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mercredi 14 mai 2008 18 h 32
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Siterun Contact Request from Laura Bush.
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I can no longer stand by and watch my  husband [President G.W. Bush] destroy our world.  So,  I'm writing this note to you in the hopes that this will get out.  This trip to the Middle East is a complete sham.  He is going to Israel to finalize the war with Iran.  As soon as my husband and I get back to the US, he will attack and destroy about 80% of the country [of Iran] and it's people.  My consciousness to God and my country is telling me something is terribly wrong here. God,  I pray that this man I married will not try to kill me or those people.  I know that this may sound crazy , but from reading your site, I think you can understand.  I realize now that he has gone insane, and I worry for me, my daughters, this country, and the world.   Please help me in getting this message out to the world.
                   Laura Bush
THE REPTILIANS.............
April 29, 2008 10:25 PM
"Hello, Central!" Is Al Gore A Reptilian? (Updated 4/29/08)
REPLIES TO GK - AC - E - A - JR -  :
FROM:  Patrick H. Bellringer
     TO:  GK
DATE:  April 29, 2008
Dear GK:
    Yes, reptilians are very real.  Al Gore is a reptilian and must carry a vile (( bottle??)) of human blood in his pocket to sip every few hours to prevent shape-shifting into reptilian form.  The first signs of shape-shifting can be easily seen in the eyes and the face.  The opening in the eye pupil becomes a vertical slit, as seen in snake eyes, and the eye color becomes greenish.  Depending on the degree of "shift", the facial features gradually take on the appearance of a lizard.
The Reptilians are also known as the Serpent People.  They have human form with a reptilian head, and need human blood to hold the human eye and facial features.  For this reason Reptilians are deeply involved in the Occult and human sacrifice to obtain human blood.  The Reptilians have been on our planet for centuries, and have had a very evil agenda. 
 All off-world evil 4D Reptilians were removed from Earth Shan, when the Annunaki recently returned to the Light and returned to their home planet, Nibiru.
    There are many Reptilians of 3D today, who still carry on the Satanic plan of world control.  Some of the prominent ones are Queen Elizabeth II, Henry Kissinger, Al Gore, George Bush, Sr., Madeline Albrecht, Bill and Hillary Clinton, Dick Cheney, Nancy Pelosi, Candy Crowley and Larry King.

