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casper may-11-08
Happy Mothers Day Mothers.
The disinformation from MADAM WU began in earnest last weekend and continued throughout the week. The same from Mr. TSI or TAI, which ever. We managed to obtain assurances from China late in the week which also proved false.
 WE are in no position to judge whether there is a constant stream of intentional lies (as it appears) or whether events cause delays making yesterdays truth appear to be lies.
Today MADAM WU says deliveries tomorrow (( monday)). She guarantee's it. Perhaps a deal was made with BUSH to get the wedding out of the way. Perhaps the big Trustees presence in the banks Thursday and Friday had something to do with the delays. Perhaps the 1000 packs rumored to have been sent out Friday had something to do with it.
WE are unable to confirm the 38 VIP'S arrest Thursday or BUSH's resignation before leaving for the ranch, or the pulling of FED RES computers out of the banks Fri/Sat, or the arrival of 5000++ bankers from offshore last Sunday to assist us or several other items but the "smoke" around all this is very thick. It may all be true or none of it may be true. Many many "sources" say yes, WE are unable to verify.
Deliveries were to be Thursday with announcements Thursday night, changed to Friday and ann. Friday night, then delv. Sat. with ann. tonight. As usual we have so much "peripheral information" we have no doubt deliveries are imminent yet we can not explain the daily delays.
Lets give MADAM WU another last chance to redeem her soiled reputation. "TOMORROW" is from her lips to your ears, this afternoon. If not there will be no further doubt about this lady. 
                 casper    5-11-08
 Story has returned with a lengthy update containing important information, please read on fourwinds or his web-site. He must have finally gotten an education regarding NESARA/Constitutional Law (perhaps from the writings of "S" on fourwinds) as he makes prominent mention of these items in his current update.
Unfortunately he still has not "seen the light" regarding "source of funds" and is still under the mistaken impression Wanta is the source of our funds which is not the case.
Also, if he is aware of the recently expired U.S. CORPORATE BANKRUPTCY CONTRACT and the involvement of HMQ, the VATICAN and other CREDITORS, he apparently wishes to avoid the subject.
OUR business is OUR business to learn about and take care of. We should not expect STORY or anyone else to be as interested or as knowledgeable about it as we are/should be. The CORPORATION of the UNITED STATES stole our country from WE THE PEOPLE subverting the CONSTITUTION and our ARTICLE III COURTS in the process. It is an EVIL ENTITY perpetrated by TRAITORS. Flushing this CORPORATE TOILET known as Washington D.C. is just as/even more important than our funding.
Read Story. Lots of interesting geo-political intrigue.


I did notice mr story gave a rather succint report on ms wu and her reason for being here. It's just busines folks and a natural outcome of when a business goes belly up, the creditors come to collect. After 75 years and a contract expired, the debtor can hardly stay in the house where the lease is up, and there's no willingness to renew said lease.
So, that's about all I can say now.
May 11, 2008 8:32 PM



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From: HC
To: Bellringer
Sent: Saturday, May 10, 2008 11:36 AM
Excuse my ignorance but what are these so called deliveries that Casper keeps talking about?  What do they contain and who are the recipients?
FROM:  Patrick H. Bellringer
     TO:  HC
DATE:  May 10, 2008]
Dear HC:
    In the 1980's and 1990's people invested their money in some 72+ Prosperity Programs, and others filed Farm Claims in a class action lawsuit against the U.S. Government for banking and tax fraud.  The deliveries are the bank packets to these people containing banking instructions, access codes, debit cards, etc. for access to their funding.
    The intent is to use this money to help others individually and through various humanitarian programs both here and in other nations.  Obviously, the Bush/Clinton evil cabal are determined not to let the people have these funds.  This is part of what the big fight and long delays are about.
    Many good people have died and others have suffered much during this long wait for both the funding and for NESARA to be implemented.  Finally, many world leaders are standing up and saying "No" to the Darkside's control of this wealth, making positive progress possible now on a daily basis.  We believe that complete success is momentary.
                            In Love and Light,
                            Patrick H. Bellringer

May 11, 2008 8:31 PM

LIST OF ARTICLES / DOCUMENTS by "S" - (Updated May 3, 2008 )( Note: by PHB)

