pontificating, would he, about 'teaching universal values' after he has left office immensely wealthier than when he stole it): 'Anything is possible, especially for a born-again Christian such as Bush'.

It is of course news to us that born-again Christians (a tautology: you can't be a Christian unless you are 'born again' spiritually) murders 1.5++ million people, seizes a territory illegally, steals other people's money as a matter of routine, commits treason daily, orders liquidations, rejoices over executions that he has signed off, and perpetrates financial fraud 24/7 as a matter of course.

The 'spin' then vented that Mr Jeb Bush, Governor of Florida, having already converted (to Catholicism, which is not True Christianity) travelled in 2000 to Mexico and prayed to the icon of Our Lady of Guadeloupe. (A former housemaid who was employed in the Jeb Bush household is separately reported to have described the home as spooky, ‘Black’ and overladen with satanic overtones and vibes). For icon, read idol: praying to idols is verboten for both Christians and Jews.

Well, was the visit to the Pope REALLY about Bush converting to Catholicism, do you think? Or was it connected with ongoing 'backside' financial arrangements which will, as planned, secure for the Illuminati and their German sponsors another lease of life?

According to one source, US CIA Vice President Cheney attempted a coup d'etat against his own Government. Leaving this exotic interpretation of what happened to one side, we have established that when Cheney became aware that Bush Jr. was engaged in corrupt 'backside' deals with the corrupt President of France, he went berserk.

The probable reason for this was that Bush and Sarkozy were about to help themselves to tranches of real (cash-cash) dollar assets stolen by Cheney on his own account and for Bush Sr. and cronies, converted into Euros and now held in sub-accounts with the criminal enterprise Paribas, although obviously the details of what transpired are not known except to the electronic eavesdroppers.

Specifically, the Settlements, which were supposed to have been triggered already, were again interfered with, on the instructions, according to our sources, of Cheney and a key 'Black Robe' (allegedly, Roberts). This followed multiple precautions taken by the World Court to preclude further criminalist US sabotage operations.

For instance, on Thursday 12th June, the World Court performed a surprise recheck to make sure that the relevant banks all had their funds in place and ready for payment, as they had also done on 11th June. In the course of this recheck, the World Court's representatives caught the two criminal
enterprises Citibank and Bank of America both short of funds (i.e., the balances that had been set aside for Settlements had, as usual, been diverted. In response, very swift action was taken, with punitive action threatened, whereupon the funds suddenly reappeared.

(Further stealing took place later, as identified higher up in this report).

Citibank's criminalist operations are still presided over by Robert Rubin, Clinton's former Treasury Secretary, who is in turn watched by Sir Win Bischoff, who isbelieved to be the eyes and ears of The Queen at Citibank, New York, and the guardian, therefore, of the $6.2 trillion loan funds which, if 'pulled', would collapse Citibank and induce a global financial and economic implosion.

On 13th June, President Bush, facing having to appear in Britain before The Queen and Gordon Brown, knowing that visiting Britain without the Settlements having been finalised would be, shall we say, hazardous, screamed at Cheney over the not-so-secure line – because, as we were told by special sources, if Cheney (and the Chief Justice, Roberts) continued to block the Settlements, he, Bush, would be arrested on arrival back in the United States.

As indicated above, we have been reliably advised that this assessment was accurate at the time: provisions were indeed in place for the arrest of Bush should he arrive back in the United States with the Settlements still up in the air. Since we know this to be true, we necessarily question the prevailing obfuscation surrounding the Settlements, with all that it implies.

A severe power outage engulfed Washington, DC. on Friday 13th June, behind cover of which one source has asserted that Cheney informed President Bush that the United States Government's communications were under his sole control and Bush would have to comply with his (Cheney's) instructions. Our sources informed us that during the blackout period, two of Cheney's operatives, who were said to have been engaged in operations to block the Settlements, were shot dead at point-blank range [see above]. The circumstances surrounding the sudden death at 1.20pm on 13th June of the greatly liked broadcaster Tim Russert, have also been called into question. as noted.

Considering that, according to the VIRTUAL reality presentation (e.g., Yahoo! News, 17th June 2008), President Bush and Laura ‘rode in a short, unmarked motorcade to St Albans’ School in Northwest Washington’ where a wake was being held in the refectory for Tim Russert – i.e., the Godfather appeared at the funeral – we are not alone in placing the worst construction on this matter, to which the following can be added here:

Russert, whose wife is Italian, had just returned from Rome, coinciding with Bush's visit to the German Pope and Berlusconi, two of ‘the most interested’ parties to the Settlements.

