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There is no shortage of details,
boy are we loaded with details, but discretion and valor and all that. It seems to us the wise thing to do right now is to give what you most want to hear and to avoid discussing anything which might slow things down.
MADAM WU is back in China
 having been replaced by the "A" Team.
WE hear that SHRUB/BUSH has been dealt with.
Part of that is, GB had given his Power of Attorney to CHENEY who proceeded to cut immunity deals with every Tom, Dick and Harry in D.C..
Can you believe these con artist? Is that not hilarious?
No no no says the World Court and others.
The Pwr.ofAtty. has been cancelled.
Ha ha ha ho ho ho, I can't stop laughing.
The demise of the FED REES and all the other things we have discussed over the years is now at hand. 
WE hear that all is well, very well, and we are on go for PDQ (pretty damn quick) likely Tues. worst case Wed..
casper may-6-08  ( mid-day)
What exactly does this mean? It means we really really don't know everything.
It may be true that our Intel Group is better at tracking daily events than other persons or groups. WE have been at it for way longer than a decade and I would bet/guess that collectively we are better at it than most others.
I can say with virtual certainty that no group works harder at trying to find the continuously unfolding truth than do WE.
And yet, what is on Caspers mind this morning is the extent to which the reader/s might over estimate our capabilities considering the fact that we usually do know more than most other messengers and we often know things sooner than others.
Friends, we are often mislead just like everyone else.
And even when we know accurately about some important detail or another we are always learning about things after the fact, after something has happened or not happened but we have little fore knowledge of things yet to come, items necessary to completion we don't know about and typically learn about only after the fact. What's worse, we now have enough experience to realize that even if we were 100% correct, which we never are regarding daily details, we still could not claim under any circumstances to actually KNOW the larger/ultimate truths of what is actually happening on a world scale. We do of course analyze to the best of our ability and our OPINIONS find their way into our written words.
But we know, and we ask you to know, that what is actually coming down on a world scale involving Governments, International Courts, monetary systems both old and new, exiting U.S. Corporate Bankruptcy-or not, returning to the Constitution-or not, announcements, thousands of arrest, Basel II-or-III, Global Banking, international settlement of debts, debt forgiveness between nations, our individual debt forgiveness, the demise of the FED RES and payoff to current owners, political and/or Treaty settlements reaching back to at least 1933 and likely 1861/64, monarchies, secret societies, the Vatican, the Mormons, multiple international trusts and foundations, Homeland Security, "hit" teams running to and fro, the list of those involved in one way or another is endless.
WE don't actually KNOW what they are doing. If we sometimes sound "uppity" because we know this or that detail let this list and these words say loudly WE DON'T KNOW EVERYTHING. And we may know very little in the big scheme of things.
It's sorta like a "spiritual" lesson I learned long ago. In the world of spirit you are always at the beginning, meaning that the more you learn the more you realize how much you don't know. Like an inverted pyramid the acquisition of knowledge, learning from the bottom up, is exponential.  Our "deal" is like that.
We may know more than do you .......... but that may not mean squat in the big scheme of things.
And another thing. Casper has no right to disparage the thoughts, beliefs or opinions of others. He should learn to attend his own knitting and let you the reader discern truth for self. All we can do is report what little we learn and hope it is helpful to our fellow travelers who have suffered so greatly over the years of "tomorrow" tomorrow tomorrow. Our goal has always been to be helpful but not to lead anyone down trails of our making.
Last weekend (Saturday) we came into possession of information which was just HUGE in our little world of investigative reporting. It involved the overcoming of the BUSH/CLINTON interference with deliveries and why they would never do so again. It was exciting news and Casper was chomping at the bit to report it to you. Wiser council said wait so we did. The information turned out to be false. Once again our credibility would have taken a major hit. This kind of thing happens often and is usually the result of INTENTIONAL misleading info being distributed at the highest levels, in this case MADAM WU. The point is that only a handful of world leaders know what is actually going on and they are LIARS. So we do the best we can under the circumstances.
And another thing. Because we work so hard at what we do and focus so much of our attention on our desired and expected outcomes...... we seldom spend time thinking about possible scenario's other than the one we believe in and are therefore "stuck" in. We must all remain vigilant regarding whether we have misread the big picture, whether the NWO and the NAU and the CORPORATE BANKRUPTCY and so on and so forth have fooled us, and you with our help, and will be the survivors in all this when the real truth becomes known. You know that's not what we think but what does what WE "think" have to do with the price of spinach?
To sum this up we are doing the best we can, we provide our opinions for your consideration, but it is each persons individual responsibility to listen to all sources and discern truth for self.
             Casper   5-6-08
p.s. some sources say today, some say Wed&Thurs..
casper #1  evening   ( early evening  )    may/6/-8
We are sorry to report the following:
The packs are back in the SC.
All Carriers/Couriers are refusing to del. them.
This information is confirmed by Mr. Ty, who took over for Madame Wu.
This is also confirmed by W.C. sources who say "They Can Get the Packs Back Out Again" but, have not so far made a move to do so.
Naturally GB and Cheney are always behind such blockages.
Will report again as developments occur.
casper  5-6-08    Early Evening.
casper last of that day......... Late Evening May 6, 2008...
( casper 5-6-08  second of the evening )
CHENEY said he was #44 (( president)). He has the power of Atty., he is President.  Things didn't work out for him.
Our brief previous update caused the phones to ring in D.C..  Just one of those receiving calls says he has clocked 50 in the last two hours.
Bumper stickers in  INDIANA say "Anybody but Hillary".  Probably nothing to do with us BUT do you remember our missive a couple months ago, those exact words, "Anybody but Hillary"?  It's fun to imagine even if it is likely wishful thinking.
SO, they got the packages back out immediately as "extreme anxiety" is reported from world court sources and others. Who made the calls? WE don't know for sure but apparently it was the
WORLD calling.  Does this mean deliveries tomorrow which would be the common sense conclusion? WE don't know who will next fart loudest
..........  but for the moment we long suffering peasants representatives appear to be making the noise.
                 casper    5-6-08    evening
all    casper:
Global Elite Gathered in D.C.
The Trilateral Commission ((TC))—one of the three most powerful globalist groups in the world—held closed-door meetings right here in Washington, D.C. from April 25 to 28.
True to form, those members of the media who knew about the meeting—or were themselves participants in the proceedings—refused to discuss what went on inside or report on the attendees. Luckily, AFP’s own editor, Jim Tucker, was on the scene to bust this clandestine confabulation wide open.
Candidate Obama has not denied news reports in Canada that his top economic adviser, Austan Goolsbee, assured Canadian diplomats that the senator would keep NAFTA intact and his anti-trade talk is just “campaign rhetoric.”
While they are confident they can deal with any “potential president,” the Trilateralists paid huge tribute to Ron Paul in an equally large twist of irony, by expressing alarm that he is causing “significant future damage.”
They expressed concern that Paul’s rallies have attracted multitudes of young people who are getting “their political education.” They want Republicans to pressure Paul to drop out now and stop his education rallies. This assignment was given to Thomas Foley, former U.S. House speaker.
The reasons Paul’s “education campaign” strikes fear into Trilateral hearts are obvious. Paul would refuse to surrender an ounce of U.S. sovereignty to an international organization and TC wants world government.
Paul would immediately bring U.S. troops home from Iraq, Afghanistan and from 130 UN “peacekeeping” missions around the globe. TC wants to enjoy war profiteering and global power. Paul would abolish the federal income tax while the TC wants to pile on a global tax payable to the UN.
The formal agenda was loaded with everything Paul and American patriots detest: higher taxes, more foreign giveaways, more immigration, both legal and illegal, into the United States and “engaging Iran,” among others.
Attention California Gun Owners:
 Make Your Voice Heard and Help Fight the Assault on Ammunition Sales!
Anti-gun hysteria has reached a fever pitch in the Golden State.  The California Assembly is considering a bill (Assembly Bill 2062) this session that, if passed, will have dire consequences for California’s law-abiding gun owners.
AB2062 is scheduled to be heard on Wednesday, May 7 in the Assembly Appropriations Committee.
Here’s what you can do to help protect our Second Amendment freedoms:
Their Opinion: A big story — right here in Tifton[Georgia]
/ Researcher:
