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..Mon, 14 Feb 2005

soul invit /shapeshifter /;
........TRUE blood "Genesis of the Grail Kings" -by gardner, messeh/messiah means "of the reptiles juices" literally..).. more at
that the original Niburu/Hiburu ANunaki ADAM AND EVE gene splicing on this planet WAS FOR MORE THAN JUST HACKING UP SOME NEW BORGS FOR GOLD MINING.
The reason they were eating gold powder (manna/spice/ormes) to implode their DNA (ringing in YOUR ears).. (and thus needed TAKadama..-borgs from orion) WAS...
This required a glandular operation of INVERSION called COMPASSION.. to act magnetically on the DNA...
from the inside out..
RESULTING in the ideal case... in DNA THAT COULD STEER ITSELF in faster than light.. travel (time penetration, lucid dreaming, bardo navigating, having soul memory that sustained thru death... in short the true upstart of the bumper sticker to the dracos: GET A SOUL..)
All this is told nicely in the story of the GOLDEN ONES..
The point being there was a much DEEPER REASON the Annunaki/Orion contingent had to wander back to a more gravitically fractal (Hopi called Earth's nexus real estate value of location "Peshmehten" which became the series: "Deep Space Nine") and thus fertile enviornment for getting self reference in the DNA up to speed..
THEY had looked hundreds of years into our future, and seen whole star systems beginning to fractionate/destabilize due to the inability of evolved genepools to INHABIT them. Essential, DNA's magneto force provides the skill to keep megnetic wormholes re-steering themselves recursively back into their own center. Thus the CENTERING FORCE we have called GRAVITY IS ACTUALLY THE cooking soup for self awareness. This is because self-reference magnetically WHICH CREATES GRAVITY BY MAKING CHARGE INTO A FRACTAL.. (and valence shells recursive and embeddable).. and SELF AWARENESS... ARE THE SAME THING..
Another more poetic way to understand this, is the Aboriginal way. Keep squirting your ecstatic gland magnetism down the songline wormholes, and MAGic your tectonics don't break up. Self awareness MAKES THE GLUE. This self organizing wave physics engendered by the skill to EMBED YOURSELF (the physics of "to inhabit"), was called "The SUBSTANCE OF WE" feeling. (Sufic: Doris Lessing's books.)
So the glue to hold the travel worms together superluminally (see the Dodecahedron in "Contact").. enables coherent wave fronts to return from the superluminal, UNscrambled. (MEMORY../information.. see INCUNABULA time travel..) Incunabula, Tantric wormholes and the bardo bridge, the antenna cocoon for human eros to produce shaamanic time tunnelsu
So lets make this ultra simple.
The local politics noticed that the whole dragon orion contingent genepool, was now:
-unable to travel in time without heavy metal (very un-cool)
-unable to keep long memory- thru death - soul
-unable to get fertile/sustainable immune system cooked up in offspring thru thymus radiance..
so they (annunaki/magdalens dragon blood..) wandered BACKWARDS in time to find the place where the radiating wave of galactically propagating genetic chaos ORIGINATED!
They superluminally scanned multiple timeline/event horizons AND DETERMINED THAT THE SOURCE OF THE EXPLODING GENETIC DISASTER was THIS 2ND MILLENIA TIMELINE ON EARTH HERE NOW!!!!!!......etc............


embedded dna................Mon, 14 Feb 2005

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One 360 degree turn of DNA measures 34 angstroms in the direction of the axis. The width of the molecule is 20 angstroms, to the nearest angstrom. These lengths, 34:20, are in the ratio of the golden mean, within thelimits of the accuracy of the measurements. Each DNA strand contains periodically recurring phosphate and sugar subunits. There are 10 such phosphate-sugar groups in each full 360 degree revolution of the DNA spiral. Thus the amount of rotation of each of these subunits around the DNA cylinder is 360 degrees divided by 10, or 36 degrees. This is exactly half the pentagon rotation, showing a close relation of the DNA sub-unit to the golden mean.
resuming here the Magneticx Story:
When the Orion Queens (MAG / Dragon Queen / Oil of Messeh)
laid down their law to the arriving ANunaki ..(Ea for whom Earth was named)
the instructions were clear..
branch yes, cross NO.
This meant Annunaki Males could contribute Y, (give sperm),
but their Females -telepathic MAG X genepool- were not to receive.. sperm.
In this way there would be no dilution of their fractal egg embedded matriarchy bloodline.
In addition all crosses required approval. Their gene splicers, N/Hiburu 'priests' created sex guilt over this issue. (also see:"Inquisition" - murder all psychokinetic eggs..) The key moment was when Ninhursag put an Annunaki sperm impregnated cromagnon egg, into her womb. That was where the illegal fertile EVE was created. (Line of Cayin origin of our word King -"Genesis of the Grail Kings" /Gardner)
If once the worm in DNA got free, it might sting the cloners. (Scorpio's like this.. sting is the first topological move to recur which is to become sweet...braided!)
