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Saturday 17 May 2008 19:09


By Christopher Story FRSA, Editor and Publisher, International Currency Review, World Reports Limited, London and New York. For earlier reports, press ARCHIVE. Order your subscriptions and our 'politically incorrect', hence correct, intelligence books from the Edward Harle segment.

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The following abalysis of the collapse of the United States, by Patrick Buchanan, addresses the symptoms of the American crisis without understanding or referring to the financial criminalism dimension, and omitting altogether the cumulative impact of the long-range strategy to destroy the United States and Great Britain masterminded by the Nazis' intelligentsia seconded to the German Geopolitical Centre, Madrid, and encapsulated by the pertinent Abwehr (DVD, Dachau) slogans: 'For us, the war never ended' ('Für uns ist der Krieg neimals vorbei'), and 'We shall build the Thousand-Year Reich upon the Ruins of the United States', which the exposures of financial criminalism have severely destabilised. Whether these serious omissions of the analysis are deliberate, so that this outburst may represent yet another helping of diversionary obfuscation, or not, the sharp criticism from this conspicuously 'Establishment' figure, as elaborated by the excellent former US Federal Government official and analyst, Paul Craig Roberts, are harshly to the point.

The title of P. J. Buchanan's new book is 'Churchill, Hitler, and the Unnecessary War'. Paul Craig Roberts' article is entitled 'Anglo-American Ascendancy Lost in Unnecessary Wars'. We reproduce the article by Paul Craig Roberts (dated 12th May 2008), with some 'corrections' by this Editor:

In a new book that will infuriate the fake conservatives within the Republican Party, Patrick J. Buchanan documents how British self-righteousness, delusion, and hubris destroyed both the British Empire and Western ascendancy in two unnecessary wars launched by a small cabal of morons (Buchanan/Roberts' word) that ruled Britain.

Buchanan's new book, entitled 'Churchill, Hitler, and the Unnecessary War' shows that the two World Wars that destroyed European civilisation began when Britain declared war on Germany, dragging in the Empire, the Commonwealth, and the United States. This was a strategic blunder unparalleled in history. Mighty Britain emerged from World War II as an American dependency.

Buchanan cites such British sources as F.J.P. Veale, B.H. Liddell Hart, and C.P. Snow to illustrate that it was Winston Churchill who committed, in Veale’s words, 'the first deliberate breach of the fundamental rule of civilised warfare that hostilities must only ever be waged against the enemy combatant forces'. Buchanan rewrites history by asserting that it was Churchill, not Hitler, who first targeted civilian populations in the Second World War and caused the structure of civilised warfare to collapse in ruins. THIS IS NONSENSE: the Editor was a boy, living in London, when the Hitler junta despatched V-bombs (doodlebugs) day and night to the British capital, destroying swathes of the city and setting vast tracts of it on fire. Buchanan has demonstarted by this single statement that he is a careless 'historian', with arrogant regard for the truth, as would be expected from such an 'elevated' masonic character. That does not mean that his outburst is not important: its primary significance, underlined by Roberts' support, is that the current ruling party is in a state of internal warfare, after being led to prospective near-oblivion by the US Führer and his 'Himmler', whose defiance of the world community and intermeddling with the Settlements has resulted, we are told, in a price being placed on his head.

The Americans quickly adopted what Buchanan (conveniently forgetting the destruction of much of civilian London by Hitler's doodlebugs), loftily describes as Churchill’s criminal policy of attacking civilians, culminating in the outrageous use of nuclear weapons against two Japanese cities, the mass slaughter of Vietnamese civilians, and the ongoing slaughter of Afghan and Iraqi civilians.

The CIA is again operating death squads in Afghanistan, replicating the model it deployed in Latin America, based on the Nazi blueprint.

A popular American myth is that 'the greatest generation' saved the world from the Nazi tyranny. As Buchanan points out, the fact of the matter is that the Normandy invasion in June 1944 played little, if any, role in Germany’s defeat.

By the end of 1942 Hitler had lost the Second World War at Stalingrad, long before any American troops appeared on the scene. What the Normandy invasion achieved 18 months later was to keep the Red Army from overrunning the whole of Europe.