 Discovery Could End Energy Crisis !
The story was about Tifton resident J.C. Bell who has found the solution to the world’s energy crisis through genetic modification and cloning of bacterial organisms that can convert bio-mass into hydrocarbon on a grand scale. Hydrocarbon = gas. Think about this next week when you are at the gas pump paying $3.50 a gallon. Think about the Tifton man who is capable of making as much gas as we will ever need — and he can make it cheap.
How cheap you ask? Well, I didn’t put that part in my article, but let me tell you I think he could probably
make it for 25 cents a gallon — but the government would most likely never allow that. The reason he could make it that cheap is because the process is so simple and the materials are essentially free. All he requires is a big tank (think of a silo, maybe), a handful of this bacteria (well, I don’t know that the recipe calls for a handful) and some tree limbs, corns husks, or any of those other once-living things that we dispose of (called bio-mass). Mix the bacteria and the bio-mass together, stir around a little and out comes gas. That simple.
Take a deep breath and let this idea seep into your head. All the gas we want or need. For 25 cents a gallon. Forever. And you don’t have to modify any of our vehicles. And it is environmentally friendly. That would pretty well end the energy crisis and this country’s dependence on foreign oil, don’t you think?
On April 15, J.C. was invited by the defense department to speak at the World Wide Energy Conference held in Arlington, Virginia. He was up there talking alongside speakers from ExxonMobile and the National Science Foundation.
He must have given a good presentation, because shortly afterwards my phone starting ringing. The first to call was Joe Kovacs with WorldNet Daily. He wrote an article headlined: National news media burying amazing oil breakthrough?
A Tifton agricultural researcher says he has found the solution to the world’s energy crisis through genetic modification and cloning of bacterial organisms that can convert bio-mass into hydrocarbons on a grand scale. The local researcher believes his groundbreaking discovery could result in the production of 500 to 1,000 barrels of hydrocarbon fuel per day from the initial production facility. The hydrocarbon fuel — commonly known as oil or fossil fuel when drilled — will require no modification to automobiles, oil pipelines or refineries as they exist today and could forever end the United States’ dependence on foreign oil, he said.
J.C. Bell, who brought the world powdered peanut butter, has spent the last four years, identifying the bacteria that produces hydrocarbon and then finding a way to genetically alter it so that it could produce hydrocarbon in greater volume.
Bell cited a USDA study that projected it was possible to produce two billion tons of bio-mass that could be converted to hydrocarbon with some modification to agriculture and forestry practices.
Pamela Serino, Chief of the Department of Defense Energy Support Center at Fort Belvoir, Va., said she was very excited about Bell’s technology.
Now that his discoveries have been patented, his corporation formed — Bell Bio-Energy, Inc. — and his government communications established, Bell announced his discoveries to the local press on Friday morning.
Bell said he never considered ethanol for his research. “He who burns his food goes hungry,” Bell said. “That’s an old Chinese proverb.” Instead he concentrated on bio-mass and hydrocarbons. “If it grows it’s bio-mass,” Bell said. Bio-mass is any living or recently dead biological material. Hydrocarbon is an organic compound consisting entirely of hydrogen and carbon. Decomposed organic matter provides an abundance of carbon and hydrogen and is naturally occurring in crude oil.
Sources for bio-mass to be converted to hydrocarbon fuel are the forestry industry, pulp plants, agriculture and waste derived from the construction and demolition industry.
“This is the ultimate recycling,” Bell said. “Environmentalists should rejoice. We are only using waste products.” Bell said his company would take all of the waste of the plants: The tree limbs and tree tops, husks and cob of the corn, wheat stubble and corn stover.
Bell said that with ethanol, “The United Stated would have to totally rebuild our infrastructure.” He said, “We wanted to make hydrocarbon that could immediately be pumped.”
Bell said the original idea came from observing cows expel gas. “That is natural gas,” Bell said. “Cows release methane gas.” He said the gas is created by bacteria in the cow’s rumen or stomach. “These bacterial organisms are responsible for biological conversion of bio-mass into hydrocarbons,” he said.
“We are exploring several locations for our pilot plants and production facilities,” Bell said. “We have the opportunity to put our plants in several locations.”
He estimated the budget for the research facility to be at $60 million annually and the production facilities at $250 to $300 million a year. He anticipates being in full scale production by October 1, 2009.
Urgent: Closed Door Iraq Meeting Tonight
We just got word that in only a few hours, the Democratic leadership will huddle in a room for a closed door meeting on the future of the War in Iraq Speaker Pelosi will be joined by Representatives Steny Hoyer, Rahm Emanuel and other key leaders to decide their strategy for the upcoming vote on more money for the war.
By the time the funding bill comes to the floor for a vote, it may be too late. The leadership is expected to decide tonight whether to include a timeline in the bill or just give the President a blank check to continue this war. We can't let that happen. Speaker Pelosi has to listen to Democratic representatives who made her Speaker.
That's why we need you to call your Democratic representative right now. Urge your representative to contact Speaker Pelosi and the leadership and insist that any Iraq legislation include a timeline to bring the troops home.
Here's a suggested script:
"I am calling to urge the Representative to contact Speaker Pelosi and the House leadership right now, before tonight's closed door meeting, and make clear that any Iraq legislation must include a timeline to bring the troops home"
   Make the Call Right Now:
Democrats Set to Defy Bush on War Bill
'Watch the Cops' Day on May 29 and Every Day
Mohawk Nation News
April 28, 2008.
 Canada and Phil Fontaine of the “Assembly of Colonial First Nations” would like to see us standing by the side of the road with our heads down, tears rolling down our cheeks and handing out pamphlets on their “Aboriginal Day of Action” on May 29th. [Beware! It’s an Indigenous “set up” day!] Many think this should be “watch the goons day”. We could walk, drive or bicycle through the roads, streets and highways of our communities and document police brutality and oppression. We’ll be needing a great big notebook for this. Non-Indigenous communities have their problems with cops too. Maybe they’ll join us.
In Montreal when the Montreal Canadians hockey team won their series against the Boston Bruins, there was a riot on St. Catherine Street . The media coverage showed cop cars being burnt and kids jumping up and down on top of the cars. Many young people were assaulted and arrested. The police confiscated mainstream media footage so no one could see that they has gotten out of their cars, went over to a crowd of young people and started smashing them for no reason at all. People with phone cameras put these images on the internet. It was an emotional response to abuse. The cops have become the worse abusers. Watch out for agent provocateurs. They arrive dressed like us, with back packs on their back full of rocks and other implements. They start throwing these at the police and then disappear into the crowd. We get the blame. Let’s face it, cops are attracted to violence. They can’t stand peaceful people. So they try to stir things up so they can use all the expensive toys they claim to need. One of their most despicable tactics is to target and attack young women. This provokes otherwise peaceful men to come to their defense who are then beaten and arrested. What a violent profession. We do not approve of the theory that peace can be gained by violent means.(...)
!The cops want more control in Southeastern Ontario because it’s getting harder to illegally siphon the resources of enlightened Indigenous people.
Sharbot Lake-Robertsville Mine site is half way between Trenton and Petawawa Army Bases. Sharbot Lake is also half way between Port Hope and Chalk River, which have the most depleted uranium stored for use by the military to make bombs.(...)
 We keep popping up. The natural world has decreed that we shall always be here doing our job, taking care of the land, plants, animals, water and air.The non-natives who are organized against us are not political. Otherwise they would be on our side. They would realize their own oppression and abuse by the colonists.(...)
It’s part of some big plan of a few people. It’s called “mobilizing the masses” to “harmonize the peripheries with the center”. The peripheries are Mexico and Canada and the center is the U.S. , of course. They rile up society so they will get a bigger budget, be in greater demand and get control over everybody. The center wants “death squad” type policing like in Chicago , New York , Toronto and Los Angeles , where they hit the people, do open racial profiling and are extremely corrupt internally. Is this happening in all Indigenous communities right now worldwide?
 On May 29th Canada with their chief provocateur, Phil Fontaine, who wants to cash in on the re-enactment of the “Sand Creek Massacre”, are coming in with a plan to push the “final solution”.
Watch out. Be ready!
Kahentinetha Horn -
MNN Mohawk Nation News
Sorcha Faal <> wrote:
[Ed. Note: This report should be read from its website location at
as this email does not
contain the links embedded in the original report.]