Russert is reported also to have just completed an interview with Barrack Obama. A US source informs us that when Obama was questioned about Russert's death, he failed to display the usual requisite concern about any sudden death, with appropriate expressions of grief, but appeared to be somewhat indifferent to this development, or at any rate cautious in his comments.

It is also reported that Russert had been digging into certain financial fraud issues, thought to have been directly related to those discussed in these reports.

Russert was known to be highly suspicious of and antagonistic towards Vice President Cheney, whom he rightly suspected of being de facto a mafia boss. He had also performed as the leading witness in the trial which resulted in the conviction of the Vice President's former Chief of Staff, Lewis 'Scoooter' Libby, one of whose legal clients had been Marc Rich, a.k.a. Hans Brand, the long-range DVD operative who emigrated from Germany in 1954, winding up initially in Saskatoon. Given this background, Tim Russert would certainly have been highly vulnerable to the wrath of these maddened snakes, had he been digging into these issues, as we believe to be the case.

Did he ask the wrong questions, triggering his assassination before he could break his discoveries in prime time?

The Editor received emails from several American women who expressed deep concern about the sudden death of Tim Russert. Since certain women are especially gifted with intuition, the Editor always takes such communications seriously. For these several women to email us almost simultaneously with the same qualms struck, the Editor as significant and relevant here.

A further curious feature of this sudden death was the coordinated lamentation that took over the main US broadcast media, followed by the wall-to-wall TV coverage of the wake etc.. While it is well understood that the one thing that all these controlled media outlets cannot handle is any lurking suspicion that one of their own has been 'whacked', it was very odd that the lamentations erupted – assuming wall-to-wall proportions for a while, as though this was itself meant to be diversionary.

For while the broadcast media were engaged in this collective act of mourning, information about any attempted putsch was of course blotted from the record.

In other words, the broadcast media had a sudden issue that kept them fully preoccupied, while an official, dense veil was drawn over the Cheney episode and the further shootings associated with this horrendous Luciferian financial power struggle.

Given that one of Cheney's doubles was shot dead at the turn of the year, one may speculate as to whether another Cheney double succumbed (on Friday 13th June 2008) in the course of this latest manifestation of the violence that has been erupting now since at least the spring of 2007.

However given that Cheney is protected these days by armed Blackwater thugs, we think this is unlikely. A further consideration of exceptional importance is that, now that at least four of the Unterreichsführer’s closest associates and/or operatives have been liquidated in the space of less than a week (according to what we have been reliably advised), the likelihood of others assisting him to implement his serial financial thefts and diversion operations has been called into question, not that a man as evil as Cheney can possibly have any ‘friends’.

Who would want to be murdered in his bed by having his throat cut for a snake as venomous as Cheney, who would be programmed to double-cross any associate later?

Although a mass of detailed information about the complex manoeuvring behind the scenes, as these snakes bite each other during the final phase of Act One of this unprecedented crisis has been forthcoming throughout May and June, the factor of greatest importance in pushing these matters forward has remained the seizure by 300 armed British police on Monday 2nd June of the lock boxes and vaults at the three locations operated by Safe Deposit Centres Limited in Mayfair, Hampstead and Edgware, London.

A trickle of information has subsequently been released by the Metropolitan Police in order to satisfy public and press curiosity, without any intelligence surfacing from that quarter concerning what the raids were really all about. The 'line' has been that the raids recovered stolen property, with some details of that property being released for public consumption. But the sheer scale, by British standards, of the operation precludes any possibility that the 'public consumption line' is related in any way to the underlying purpose of this development.

On 14th June, British media sources, using the same language, reported that more than £53 million had been found during searches at the safe deposit centres and that 'police have been working round the clock since the initial raids by 300 officers at London addresses thought to be linked to crimes ranging from money laundering to paedophilia and have now completed their searches'.

It has transpired that a total of 6,717 boxes had been opened by 14th June and searched, and that 3,608 of the boxes contained items inside. The contents of the lock boxes, and the boxes and the vaults themselves, were transported, in the course of a ten-day operation, to a secure, intensely
guarded location, for investigation.

