The electric field you call your conscious self, your "I" (Ahh-'eee' sound makes a vortex sonically connecting inclusive to exclusive harmonics) - is actually a double cone phase conjugating vortex. It sucks and implodes charge thru the speed of light into connectivity at coeur. The result is an information communion whose fractal coherence allows you to have a 'self correcting' phase conjugate mirror for charge - you call ME. This little superluminal multiply connected charge wormhole navigates its way thru charge space- as the YOU that lives or dies depending on whether you know you to FEED its (fractal) electric PHIRE! Unfortuneately this means that every time you follow Earth's insanely stupid biophysicists into cities which are unfractal metal electrosmog hell - you soon murder everything sustainable about your own DNA's 'soul'. The simple truth is - that if you want to continue having the privelege of inhabiting this phase conjugate tornado you call LIFE ITSELF- you are definitely going to have to learn about what electric fields KILL it. Arrange about 5 transformer power supplies (from all your toys) spitting out their poison around your body- take 5 minutes- and notice the absolute nausea and complete loss of attention (& loss of digestion). Next step: fire your idiot university biologists if they cannot explain WHY you felt like shit in the center of electrosmog. EVERY electric wave which cannot be EMMBEDDED or nest non-destructively (fractally) -based on the Sun's (hydrogen fractal) master wave- is inherently going to KILL everything that lives (especially germinating seeds, the bliss and souls of your kids). The fact that your university biology department has not taught you this - means they should be reported for CRIMES AGAINST HUMANITY.

After a Billion or so Years of Evolution-Nature found the symmetry for LIFE - from DNA- to plants to people to galaxies - they are all GOLDEN RATIO based FRACTAL! This (perfected compression) creates perfected DISTRIBUTION OF CHARGE- 'the fractal field'. How could ANY biophysicist today imagine there could be any other electrical definition for LIFE & CONSCIOUSNESS ITSELF! (The engine which distributes CHARGE efficiently is the physics of 'spirit'). And yet - look how the stupid humans build clothes, houses, cities today - the CHARGE FIELD is not fractal ... so people DIE! - All because bio-physics has been too stupid to know the ONLY electric field pattern (looks like a rose) which can optimally nourish DNA - and every living thing. Fractality by compressing perfectly, distributes charge perfectly and THAT is LIFE! (from )
This web site is based on one simple yet entirely revolutionary, testable and TEACHABLE concept- that FRACTAL or non-destructive (golden ratio optimized / implosive) CHARGE COMPRESSION is the essential symmetry and CAUSE of all: 1. mass creation, 2. gravity, 3. biology, 4. healing, 5. self organization from chaos, 6. symbol making, 7. consciousness, and 8. all BLISS / PEAK EXPERIENCE / ENLIGHTENMENT.
Since all biologic growth is limited by ability to absorb energy it is self evident the best way to compress that in to nourish biology is FRACTAL! - Since fractality is the perfect geometry for compression, it is therefore the perfect geometry of distribution - AND the RADIANCE of charge efficiency which defines all of life.
The FRACTAL FIELD - Revolutionary Research Frontier - with Radically Powerful Solutions to Virtually ALL Major Global Issues..
"A new scientific truth does not triumph by convincing its opponents and making them see the light, but rather because its opponents eventually die, and a new generation grows up that is familiar with it."--Max Planck, German Theoretical Physicist
1. Peacemaking: How The FRACTAL FIELD Can Make Teaching PEACE Into a New and Powerful SCIENCE - more:
2. Agriculture: How the FRACTAL FIELD Can Revolutionize Farming by creating Phase Conjugate Environment which properly allow DNA to Communicate and Thrive electrically - more: , and Be smart:food storage in a refridgerator is NOT fractal
3. Architecture: How the FRACTAL FIELD Can ReInvent Architecture now that the Principle of Building a BIOLOGIC CAPACITOR Allows us to Create Structure to Truly Create Healing and Bliss in Biology - more:
4. Genetics: How the FRACTAL FIELD Can ReDefine Success in Genetic Research / and Engineering - based on ReDefining DNA COHERENCE, and DNA 'Radio', and DNA Ability to Absorb and Radiate the Electric Field of LIFE! - more: , and ,
5. Psychology of BLISS / Ecstasy and PEAK EXPERIENCE: How the FRACTAL FIELD Allows Us Now to Define, Measure and most of all TEACH - Peak Experience , Bliss, Ecstasy - True Enlightenment - more:
6. Urban Design: How the FRACTAL FIELD Allows us to Re-Invent URBAN DESIGN Based on Fractal Charge Compression- to Attract People, Money, Charge and LIFE FORCE Back into Urban Design- more: ,
7. Weather / Climate / Rainmaking: How the FRACTAL FIELD Allows us to Attract Rain - and Regulate Precipitation - more: , and The Yantra Pics at
8. Energy: How the FRACTAL FIELD Can Allow Us to PROPERLY Use Charge Self-Similarity to COHERE and Couple the Gravity Field for Electric Charge - WITHOUT Destabilizing the Earth Grid - more : ,
How the (Phi) FRACTAL FIELD provides radical new solutions to GLOBAL WARMING: , and WHEN COLD FUSION gets COLD:
9. Another example of FRACTAL FIELD - self similar charge field -revolutionizing medicine..- note how Negative Ion Wind (a fractal field) radically sweeps infection and parasites from the body ( see: ref 1) -perfectly consistent with using fractality to measure ANY liquid's ability to support life ( ReDox Potential measure at ) and - measuring fractality in Air to find and measure life's electric signature ( see IGA at phaseconjugation link). + Fractal Field is Electrical Engineering Instructions for SUCCESSFUL DEATH! -
10.-FRACTALITY in the HEART-solution to EKG+ virtually ALL disease resistance: ,
11.-FRACTALITY in TIME (time=measurement of charge rotation) -charge systems emerge from chaos only this way-fractality (how to generate synchronicity): , Just as Bruce Cathie showed nuclear critical mass varied with grid position, in space AND time - fractality (constructive charge compression) is the OBVIOUS principle- so capacitors properly arranged in a golden spiral firing in TIME - WILL reduce critical mass! (sorry CIA - the principle of FRACTALITY {fear's opposite} is PUBLIC information).
12.-Fractality in the CELL: Bruce Lipton -of "Membrane Mediated Biology"+ "What the Bleep"- discusses how the cell membrane gets infinite surface area, infinite foldedness- (DW adds Harmonic Inclusive by Golden Ratio) and therefore potentially infinite information by getting FRACTAL- in his latest paper/book:"FRACTAL EVOLUTION:

 from the new Film(exerpt) - online + new DVD Hi Res version:
Real Physics of Holy Grail: Fractal Blood for Successful Death ( English+French)
Dan Winter presents: The Real Physics for the DaVinci Code "Holy Grail" in the Blood- real key to the KA - Biology's coherent charge field - ticket to a successful death. First: a look at the geometry of the vision seen at death- both from myth (Dante) and research (Kluver). Then a look at how death is measured electrically (GDV) - compared to religious ideas (Tibetan book of the Dead). THEN - the reason the coherent biologic charge field has the possibility of surviving death - (measureably)- namely: IMPLOSIVE COMPRESSION in DNA. Looking at the path charge follows into DNA - we see FRACTAL SELF SIMILARITY. This means - that compression by Golden Ratio embedding can be turned into ACCELERATION (gravity making)- in the Blood... when the blood is ignited with charge (BLISS)! Animating this charge path geometrically - we see LITERALLY -THE BEST ANIMATION OF THE HOLY GRAIL EVER SEEN!!!! Not only that it is REAL PHYSICS!... If ever there was a solution to the DaVinci code's HOLY GRAIL IN BLOOD - this is it... see:


With this principle (fractally attracted CHARGE creates both GRAVITY and LIFE FORCE ITSELF) - we re-invent architecture and agriculture -based on a new understanding of the pure electrical symmetry (self-similar enabled compression) which CREATES LIFE (& ensouls DNA ,creates bliss, + survives death)...
- AND replaces Einstein (& the energy crisis) with the more correct:
ONLY Self similarity enables the (charge) compression that turns in to acceleration (gravity)... and LIFE!also-Invited Physics Journal Article
From-Germination-an Electrical Understanding: The REASON That (SelfSimilar) Non-Destructive CHARGE COMPRESSION (a pine cone) PRODUCES LIFE (Measureable freshness and germination improvement) Is Because Where Waves Can Agree - Information (for Sustainability) Becomes Available. This shows up as HARMONIC INCLUSIVENESS (Defines Sustainability / Viability in Everything that Lives) - and COHERENCE (Perfected in Fractality) in the Power Spectra. The REASON that understanding this principle may save our genepool - is it would enable us to re-invent architecture - agriculture- & genetic engineering - to only build structures (like SUN temples) which retain the capacity (capacitance) to hold charge and LIFE. (What we used to call 'spirit' 'orgone' 'chi' etc. )- Instead of bleeding the souls of our children with square metal buildings, cities, & refrigerators - which leak away the vital force required to have and keep a 'Soul'.