May 7, 2008

Massive Starvation For World Feared Over Myanmar And Chile Catastrophes

By: Sorcha Faal, and as reported to her Western Subscribers

Russia's Ministry of Agriculture and Food Production is warning
President Medvedev today that the World faces the ‘immanent’ threat of
mass starvation due to the catastrophic cyclone that has destroyed
Myanmar’s entire rice crop, and the disastrous volcano that has
virtually destroyed the South American country of Chile’s fruit and
vegetable producing regions.

Myanmar, the 7th largest rice producer in the World, is still tallying
its dead after this past week’s cyclone [pictured top photo on left],
and which has killed over 80,000 of its citizens, but it’s ability to
not only feed its own people, but to help alleviate the shortage of the
one crop that feeds over half the World’s population is now gone.

In an even further blow to the billions of human beings that rely on
rice for their sole daily food, the Nation’s of Malaysia and Bangladesh
have joined the growing number of countries banning exports of this
vital grain crop over fears of being able to feed their own citizens
after the Myanmar catastrophe.

Chile, the Southern Hemisphere’s largest producer of fruits and
vegetables, has suffered an equally catastrophic blow to its ability to
grow food, and as we can read as reported by the Associated Press News

"The long-dormant Chaiten volcano[pictured 2nd photo on left] blasted
ash 20 miles into the Andean sky Tuesday, forcing thousands of people to
evacuate and fouling a huge stretch of South America."

Adding to the Global crisis of food production, these reports continue,
have been Kenya’s reporting that nearly 20 percent of its rice crop has
been destroyed by disease, the United Nations reporting that the deadly
wheat fungus, capable of destroying entire wheat fields, has moved from
Africa into the Middle East and the United States reporting that nearly
900,000 acres of their most valuable crop land has been submerged due to
massive flooding in their Mississippi River regions.