Police found cash, handguns accompanied by a large amount of ammunition, fraudulent passports,, credit cards and cheque books, drugs including cannabis, crack cocaine and opiates, works of art, child abuse images, and large quantities of jewellery. On 9th June, six suitcases containing what was believed to be gold dust, were found. Such gold dust would clearly represent the residue of meltdown operations, and can be reconstituted back into gold bars. This raises the question: what was the source of this clearly stolen gold? British police now estimate that there are likely to be around 1,800 separate investigations as a consequence of these raids.

It is also now known that Leslie Sieff, a Director of the safety lock box firm, aged 60, was arrested in Finchley Road, Hampstead, and that Jacqueline Swan, aged 44, was arrested in Park Street, Marble Arch, on 2nd June. The third person, mentioned in our original report, Milton Woolf, aged 52, was arrested at Heathrow Airport. All three were then bailed to return to a London police station in early September. The police say that the raids followed two years of work which linked the three lock box locations to organised criminal operations including paedophilia, firearms, drug trafficking, fraud, trafficking in human beings, prostitution, and money laundering.

All these activities are specialities of elements of the criminalist intelligence and underworld cadres and revolutionary ‘actives’ exposed generically in these reports.

But our own sources say that this is far from the full picture. Key observers occupying sensitive positions say that long-pledged assets belonging to the Government of the United States, plus Federal Reserve Notes, Federal Reserve Bonds and Wells Fargo Bonds that were stolen from the
Chinese in the course of a sting operation, are included, as are deed boxes and 'Box Gang' assets, plus assets connected to Wanta's operations, have been identified in the course of this massive British police operation.

All sources consulted, including Chinese sources, were in agreement that the seizure of the lock boxes and vaults represented a crucial move by the British authorities, carefully timed to induce the appropriate responses from the criminalist cadres at this time.

Original assets, including stolen assets, used as collateral for leveraging operations, plus tear sheets and other original documents, are thought to have been found. No doubt those parties who 'needed to know' about this development were made aware of what had occurred, so that
they could consider adjusting their behavior accordingly.

On Friday 13th June, too, it became known that, as expected, the Irish electorate had refused to be bullied by the gauleiters who were brazenly instructing them how to vote, and threatening them with nasty consequences, including having to 'pay' for a 'wrong decision', if they were indeed to
vote contrary to the wishes of the self-appointed globalist coercion elite who know what is best for them (meaning for themselves, of course).

The offensive had been kicked off by the little fellow from Portugal, Jose Manuel Barroso, who is currently President of the European Commission, to which the satrap EU 'Member States' have, thanks to the fact that their representatives have been bribed/blackmailed along the way, as we have revealed, delegated 'general powers'.

This is the same model as that adopted by Adolf Hitler in 1933. At first, Hitler procured that the Communists were absent from a crucial session of the Reichstag. In their absence, his lackeys transferred 'general powers' to Hitler's Cabinet, which Hitler then proceeded to steal from the Cabinet itself. For an excellent explanation of this procedure, see 'Hitler's Thirty Days to Power: January 1933, by Henry Ashby Turner, Jr., Addison-Wesley Publishing Company, Reading, MA, and New York, 1996, ISBN 0-201-40714-0.

It is no surprise that the same model has been applied in the EU context, given that the European Union Collective represents the realisation of the blueprint first outlined by the Nazis themselves in their policy/seminar compendium 'Europaische Wirtschaftsgemeinschaft' (meaning 'European Economic Community') published in Berlin in 1942 [by Haude & Spenersche Verlagsbuchhandlung Max Paschke], the chapter headings of which correspond almost precisely to those of the 1992 EU Maastricht Treaty. We pointed this out as early as 1993, but people suffered from EGO (Eyes Glaze Over) then, and have STILL largely failed to make this simple connection today.

This is the kind of definitive evidence that buttresses our finding that the evils of the world are attributable to a great extent to the hitherto unrestrained operations of the secret long-range deception operations directed by Deustche Verteidigungs Dienst, Dachau, an assessment from which NOBODY has dared to dissent since we first began exposing this monumental subversion operation against ‘the Main Enemy’ several years ago, and which has been specifically confirmed by authoritative sources, as indicated.

The current wave of EU gauleiters uses the same sordid techniques as all its predecessors have used: bribery (from secret slush funds), fraudulent finance operations (leveraging the notorious institutionalised corruption of the EU structures), rewarding cronies with contracts placed with controlled corporations with secret bank accounts set up in tax havens, and crude threats.