George Bush, Jr. is not the son of George Bush, Sr., but of John F. Kennedy and Barbara Bush.  He was a souled-being Reptilian until January, 2003, when Bush, Sr. had him killed and cloned to better control him, as his U.S. presidential stooge for the One World Order.
Many present 3D Reptilians have been cloned, as have humans.  When this is done the new entity has no soul, thus no God-connection.  As a result, they have no morals, no ethics or values and no compassion.  They do have a strong survival instinct.  This helps to explain the evilness and degradation of our present society. 
 There are both good and evil Reptilians, just as there are good and evil humans.
We have recently posted some videos on Fourwinds that show some beginning shape-shifting in some of the Reptilians mentioned above.  Princess Diana said she had seen Queen Elizabeth at one time shape-shift totally into the face of a lizard.
FROM:  Patrick H. Bellringer
      TO:  AC
DATE:  April 29, 2008
Dear AC:
    Thank you for your letter and questions. 
Your question 1) The good reptilians have a much higher body electro-magnetic frequency, which allows them to maintain stability over their shape-shifting capabilities.  No, the good reptilians do not need additional human blood to maintain their human form.
    Your question 2)
To my knowledge Elizabeth Windsor (Queen Elizabeth II of England) was born a reptilian in 1926, and was cloned with a reptilian clone in 1993 by order of the Black Pope (Jesuit) of the City of London.  The Black Pope holds the highest authority on Earth Shan under Satan/Lucifer. 
 The White Pope in the Vatican takes his orders from the Black Pope, who now is the puppet master for Elizabeth Windsor, among many other puppets/clones of the Darkside.
    Your question 3)
To find many of the "shape shifting Reptilian videos, the reader can go to the website listed for either of the two videos about Al Gore http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3r6wrCcsf1A&feature=related and G.H.W. Bush http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lex2JUriI8A&feature=related and look at the "related videos".  When you click on any of the related videos, more related videos are shown. 
FROM:  Patrick H. Bellringer
     TO:  E
DATE:  April 30, 2008
Dear E:
    There are more reptilians in our midst then one may think possible.  Man has genetically altered many life forms and cloned the little gray aliens, the large gray aliens, humans and reptilians alike.  Yes, there are reptilian clones, and of course, with no soul for use in the Dark Agenda.
FROM:  Patrick H. Bellringer
     TO:  A
DATE:  April 30, 2008
Dear A:
    John F. Kennedy (JFK) and George Herbert Walker Bush (Bush, Sr.) served in the U.S. Military during World War II and knew each other.  JFK was the Commanding Officer of Motor Torpedo Boat-109.  On August 2, 1943 in the Solomon Islands, PT-109 was rammed by a Japanese destroyer and sunk, and JFK was seriously injured.  JFK was released on disability from the military in March, 1945 and did not marry Jacqueline Bouvier until September 12, 1953.
    In the meantime Bush, Sr. served in the U.S. Military through the war and was discharged in September, 1945.  Earlier that year he had married Barbara Pierce on January 6, 1945.  In October, 1945 JFK and Barbara had an "affair", and Bush, Jr. was born July 6, 1946.  It was because of this that Bush, Sr. became an arch enemy of JFK, and finally using his position as CIA Director, was able to assassinate JFK, as U.S. President on November 22, 1963. 
    Bush, Sr. was determined to wipe out the Kennedy family and was involved in the assassination of JFK's brother, Robert Kennedy on June 6, 1968.  JFK's son JFK, Jr. (John-John) was later the editor of the magazine "George".  The name of the magazine itself is interesting. 
The August, 1999 issue of "George", which was never published, carried the Truth about Bush, Sr.'s involvement in the assassination of his father, ..........  and JFK, Jr.'s plans to run for U.S. president against Bush, Sr.'s son, Bush, Jr. in 2000. (( his half-brother?)) 
This could not be allowed, so Bush, Sr. and Bush, Jr. were both involved in the assassination/airplane crash of a third member (JFK, Jr.) of the Kennedy family.
It is true that the Scherff family of Germany were Nazi spies and changed their name to Bush to enable them to come to America with the mission to destroy the American Republic and claim the nation for the New World Order.
This following link is related and explains how the Bush family isn't who they say they are and actually came from Germany as Nazi Spies.
FROM:  Patrick H. Bellringer
     TO:  JR
DATE:  April 30, 2008
Dear JR:
Obama is not a Reptilian, but he had been cloned and is, thus, a soulless human clone controlled by his puppet masters.
for more links and text ... go to :
April 29, 2008 11:03 AM
Reptilian Eye: Al Gore (video)
April 29, 2008 11:00 AM
George Bush Senior : Confirmed Reptilian Humanoid (video)
April 29, 2008 9:17 AM
Shape Shifting: Hillary Clinton V5of6
from david-icke  http://www.davidicke.com/content/blogcategory/30/48/ :
DAVID_ICKE and RENSE ..observing Obama:
Saturday, 02 February 2008
  Zbigniew Brzezinski Now Obama's Cabinet
Yet another place-man fraud 
'Obama could not have taken on a more brazen spokesman for the super rich if he had hired Henry Kissinger, or even David Rockefeller himself! Brzezinski was the architect of the current situation in the middle east. Brzezinski brags of his role in destroying the socialist government in Afghanistan, by secretly arming and training the Taliban to take power; by secretly recruiting, arming and training Osama Bin Laden; he virtually invented armed Islamic extremism.
Brzezinski is the most prominent of Rockefeller servants, not merely a member, but a founder and director of the Rockefeller's Trilateral commission, where the world's elite meet to plot, plan, and conspire against democratic movements and ideals on worldwide basis. Until recently, full pages on Obama's website bragged about the relationship between Obama and Brzezinski.'
Obama's Handler - The Brzezinski WWIII Machine
Monday, 25 February 2008
The Obamas - 'It's a big club and you ain't in it'
 (But we are, so stuff you)
The monumental frauds who are scamming America.
'It's a big club and you ain't in it' - George Carlin
Monday, 25 February 2008
Obama, Clinton, McCain and the Illuminati's Council on Foreign Relations
The CFR ... Control for Rockefellers (and therefore the Rothschilds)
Monday, 03 March 2008
Obama To Dedicate Presidency To Gay Rights
 (No, no, Illuminati rights to use the bogus illusion of 'protecting minorities' to control everyone - including gays)
  'Presidential candidate Senator Barack Obama has promised to use the presidency as a "bully pulpit" for homosexual activism, according to an open letter released on his campaign website. In the February 28 letter posted under the "LGBT" section of the "People" heading, Senator Obama said he would press for the passage of hate crime laws and a "fully inclusive" Employment Non-Discrimination Act, which would outlaw discrimination on the basis of sexual orientation or gender identity.'
Hate crime laws = Orwellian Newspeak. 
Monday, 03 March 2008
Obama and Rockefeller Campaign Across Ohio
   'Hey, lady, I got the Rockefellers and Brzezinski and the whole gang behind me. This is my time, liddle lady, 'cos they told me ... heh, heh ...' 
 'Senator Jay Rockefeller, who endorsed Obama just few days ago, was on the campaign trail with Obama today. Despite his long relationship with the Clintons, Rockefeller said he chose Obama because of his character and judgment. He also argued that Obama will be able to withstand Republican attacks if he is the nominee, and that he has more experience than John McCain.
 “I think Senator Obama’s experience is substantially greater than Senator McCain’s,” Rockefeller said, “and I know that seems like an odd statement to make right now given McCain’s service in Vietnam. I think that it comes down to the past versus the future".'
 No, no. It's last stage of the global agenda versus the next stage.
Sunday, 23 March 2008
Obama's New Spin Doc Is General McPeak, The 'Bomb Now, Die Later' Butcher Of 1991 Iraq War
 'In particular, McPeak was the mastermind of the cowardly and infamous "bomb now, die later" strategy which targeted civilian drinking water and sewage treatment facilities, plus civilian transport infrastrcuture and irrigation systyems needed for farming. This was a strategy of deliberate genocide which resulted in hundreds of thousands of delayed action deaths caused by polluted water and concentrated among old people, infants, and the sick. McPeak thus provided an important contribution to the harvest of hatred against the United States, which is about to result in the 4,000th death among the occupying forces. McPeak helped to prepare the current Iraq debacle more than a decade in advance ...
... With the Obama campaign in desperate straits over the last several weeks, a shocking parade of the candidate's elitist backers have been forced to rush to his public defense. Just over the past few days we have seen the following: Zbigniew Brzezinski (Pol Pot supporter who created the 1979 Afghan-Soviet and 1980 Iran-Iraq wars), Jay Rockefeller (Bush's man on the Senate Intelligence Committee, and son of genocidalist John D. Rockefeller III), Joseph Nye (Trilateral-Bilderberger theoretician of imperialist "soft power"), and now "Bomb Now, Die Later" McPeak.
 Is this what a future Obama confrontation cabinet would look like? McPeak, for his part, looks like Death Warmed Over.'
Saturday, 22 March 2008
Confirmed - Obama Is Zbigniew Brzezinski Puppet
  'Any lingering doubts about Obama's status as an abject puppet of Zbigniew Brzezinski and the Rockefeller Trilateral Commission ended this morning when the withered mummy of imperialism himself appeared on MSNBC's Morning Joe to campaign for Obama, urged on by his own moronic daughter, Mika Brzezinski, an Obama groupie and sycophant.
Zbigniew, a low-level Polish aristocrat whose life has been devoted to hatred for Russia, lauded Obama for his 2002 speech opposing the Iraq war, saying that he himself was the source of Obama's arguments back then - thus confirming Obama's long-term status as his puppet, which probably began in 1981-1983, when Obama was a student at Columbia University, and Zbig was directing the anti-Russian institute.'
 Sunday, 27 April 2008
Obama licking ass of his puppet master
He doesn't mention that Brzezinski founded the Illuminati Trilateral Commission with David Rockefeller, calls for the end of national sovereignty and admits working to manipulate the Soviet Union to invade Afghanistan, which killed a million Afghans alone.
With Obama....  Brzezinski is  Back ...(Brzezinski’s Back):
Let’s call Barack Obama what he is—a sock puppet for the ruling elite. Obama made this plainly obvious recently when he tabbed Zbigniew Brzezinski as his top foreign policy adviser. In addition to his affiliations with the Council on Foreign Relations (as director), the Trilateral Commission, and the National Endowment for Democracy[..] It is said David Rockefeller asked Brzezinski to create the Trilateral Commission and details were hammered out at Rockefeller’s Pocantico Hills estate outside New York City. Rockefeller later introduced the idea to the Bilderberg group in Knokke, Belgium in the spring of 1972.
The Commission’s purpose is to engineer an enduring partnership among the ruling classes of North American, Western Europe, and Japan — hence the term ‘trilateral’—in order to safeguard the interests of Western capitalism in an explosive world.
Rest assured that Brzezinski wouldn’t have endorsed Obama last summer had he not believed that Obama supported his foreign policy vision.
http://globalpolitician.com/about.asp (N.Y.)
( http://www.fourwinds10.com/siterun_data/government/fraud/us_government/news.php?q=1207929050  ... link??)


Bellringer says:
 I have presented cloning information to Fourwinds readers that you either have not read or choose not to believe.  The technology that our secret world government has is beyond belief, as they always stay at least one-hundred years ahead of the knowledge of the common people.  In 1979 the Russian's cloning technology had advanced so far, that they were able to replace with human clones the major players in the U.S. Government, including Carter, Bush, Sr., Mondale, Kissinger, and Rockefeller and their wives among others.
    When President Bush, Sr. left office he was clone number 34 and when President Clinton left office he was clone number 21.  Today, an adult human clone can be produced in less than 36 hours, and the brain is then down-loaded with the desired information.