May 11, 2008 8:30 PM


May 10, 2008 8:01 PM

The Twilight of Irredeemable Debt





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To: Bellringer
Sent: Tuesday, April 29, 2008 11:39 AM
Subject: A Clear and Present Danger
I received the following from an extremely well informed person. This explains the situation the Federal Reserve and its member banks are in ..... at this exact time...
It explains how we got here and what needs to be done to free ourselves of the bankers who have illegally run our money system for most of the last century.
This is the most important article you will read. I ask that you send it to everyone you know.
It explains everything clearly and simply. You don't have to be a Constitutional scholar to understand what happened, how it happened, and what we the citizens of the united states MUST do to insure that the bankruptcy of CORPORATE UNITED STATES does NOT fall on us!!  Please read this carefully.
*April 24, 2008*
If events proceed as I hope, the Federal Reserve also will be dissolved as insolvent, and its Notes we have used as currency for 75 years will become valueless after some period ......  where legally earned notes may be exchanged for new and legal United States money. *There will be volumes written in the future about how the United States of America, and particularly the control of our Treasury were quietly placed in private hands and secretly, from the general population, held and used there for 75 years. Those hands were for the most part,European, and had little, if any, interest in the welfare of the Citizens of this nation. Some of the "hands" were US, and they were even more ruthless. *
*But the situation has dramatically changed during the past five years, and particularly since November of 2007.*
*This narrative will necessarily begin with the Japanese invasion of Manchuria at Mukden. That is a well known historical fact. What is not as well known and understood is the "Mukden Incident" which occurred on September 18, 1931 was, in essence, a subterfuge undertaken by a few junior officers of the Japanese army when they secretly dynamited the South Manchurian Railway (owned by Japan) to provide the motive for the Japanese military conquest of Manchuria which continued until the Japanese victory on February 18, 1932 .*
*The most available explanation for the Japanese Manchurian invasion was that Japan coveted resource-rich Manchuria as a source of cheap raw materials for their burgeoning industrial complex. That explanation's basis is true, especially given an increasing shortage of favorably priced raw materials which Japan had to otherwise purchase and import from other sources.*
*But there was another, and largely hidden, reason. In 1931, the Manchuria-China border was only a few miles from Beijing where the Chinese Emperor, Pu-yi resided. The Manchu emperors kept much of their gold and other treasury items in northern Manchuria just a few miles from border, and therefore only a short distance from their Chinese capital.*
*Very shortly after the Japanese invasion commenced in southern Manchuria, a delegation sent by the United States Federal Reserve Bank to Beijing entered into negotiation with the Emperor. The Federal Reserve's offer was to quickly remove the Royal Treasury from its Manchurian location, and thereafter lease the contents of the Treasury for seventy years. In return, the Emperor received valid United States Federal Reserve bonds, maturing in seventy years, and in sufficient quantity to guarantee the debt as well as enough to pay the to-be accrued- seventy-year-interest. *
*The terms of the lease required the Emperor's estate, at the end of seventy years, to exchange the bonds with interest coupons attached, to the Federal Reserve in exchange for the return of all the Emperor's gold and other treasure, plus the accrued interest (to be paid in gold), to his estate's custody. *
*The contents of the Emperor's Manchurian Treasury were taken overland through China, and then by sea to Manila, Philippines, where the US quickly built and operated the largest gold refinery, at that time, in the world. After the gold was refined, some of it was sent to Switzerland where it was stored in extensive underground vaults under Zurich, while the greatest part was sent to the Federal Reserve vaults in New York.*
*Of course, much happened between 1931 and 2001, not the least of which was World War II and the Chinese Communist capture of all China except the island which was then called Formosa (now Taiwan). Pu-yi (the Emperor) remained a communist prisoner for many years and died as a gardener.*
*It apparently appeared to certain US and European financial interests who were interested parties in the leased Chinese Treasury, and it was probably their plan, that the Chinese imperial line died out, or at least was so impoverished that it had no means or power to recover any of their leased Treasury materials and articles. * *So seventy years passed.*
*In fact, the leasing parties grossly miscalculated. The Emperor, Pu-yi, had additional gold and other assets stored in protected places other than Manchuria-assets which escaped the attentions and discoveries of both the Japanese and Communist Chinese. Within the past two decades, much of that wealth has been returned to his grandson, a certain "Mr. Yi" who resides in Taiwan.*
*The ownership and control of the bonds which were exchanged for the Chinese Treasury were placed a number of years ago in the hands of certain surviving members of the Chinese royal family, and recently Mr. Yi. *
*So when 2001 came, Mr. Yi, The Emperor's grandson, by now a very wealthy and powerful individual, formally negotiated the return of the Chinese Royal Family's leased legal estate and the accumulated interest thereof from the United States Federal Reserve Bank (the lessor), in exchange for the Federal Reserve bonds and attached interest coupons. The returned amount of the Emperor's Treasury and interest was a very small part of what was owed.*
*A major part of the problem was that the United States Federal Reserve Bank, although owned by the United States Citizens by way of their Constitutional government, was operated from the beginning as a private organization whose assets were also privately owned, held and used (that included the entire amount collected from the Citizens/citizens as taxes). *
*The Chinese Treasury was divided for years among a number of wealthy and powerful European and North American interests, many of whom never expected the Chinese royal line to survive. Consequently, they never expected to repay either the principal or the interest due on the Chinese royal assets they held and used. *
*In fact, many of them firmly resisted Mr. Yi's legal demand that whatever Chinese royal assets they held were required to be immediately returned with all due interest. *
