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Hillary Clinton Hints at Obama Assassination!

Defends remaining in race because "Robert Kennedy was assassinated in June"

Given the "Clinton Body Count" during Bill's Presidency, the idea of Obama getting whacked is not far fetched. I earnestly hope the clinton guys get it done so . . . . . someone else . . . . . doesn;t have to! No negro is fit to be President of the United States. Ever.
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Congresswoman Threatens To NATIONALIZE Oil Companies!

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Radioactive Heroin Hits U.S. Streets!

Unintended consequence of using Depleted Uranium bombs in Afghanistan

After the attacks of September 11, the U.S. blamed Osama Bin Laden who was hiding in Afghanistan. When the Taliban government of that country refused to turn Bin Laden over, the U.S. went to war in Afghanistan.

Part of the war effort required attacks against terrorist hideouts in rocky, mountainous areas.

In order to penetrate hundreds of feet of rock, the U.S. utilized "depleted Uranium" bombs to penetrate the rock. Depleted Uranium is an extremely dense, tough, metal which pulverizes as it slips through a hardened target. The pulverized depleted Uranium then remained in the ground, being carried by snow melt and rain into the groundwater of Afghanistan.

Over the past few years, children born in Afghanistan have suffered horrific birth defects because villagers drank well water which had become contaminated by the depleted uranium. As the groundwater continues to move, radiation has now begun showing up in the Poppy crop of Afghanistan.

Poppy plants are the source of Opium and are harvested for lawful medical pharmaceuticals (pain killers) as well as the illegal Heroin trade. Afghanistan is the source of ninety five percent of the world's opium for illegal Heroin production.

Given the movement of groundwater, it was only a matter of time before radiation began showing up in illegal heroin. In fact, radiation HAS begun showing up.

Sources in the U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) have confirmed to "The Hal Turner Show" that kilos of Heroin confiscated by the DEA have been tested and contain LETHAL doses of radioactive material!

In fact, the radioative material is ten thousand times more toxic than Cyanide! Once a heroin user is contaminated by the radiation, they WILL die from radiation poisoning within five to seven days of using as little as one gram of tainted heroin.

There is no cure for this radiation poisoning.

The radiation cannot be filtered out in the manufacturing process so if you know any young people who dabble in recreational illegal heroin, you may wish to tell them about this.
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The Chart above came directly from the federal reserve. It shows that late this year, "Non-Borrowed Reserves of Depositiory Institutions" will hit zero.

In layman's terms this means all cash reserves of the banks will have been lent out; there won't be any more money to lend to anyone.

If banks have no money to lend, then consumers cannot buy things on credit. Even if they could buy on credit, businesses will not be able to borrow to restock inventory or get raw materials for manufacturing. With consumers not buying and with business unable to manufacture or restock, businesses will have to layoff employees. MASSIVE layoffs. Huge unemployment.

As folks lose their jobs, they won't have money coming in to repay any outstanding debts they already have. The bad debts will take out the banks. No credit, no business, no jobs. Total economic collapse.

The only hope they have of delaying (not avoiding) this massive collapse is to change the fractional reserve rules to allow Banks to lend even more money than they have in reserves.

When they make that rule change, they will have to pump several TRILLION in cash into the economy; which will result in almost immediate hyper-inflation. Other currencies will rise sharply against the U.S. dollar resulting in all imported goods skyrocketing in price. Since we don't manufacture anything in our country anymore, these skyrocketing prices will impact everything we buy.

As people find themselves unable to afford the basic necessities of life, social chaos will erupt.

Cities, dependent upon outside sources of food and other goods, will erupt into chaos sooner than outlying areas. There will be food riots. As happens anytime a major emergency occurs, the Blacks and Hispanics will do what they always do: loot, pillage and burn.

As the cities disintegrate into anarchy, folks in suburbs will soon find themselves targets of starving, violent two-legged animals. Without food to buy or steal in the cities, the savages will move to attack the suburbs to take YOUR food and YOUR goods.