  Zbigniew Brzezinski
CHAPTER 14 - Phoenix Journal #197
by Calvin Burgin 2/12/97
As I reported in Audio Letter No. 43, Dr. Henry Kissinger was to be the key man in the new Bolshevik power-group. Kissinger had conspired with others for Nelson Rockefeller’s murder and was positioning himself to pick up the reins of Rockefeller power; but on February 5 the private jet carrying Henry and Nancy Kissinger with their five body guards from London to the United States disappeared over the North Atlantic. I can now reveal that the Kissinger jet suffered a mid-air explosion. The crippled airplane crashed into the sea at the navigational coordinates 54 degrees, 40 minutes, 57 seconds North; 26 degrees, 40 minutes, zero seconds West. No one escaped from the plane, the remnants of which sank in approximately 8,000 feet of water. The exact fate of the Kissinger jet was not immediately known last month but it did soon become obvious that Kissinger was gone for good. As a result, the Bolsheviks here in America were thrown into turmoil. The plans Kissinger had helped set in motion to dispose of the Rockefellers were carried forward. Meanwhile, the ad hoc gang of four emerged as the guiding force of the secret new Bolshevik revolution here in America. These four men have only a small fraction of the power formerly wielded by the four Rockefeller brothers—but they are very dangerous men indeed! These men are: National Security chief ZBIGNIEW BRZEZINSKI, Treasury Secretary W. MICHAEL BLUMENTHAL, Defense Secretary HAROLD BROWN, and Energy Secretary JAMES SCHLESINGER. Together they are working feverishly toward a complete take-over of America’s industry, banking, agriculture, EVERYTHING; and beyond that their goal is NUCLEAR WAR with Russia—an act of national suicide for the rest of us!
As of now, the Bolshevik coup d’etat—that is, the change in ruling circles—has already been accomplished. What still lies ahead is the full-fledged open revolution to transform American society as a whole into a Bolshevik HELL. Using the excuse of a deliberate war-crisis in the Middle East and resulting oil shortages, the Bolsheviks plan to start closing down American freedoms in a declared ‘National Emergency’. From there the Bolshevik grip around our necks will steadily tighten, gradually choking and strangling us into total submission. As the last gasp of free air is squeezed from our lungs, the blackness of BOLSHEVIK DICTATORSHIP will gather itself around us. Then, those who have been content to ‘Wait and See’ will realize too late that IT CAN HAPPEN HERE.
In Audio Letter No. 14 I described some of the valuable lessons the four Rockefeller brothers had learned from their clandestine support of Adolf Hitler. One of these lessons was that a revolution is best carried out with, and not against, the full power of a nation’s government; and that lesson is not
lost on the Bolsheviks here in America—the former allies of the Rockefeller brothers.
( ...)
[Beter said, in his January 1980 letter, QUOTE:] The Bolshevik Synthetics are programmed by a technique completely different from that used by the Russians with their Robotoids. It is not as good, but it also does not require a cerebral hologram. Bolshevik agents in New York had been able to obtain the genetic samples needed, and on Saturday December 15 there was a new surprise regarding the Shah. He was said to have left Texas that morning for a small island off Panama. Then the invisible Shah seemingly reappeared in the form of a Synthetic, and since that time the Shah’s image has been utilized by the Bolsheviks. As I told you earlier, it was a Synthetic that was seen in the David Frost television interview four nights ago. What happened to the late Shah of Iran is only part of a much larger pattern of recent days.
The Bolshevik deployment of Synthetics began in earnest three months ago, as I reported in AUDIO LETTER No. 51. As a by-product of this, bizarre cattle mutilations are once again taking place in North America. A few years ago there was a rash of these incidents in the western United States. At that time the earliest large-scale experiments were under way with Synthetics. Now, after a lull, the Synthetics are being deployed operationally, and the cattle mutilations have resumed. Right now, however, they are taking place primarily in Canada to minimize attention to them here in the United States. My friends, the cattle mutilations are nothing more than a modern twist on cattlerustling. The Synthetic process uses certain glands and tissues of cattle as raw material, as I explained in AUDIO LETTER No. 51. To obtain these raw materials, the cattle involved have to be destroyed in a very wasteful manner; so the Bolshevik agents who are manufacturing Synthetics do not use their own cattle, instead they let others suffer the losses involved in slaughtered herds. The cattle mutilations may turn into an epidemic that is too big to ignore, because during the past three months the Bolshevik circles have started deploying Synthetics in great numbers. (END QUOTE)
The mutilations DID turn into an epidemic. Linda Moulton Howe and others have gathered many thousands of reports of cows and horses being strangely mutilated. An FBI report, quoted on page 104 in The UFO Coverup by Lawrence Fawcett and Barry Greenwood, stated: “According to some estimates, by 1979, 10,000 head of cattle had been mysteriously mutilated. Of the states that have been affected by this phenomenon, New Mexico has been unusually ‘hard hit’.
( ...)
A HIGHER Perspectives.
This is from Phoenix Journal #29, End of the Masquerade, Let’s Pluck The Cuckoo Bird, page 38 (for information on obtaining Phoenix Journals, contact Phoenix Source Distributors, Inc., P. O. Box 27353, Las Vegas, NV 89126 or call 1-800-800-5565), [QUOTE:]
·Anybody feel a bit queazy yet? Well, go take a breath of air, get a candy fix or whatever, for we are going to come back and I am going to give you a bit of rundown on cattle mutilations, vampiring “little grays’ and consider asking you to ask Whitley Streiber what else he might like to share with this nation. NO “LITTLE GRAYS” FROM OUTER SPACE, BROTHERS—NO CRIMINAL EVIL ALIENS—CLONING, CATTLE SURROGATE MOTHERS AND NOW VAT-PRODUCED ADULTS—ALL RIGHT ON YOUR PLACE AT THE LOVING HANDS OF THE ELITE SATANIC BROTHERHOOD SET TO TAKE OVER YOUR WORLD. HARKEN UP FOR YOU HAVE NO REAL IDEA OF WHAT IS OUT THERE!
·[From page 93, Shrouds Of The Seventh Seal, Phoenix Journal #24:] These “genetic/holographic” DNA/RNA replicas have been in the perfecting for well over four decades. All that is required is a holographic fragment (literally, one cell) and a replica can be reproduced. Then all that is requiredis down-loading of the memory data and programming of the manufactured entity.
There are technical advances upon your planet, already in use by the Elite, which would boggle your senses—robotoids are simplistic in relative comparison. They are comprised totally of physical “matter” manifested into what you perceive as physical coalition of these physical matter particles coalesced according to the DNA/RNA holographic blueprint whereby the re-creation will be a projection of that which is being copied at the time of replication.
( ...)
The robotoid mind has no ability to comprehend danger from the larger perspective. It can comprehend its own possible demise, but there is no “Soul” connection to God. Survival is a most elementary emotional connection to God and in times of great stress (i.e., “all men in a foxhole wholly believe in God”) this is through the Soul. Since the robotoids do not have this connection, they simply intensify whatever activity they are focused upon, unless concerned for their own bodily survival.
Thus we have men in high places who are “soulless” and beyond the reach of normal reasoning process.
I saw paulson on tv...(.was it him?)
....La colonisation US du ministère français de l’Économie. Christine Lagarde, proche de Dick Cheney et de Zbigniew Brzezinski, est une ancienne responsable du Center for Strategic & International Studies (CSIS). Elle représente les intérêts industriels états-uniens à l’intérieur même du gouvernement français et fait travailler son cabinet ministériel en anglais pour faciliter la subordination de l’administration française à ces intérêts. Avec Christine Lagarde, l’industrie US entre au gouvernement français. Ouais, surtout quand on et ministre des finances. Ses positions politiques s’accordent parfaitement avec son engagement militant au sein du CSIS, le think-tank du lobby pétrolier aux États-Unis. Notre P.M. Martin nous a fait le même coup et le P.M. actuel Harper nous achève................
Nouvel Ordre Mondial: Brzezinski confirme que les États-Unis peuvent organiser des attentats sur leur propre territoire. Il a indiqué : « Un scénario possible pour un affrontement militaire avec l’Iran implique que l’échec irakien atteigne les limites américaines ; suivi par des accusations américaines rendant l’Iran responsable de cet échec ; puis, par quelques provocations en Irak ou un acte terroriste sur le sol américain dont l’Iran serait rendu responsable. Ceci pourrait culminer avec une action militaire américaine "défensive" contre l’Iran qui plongerait une Amérique isolée dans un profond bourbier englobant l’Iran, l’Irak, l’Afghanistan et le Pakistan ".
North American Union Plan Headed to Congress in Fall.
May 25, 2007