*After some resistance, some of the Europeans holding Chinese Treasury assets returned some of the Emperor's Treasury, but that amount also fell far-far short of what was actually owed. *
*Mr. Yi has since used legal and financial resources available to him, especially the assistance of a little known but very powerful World Monetary Authority, to force the return of assets which are properly his.*
*That brings us the present.
 But before we can further address our subject, we need to explore more history-United States history. *
*On April 6, 1933, President Roosevelt, with Congressional approval, declared a "national bank holiday" which lasted through April 9. There is a plethora of information about that period and the reasons causing such, but there is practically nothing said about one major event which occurred during the same time. A corporation was formed at the President's order called THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA CORPORATION. That was done without Congressional action of any sort, so that organization is, and always has been, a privately owned, not public, corporation. At the same time, our legal system shifted from Public and English Common Law, to Private International Law.*
*THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA CORPORATION then usurped all the identity, power, legal standing, laws and mandates, and assets of the Constitutional United States - virtually seamlessly and with hardly anyone even suspecting what had happened-for 75 years. *
 *Let me restate that in less complicated terms-for 75 years a private corporation, not our Constitutional government, has performed the role of our government for the exclusive benefit of that organization's shareholders and their friends. *
*The CORPORATION, through Congress, immediately passed into "law" such things as the law establishing the FEDERAL REGISTER ACT, which effectively allows the President to declare and establish "law" by publishing his declaration in the FEDERAL REGISTER, that without consulting or informing Congress, let alone requiring their debate and passage of any effective law. *
*That should explain a great deal about why our "government" consistently behaves outside our Constitution and other laws. Our Constitutional government is bound (limited) by the Constitution.
The CORPORATION, however, is bound only by the tenets of the United States Code and the Code of Federal Regulations, both Private International Law, which, in this country, may only be tried and enforced by and in Admiralty, not civil or equity courts. Equity courts were done away with by our"government" soon after our form of law was changed.*
*A large book could be (and probably should be) written on the subject of THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA CORPORATION, however that is definitely outside the scope of this document.
We will work only with the relationship of Mr. Yi and his efforts to enforce his contract with the Federal Reserve Bank. THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA CORPORATION, since it is in mortal financial default, was forced by the Monetary Authority to negotiate, for the past several months in Switzerland, their bankruptcy.
Two Mondays ago the initial bankruptcy filings of that CORPORATION were placed in the United States Supreme Court. That bankruptcy was forced by Chinese and "other" interests.*
*I posit that the Citizens/citizens (yes, there is a difference), as well as those Citizens who are also Native Americans,
 also have a substantial legal interest in that matter, but as yet not legally entered in the case.
 It is absolutely essential that the CORPORATION assets placed in the legal proceeding be only theirs, and not the assets of the Constitutional United States, their Citizens/citizens assets and persons, and anything which is the property of our Native Americans. *
*I further posit that CORPORATION owes a great debt to the Constitutional United States of America and its Citizens/citizens. Our rights will be protected only if we act-it is in no one else's interest to so do. We need several very skilled Constitutional attorneys licensed and able to practice and argue in and before the US Supreme Court. If anyone fitting that description reads this document and would agree to assist, we need to hear from you immediately.
--- end of part one ---
So here is the rest of the story:
All of the business done by the Federal Reserve Bank of America since its inception in 1913 skirted the US Constitution by calling the currency they issued as "UNITED STATES NOTES" because it was specifically unconstitutional for the word "money" to appear anywhere on any note. Had the word "money" appeared, the Fed would have been guilty of counterfeiting. Furthermore, only the US government had the authority to produce and promulgate "money." The evidence of this is to be found in Article I, Section 8 of the Constitution.
I posit that the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA CORPORATION, a private organization continuously with shareholders, officers and directors since inception, has illegally been, with the collusion of the Federal Reserve Bank (another corporation, public but operated until this last year as a private organization), in complete control of the financial life of this you know, the CORPORATION is now in bankruptcy.
As a private corporation, whatever debts they have incurred as THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA, which by the way is virtually all the debt attributed to this nation, is actually theirs and not the Constitutional United States' and/or its Citizens/citizens. That can and will be proved in due time in a court of law, probably the US Supreme Court.
On the other hand, I believe the United States (Constitutional), its assets, its Citizens and their assets and can be proven to be not owned by THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA, and therefore outside the bankruptcy.  I believe the hyperinflation depression information (The writer's first email was posted as part of this article) sent you earlier today//.... can be avoided if we act quickly and wisely. I can expand on that subject later.
If events proceed as I hope, the Federal Reserve also will be dissolved as insolvent, and its Notes we have used as currency for 75 years will become valueless after some period where legally earned notes may be exchanged for new and legal United States money.
I wish to see the United States to return to a precious metal basis for its money and I know how that can happen.  But we have some rough water ahead, and unless we wish to experience hyperinflation depression or any part of it, we must act immediately to have something in place to replace the Fed notes we now use as currency.
I can expand on the above, but you have probably enough to think about now so I will call it a day.


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