Australia, one of the World’s top wheat exporters, is also warning that
their historic drought is getting worse, and that should rains come,
their government is reporting it will take ‘several years’ to restore
their farmlands.

The United Nations Food Agency Chief, Jacques Diouf, has further warned
that many Nations are in danger of civil wars breaking out due to the
growing shortage of food in the World for its starving peoples.

Not just to these disasters, either, are our World’s food supply being
threatened as the United States is now reporting that over 36 percent of
their Nation’s commercial honey bee hives have died ‘mysteriously’ in
the past year, and as we had previously reported on in our March 26,
2008 report titled "Fears Grow Over ‘Catastrophic’ US Biosphere
Collapse", and wherein we detailed the shocking loss of plant
pollinators in that country.

Further threatening World’s farmers is the astronomical rise in the
price of oil-based chemical fertilizers used to grow their crops; and
with the United States investment giant Goldman Sachs warning that
Global oil prices are heading to $200 this will drive the cost of this
most needed commodity out of the reach of all but the most richest of
agricultural Nations.

Even in the face of this growing Global crisis, however, their appears
to be no concern being voiced by the peoples of the United States, other
than to complain to their War Leaders over the prices they are now
having to pay for food and fuel. It is as if they have forgotten that
their ancestors of last century were some of the World’s most productive
farmers, and with just a little of their own effort they could convert
their own land to feed themselves and their families.

But, and as the spring planting season draws ever closer to an end, it
actually seems beyond these poor people to ever consider doing such a
simple task as putting little seeds into the soil to grow. And which
provides us with no greater example of how far these once mighty people
have, indeed, fallen.

© May 7, 2008 EU and US all rights reserved.

Sorcha Faal
sunrise may 2nd.........

New Zealand Activists Damage US-Linked Spy Base

And in New Zealand, three peace activists have been arrested for damaging a spy dish dome in protest of the so-called war on terror. Calling themselves the ANZAC Ploughshares, the three said they broke into the base because it plays a part of the Bush administration’s international eavesdropping network. New Zealand police say the break-in caused more than $1 million in damages.

25,000 Dockworkers Shut Down West Coast Ports in Historic Antiwar Protest

In the largest labor strike since the invasion of Iraq, ports along the West Coast—all 29 of them—were shut down as some 25,000 dock workers went on a one-day strike to protest the war. We speak to Jack Heyman of the International Longshore and Warehouse Union. [includes rush transcript]
Elite Policy And The "Axis of Evil"

By Noam Chomsky

The official story right now is that after having been forced to accept an agreement on dismantling its nuclear weapons facilities, North Korea is again trying to evade its commitments in its usual devious way—"good news" for superhawks like John Bolton, who have held all along that the North Koreans understand only the mailed fist and will exploit negotiations only to trick us. Continue

How Under-the-Gun Iran Plays it Cool

By Pepe Escobar

This year, Iran finally becomes a natural gas-exporting country. The framework for the $7.6 billion Iran-Pakistan-India pipeline, also known as the "peace" pipeline, is a go. Both these key South Asian US allies are ignoring Bush administration desires and rapidly bolstering their economic, political, cultural, and - crucially - geostrategic connections with Iran. An attack on Iran would now inevitably be viewed as an attack against Asia. Continue

Democrats Okay Funds for Covert Ops

Secret Bush "Finding" Widens War on Iran

By Andrew Cockburn

Six weeks ago, President Bush signed a secret finding authorizing a covert offensive against the Iranian regime that, according to those familiar with its contents, "unprecedented in its scope." Continue

Somalia: A Victim of Bush’s Recklessness

How the West ended Somalia’s brief flirtation with stability

By Matthew Carr

The violence that is currently ripping Somalia apart is a direct consequence of the Bush administration's reckless military adventurism and the Manichean fantasy world of the 21st century's terror wars. Continue