- Genetically Going in Circles May Eventually Turn You Inside OUT!
Intro -prelude from Dan Winter: Academic Paper - CIRCULAR DNA - including the paper by Ken Biegeleisen.
It is a pleasure to share this RINGING DNA material - thanks to Ken Biegeleisen - who has formalized and represented his paper here on TOROIDAL or CIRCULAR DNA (relating to the concept of 'Braiding' DNA) - with academic references.
Many misconceptions can be cured to the point of real self-empowerment by this kind of thinking:
Misconception ONE: I am going to get spiritual and cosmic and immortal (biologically sustainable) when divine force (the astrology of charge?) adds '12 strands' to my DNA.
More the Truth: IF you choose the hygiene to eat, and live in, and dance in, and HAVE BLISS in-- - LIFE FORCE and therefore CHARGE - THEN your DNA may absorb that charge by enveloping itself in the recursive braid which ENSOULS - (implodes). The addition of strands which appear to happen when you braid thread into string into rope, is because of braiding (the answer lies 'folded in an envelope' - see pics below). Braiding your DNA is something you do and learn by choice - to absorb 'spin' (charge) - not something 'GOD' does for you. Only the strength of will growing in the sun-shine of shareable and embedable intent - is sustainable (and therefore able to be 'saved').
IF you tilt a cube 32degrees you can spin it into the next dimension (axis of symmetry) which is a DODECA (4th Dimension)..THEN you step or wratchet that dodecahedron down a HELIX or SLINKY (the SHAPE of DNA)- that is the 5th dimension (axis of symmetry). SO the THREAD that begins DNA is 5 spin symmetries or dimension.
FINALLY.. if you take THAT thread and recursively braid the braid of the braid.. (thread into string into rope into fat rope into fatter rope- THIS is how DNA accepts the charge into a re-CORDing of its environment)..
and on the SEVENTH time you recursively braid or plait - PRESTO - the DNA becomes a DONUT / TORUS!. (YOU are RINGlord). This is WHY the seventh spin or the 7 color on the topo map makes DONUT. AT this point you do indeed have 12 AXIS OF SYMMETRY of DIMENSIONS (as opposed to 12 STRANDS ) in your DNA.. AND - the implosion of that donut DNA sending (by recursive adding a phase velocities thru lightspeed ) ALL of the charge symmetry of ALL your biological memory THRU THE SPEED OF LIGHT. And THAT - is what makes a SOUL (the tornado thru light speed )- indicated appropriately by the ability to
+lucid dream
+take memory thru death
+time travel without embarassing heavy metal craft
+make gravity in genes
+steer stars.. etc.
(called Chloridians in STAR WARS - Anikin- -.. also called BOSON SEVEN in the DNA power spectra taken at Montauk to predict WHO could steer the time (Deca Delta / Dodeca - see "Contact" movie) antenna "chair".
The remnant 'fallen Nephalim' conservative DNA culture from Alpha Draconis thru Enlil / Yalweh / Michael / Michabo / Amon - then stablished the rules to PREVENT DNA from getting FREE - which became India's CASTE SYSTEM - and Aboriginal Marriage laws.. and Jewish families who could only make love thru a hole in the sheet. The machine based 'borg' Nephalim culture (lo-oxygen types) doesn't want you to ignite your DNA with BLISS to psychokinesis - because that (lucid dreaming / shamanic) skill is the ONLY technology (the real TRON - see BST ) they have no response to. It takes WILL to implode and ensoul DNA - which no passive GOD IS OUTSIDE YOU parasite priests can create. The force of WILL involves HYGIENE for BLISS.
reference pictorial articles:
braiding DNA ,
Decoding DNA,
1 Magnetic X in DNA,
SuperConducting DNA,
Letter to the UN on Genetic Engineering as Coherence LOSS now Measureable.
Misconception TWO: The compression spin map called "Alphabet" on the side of the "LORD OF THE RING" - RING - is too powerful for anyone to hold.
More the Truth: The 'RINGing' which causes thoughts / emotions to become objects is the implosive nature of DNA which when braided recursively by BLISS compresses charge in the only process (charge compression) which turns light (ether) into matter. (and DNA into its real destiny as a gravity making star bender) .The index to those possible angles of (Golden Ratio) compression is precisely the equation for the origin of most alphabets of Earth - specifically including Hebrew and Arabic... for the specific reason that only those biological structures which USE that symmetry discipline get to be sustainable (immortal).
Misconception THREE: DNA controls our destiny.
More the Truth: DNA is a shapeshifting mag worm which merely bends itself as a wave around the fields we form by bending the magnetism we call emotion and sacred space. It is a relatively passive mechanical linkage device designed to helpfully slow down the rate at which emotions become objects- so that we FEEL and understand the connection between CREATION and what we just now felt. Once the need for slowing down that response of stars to feeling, no longer exists - then DNA is replaced by its own etheric essence (superluminal compression field) - and we can bend light by implosion directly (only love bends the light / embedding).
If we choose consistent spin-dense and sustainable magnetic environments - then DNA responds by adding that inertia to our life force - so that eventually we gather the inertia to properly create stars and become suns ourselves. Otherwise we die a death which is permanent. DNA is merely a biofeedback device to tell us when we have consciously chosen the CHARGE and LIFE FORCE - which makes us sustainable. Short-circuiting the function of DNA by changing the spin links we call codons mechanically is not only un-sustainable and destructive - but it fundamentally ignores the design of nature - which was that DNA help us take responsibility for the SHAPE OF MAGNETISM - and so learn that bending light into shape is how we too may create stars.

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