We the TakAdama (borgs from Orion) might evolve more psychokinesis than those tending our petri dish (Draco/Dragon breeding our Royal families for Millenia as if they were show dogs).
In todays news on Alta Vista, cloning breakthru creates Monkey, while Kentucky Fried Chicken is shown serving up genetically engineered food to kids. Reki tells us the gene splicer Annunaki came here originally specifically because of the reign of chaos that swept across the galaxy when the DNA could no longer steer, as a result of widespread cloning. (See the story of the "Golden Ones": reason the Annunaki returned here, at ../origins bottom piece..). They traveled BACK in time across thousands of inhabited planetoids to locate the original temporal source of this disturbance. They aimed their time travel (see "Stargate" film) Niburu back at EDEN on Earth, specifically when they realized that our soon to evolve epoch of GENE splicing WAS THE SOURCE OF THIS GALACTIC CATASTROPHY!
The importance of proper gold embedding GENE harvesting to the success of star commerce was becoming evident. Whoever inhabited the BIG wormholes got to steer the BIG trading vessels. (see 'Deep Space Nine' series and Guild Navigation in "Dune"... like convincing congress in the movie "Contact" that your dodeca antennae really squirts you out there..). Getting your genes up to speed for the big squirt down the tube, was more than just status posturing, it was WHO MADE THE BIG BUCKS. (And whole artificial gene splicing planetoids .. called 'Arr' {gonaut}, like Niburu with Hiburu priest gene alphabet staffing, do not come cheap.. Gold Powder harvesting was a cover story for a deeper search for the heart of gold /recursion embedable faster than light enabled DNA!!).
Apparently the success of the MAGNETIC X squirt gun SWORD up the ladder of DNA thru lightspeed, was specifically what enabled genepools to:
1. Steer themselves in time travel without embarassing heavy metal craft.
2. Succeed in lucid dream, bardo death navigating, and shamanic star navigating "Contact"..
3. Radiate a sustainable immune system into their young thru an EKG phonon programmed, radiant thymus..
4. More subtly, whole star systems gravity centroids were destabilized when the centering force generated by inhabiting "time lord", "ophanic", "angelics", SOLURUs.. weakened.
Climbing the ladder of DNA symmetry to "ascend" to these velocities STOPPED..
As a result, one of the primary LIONPATH agenda, (see the Morph Orion Queen Drac to Sumerian Goddess statue, Genesis = watered down mistranslation of Sumerian... which means Dragon in Celtic) in resplicing themselves as a recursive SCION (jon)-branch-, back onto their own genetic root stock at Edin (Edenic Annunaki spaceport), WAS TO PREVENT THE GENETIC ENGINEERING WHICH ULTIMATELY BLED THE GENEPOOL OF A...
"Willed Mutation of the Species". (book by Satprem).. (This is how DNA loses "will"/intent ).
So now as our genetic history waltzes back around to that recurrent point of choice... will we short circuit the free will of DNA?
Sacred is the freedom in Star Trek's Prime Directive. If you do not set them -their DNA- FREE... their children will be DIZZY. If you do not set the characters in your own dream FREE, you will never learn from them. Degrees of Freedom which limit how much newness evolves in chemical reactions has the same sacred meaning in Magic, Alchemy, and GeneSplicing. The CHEM in AlCHEMy and CHEMistry means 'from the blackness'.. that is from the THROAT OF THE MAGNETIC X. (implosion steerage / survive the black hole and you steer in time..Einstein's revenge..)
Failure to EMBED DNA IS... AN ELECTRICAL GROUNDING ISSUE. Access to ground - electrical AND psychological, is access to fractality, is access to the geometry of braid embedding. This is similar to the biomagnetic shock schizophrenic alienation universal among urban dwellers ripped from exposure to the fragile long wave Earth's long wave 'schumann' magnetic blood stream. How different are those kids, after 20 minutes barefoot in mud around a spring in an old forest... I have an idea, let's measure the change in attention span!
MANY ET races look on our planet with the trepidation we look at a dangerous petri dish with a potent virus that MIGHT escape.
Now if you were a genetic engineer, asking practical questions about how to convince the stockholders to change corporate policy, the conversation might go something like this:
(I think Monsanto got the message when their stock crashed after Europe vomited back their multimillion dollar PR campaign for Genetic Engineered food.. now they merely need intelligent redirecting....?)
Ahh look boss, it MIGHT be that the huge bulk of this DNA chain we have been regarding as useless, non-encoding, and snip-able... MAY have some information context /embedding value (like a million years of genetic learning), which we should consider before hacking it out of next weeks Kentucky Fried Chickens.... and the bleached genetically screaming in pain WHEAT we dump into the microwave which costs children their attention span (CONTEXT ABILITY).