The Plague of Potomac Fever

By David Sirota

Professional lawmakers in Washington are insulated from real-world pressures by six-figure salaries, security sentries and servile staffers. Continue
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sunrise may 5th
9/11 Conspiracy Connection To DC Madam Murder
Palfrey told former NSA official that call girls had picked up information concerning foreknowledge of attacks
Paul Joseph Watson
Prison Planet
Monday, May 5, 2008
Former NSA analyst and Navy intelligence officer Wayne Madsen tells the The Alex Jones Show that one of the key motives behind the DC Madam's murder may have been the information her call girls picked up from Washington's top brass concerning foreknowledge and government complicity in the 9/11 attacks.
Madsen also connected another suspicious death - that of former CIA agent Roland Carnaby who was gunned down by Houston police last week - to another individual who was involved in both the 9/11 cover-up and the D.C. Madam scandal, disgraced lobbyist Jack Abramoff.
Noting that Palfrey and her defense team had tried to invoke the Classified Information Procedures Act in the U.S. District Court in Washington, which is only used when classified information or the names of people who are intelligence officers needs to be discussed, Madsen said Palfrey, "Had information which could have a bearing on the 9/11 attacks that some of her employees may have picked up information beforehand that would have been very useful to the 9/11 investigation."
Madsen added that most of Palfrey's call girls had been active around the area of McLean Virginia, which is where the CIA and other intelligence agencies are based and where Dick Cheney lived at the time.
Host Alex Jones recalled that during interviews Palfrey had told him that her escort service was in fact being used as an intelligence operation to gather intelligence on individuals who used the service, particularly those connected to the military.
Madsen, who spoke personally to Palfrey on numerous occasions, recalls one conversation at dinner about a month ago with Palfrey and her asset forfeiture lawyer where Palfrey told him, 'I have information that would have been of great interest to the 9/11 Commission - there's information that they have (her call girls) that would have been very important for the 9/11 Commission to know having to do with intelligence they picked up about 9/11 before it happened'.
The former NSA official noted that some of Palfrey's call girls were being chauffeured by Sherlington Limousines to poker parties attended by former CIA director and co-chair of the Joint 9/11 Intelligence Inquiry Porter Goss. One of the reasons cited for Goss' abrupt resignation in May 2006 was his alleged involvement in a prostitution scandal where lobbyists were holding parties for GOP lawmakers that featured hookers and gambling at the Watergate Hotel in D.C.
On the morning of 9/11, Goss was having breakfast with the head of Pakistan’s Inter Services Intelligence (ISI) General Mahmoud Ahmad, the man who ordered a wire transfer of $100,000 to alleged lead hijacker Mohammed Atta.
In addition, Madsen pointed out that Jack Abramoff, who was also connected to the DC Madam scandal, allowed at least two of the 9/11 hijackers to use one of his casino boats in the days before 9/11, and this is what Palfrey was probably referring to when she spoke about her call girls picking up information about 9/11 before it happened.
"There's the link, when you've got Abramoff and you had two of those hijackers on his casino boat a few days before 9/11 - I just wonder if that's what Jeane was talking about," said Madsen, "Because now I'm looking at this crazy incident in Houston with Roland Carnaby, a retired CIA guy who was still contracted to the CIA, being gunned down in broad daylight by the Houston police department - now I've been told by Agency sources in Houston that one of the people he was looking at was Abramhoff and the casino boats - so here you've got two people in the same week, looks like they were both assassinated in broad daylight," he concluded.
Many readers will recall that Newsweek reported that military brass in Washington received a warning the night before the 9/11 attacks which led to a September 11 flight being cancelled. "NEWSWEEK has learned that while U.S. intelligence received no specific warning, the state of alert had been high during the past two weeks, and a particularly urgent warning may have been received the night before the attacks, causing some top Pentagon brass to cancel a trip. Why that same information was not available to the 266 people who died aboard the four hijacked commercial aircraft may become a hot topic on the Hill," according to the September 13 2001 issue.
The connection to 9/11 is tantalizing and provides a key motive for why numerous power brokers would have wanted Palfrey to be shut up for good before she had the opportunity to release information in court that her call girls picked up about 9/11 pointing to foreknowledge and government complicity in the attacks.
Published on Monday, May 5, 2008 by The Miami Herald
US Base Is No Longer Welcome in Ecuador
by Jim Wyss
MANTA, Ecuador - Mayor Jorge Zambrano pulled up to the Manta City Hall in his black Ford Explorer, expecting to find a rally in support of the American military outpost that runs drug-surveillance flights from this gritty port city.

Mary Tillman: The Story Around Pat's Death "Was A Public Deception"

CBS   |   May 5, 2008 10:20 AM
the mother.... 

Pat Tillman's mother Mary sat down
with Katie Couric to discuss how the government still hasn't told the whole truth surrounding her son's 2004 death in Afghanistan. Read an excerpt and watch video from the interview below:
At that time, Tillman's family was led to believe that he was killed by the enemy, which was reinforced when the Army awarded him a Silver Star for his "gallantry in action against an armed enemy." They were told his convoy had been ambushed and he had charged up a hill, forcing the enemy to withdraw and saving the lives of his fellow Rangers.
The long awaited Activation of the Eighth Gate took place on February 11th, 2007.
Due to the vast scope of 8th Gate, there will be TWO 8th Gate Activations-- one in 2007 and one in 2008.

Eighth Gate is the most important 11:11 Gate Activation since the original opening of the 11:11 Doorway in 1992.
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Sunday, 04 May 2008
  Overwhelming Evidence Points To Murder Of DC Madam
'Evidence is stacking up to suggest that the alleged "suicide" of DC Madam Deborah Jeane Palfrey was in fact a calculated murder, as the manager of Palfrey's Florida Condo reveals that Palfrey was not suicidal when he spoke to her Monday and told him of her fears about a contract being out on her life.'
 "She insinuated that there is a contract out for her and I fully believe they succeeded," says Condo manager.
DC Madam's 'Suicide' Rejected On National TV
Palfrey's hi-rise apartment manager in Florida says he saw Palfrey only days before her death when she told him a contract may be out on her life. Additionally, she made arrangments to secure her apartment for the next six years-- the approximate time she expected to be in prison--seemingly pointing to the idea that she expected to stay alive.
Tuesday, 06 May 2008
 Palfrey 'Suicide Notes' A Contradiction In Terms

       'Deborah Jeane Palfrey's alleged suicide notes were released today and given full court press by a corporate media that largely refused to cover her statements that she would never commit suicide and the statements of her friends and family who said she wasn't suicidal, but Palfrey's alleged reason for killing herself, that she would be "penniless" upon leaving prison, contradicts the fact that a multi-million dollar book deal was in the pipeline. The alleged suicide notes are very short (the one addressed to Palfrey's sister is little over 4 small paragraphs) and written in all capital letters.'
Monday, 05 May 2008
 9/11 Conspiracy Connection To DC Madam Murder

'Madsen also connected another suspicious death - that of former CIA agent Roland Carnaby who was gunned down by Houston police last week - to another individual who was involved in both the 9/11 cover-up and the D.C. Madam scandal, disgraced lobbyist Jack Abramoff.

Noting that Palfrey and her defense team had tried to invoke the Classified Information Procedures Act in the U.S. District Court in Washington, which is only used when classified information or the names of people who are intelligence officers needs to be discussed, Madsen said Palfrey, "Had information which could have a bearing on the 9/11 attacks that some of her employees may have picked up information beforehand that would have been very useful to the 9/11 investigation".'
06 May 2008
Farm Broadcaster Ousted after Ripping Monsanto’s Goon Squads 
'Monsanto relies on a shadowy army of private investigators and agents in the American heartland to strike fear into farm country,” Barlett and Steele write. “They fan out into fields and farm towns, where they secretly videotape and photograph farmers, store owners, and co-ops, infiltrate community meetings, and gather information from informants about farming activities.

Farmers say that some Monsanto agents pretend to be surveyors. Others confront farmers on their land and try to pressure them to sign papers giving Monsanto access to their private records. Farmers call them the ‘seed police’ and use words such as ‘Gestapo’ and ‘Mafia’ to describe their tactics.'