In the run-up to the Irish referendum, Barroso pronounced that 'if there was a 'No' in Ireland or in another country’ (but he meant Ireland), ‘it would have a very negative effect for the EU. We will all pay a price for it, Ireland included, if this is not done in a proper way’.

After Ireland's Prime Minister, Brian Cowen, had committed the faux-pas of admitting that anyone who read the entire convoluted Lisbon Treaty would be 'insane', he then tried to make amends with unconvincing bromides such as that 'fellow Europeans will simply not understand why a nation that has benefited most could not pass this treaty'.

With more of the same bullying coming from the former European Commissioner and globalist Peter Sutherland, and aware that the Irish financial economy now faces truly intractable problems without perhaps understanding why (see our report dated 10th June 2008), the Irish took the wise decision to refuse to go along with validating a document that their new Prime Minister couldn't be bothered to read, concluding indeed that if it wasn't worth reading, it wasn't worth voting for, either.

But no sooner had the Irish 'No' vote been confirmed, than the French, the Germans and, most disgracefully, the British Prime Minister, Mr Gordon Brown, insisted that the national ratification procedures should continue, even though the Czech Government, which sees through this pan-German ploy, has stated that the Lisbon treaty is dead and buried.

Since Mr Brown REFUSED to inform the Editor of this service, via his staff, whether or not he had read the Lisbon Treaty, we may assume that, like Brian Cowen, he couldn't be bothered to do so either, and that, like his Irish counterpart, he is cynically inflicting a straightjacket treaty on the
British people contrary to their known wishes, and despite his own refusal to acknowledge either that he has read the Treaty (in which case he is a traitor) or else that he has not read the Treaty (in which case he is guilty of negligence and is in gross dereliction of his responsibilities, as well as being a traitor, like all his predecessors since the long-term German Abwehr agent, Edward Heath, lied to the British people in 1972 concerning the true purpose of the intended political collective [see Archive report dated 12th October 2005]. In other words, intelligence officer Brown is a fraud.

In this context, the Editor was most interested to observe, on page W2 of the Weekend section of The Daily Telegraph of Saturday, 14th June 2008, in a feature celebrating 'Father's Day', which the British have never previously bothered with, a segment about Gordon Brown and his father. This showed a photograph of Mr Brown's alleged father John standing in front of an old-style car in a traditional farmyard, with two small boys. The caption reads: 'Moral compass: Gordon Brown (above left) at the age of two, with his father John and elder brother, John Junior'.

The images of the two little boys had clearly been cut out and then stuck onto the old background photograph. When such montages were made (using old technology), the lighting was liable to cast a dark shadow at some edges of the images stuck onto the background, given that the light casts a shadow round the raised edges in question.

This was clearly a doctored montage, as can be seen from the hard black edge around the left-hand side of the older boy's face, his right thigh and his left shoulder, and the parallel hard (black) edge around the right ear of 'Gordon' and along his left shoulder and arm. This new discovery confirms the Editor's long-held suspicion that the received 'legend' associated with the intelligence officer Gordon Brown may be 'misleading'.

There are also similar indications that the father figure in this picture may likewise have been mounted onto this rural background image. If these observations are anywhere close to being accurate, there is no difference between Britain these days and the 'former' Soviet Union, which was adept at falsifying photographs in order to sustain false 'legends' or to reflect liquidations of key personnel. Furthermore, it may be usefully noted that Gordon Brown’s age corresponds to the timeframe of the Hungarian uprising in 1956.

We will now pose the following question. WHY was it 'necessary' for Brown, who had seen George Bush in the morning of Monday 16th June, to rush up to Northern Ireland so as to be in a position to be standing on the tarmac at Belfast airport, to 'greet' the President and Laura when they arrived in Northern Ireland? After all, he had just said goodbye to President Bush. Perish the thought that the purpose of his presence there might have been to open bank accounts. Perish the thought.

The same thing is happening in the United States. Prominent figures known to have been either poisoned or shot dead are routinely reported to be functioning normally, despite reports and distance forensic evidence to the contrary.

When lies and confusion are the norm in government, this kind of perverted behavior becomes commonplace. What we are observing here reflects the little understood fact that, after 72 years (the Rule of 72) of fronting for the World Revolution, the classic revolutionary state, the United States, removed the revolutionary baton from the USSR and assumed its former function as the world's leading revolutionary power.