But Buchanan fails to point out that later, when the US intelligence community allowed itself to be penetrated by the Reinhard Gehlen Organisation which had wreaked terror and havoc in the Soviet Union, the State Department 'bought' Gehlen's lies to the effect that Stalin intended to absorb the whole of Western Europe, whereas by that time Stalin's repression apparatus was bogged down trying to establish hegemony over Eastern Europe, while the Soviet Army had no more than one and a half divisions that were mechanised, the rest being still largely horse-drawn.

In other words, the Cold War represented a ruse by the Abwehr (Nazi counterintelligence) behind which it obtained long-range cover to develop and apply its strategies for ultimately reversing the catastrophic defeats suffered by Germany in two world wars. It has all but succeeded.

The strategy consisted of two elements: enticing Britain and other Western European countries into a Pan-Europa masquerading as 'cooperation', whereas the 'automaton' that has been created is a lethal collective entrapment instrument, which is incompatible with the continued existence of its members as nation states: see the Editor's book The European Union Collective: Enemy of its Member States [visit the Edward Harle Limited (books) segment of this integrated website].

Although Buchanan’s book is about how the British 'destroyed themselves', Buchanan is clearly thinking about America. In the closing pages, Buchanan shows how the Bush regime has broken from the sound policy of President Reagan and is replicating the British folly of self-destruction.

'There is hardly a blunder of the British Empire we have not replicated', laments Buchanan.

The distinct American hubris that 'we are the indispensable nation' and the braggadocio to the effect that America is an 'omnipower', has resulted in America becoming overcommitted in sterile alliances. Despite the fact that 25 percent of the Iraqi population has been liquidated, injured or displaced, Patrick Buchanan says, the 'world’s only superpower' cannot even control Baghdad.

To deal with the pointless war that America started in Afghanistan, the United States has had to sucker its NATO allies into a conflict that is no concern of theirs. Editor: Reasons that the United States invaded Afghanistan and later Iraq included the 'necessity' of deploying US troops abroad, as a 'back-stop' to prevent implementation of The Reformation Act, as explained in our report dated 9th May 2008. In addition, the criminalist Dark Forces inside the US structures sought control over Afghani drug production, while the invasion of Iraq, which Buchanan/Roberts now say has resulted in the death or incapacitation or refugee status of 25% of the Iraqi population, was motivated by lust for control of the Central Bank of Iraq and Rafidain Bank, as also explained in the 9th May report.

Militarily overextended and with a faltering economy and collapsing currency, the cabal of morons that rules America still hopes to attack Iran, Syria, and to drive Hezbollah from Lebanon. American idiots in think tanks are busy at work drawing up plans about how America is going to check China and prevent her emergence as a power beyond US control. The Republican Presidential candidate has boasted that he will challenge Russia and bring Putin to heel. McCain (forget the Mc: the late Sherman Skolnik, a Jew, revealed that McCain is Jewish) is reportedly himself deeply compromised.

Yet, even while these studies are being developed, Madame Wu is 'seizing' control of US banks as a consequence of the bovine stupidity of the American Führer and his Unterreichsführer, whose preoccupation throughout their usurped period in office has been to maximise their own financial enrichment, while pursuing an internationalist hegemony policy financed by their frauds, theivery and scamming operations. By 17th May 2008, Madame Wu had already seized control of at least four banks, following further delays and intransigence orchestrated by Cheney, who runs the Treasury.

Due to their arrogance, the crooks imagined that they could never be exposed, given the scale of their bribery and the extent to which DC politicians have participated and stashed away their own illicit fortunes, so that they are all compromised, as well. (But the Canadian secret bank accounts of the DC politicians are all known, or have been emptied, we understand). That is the methodology of the Godfather: get everyone compromised, so that everyone can then be blackmailed.

Buchanan/Roberts have failed to take on board that the crisis America faces is a direct outome of years of unfettered highest-level criminalist operations, a serious omission that they share with the academic community on both sides of the Atlantic. For most academics, living in university common rooms and polite society, financial criminality is something that they know nothing about, because it does not touch their pampered lives.