Powerful think tank prepares report on benefits of
integration between U.S., Mexico,
Canada...........read more:
WASHINGTON – A powerful think tank chaired by
former Sen. Sam Nunn and guided by trustees including
Richard Armitage, Zbigniew Brzezinski, Harold Brown,
William Cohen and Henry Kissinger, is in the final
stages of preparing a report to the White House and
U.S. Congress on the benefits of integrating the U.S.,
Mexico and Canada into one political, economic and
security bloc.
The final report, published in English, Spanish and
French, is scheduled for submission to all three
governments by Sept. 30, according to the Center for
Strategic & International Studies.

Criminals Control the Executive Branch.
National Security Adviser Zbigniew Brzezinski’s damning indictment of the Bush Regime in his testimony before the Senate Foreign Relations Committee.
from FW10:
February 24, 2008 10:57 AM

Brzezinski Seizing Control Over US Policy In Slow-Motion Coup

from nenki, conspiration.cc :
30-03-08 ( 30 mars) THE BUSH CONNECTION : très bientôt l'auteur du livre m'accordera un interview sur les affirmations et photos extraordinaires concernant les confidences du "chevet de lit de mort" d'Otto Skorzeny. Disons qu'Otto ne savait pas tout, mais ce qu'il a révélé à Eirk Orion, l'auteur de The Bush Connection" est pour le moins époustouflant. Faites circuler la page afin qu'on puisse investiguer à fond sur les allégations de cet auteur, on ne peut plus courageux et audacieux. Je me suis procuré son livre en E-Book sur son site et je peux vous dire qu'une photo vaut mille mots. Je le recommande à tous les investigateurs de l'Histoire cachée. On peut l'acheter par Paypal.
( nenki, conspiration.cc )
La CIA a tué Bobby Kennedy. Un documentaire de la BBC appuie les conclusions que la CIA a planifié l'assassinat de RFK. Du vrai journalisme enfin. De nouvelles évidences videos et photographiques mettent trois agents de la CIA sur la sellette. La CIA a été formée d'agents SS du 3e Reich d'Hitler de l'OSS dont G. Bush Senior fût parmi les fondateurs. La mort de John John Kennedy lui est également attribuée. Le reportage est au milieu de la page et est en 2 parties.
The Clinton Chronicles, la vidéo reportage de 1:43 H qui vous démontrera la vraie histoire derrière les Clinton, le réseau de traffic de cocaïne à Mena Arkansas. Tous ceux qui de près ou de loin on eu à faire à eux sont décédés. Vous comprendrez que ces gens sans scrupule peuvent arranger des élections. Regrettable que les médias vantent Hillary Clinton comme une grande dame qui mènent sa juste lutte contre Obama alors qu'elle est parmi les femmes les plus ... qui soit. Vous comprendrez ses liens étroit avec les Bush. C'est elle qui ordonna et coordonna à partir de la Maison Blanche avec sa subordonnée Janet Reno, les forces spéciales du camp de David Koresh à Waco dont la secte fut brûlée vif. D'ailleurs les 2 agents qui furent tués par leurs pairs étaient des guardes privés de Bill Clinton. Peut-être en savaient-ils trop ? Faites circuler. Belle gang ! Et dire qu'ils mènent le monde depuis 55 ans et plus.
Caroline Kennedey, la soeur de J.F. Kennedy Junior, s'est juré d'amener en justice les vrais coupables de l'assassinat de John John par le syndicat du crime Bush/Clinton, alors qu'il s'apprêtait à se présenter contre Hillary Clinton aux élections de 2000 et aurait remporté la victoire assurée contre le fils de Georges, dumbell W. junior. Les Kennedy ont endossé Barack Osama, euhh pardon Obama pour le parti démocratique. Ce qu'une lettre peut faire.
John F. Kennedey: 10 jours avant... Traduction française à la demande générale du discour qu'il tenu 10 jours avant de mourir ou plutôt avant d'être assassiné par ses compétiteurs. Son fils John John fut assassiné par les mêmes accolytes - Bush et cie... Pour le télécharger cliquez à droite de la souris et faites "enregistrer la cible sous..". (11 megs). Diffusez au grand large. Vous comprendrez que de la bouche de JFK qui osera dire que la conspiration est une théorie. On ne lui a jamais donné la chance de révéler la vérité au monde entier. On le fait pour lui. Merci à celui qui l'a traduit. La famille est très très grande.
MARS 2008:
Qui a tué Nikola Tesla et pourquoi ? The Bush Connection. La théorie de la conspiration que je compte parmi les plus ahurissantes. Je dis théorie car elle reste à être prouver. On en prend, on en laisse. Une chose est certaine, elle ne laisse pas indifférente. Dans une interview avec Richard Syrett, Don Nicolof du Idaho Observer affirme avec photos et preuves historiques à l'appui que: "Tesla was murdered the day after he was visited for an all-day interview with two secret service agents, Reinhardt Galen & Otto Skorzeny. After suffocating him, they stole all of Tesla's blueprints & papers. Otto Skorzeny was Hitler's bodyguard & also an assassin, one of the many Nazis who ex-filtrated to the USA after WWII, as part of Project Paperclip. Many of these Nazi scientists ended up working for NASA, the CIA, and other US secret services. Although he supposedly died in 1975, Skorzeny resurfaced in 1999. In a death-bed confession to the man who was dating his daughter, he revealed the identity of Tesla's assistant, who was stealing from him. This man, he said, known as George Scherff Snr was none other than Prescott Bush - the father of the 41st President of the US, and grandfather of the current President." Anglais. À ne pas manquer les photos.
this has been previously sent, in october 2007:
The 3 major Players in the Galaxy

This Awareness wishes entities (humans) to understand that there are three major players in the galaxy:

The Reptoid Federation, the Galactic Confederation, and the Orion Empire.