This accounts for its abominable behavior ever since. It also accounts for the confusion which bedevils the antics of the drifting British Government, which, under the former corrupt leadership of Tony Blair, with whom his Buddy Bush was scheduled to have breakfast on Monday 16th March, led the country into one illicit war and into the separate maelstrom of Afghanisatan, where the
'task' of 'defeating the Taliban is code for maximising the heroin poppy crop. Indeed, large swathes of the Afghan population are today reported to be near starvation because, under the malevolent influence of the British, American and NATO invaders, arable land previously used for growing food crops has been turned over en masse to poppies.

The architect of this diabolical deception is one of the most odious snakes in the long grass that has to be cleared: Richard Armitage. It is no surprise that three very senior British army officers, honourable men, have abruptly resigned of late from the military, always citing reasons other than the real one: which is that they are disgusted at the amorality and deceit of the British authorities in supporting this Luciferian operation to maximise the heroin drug yield.

One would not be at all surprised to discover that the UK Ministry of Defence has established internal arrangements modelled after the Halliburton precedent deep inside the bowels of The Pentagon, to maximize the potential for war profiteering.

In parallel with all this, Mr Michael Chertoff, head of the US Department of Homeland Security, is reported to have withdrawn personnel from the porous Mexican border, beyond which it is now widely known that the military are fully operational in protecting and assisting organised criminal drug traffickers originally programmed by the CIA, for a cut of the action.

Thus, while the finances of the criminalist cadres have to some extent been destabilised due to the exposures, the enemy continues to come in as a flood. Indeed, as might be expected, it is busily redoubling its efforts, given the successive kicks in the pants that it has recently received.

Finally, earlier in June, we were contacted by a UK intelligence party who proceeded along an old tack of asserting that the World Court/ICJ lacks appropriate powers in the United States, in this context. Unfortunately for the UK disinformation people, the Editor has massive written evidence from key Trustees concerning their dealings, and those of their most trusted associates in Europe (directors of their corporations etc) that reference the direct and continuing presence and positive
activity of the World Court/ICJ in promoting the resolution of these matters.

Not only did Her Majesty The Queen visit the World Court in 2007, to convey what needed to be conveyed, but the US Supreme Court was forced to concede the jurisdiction of the World Court in this Settlements crisis earlier this year. So why we were being told, as late as June 2008, that the World Court had nothing to do with it, remains unclear.

We can prove with documents that this is not the case. DROP IT, FOLKS.

Indeed, to revert to the Editor with this disinformation ploy at this late stage suggests that certain UK cadres have lost touch with reality. On 9th June, Interpol, British intelligence operatives and agents working for the Group of Seven financial powers (excluding the pariah United States) were
all reported to be engaged in operations to procure the necessary outcome. Personnel liable to continue blocking progress were told to 'get out of the way'. As can be seen from the tenor of this report, we do not know the outcome.

Furthermore, the 'immunities' apparently conceded by the World Court for some of the primary high-level perpetrators of these endless financial thefts and crimes, lapsed with effect from 2nd June. There appear to have been extensions, certainly for President Bush (see above) thereafter.

The list of perpetrators, co-conspirators and top fraudsters for which arrest warrants had long since been issued and which were therefore now reactivated, runs to five pages and consists of 142 names. We do not have a copy of this list (yet) but we do know that the names on it include:

Black Robes (two)
Bush Jr.
Bush Sr.
Clinton (former President, 43)
Congress (12 Members)
'Heart attack Bob' (because he always feigned a heart attack whenever activated to fulfil his payment obligations)

When Mr Bush screamed at Cheney over the transatlantic telephone connection on 13th June that if the Settlements were frustrated any longer, he would be arrested on arrival back in the United States, he knew what he was talking about.

For this astonishing fact to have surfaced into the public domain indicates the extreme degree of dangerous disorientation that characterises the last days of Herr Busche, whose Presidency has been disgraced by his corruption and treason. Whether, despite his further deceit, the World Court granted him yet another extension of his ‘immunity’ from arrest when his lawyers appeared before the Court on 16th June, remains, like so much else associated with this crisis, unknown at this time.

The information in this report is believed to be accurate to the best of our knowledge and belief at the time of posting.