The world’s biggest debtor is going to take on the two powerful countries with the largest trade surpluses. Russia’s 2007 current account surplus was $465 billion and China’s was $363 billion. By contrast, the US current account deficit was $987 billion, an amount larger than the total deficits of all other countries in the world combined. The out-of-pocket and already-incurred future cost of Bush’s wars of aggression is between $3 and $5 trillion, every dollar of which must be borrowed. That comes on top of the unfunded liabilities of the US Government totalling $53 trillion. By any account the United States is the world’s worst credit risk. The 'mighty' United States relies upon foreigners to finance its consumption, its wars, and the daily operations of its evil Government.

When Buchanan looks at the collection of 'idiots' that comprise America’s ruling class, he despairs.

In truth, American power is already broken, and the country is already lost, he says, ignoring the incredible developments that have ensued as a result of the reality that the Kriminalreich has been cornered, in the aftermath of the financial corruption exposures and their consequences.

The country is lost, because the Brownshirt Bush Regime has destroyed the US Constitution with the complicity of the Democrats and the US Federal Courts. There is no organised power that can restore the Constitution or even much concern that it has been overthrown. THIS STATEMENT IS COMPLETELY INACCURATE. There is massive, and intensifying, concern that the Constitution may have been overthrown, but this is actually an illusion. The 'line' that government structures have been corporatised is a dubious, virtual and disingenuous smokescreen, based upon the existence of corporations set up precisely to mask the 'shadow government' nexus, but which is promulgated in order to protect the perpetrators of the financial frauds from being identified as traitors to the United States, which is what they all are. The 'corporatist' structures, though existing in form, yes, have no validity, are recognised by nobody, and will vanish from the screen when the irreversible impact of the corruption exposures and their very severe consequences has run its course. It's pointless talking about a timetable, but there are innumerable indications that this is happening.

For instance, in 2007, we criticised the Internal Revenue Service for is double standards. On 15th May, The Wall Street Journal and the International Herald Tribune published an article entitled 'US seeks reports on Americans' foreign bank accounts', by Lynnley Browning. This development is a direct outcome of the financial fraud exposures and of the de facto clean-up that accompanies the dragging of the United States into the new Basel-II environment with effect from one minute past midnight on 14th April 2008. The point here is that even the most corrupt system of governance cannot, eventually, tolerate corruption and tax evasion beyond a certain level, or its own support system collapses. That 'corruption is what those occupying the highest offices do' is both painful, and true: but the worm has turned decisively, due to the momentum of the corruption exposures.

NOTE: The fact that the IRS is so disliked, obviously, is not the point. The point made above here is objective. It is a FACT that the IRS has been goaded, not least by litigation, out of its complacency.

The country is broken, certainly, because American capitalists have moved offshore so many US manufacturing, engineering, and research jobs, that American imports now exceed US industrial production. American dependence on imported manufactured goods, advanced technology goods, and energy is astounding. AND WHY HAS THIS HAPPENED? Because Herr George Bush Sr., agent for the ongoing Nazi Abwehr/DVD, spearheaded this well-known Nazi Fascist strategy, which is also replicated within The European Union Collective, and on a prodigious scale.

The proportions of this huge crisis can be understood when considering the sheer folly of the so-called 'just-in-time' production chain. This is a crude invention of egg-heads to justify the idiocy of having alienated productive capacity to the Far East. For instance, when travelling from the Amtrak station in Erie, PA, to the city, one is driven through what seems to be an endless passage of long- since closed and boarded-up factories which have been surplus to output requirements for years, specifically as a consequence of the alienation of productive capacity, and its corollary: unhealthy reliance on 'just-in-time' delivery. This weird system requires that when a fresh supply of grommets (made in China) is required, a fresh order is placed when the stock kept on hand is all but depleted.

This system 'works' so long as international relations are calm, oil prices are at 'reasonable' levels, and there are no supply threats or disruptions. But manifestly, when the global economy, financial and trade systems are on the brink of fragmenting, to rely on Far East production and 'just-in-time' delivery lends new meaning to the word 'madness'. In any war situation, the United States would have to re-industrialise under the worst possible conditions. That's the whole point.