The Orion Empire as that which is ruled basically by one leader, as presented fictionally in the story of Star Wars . The Reptoid Federation, as that which is a conglomeration of many different groups, in which the Reptoids in various types of species have joined together ........
................and the Galactic Confederation as that which is made up from federations of different star systems throughout the galaxy, these being most of human types. (Pleiadians, Vega, Sirius, Arcturius, Lyrans, Andromeda and more.)
(Revelations Awareness issue 91-16/NO. 391)

New World Order

(New World Order Another Form of Communism)

This Awareness indicates that essentially, the New World Order is just another form of Communism being imposed on the world. This Awareness does not mean this in a way that sounds like some right-wing fanatic, but it must be understood that Communism began with payments from certain bankers to Trotsky to train troops in New York, and money was sent to Lenin to fight in Russia, and these were efforts to create a Communist state in Russia.

The Communist state in Russia was allowed to continue until recently, and while it is said that it failed of its own nature, and fell apart, this Awareness suggests that also it was part of a long-term New World Order plan, and the same people who financed it in 1917, or their heirs, are financing the New World Order and pushing for its imposition on the rest of the world, and it will be much like, and follow the same patterns that were used in taking over Russia.

The Progressive Steps to Taken Over the Country (USA and the World ed.)

This Awareness indicates the first thing is to take away the arms of the people so that they are unarmed.
Next is to take away any means of organizing and communicating so that they cannot form groups, or large armies. The next thing is to make them vulnerable. If they are homeless, or if they are without food, they are subject to mass control and manipulation. The next thing is to get rid of the opinion makers, the leaders, the Christians; the Christians because they have certain principles and beliefs and values that they do not wish to compromise; and patriots, and by getting rid of patriots, they will have eliminated any major resistance to the New World Order and they will be able to tell the remaining people what to do and they will do it.
Many will do it for reward, others will do it to avoid punishment. This Awareness indicates therefore, your only time to do anything is prior to the take over date, and the only thing you can do is alert the masses, attempt to persuade the police to stand by their allegiance to the Constitution, to the values of the country and to the protection of the people against these foreigners and Communists, these people who would destroy this country in order to rule the world for themselves.

New World Order-The Name of the Game is Control
Their thought patterns are different;
"There are No Russians.
There are No Nations.
There are No People,
There are No Arabs.
There are No Third Worlds.
There is No West.

THERE IS ONLY.........

One Holistic System of Systems.
One Vast, Interwoven,
Interacting, Multi-variant,
Multi-national Dominion of Dollars,
Petrodollars, Electrodollars,
Multidollars, Reichmarks,
Yen, Rubles, Pounds, and Shekels.
This Awareness indicates that the Reptoid people do not necessarily appear as Reptoids when they reincarnate as human beings. They are simply humans in appearance, from human parents, but they have within their soul and background Reptoid genes and memory and are essentially from Draco in their origins, and there are many on this Earth who are Draconian in nature and their purpose is to gain power and destroy anything that preaches or attempts to establish a great harmony on Earth. This Awareness indicate that this may be seen as related to the Hindu god Kali, the Destroyer. This Awareness indicates that it should be recognized that the Draconian factor as that which is more destructive  ...............   and the so-called Serpent or Sirius factor as that which has been attempting to create greater harmony on the Earth. This Awareness indicates the Pleiadians as being distant cousins of humans, and they also being benefactors.
This Awareness indicates that if you consider that the Earth is being made over to fit within the Orion Empire and the Draconian Federation so that it can become a galactic annexation, where it is annexed into the Galactic Federation and Orion Empire, then you understand why the corporate heads would also need to be part of this, you understand that that the New World Order is being directed by these extraterrestrials to make the world, the Earth as you know it, into a kind of a planet that fits within the agenda of the Orion Empire and the Draco Federation through the control of the corporations and the governments.
The plan by these Draconian and Orion masters is eventually to get rid of all governments and simply have everything under corporation controls. This Awareness indicates that this gives them a complete hierarchical system for the ultimate type of dictatorial control. As long as there are governments, they see the governments as being wasteful and inefficient, but they see corporations as having a built-in hierarchy which allows the employees of all these corporations, which includes all of the masses on Earth, to be well-controlled by the corporations.
Thus, each entity in a corporation would be loyal to that corporation similar to the behavior of ants or beehives, where there is no room for any switching from one beehive or one anthill to another. In other words, entities would belong to the corporation. The entities, once in a corporation, would have family that also belongs to the corporation. This is the ultimate plan or agenda for the Earth as seen by these extraterrestrials.
This Awareness indicates that the corporation controlling each of its workers, would have a greater more absolute control than any government system could have, separate from such a hierarchy. This Awareness suggests that this essentially is what appears to be in back of the replacement of human individuals (several political leaders and corporate heads) by their synthetic or Robotoid clones.
This Awareness indicates that the Galactic Command, composed of the Pleiadians, Vegans, Sirius and Arcturians, Lyrans is such that it keeps a low profile, because they have not been clearly invited by all of human representatives and governments to assist humans in throwing off the yoke of oppression that will come from these Draconians and Orion Forces. In fact, most humans do not yet recognize this potential for enslavement by these forces, and therefore are more concerned about what kind of health and technology these force may give them in terms of enhancing their own particular power over others on earth. Those involved in these higher levels wherein there is communication with the ET's or aliens, are more concerned with what they are going to get out of the situation as individual humans than they are by what the agenda has in store for the rest of humanity.
You are not unrelated to the Reptilians. You are more related to the mammal types, and these mammal types tend to dominate over a period of time, so that the Reptilian genetics weaken as time passes and the mammalian genetic strengthens. This Awareness indicates that there is also a genetic factor implanted in the human creation by the entities from Sirius who were involved. This was secretly put into the human equation by those from Sirius without others knowing about this, in which the Sirian beings, or genetic engineers, implanted within the human species a kind of holographic cell that would over a period of time, with each passing generation and with the rising of consciousness, put in a cell that upon a certain level of development, would react.
This may be equated unto a kind of time-release capsule, such as the pills you take that don't activate for eight hours and then activate at a certain time. This genetic cellular code was designed to activate with each passing generation, so that each passing generation became more aware, and as each generation becomes more aware, it becomes more God-like, a little at a time with each passing generation, and in this action, when the vibrations reach a certain state in the evolving human, it becomes possible for that cell to activate totally and the entity experience God realization and becomes cosmically aware, or totally conscious.
This Awareness indicates that each human being has this potential built in to the cells, but it does not release when the entities are engaged in selfish endeavors, self centered activities. It does not release when entities are engaged in hostility, greed, power, lust and the seeking of control over others. It engages only when the entity pursues the spiritual and Divine Light. This Awareness indicates that in this sense, you have options and those options allow you to choose a path toward spiritual enlightenment, and in doing so, to become God-realized.
This Awareness indicates that those from Vega have pledged their efforts to help prevent the Empire and the Federation from taking control of Earth. Their methods are not to intervene directly in the affairs from humans, and the humans have allowed the Draconians and Orion Empire representatives to have bases on Earth, therefore the Vegans, Lyrans and Pleiadians must honor the human decision and treaties with the Draconians and Orion Empire and Reticuli Network to have positions on Earth, until the humans choose otherwise.
Thus, the Asuras are the reflections of Ahriman energies, and these energies, being sadistic in nature, seek and enjoy destroying God's most highly prized creation, the human being, and in the destruction of humans and other aspects of Divine Creator's creation, they see themselves as challenging the Divine Creator in a kind of open defiance. That defiance is what gives them the feeling of having immense power.
Essentially, the souls of people IS the issue involved that is of greatest urgency to the Galactic Command or Confederation, for this saving of the souls is that which the spiritual forces perceives to be the real purpose and value. The physical body is temporal anyway, and has only a short time on earth, but the soul being permanent, being more or less eternal, is the more important concern. The Draconian and the Orion forces think that by making it appear the soul is just an illusion and that one's body is what counts, they find themselves able to influence people by fear and by coercion, based on bodily needs and preservation. And in this manner they actually capture the souls of entities who are trying to preserve their body and will do so at the cost of their soul.
This Awareness indicates that entities (humans) may learn to live in peace, even in the midst of chaos; that even in the midst of war entities may develop a peace that passeth understanding within their own hearts. This Awareness indicates that this may be the only way in which entities can find peace: Not by controlling the world outside, but by controlling one's own peace within.
This Awareness indicates that this force, this programming, is likened unto a type of linear programming that has reached through thousands of years, by which entities were polarized as programmed parts of an incredible complex and massive computer system called "Civilization", wherein the script was written thousands of years ago, and historians of today are only as reporters and reviewers of that play, that dramatic epic that has played for thousands of years upon this stage called "Earth".
This action, wherein six million entities were mummified and strategically placed in certain areas of the earth to create a maximum of polarity within the earth's forces, in an attempt to create that division of consciousness on many levels, in an attempt to create certain wave length and a hierarchy system of vibrations, in an attempt to create layer upon layer of different vibrations which could be managed by these priescraft rulers, in their control and understanding of consciousness and power, allowed them to manipulate masses for eons of time upon your plane.