Wednesday, 07 May 2008
Global Elite Gather In Washington
'Luminaries at the Trilateral Commission meeting in Washington expressed confidence that they own all three major presidential candidates, who, despite political posturing, will support sovereignty-surrendering measures such as NAFTA and the “North American Union.”

“John has always supported free trade, even while campaigning before union leaders,” said one. “Hil and Barack are pretending to be unhappy about some things, but that’s merely political posturing. They’re solidly in support.”'
Monday, 05 May 2008
Conversation with David Icke : Camp Lovewave's 377th Show
Camp Lovewave is like nothing else on the radio. With hosts Terran and Bari Lovewave and daughter Lindsay, in the "out of control room", you will become a "camper" as you sit around the virtual campfire. The camp will inform, entertain and open up some new nerual pathways. The Camp is your alternative to boring radio. Camp Lovewave airs Saturdays 9-10am MST on KSFR 90.7 FM and is streaming live on the internet at ( .  Santa Fe, NM 87508.
Monday, 05 May 2008
Religion: same program, different names
'Judgment is a basic element in the salvationist program. Jehovah judges, Christ judges, Allah judges. All the creeds are unanimous on this point. Bear in mind that "You are judged by God" is a human statement, made by men who claim to be emissaries of the judgmental father-son deities. This assertion that God judges us exemplifies the tactic of the Abrahamic religions: a man tells us what God wants of us. Presumably, the man who speaks in this way has been previously briefed by God. That is an issue of faith.
Patriarchial religion demands that we believe the men who speak for God, that we take them on their word, which is God's word. And consistent with the violence inherent to patriarchy, the word of God is threatening, menacing. God judges you, so you must do this and that in order to be well judged, to get good marks, to have your soul saved by the very entity who threatens to condemn it. The threat tactic is very effective in setting up a social control program.' 
 Francois Cheng, L'Eternite N'est Pas de Trop ("Eternity is Not Too Much"), translated into English as Green Mountain, White Cloud.
from FW10:
Atlantis Power Grid ........ text by Doug Yurchey
Examine the 13 locations of the ATLANTIS POWER GRID.
Atlantis was a continent in the Atlantic Ocean and connected to 12 other colonies that formed a perfect GRID around the Earth.
Precisely where a map of Atlantis from 1974 predicted SOMETHING would be found, something HAS been found by Google Earth.
near medecine hat, alberta...(near sask border.)...
Atlantis was a continent in the Atlantic Ocean and connected to 12 other colonies that formed a perfect GRID around the Earth. We know this now because of the long-awaited (by a handful of people)  ... new discovery in Canada. Precisely where a map of Atlantis from 1974 predicted SOMETHING would be found, something HAS been found by Google Earth.
 Here are the coordinates of a Nazca-like (image) INDIAN seen from high in the air:
50 0'38.20" N
110 6'48.32" W.
Use Google Earth yourself to zoom down on the area and take your own photos! At the end of the article are more downloaded pictures of the Canadian terrain that appears as an INDIAN. After examining details of the image, the conclusions are obvious. The copper colored hills, like an Indian Head penny, were shaped and not natural formations. What is an Indian doing in Canada?
There are no pyramids, monoliths, stone circles, petroglyphs, mounds or ancient burials in Canada. But, there SHOULD be evidence of early Indians in the vast northern country. If Indians walked to the Americas from Asia over a land-bridge at the Bering Strait, why is there no trace of prehistoric ruins of any kind in Canada? This mystery is huge and ignored by archeologists and educators. The Indian-absence means their entire picture of the past is wrong and backwards!
Thor Heyerdaul did not prove Indians arrived by boat. His better built, second
attempt at proving an obsolete misconception ..........sank with the Ra II.
The farther back we go in time, the MORE advanced technically (and mentally) were the Indian civilizations. We know this by 'reading' or studying the physical stonework, what ruins they left behind. The Anastasi, Hopi and Cahokia Mound-Builders were more advanced than the later Indians of the Old West. The Aztec Stone-Builders were more advanced than the great earth-movers, the Anastasi/Cahokians. The Maya were superior to the Aztec. The Toltec Age came before the Maya and they were greater than the Maya. Toltecs' ancestors were the Inca; they built impossible stonework on top of the Andes Mountains! Incas farmed on mountaintops many thousands of years ago where no one can live today. The Pre-Inca constructed stonework 'impossible' by present-day standards.
 They had no hieroglyphs because of the unbelievable reason that the PRE-INCA HAD NO NEED for a written or spoken language! (psychic-society) The same can be said for the Pre-Egyptians an ocean away. They were the survivors of, yet another, superior and previous Age...the Age of Atlantis.
Canada should be the ancient home of the Inca with cut, trimmed and transported monoliths everywhere. Canadian provinces should contain MORE standing stones than England and northern France. Mountain ruins of intricately cut (lasered) and moved (anti-gravitated) blocks that cannot be duplicated by today's state-of-the-art they exist in South and Central America...should cover the Canadian hillsides. Imagine what Canada SHOULD be if history were correct: Snow-covered, massive, stone monoliths that defy our wildest dreams among great forests that have grown over the millennia. That is not the case; there is not even an arrowhead in Canada. Canada tells us history is wrong.
A truer picture of history is a NORTHWARD migration of Indian from the Peruvian Central American pyramid-builders and, down the tech-spiral but geographically 'up' the map, to the simpler (less advanced) Old West Indians. The movement of Indian Civilizations over time was NORTH, not south as schoolbooks report. Indians also became LESS advanced over time. Teepee Indians had pyramid-building ancestors. This is the exact opposite of the always-progressing, technical curve that we are traditionally taught.
Examine the 13 locations of the ATLANTIS POWER GRID.
The article will briefly explore the most obscure of these Cradles of Civilization. Humanity flourished in prehistoric times around these culture-centers; upon each 'node' of the GRID; the same mysteries and parallels occurred at all of the 13 locations. Here is another major mystery of multiple origin-areas for the human race. There should be ONE starting point, not MANY; not on tops of the Andes, on remote Easter Island; in the middle of the Sahara Desert; Japan; Europe; far away Australia; deepest Africa in Zimbabwe; India; Russia; Brazilian jungles and now Canada?