Commentary from Molecular Biologist, Georgia Tech Ph.D. researcher..
  With the discovery of recombinant DNA biotechnology, humanity made off with Mother Nature's scissors. Unfortunately we know less than She. Editing the code of life with incomplete knowledge of meaning is like an electrician inside a supercomputer hacking out pieces assumed to be useless in order to make a "better" machine.
Specifically, genetic engineers are currently redesigning plants, animals, and people ostensibly for herbicide resistance, and disease immunity. It is assumed that the preponderance of "junk" DNA that intervenes between coding regions is inefficient, useless and could be removed for greater stream- lining. In actuality these spans serve multiple biological functions (cancer prevention, gene induction) and should be left in place within the genome.
Eukaryotic organisms (those with a double DNA library) have small sequences of DNA able to remove themselves and reinsert elsewhere in the genome. These "jumping genes" are usually latent and immobile, but under stress, become active. If they reinsert into a coding region of the genome they can disrupt a gene's biological function causing a mutation and potentially cancer. Fortunately, the genome of eukaryotic organisms is characterized by vast stretches of non-coding "junk DNA". If a jumping gene becomes active it is more likely to reinsert somewhere without causing harm. If genetic engineers attenuate non-coding regions, they may increase the likelihood of "jumping gene"-induced cancer.
Further, intervening sequences (introns) can be necessary for effective gene induction. For DNA to be converted to RNA from a coding sequence (gene), an upstream promoter must be induced. In some instances the DNA-binding protein required to turn on the gene must bind to the DNA in two places at once separated at times by hundreds of intervening base pairs (rungs of the ladder). DNA achieves this by bending the intron to accomadate dual binding by the DNA-binding protein. In this case, removal of the required intervening sequence would destoy proper gene induction.
In addition to the molecular necessity of introns for genetic function, there is also a less immediately tangible requirement for non-coding DNA stretches for biological health. It has been hypothesized that DNA serves as an antennae for electromagnetic capacitance. If the genome has been fragmented to such a degree that it can no longer vibrate with the long wave within which other waveforms nest, those waveforms (memories) will be lost. The tingle of life transmitted through healthy, coherent DNA becomes absent. Humans feeding upon chickens and grains adulterated through genetic engineering may soon find themselves feeling devoid of the charge gleaned from organisms whose DNA was able to infuse their tissues with the electromagnetic charge known as life force. With rampant cases of chronic fatique syndrome in adults, and attention deficit disorder in children, one may infer that our cellular batteries are being insufficiently charged.
Adonia McKinzi, Ph.D.
Molecular Biologist
Here's a finding no one was expecting.. BOB
Date: Sun, 28 May 2000
From: dj <>
Subject: GM genes can jump species, says expert,3604,319704,00.html
GM genes can jump species, says expert
GM food: special report
James Meikle
Monday May 29, 2000
A claim that genes used to modify crops can jump the species barrier into other
forms of wildlife was last night raising new concerns about the potential threat
to human health and the environment.
Unpublished work by Professor Hans-Hinrich Kaatz of the University of Jena,
Germany, suggests genes from GM rape seed can be transferred to bacteria and
fungi in the gut of honey bees, posing serious questions for GM supporters and
the biotech industry who believe the chances of gene transfer are very limited.
The findings, if substantiated, could further dent public confidence in
scientists and the government, whose handling of the crisis surrounding the
growing of GM-contaminated conventional crops over thousands of acres in the
last two springs has provoked anger from farmers, anti-GM campaigners and the
Prof Kaatz has been experimenting for three years with honey bees on a field
sowed with GM rape, engineered to resist certain herbicides while surrounding
weeds were treated. He removed pollen gathered by the bees on their hind legs
when they returned to the hive and in a laboratory fed it to young honey bees
which naturally eat it as part of a high protein diet.
Then he took intestines out of the bees and spread the contents on a growth
medium to grow micro-organisms. In some bacteria and in a yeast from the gut he
found the gene that conferred resistance to the herbicide.
Prof Kaatz told the German television station ZDF that the "bees had obviously
taken up these genes. They were in the bacteria in the intestinal tract of the
bees and seemed to have come from the genes of the original plant and to have
been taken up into their own genetic make-up." He said this happened rarely,
but it "does happen".
The Ministry of Agriculture made clear that it would only study the research if
it was published in a scientific journal, after being reviewed by other
scientists. A spokesman said the work "made an interesting point we will have
to look at, and will do, once it is published. We are not going to jump to any
Adrian Bebb of Friends of the Earth said: "I think this is pretty alarming
research. It shows us how little we know."


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