These were the followers of Baal, and were representative of Rhyee, that force which was the original separateness, and which has more recently been called by the name of Lucifer. These priescraft rulers understood the action of the mind and its structuring mechanism so well, that they not only structured civilizations and societies patterned after the mind, but even perfected the mechanisms whereby they could project these patterns down to the corridor of time, creating civilizations and events until the present era.
This Awareness indicates any good computer programmer can understand the programming system used in Atlantis and Egypt if they are also capable of comprehending the nature of psychic forces, and can comprehend the Pyramid and Sphinx as being likened unto the pituitary and pineal of the collective consciousness upon this plane, and the mummified corpses may be understood as human transmitters, capacitors or other psycho-electro-magnetic components.
This Awareness indicates this action created great suffering for many millions of entities upon this plane, and that action from Atlantis was initiated for the glory and the power of the followers of Baal, the followers of Lucifer, the followers of the mind, and its structuring system of hierarchy, polarity, manipulation and control.
How Ra-Ta (Edgar Cayce,the reincarnate spirit of Ra-Ta,) Opened the Floodgates.
This Awareness indicates the Illuminati that began in Atlantis, may be seen as the Dark Force that sought power through deception, control and manipulation; and that Illuminati from Ra-Ta actions of Egypt was designed to create a power trap that led to enlightenment and a return to the Law of One.
The Alien Agenda: Coming Soon
(A Cosmic Awareness Overview of the Coming Scenario)
..... it can be seen that the extraterrestrial visitation would be to introduce the Antichrist as the Messiah returned, and to some degree this could be countered by a following scenario of what would be called "hostile forces". In the event true Pleiadian or Sirian invasion were to follow, if the Sirius or true Pleiadian craft came to rescue humanity after the Orions had already come to the planet, the governments could say "We are now being invaded by hostile extraterrestrials and we must fight to keep them from taking the world from us! Our Pleiadian friends will help us to defend against them!" see project Blue Beam and our Galactic Overview file.
In some cases, however, women are collected and not returned, and kept in cages underground, where they are used for laying of eggs, or the given of eggs, for the alien purposes. They are often implanted with sperm from the Reptoids for the first trimester, and then the child taken to be raised elsewhere. This Awareness indicates that this purpose is to raise and army of half-breeds who will be able to pilot the ships that have been built and are stored in great underground taverns, which will be brought out at the time of the invasion and used to fight against those from Sirius, the Pleiades, Arcturus and others of the confederation of humans, who have a desire to protect mankind
This Awareness indicates that these entities who have been abducted and implanted, will be likened unto a 25 million person army in the United States, subject to the directions and control of the aliens through the implants and can be trained in further abductions for use in operations as needed. It is because of this that certain factions of the government are most nervous about the implants and may initiate a national emergency to round up all troublemakers, those who do not follow the official line, and those who have received implants other than from the government itself.
This Awareness indicates that there are a number of human types and some are more allied with the aliens; others are more allied with the humans and Pleiadian and Sirius types. This Awareness indicates that it also appears that part of the alien plan is to divide humanity, to lead humanity into a conquest, one group over another, so as to keep humanity weakened as much as possible with war and violence. This Awareness indicates that this is in part what some of the energy is about in the Middle East, and it is very likely that this will continue for some time.
This Awareness indicates this is designed to bring about the One World Government. It would be to the benefit of either side for humanity to be more united in a sense, thus, the alien plan would like to see a united humanity that obeys their own plan and dictates, but those in government who are attempting to break out of the trap would like to see the One World Government, wherein entities can unite as humans, to fight the invaders.
This Awareness indicates that it is necessary for entities ( humans)to be ever and always watchful in terms of their liberties and freedoms. That you not give away to strangers who walk out of dark alleys, or who stand behind the counter at your bank, or who asks for your thumbprint at the market, or who seek your private information, or who ask for your personal data, or who ask that you support a program, or who come to you from outer space, or who stand in pulpits and tell you how to think. That any of these and many others may be telling the truth, or may be seeking to take away your priceless liberties, and you must be ever and always watchful.