How did humans get everywhere on the planet, even to isolated regions? The same building techniques, great knowledge of math and astronomy, same burials, beliefs...and the same story of an advanced civilization instantly appeared and mysteriously disappeared at the GRID positions, should SHOCK investigators! Instead, traditional researchers ignore the forest for the trees. Pyramids were not tombs. Ancient (impossible) stonework functioned as 'utility poles' in a TESLA-based system, rather than idols to pagan gods.
If our ancestors were primitive, the titanic stonework of the past (pyramids, monoliths, great statues, etc.) would not exist. The Stone Age was not a primitive, caveman period; it was an age where human gods built upon the Earth. If traditions were correct, then the only evidence of the distant past would be unearthed in the fossil record. There would be fossilized thatched roofs, simple implements and the most basic of things. Instead, we discover the Power System of the Gods in impossible stonework in impossible places!
The Cradles of Civilization were built on a global grid. The significance of this geographical FACT is the 12 Atlantean colonies were all connected to the main Power-Station in the Atlantic. Global grids (as they would in today's wired world) exist IN A PATTERN, connected in a worldwide system. If we observe a repeating, global pattern or network around the entire planet...we are forced to conclude a high-tech 'intelligence' was the architect. In the case of a technical 'Eden,' that prehistoric empire was Atlantis. Atlantis was not a legend, but the ancestors of the Pre-Egyptians and Pre-Incas.
The discovery of the 12th LOCATION ON THE GRID happened in the fall of 2003.
'WASHINGTON, September 18, 2003 - Newly discovered traces of ancient roads, bridges and plazas in Brazil's tropical forest may help dispel the once-popular impression of an 'untouched' Amazon before the Europeans' arrival. In southern Brazil, archeologists have found the remains of a NETWORK or urban communities that apparently hosted a population many thousands strong. Reporting their findings in the journal SCIENCE, published by AAAS, the science society, the researchers say the people who dwelled there dramatically changed their local landscape.'
Michael Heckenberger of the University of Florida and his colleagues were 'baffled' at the discovery. 'There was this cherished image that the Amazon was pure nature...archeologists are compelled to revise their views of ancient Brazil.'
The 1974 MAP of 13 positions, in a pattern, predicted such a discovery would happen in Brazil and it did. In an area that was long thought to be too hostile for a human city, there were organized roads and parks 'in grid-like patterns.' Ancient Amazons managed large areas and were far more advanced than previously thought.
The 11th LOCATION ON THE GRID was discovered in 1985 by Kihachiro Aratake under the waters of the South China Sea and called 'Yonaguni.' Beautiful blue/green photos of the quasi-pyramid structure can be downloaded off the Internet. The monument has wide terraces, ramps and large steps. Japanese scientists have documented marks on the stones that indicate they were hewn. A stairway carved into the gigantic rock on the ocean floor proves the structure was not natural.
Lemuria was an Asian Empire BEFORE Atlantis that primarily dominated the Pacific Ocean area. It is reasonable to assume the Asian
Culture reformed as an Atlantean outpost around the Japanese sub-station. Yonaguni, just southwest of Japan, is physical evidence IN THE ANTICIPATED AREA of (again) an advanced race of Stone-Builders. Asians are not Indians, yet they may have utilized the World Wireless location predicted for Japan.
The 10th LOCATION ON THE GRID is in prehistoric Russia. There are ancient Russian megaliths! They, too, were stone-cutters and transporters of many tons of megalithic rock.
Again we see a culture, thousands of miles away from the jungles of Central America, constructing massive totems. Russian megaliths resemble the Mayan stele. Like the standing stones of England and Australia, the harsh lands of the Soviets also contain similar monuments. In the Caucasian Mountains and all around the Black Sea, there are 'dolmens.' They are early, bizarre, stone dwellings. Some stand alone, some are in groups (in patterns). There are similar structures in North Europe and in India. They were not primitive. Sophisticated technicians, similar to Egyptian artisanship, had to have produced these buildings. 'The Caucasian megalithic monuments are distinguished by highly skillful stone carving, almost that of a jeweler.’ Were they prehistoric bomb shelters?
Upon reading an earlier version of this article, Vladimir Pakhomov sent me a remarkable photo taken in the Sayan Mountains. It contained a carved ‘sphinx’ on the horizon, a feature of an ancient ‘city.’ I asked him, ‘Was the stone ‘city’ at my GRID location for Russia?’ His one word reply said it all: YES! Like Canada, USSR is a large country…and my Atlantis map from 1974 anticipated the discovery!
The 9th LOCATION ON THE GRID is in central Australia, near Alice Springs. The first Aussies are now thought to have occupied the continent 60,000 years ago. The present climate in the Outback is a very hot, dry desertland. Many thousands of years ago, Australia was a 'green,' fertile terrain where 'giant animals roamed.' Bushmen, rich in legend, believe they are native to the continent. 'Down Under' is another land with ancient, monolithic, standing stones.
Near Alice Springs, archeologists have found 'fused rock' and glasslike particles. The only way such formations could have been produced is by an incredibly intense HEAT! The rocks may have melted together in an atomic devastation. The recurring theme of a fertile land, now devastated is a common occurrence on the GRID locations. There are numerous Aussie drawings and rock carvings that seem to depict strange visitors wearing helmets, antennas, gloves and boots. This is very similar to what is found at Tassili; strange, ancient paintings among a wasteland.
Ayer's Rock (Uluru) is one of Australia's most recognizable landmarks. It is the planet's largest megalith and is considered one of the great wonders of the world. It is a MAGNETIC mound similar to Silbury Hill in England. The huge rock is a giant spike in the ground and we only see its red top. Could the entire natural phenomenon have been 'electrified' in ancient times and used as an oscillating Power Pole as Tesla had demonstrated? Central Australia is one of the Map-locations, yet the entire continent seems to have slipped southward away from the GRID pattern.
Tassili is the 8th LOCATION ON THE GRID. In Algeria, there are mountains that rise from the Sahara Desert and resemble the mountains on the Moon. Again, a mysterious race of people came from parts unknown and settled in an inhospitable environment. They took refuge in the high caves. Tassili ‘is as remote as you can get.’ There are hundreds of thousands of rock paintings.