George H. W. Bush Sr. controls, or until very recently controlled, Black elements of the Central Intelligence Agency just as he used to do when he was Director of Central Intelligence (DCI), Vice President and then President of the United States, while all the while representing the long-range pan-German secret Nazi Abwehr ‘Black’ counterintelligence strategists, now known as Deutsche Vertiedigungs Dienst, based in the notorious German town of Dachau.

Note that since we first exposed this penetration three years ago, these facts have never been refuted. On the contrary, not only have they been specifically corroborated by a US operative who did a ‘walk-in’ to our London office at 5.50pm on 4th April 2008, but certain British operatives have been cynically congratulated on this exposure – as though the Editor works for British intelligence, which is so far from the case it doesn’t merit further mention. In 2004, MI6 even tried to discredit the Editor by informing the controlled ‘mainstream’ media that he was involved (a) with a character called Bernie Ecclestone in Monaco and (b) that he was involved with Mark Thatcher in connection with the botched coup against Equatorial Guinea, which is currently making headlines again.

These lies were promulgated by the veteran UK journalist and Mossad biographer Gordon Thomas, when the Editor visited him in Bath in November 2004. After the Editor informed Mr Gordon Thomas that these allegations were crass, as he had been engaged in writing and publishing non-stop since 1970 and during this time had had no time to do anything else, Gordon Thomas retorted:

‘It doesn’t have to be true. It just has to be out there’.

Outraged, the Editor published an article entitled ‘The intelligence community’s attempts to ‘set the Editor up’’ in International Currency Review, Volume 30, Numbers 2 & 3 [January 2005: pages 27-39]. This article detailed the crude lies and idiocies retailed by Gordon Thomas on behalf of MI6 (by his own admission), after which nothing more was heard of these lies.

When the Editor asked the purpsoe of these lies, Gordon Thomas said; 'To make you sit up'. The Editor thereupon informed Thomas that it was his intention to conduct detailed research into the financial corruption and the Wanta dimension, the implication being that we would expose it. The Editor took this quite extraordinary episode to represent an attempt by MI6 to discourage him from embarking upon these investigations.

This detail is added here because of yet another US attempt to smear the Editor, since we last reported, as an intelligence operative. We append a routine statement at the foot of these reports indicating what will happen to anyone who repeats such lies. We take this opportunity to add that if the perpetrator of such lies hides behind anonymity, we will seek libel damages in the English Court against the website platform through which any such lies are disseminated internationally.

Concerning the content of these reports, we assemble information from sources believed to be reliable, knowing that some or all of them may be or are ‘connected’, that some have axes to grind, and that we are constantly liable to be deceived. The skill lies in seeing how developments hang together, testing the analyses for faults, and presenting our conclusions in context.

It is also necessary to add that we speculate on the basis of our best interpretation of the facts teased out from the maelstrom of deliberate lies and disinformation, but that given the Luciferian behaviour of the ‘Black Forces’ we are reporting on, and the importance that they attach to virtual information which enables them to present lies as fact and vice versa, we can never do more than use our best endeavours to expose the truth. US lawyers use the unpleasant phrase ‘to the best of our knowledge and belief’, which covers them if they turn out to be mistaken. Some facts are very clearly seen to be accurate when first encountered, as they could not possibly have been invented.

More to the point, one has to bear in mind at all times that OBFUSCATION is a primary objective of these criminal operatives. If the subject can be changed, they’ll change the subject. Diversionary ploys are mobilised at every turn. This has gone on for so long now, that the US criminalists have become far more sophisticated than Dr Josef Goebbels ever was, with their lies and deceptions, raising the skill of pulling the wool over everyone’s eyes to the level of a new art form. We need not be despondent at this, since it remains the case that what they cannot handle is STRAIGHT EXPOSURE: that’s manifestly what Cheney feared from the late Tim Russert.

The whole point of these reports is that they have nothing to do with any organisation, intelligence or otherwise. That represents a problem for the compartmentalised criminalised entities, especially the Central Intelligence Agency, which never expected to have to put up with any opposition, given its control of the Fourth and much of the Fifth (Internet) Estate as well.

One consequence of this state of affairs is that we have become quite skilled in detecting when information passed to us is especially sensitive, by the fact that the brain-dead eavesdroppers have a habit of cutting us off from the other party if they don’t like what we are being told. This practice, which is routine, shows how bad at their job the eavesdroppers appear to be.

Bpath Compteur