As we have explained, the European Union Collective is the 'automaton' set up in fulfilment of strategies developed by the Nazi intelligentsia and initially promulgated in 1942 in 'Europaische Wirtschaftsgemeinschaft', a compendium of Nazi strategic papers delivered at a seminar held in 1941, the purpose of which was to design and agree upon the intended postwar Pan-German Fascist Settlement. Anyone familiar with that document will understand that George Bush Sr. has implemented the same blueprint in respect of the United States: for details, see the Editor's 2007 book: The New Underworld Order [Edward Harle Limited: books section of this website].

Moreover, the dependency is escalating dramatically. In March 2002, prior to Bush’s decision to impose Israel’s will on the Middle East, oil was $25 a barrel. Today oil is $125+ a barrel, a five-fold increase that has seen the US oil import bill rise from $145 billion in 2006 to $456 billion presently, representing a $300 billion addition to a trade deficit already running at $700-$800 billion annually.

There is no possibility of the US closing its trade deficit, although, with the depreciation of the dollar, some reduction in its size was recorded in 2007. The US is able to survive such enormous deficits only because the US dollar remains the world's reserve currency (the Americans having deviously usurped this role from the British after the Second World War: yes, Washington 'shafted' its key ally back then, too). This role for the US dollar is nearing an end as the world looks for more stable stores of value. Although oil is still nominally priced in dollars, in reality it is being priced in Euros as oil producers raise the dollar price with a view to keeping their oil revenues at a constant purchasing power when denominated in Euros.

OBJECTION: There may be some truth to this, but the primary factor driving up the oil price in the face of imminent recession was identified in our report dated 9th May 2008, namely the speculative operations conducted by the huge oil corporations through their trading floors, which deal in all kinds of commodities, futures, cash, currencies, derivatives etc, as well as energy products. This activity has essentially displaced the traditional OPEC country cartel, which was in any case always a dialectical cover for an external cartel operated by the oil corporations. These US corporations operate abroad because if they were to base their operations on domestic resources, they could not sustain a price falsification cartel because of US domestic anti-monopolies legislation.

Buchanan/Roberts argue that when the dollar loses its reserve currency role, foreign financing for US trade and budget deficits will evaporate. American living standards will collapse, as the Editor of this service predicted on 2nd September 2007: see Archive; and the indispensable omnipower will be just another washed-up country, way past its sell-by date.

However the authors' omission of any reference to the refinancing operation arising from the exposures with which we have been associated, has blinded them to the possibility that, as a consequence of the reforms that are gathering momentum (and of the likelihood that a financial crisis that in an earlier era would have engulfed the world in war, WILL HAVE BEEN 'RESOLVED' WITHOUT WAR), may yield an 'Indian summer' for the US dollar as the world's reserve currency.

Whether it will last longer than that depends upon whether the Settlements are followed by Act Two, meaning the refurbishment of the filthy corruption stables after their overdue fumigation, or whether those who 'know the score' in the United States sink back into a state of relieved but complacent exhaustion. It is ABSOLUTELY NECESSARY to proceed to Act Two without delay.

Paul Craig Roberts was Assistant Secretary of the Treasury during President Reagan’s first term. He was Associate Editor of the Wall Street Journal. He has held numerous academic appointments, including the William E. Simon Chair, Center for Strategic and International Studies, Georgetown University, and Senior Research Fellow, Hoover Institution, Stanford University. He was awarded the Legion of Honor by French President Francois Mitterrand.

Please be advised that the Editor of International Currency Review cannot enter into email correspondence related to this or to any of the earlier reports.

We are a private intelligence publishing house and have no connections to any outside parties including intelligence agencies. The word ‘intelligence’ on this website and in all our marketing material is used for marketing/sales purposes only and has no other connotations whatsoever: see ‘About Us’ on the red panels under the Notes on the Editor, Christopher Story FRSA, who has been solely and exclusively engaged as an investigative journalist, Editor, Author and private financial and current affairs Publisher since 1963 and is not and never has been an agent for a foreign power, suggestions to the contrary being actionable for libel in the English Court.



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