When this takes place, you'd better make sure you have enough guns and ammunition to protect yourself, your family and your property. Shoot to kill. Don't worry about the law, because there won't be any law.

Dialing 911 will be useless because the looting, violence and anarchy will totally overwhelm local, county and state law enforcement.

Whether the feds change the fractional Banking rules now or not, the scenarios outlined above will take place. The only question remaining is WHEN the scenarios will take place: In September 2008, February 2009 or at some later date after the rules change once the hyper-inflation kicks-in.

Ladies and gentlemen, I am sorry to tell you that in our lifetime we will see the literal collpase of the United States. We will see oursleves a nation gone mad. It will be a madness that cannot be restrained, but which can only exhaust itself in blood.

When the time for bloodshed comes, I want all of you to know exactly who is to blame so those people can be hunted down and dealt with. To that end, let me make clear, all of the trouble coming at us later this year and into early next year is is going to happen because of our federal government borrowing itself (and us) into oblivion.

The government was aided and abetted by rich jew bankers - the federal reserve. The jew bankers refused to stop lending to our long-Bankrupt government and even went so far as to monetize government debt so the jew bankers could earn billions in interest for themselves, even though they knew the coming social chaos would take place.

When the collapse happens, it will be time to take up arms and overthrow the government of the United States by force, violence and assassinations. The politicos who got us into this mess must pay a price so terrible that others who follow them will knnow to behave -- or face the same fate.

The jew bankers in the federal reserve must also pay the same terrible price. Slaughter would be appropriate.

Folks are already e-mailing me asking "What can I do to protect myself." The short answer is prepare now. Start accumulating food to feed yourself and your family for upwards of a full year!

Stock up on canned foods. Lots of canned foods. They don't go bad for years and the price you pay now will be a lot cheaper than if you wait.

Buy large amounts of BREAD FLOUR to bake your own bread. If you cannot get BREAD FLOUR, buy "All Purpose Flour" and also "WHEAT GLUTEN" to add to it for baking bread. You'll need yeast for the bread, so buy yeast too.

Buy large amounts of dried rice and dried oatmeal.

Buy Honey. Cinnamon, brown sugar and white sugar. Lots of white sugar. Salt. Pepper.

When the crash happens and the supermarkets are empty it will be too late. Plan now. You only have until September of this year to prepare, so get to it.

You can cook some rice, open a can of food, pour the can over the rice, heat it up and have a full, healthy meal.

At breakfast, you can cook up some oatmeal, put honey, cinnamon or brown sugar on top and have a healthy breakfast.

Buy a gravity-fed water filter system and additional filters for it.

Have at least one hand gun for each mature teenager and adult in your family. Have at least one twelve guage shotgun for your family. Have at least one hunting rifle, a .308 or 30-06 to hunt for food. Have ammunition for each weapon and make certain you and your family know how to use them all.

It's gonna get ugly, folks. Real ugly. The feds may delay it awhile, but they cannot avoid it.

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This server was attacked at precisely 9:00 PM just as the Hal Turner Show began to air.

The attack overwhelmed the server knocking it offline.

The attack ended at 10:57 PM, just 3 minutes before my show would normally have ended. Since Pastor James Wickstrom was able to air his show just prior to mine, clearly this attack was directed at me.

This is a case of "kick him when he's down." They see that listener support is not coming in and the show is in danger of ending. So to hasten that process - or to assure the end of the show - they attack the server to make it impossible for anyone to listen.

This attack was also retaliation for me forcing the Immigration Amnesty for Illegal aliens to be completely stripped OUT of the Iraq Troop Funding Bill last night. When word hit the Senate that I have been recruiting terminally ill people to engage in "Patriotic acts" to save the Republic, they knew they could be facing far worse than political pressure. Sadly, I could not make this announcement because the show got slammed off the internet by criminals committing illegal acts.

The attackers used the exact same strategy in December 2006 which nearly destroyed my show at that time.

The site is back now and I may do a show later this week.
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