The Reptoids were born out of the negative end of such polarized energy, and the mammals were born out of the positive side of such energies, and they are, of course, many degrees in between.
This Awareness indicates that the Darwin's theory that it all started out "here" somewhere, with multitudes of atoms combining into molecules, combining into living cells, splitting and become larger celled creatures, eventually evolving into small amoebae and further evolved creatures, is simply backwards of the actual creation.
The value of humanity is not in what humanity has done, but in its potential, yet unknown, for humanity's potential is on the brink of expressing itself, and, if surviving, will soon reach a state of expression that will be as the expression of divinity. It will be associated with angelic powers. It is only a matter of time. The difference between humanity and the Reptilian or Reptoid types is that humanity is accompanied by the evolutionary growth and development of compassion, while the Reptoids have stripped away compassion from their being and have become technologically cold, efficient, powerful.
They have great power. They have great technology. They are extremely efficient in what they do, but they lack compassion. They do not care for others, even among their own rank in the way that humans care. This Awareness indicates that they are spiritually bankrupt, whereas humans are on the brink of spiritual abundance. It is so close, and when it comes, human powers will excel and exceed the technologies available to those Reptoids, for the spiritual powers will allow humans with their mentality and consciousness to have domination over those technological powers of the Reptoids.
This Awareness indicates it is not such a matter of good or evil, it is a matter of returning to the source, to the original consciousness from whence all came, and the Reptoids are at the extreme opposite end and have no direction to go except to return, and the humans are now close to Cosmic Consciousness. It will be but a matter of time before humans, in collective consciousness, can have greater power without touching the Reptoids have with all of their technologies.
The Sirians were masters of genetic engineering and as mentioned in the Sitchen books The Earth Chronicles, helped to bring about the creation of the Cro-Magnon man through these genetic engineering experiments, much earlier in the history of mankind, using genetic engineering from mammals mixed with the earlier genetic mutation brought on by the Dragon, or Draco Reptoids along with their engineering of the Neanderthal types.
That by adding the engineering of the mammalian brain over the Reptoid brain, the Sirians managed to create a more evolved humanoid; the Cro-Magnon or upright man, this known as the Homo Erectus, or Erect Human. It is for this reason that both have legitimate claims to the human race and to the ownership of the Earth, at least legitimate in terms of argument.
Of course, the humans, for the most part, would prefer their Sirian cousins over the Reptoid cousins or grandfathers, but there is a claim by Reptoid creatures for their argument that they were the original creators of humans, although their creation was intended for the purpose of enslaving the creature for work in mines and in the field for the good, and the Sirian action was that which disrupted their enslavement plans for the creation and it altered the nature of the humanoid so that the humanoid could evolve and have similar qualities of thought to those who were by those humanoids considered as gods.
This Awareness indicates that at some time in the past, approximately in the early 70's or late 60's rather, this Awareness gave information on establishing the Kahuna Ring around the Earth, out in space, to protect against war and violence that was ravaging the earth, and to call upon the Kahuna Ring to enlighten the masses, and to give strength to those who were trying to awaken the masses to a greater and higher spiritual understanding.
This Awareness indicates that to establish this Kahuna Ring, It asked entities to meditate periodically so that there was someone meditating at all times on the Kahuna Ring, helping to establish and form it and energize it. This Awareness indicates that this went on for approximately a year, in which there were entities meditating at different times around the Earth, energizing and maintaining the Kahuna Ring.
This Awareness indicates also that It wishes you to not only meditate, 15 minutes daily, at times you set for yourself, but to begin each meditation with a count of 144. This being a mystical number associated with Light frequencies.
By counting 144 with the intention of drawing in spiritual Light to this planet, it will have a profound and powerful effect in reducing the strength of negative technology used by the aliens, and it will strengthen the spirituality of humans so that they can find for themselves the inner guidance, and inner strength and spiritual unity to deal with the difficulties that are coming. This Awareness indicates it will also diminish much of the violence that is occurring on Earth in your cities, streets and in the areas of conflict around the world conflict around the world.

Prophecies Concerning Our Earth- Parts 1-7

 and "The Time Table 3X3 + 9 = 18  .... 

October 05, 2007

Prophecies Concerning Our Earth

 Parts 1  (  http://home.iae.nl/users/lightnet/celestial/prophecies.htm )

From the booklet "Prophecies concerning our Earth"
Recorded by
Sister Thedra (1900-1992)
Source; The Association of Sananda and Sanat Kumara : A.S.S.K
P.O. Box 197 Mt Shasta, CA 96067
For further study:
"The Messages from Sananda"



The above photograph was taken on June 1, 1961, in Chichen Itza, Yucatan.

Sananda appeared in a visible, tangible body and permitted his photograph to be taken.
God, too, has a Plan 2000, and His plan is also nearly complete. I speak of God Aton, Creator, God of Light and not the God Jehovah Satan of the "Bible". When you allow your God Spirit within to teach you wisdom, you will know that Esu "Jesus" Immanuel's teachings could not be published as Truth. Lucifer could not allow that to happen and still win. So, Plan 2000 was born. Esu's writings were twisted to cover up Truth, and Pharisee Saul/Paul was used to spread these lies.
Esu Immanuel was never known by his family and friends by the name "Jesus Christ". Many years after Esu Immanuel left Galilee, the name Jesus Christ was given to him by Saul/Paul as part of the Lie. At his trial in Jerusalem, the Pharisees accused Esu of being the Son of God. Esu denied that, for he was the son of Arch Angel Gabriel. Saul/Paul continued these lies and placed them into his writings. By evil design these Pauline writings became the major portion of the canonized "New Testament Bible" produced by the Council of Nicaea in 323 A.D.
The Pharisees attempted to murder Esu by crucifixion, but Esu survived his crucifixion, was tended by family and friends for three days and three nights by entering the tomb via the private family entrance, and then escaped and fled for his life. Esu "Jesus" Immanuel traveled widely in India, settled in Kashmir, married, had a family, and finally died at the age of 107. After Esu Immanuel's death, his son, Joseph, brought Esu's writings back to Jerusalem and placed them in Esu's tomb. There they remained hidden until the present day. What I write here is Truth taken from those very documents!
So, where do we go from here? We are all people of the Lie! If you are a Christian and celebrate Easter--and believe the Truth that I have written herein, you are probably overwhelmed with great mental confusion and distress because you have been lied to and tricked in the most deceitful way. I know! I have been there! The good news is that Esu Immanuel said he would return within 2000 years to take "home" those who understood and were living the principles of Truth that he had taught. Esu Immanuel returned to Earth Shan in 1954! How?--the way all celestial Truthbringers have always traveled, by starship! He waits for the command from Creator God Aton of Light to take his "remnant" home. How?--by starship, of course! He has a new name as he said he would have. His new name is Sananda, meaning "One with God Aton of Light."
Do not be fooled by God Jehovah Lucifer/Satan's plan of a rapture into the clouds. The Christian hoax has fooled millions of people over time.
Phoenix Journal #2 And They Called His Name Immanuel, I Am Sananda,
The true account of the life and teachings of Esu (Jesus) Immanual Sananda.
The Phoenix Journals  ....Journal Summaries 1 - 25 :
http://www.fourwinds10.com/journals/J1-25.html#J002 ....
--The Phoenix Journal/Contact Newspaper Archive site is at:
--The Bellringer Writings are at:


Robotoids/Synthetics/Cloning  Sources
1.  PHOENIX JOURNAL #24, pp. 92-94
2.  PHOENIX JOURNAL #28  Chapters 8 and 9
3.  PHOENIX JOURNAL #29  pp. 13-16
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A Report on the Motivations and Activities of Extraterrestrial Races – A Typology of the Most Significant Extraterrestrial Races Interacting with Humanity
march 2007
from Patrick Bellringer:

People communicate with their God Spirit within in different ways, but always require the shutting out of the interference of the five senses. This means quiet and solitude.
The use of a pendulum is another way to communicate with your God Spirit within for some kinds of "knowing".
The use of the pendulum is one way many people "speak" to their God-Spirit within, sometimes called your higher self, your higher consciousness, or your inner soul.   (this will be explained).
There are three basic types of physical human entities on Earth Shan today:
1) the souled-being who has control of his freewill,
 2) the robotoid, a souled being who has given his free-will over to Satan and the Dark Brotherhood,
3) the clone, a replica of a physical human but with no soul or God-connection.
 The off-spring of two clones is known as an android, also with no soul.
 (...) Oh yes, cloning has been going on for thousands of years on our planet!
nov 2006;
Harris: Does this make you very dangerous because of this information.
Collier: They told me to take my site down. I did. I think that the rogue government is scared, really,really scared. They cut a deal with a group.They could not trust them but they did anyway. And now they totally lost control of the situation.
Harris: Who is the group that they cut a deal with?
Collier: It is not just one, it is a consortium as well. Zeta1 and Zeta 1 greys , Sirius -B Humanoids, Lyrans,(Draconian otherwise known as Repilian races (Regressives negatives ) are from the Orion, group who control some Zeta 2 Greys, others from Rigel and Capella Systems. It is the Regressives who have a negative agenda. They are contolling the situation. . .The Andromedans ,Pleaidians , and Zeta Reticulan Greys are waiting to see what we do and are generally a positive. races.
Harris: The Greys, a Nordics and...
Collier: the ones on the Planet are genetic modifications. The Nordics are clones and run by computers. They are not actually living souls. Here is the thing. The Clones are enough aware that they exist. but they know that when they die it is over. It is like the movie" Blade runner". That is why the greys are trying to genetically mix. . According to the Andromedans ,the third density will eventually implode and will cease to exist here and much of the third density is going to be raised in frequency and that which cannot be raised in frequency or chooses not to is basically going to compress itself, go through a black hole and create another space in which to continue to evolve. This is the natural progression. Apparently all this is supposed to happen now and December 30th 2013.
Harris: The end of the Mayan Calendar
Collier: Now these other races that are not real and don't have "soul" realize this is going to happen because they are very scientific but they can't make this leap because they don't have soul. Now what is "soul"? The point of the Andromedans is " soul" isessentially...we are a conductor of light, multidimentionally we are a conductor of light with total self-awareness. We are light!
Harris: Well do they believe in the collective unconscious or do they mention God?
Collier: They refer to ..........
For more  see:


  february 2005:
So lets make this ultra simple.
The local politics noticed that the whole dragon orion contingent genepool, was now:
-unable to travel in time without heavy metal (very un-cool)
-unable to keep long memory- thru death - soul
-unable to get fertile/sustainable immune system cooked up in offspring thru thymus radiance..
so they (annunaki/magdalens dragon blood..) wandered BACKWARDS in time to find the place where the radiating wave of galactically propagating genetic chaos ORIGINATED!
Specifically, they realized that unless they could prevent some of the most cutting edge DNA in the galaxy from doing the stupid mistake OF PREVENTING THEIR OWN DNA FROM BEING FREE....
then whole gene line mag worms across the galaxy PROPAGATING FROM HERE...
would (to put it VERY simply).. LOSE THE ABILITY TO STEER.. itself..
The tru gold of galactic commerce is quality DNA. GOLD mining on Earth and elsewhere (using ADAM/EVE Golem) is just a little kindergarden primer lesson, in THE PRINCIPLE OF WHAT MAKES DNA SUSTAINABLE..
Specifically, they realized that unless they could prevent some of the most cutting edge DNA in the galaxy from doing the stupid mistake OF PREVENTING THEIR OWN DNA FROM BEING FREE....
then whole gene line mag worms across the galaxy PROPAGATING FROM HERE...
would (to put it VERY simply).. LOSE THE ABILITY TO STEER.. itself..
The tru gold of galactic commerce is quality DNA. GOLD mining on Earth and elsewhere (using ADAM/EVE Golem) is just a little kindergarden primer lesson, in THE PRINCIPLE OF WHAT MAKES DNA SUSTAINABLE..
However, if you should be so foolish, as to EAT THE GOLD POWDER as a mechanical way of imploding your DNA.. NOT FROM SELF EMPOWERMENT... (without doing the COMPASSION work it takes to sort/embed your OWN MEMORIES as in preparing to die but living..)
then it is simple... YOU LOSE YOUR SOUL..
because your DNA can't keep making it's own recursion mag worms back into itself..
This in short, is the story of the invention of genetic engineering, on our planet. Frankenfoods, borg food, clones, etc... this is the galactic wormwood Cherynobl.. which costs whole genepools their lives! If those gene splicers who hack up our food's heart worm, HAVE NO CLUE WHAT MAKES DNA SUSTAINABLE AS A WAVE BY BRAIDING, then THEY COST YOU YOUR SOUL.
So the rest of the fairy tale is cute: They set up a hex series (based on hive mind) of radiant capacitors in a compound called EDIN (="spaceport")(the garden of eden). (hex fixes, pent sends). These prevented further biological aging at a cellular level while they got more gold powder. See the story of "the golden ones" at soulinvitation.com/origins Not only was the Hiburu (Niburu priest) alphabet simply the software tetrahedral vortex symmetry operations necessary to make DNA splices into a non-re-pent-ant non-imploding tetra helix, the soulless borg called GOLEM Tak-adams..(Takadama means borg or golem adam from Orion).. But the entire Sumerian glyph structures were nothing more than the optical waveguides necessary to focus light into the right cookie cutters to make sub cellular organelles (see George Merkel). This was a planet of gene splicers, pure and simple. But we the cooked up gene-pool might STING back up the worm. This is the angelic agenda..
They wanted to splice themselves back onto their own scion (=branch in bloodline=jon=john=grail)
in order to recapture the SKILL TO MAKE ENOUGH GLANDULAR PASSION, to learn to braid their own DNA for themselves..
IF WE AS A CULTURE NOW CHOOSE TO BORG OUR OWN FOOD.. (imagine what the pissed DNA in ALL the wheat food being fed ALL OF YOUR CHILDREN is doing to the mag force in the species DNA... my blood is literally boiling for the tragedy to the children...)
instead of feeding LIVING FOOD to our children at MACdonalds.. AND learning the skill to EMBED from the inside out--compassion in the glands magnetism.. and thus learn to inhabit and steer waves from the inside out by intent...
Dan Winter
if you tend to return Lassie episodes to the video store for your money back IF there is no 'happily ever after' then turn to Millennium: It's Not a Bug- It's a Feature!

dan Winter-----www.soulinvitation.com  ??


Bpath Compteur