Painted by ‘realistic’ artists, the images show African elephants; giraffes; rhinos; hippos; horses; the ancestors of domesticated cattle; herds of antelope; flowers; wild fauna and flora; colorful meadows; grasslands; waterholes, etc. What is wrong with this picture? The paintings are prehistoric and in the center of the largest desert on Earth.
All experts agree on the incredible age of the drawings. They were not a matter of hundreds of years old, but many thousands of years old! Beyond the age, there is something incredibly ODD about the depictions. A small percentage show MODERN images! There are figures with large, bulbous, ‘round-heads.’ Some figures seem to be horizontally floating in air. Some appear to have modern accessories such as zippers; belts; wristbands; backpacks; antennae, etc. Henri Lhote called an 18 foot high giant, painted on the cave walls, Great God Mars. There was one particular ‘round-head’ in a modern, uniform-suit with antennae that operated an apparatus. Illustrated in the background, was a SAUCER with thrusters!
Consider that these were the survivors of some great, atomic cataclysm as mentioned in the prehistoric books of India. Where else would people go to escape the fallout...but in the caves? The desert did not form naturally. Given this scenario of a nuclear holocaust, it could explain the modern figures with round heads. They wore radiation suits. People, from other lands (a few) with the technology, could have been tested radiation levels and account for the strange images. Cave dwellers, with high quality paint, observed them.
‘The whole of the Sahara is dotted with artistic engravings and paintings on rock faces.’ These other locations are on the roofs of rock caves and mainly in the highlands. It is possible that there was less radiation, the higher the altitude. Tassili occupies one more grid-point on the map of 13. If we only examined the cave paintings, we are mystified. If we study the big picture, we can make some sense of it and rewrite traditional history.
The 7th LOCATION ON THE GRID is the Ashoka Pillar in New Delhi, India. India, another Cradle of Humanity, is a great society with a rich prehistory. The 'rust-free' iron alloy had baffled metallurgists for centuries. The sleek Pillar tapers to a height of 24 feet, crowned with an odd antenna design. The 7-ton, major mystery is largely ignored.
It is only a popular tourist attraction because it is adjacent to the famous Qutab Minar. Yet, for THOUSANDS of years, the metal has remained rust-free. Here are only a few descriptions of the 'miracle of technology.'
* 'Indian metallurgists were indeed FAR advanced for their time.'
* '...sheer elegance of the Pillar.'
* '...made of metal found nowhere else in the world.'
* '...its rustless splendour, one cannot help but admire the high skill and perfect technology of the early Indian iron makers in producing so large a monument.'
Renowned British metallurgist, Robert Hadfield, wrote: 'In spite of all the scientific advances that have been made, the Delhi Pillar is, as far as I am able to judge, of a BETTER QUALITY than anything metallurgists are able to produce today.'
After centuries of study, scientists finally resolved the composition of the 'miracle' alloy. It was BLACK MAGNETITE! The prehistoric Pillar carried a magnetic charge! Experts have concluded that its creators were super-skilled metallurgists and machinists to have formed a non-rusting hunk of METAL that large. More importantly, its manufacturers had to have mastered 'electricity' to account for its high Electro-Magnetic properties.
India was the home of legendary 'flying carpets' from early books predating the Bible. 'Vimanas' (flying vehicles) were recorded in the Bhagavad Gita, the Mahabarata, Vedas and Vedik. They described very ancient technology without modern words. Some researchers have concluded that the holy texts of India reported NUCLEAR WARS! The ‘stories’ perfectly described terrible wars and the vimana craft. Robert Oppenheimer often quoted from the old books of India when he said, 'I am become death, the destroyer of worlds.'
The Pillar could have functioned as a Tesla Utility Pole that oscillated with fantastic EM power. The (misnamed) Ashoka Pillar may have been the energy source for the many, early accounts of flying vehicles. The virtually 'alien,' rust-free Pillar stands on the exact opposite side of the Earth as Easter Island. The significance of the geological fact has to do with MAGNETIC POLES. Easter Island exerts a higher-than-normal EM attraction; compass needles point to Easter Island.
The 6th LOCATION ON THE GRID is Zimbabwe. Archeologists still do not know who lived here or why their power came to an abrupt end. 'Zimbabwe' is the Shona word for 'rock.' The main fortress contains cut monoliths 20 feet thick and 36 feet high! The ruins, south of Masvingo in deepest/darkest Africa, are unbelievable and (historically) impossible. They are the 'biggest example of ancient architecture south of the Great Pyramids.'
Called 'house of stones' or 'sacred house,' Zimbabwe was the center of a 'prosperous high culture.' The curved walls and conical towers (33' high) once had a population in the tens of thousands.
 Zimbabwe is, again, another major mystery ignored by historians because they have no place for it in tradition. The curved, massive masonry of the first Africans is not the only mystery. The SAME type of stone architecture was used by the Inca on Andes mountaintops thousands of miles away. The Great Zimbabwe complex stands in the center of a vast network of smaller, stonework that are scattered over many thousands of square miles! Would it surprise you to discover the little stonework (sub-stations) in the region covers a large area IN A PATTERN? Are you seeing a pattern?
Europeans were reluctant to believe that Africans could have built Zimbabwe. British archaeologists David Randall-MacIver and Gertrude Caton-Thompson, early last century, have absolutely established that the ruins were of African origin. The Black Race began in Zimbabwe. They were the noble children of kings and queens. Here was one more culture rich in legend and primeval history. As with all cultures along the GRID, later when the power ended and the empire fell, a LESS advanced society took its place.
Archeologists and educators fail to praise the fantastic achievements of the grand, Zimbabwean architecture in STONE. Our impressions of early Africans consist of primitive natives living in crude huts.
SINCE WHEN WERE THE FIRST AFRICANS GREAT STONE-BUILDERS? Zimbabwe destroys our preconceptions of the past. Yet, the ruins are basically no different than other points on the Atlantean GRID. Give the prehistoric Africans the credit they deserve. They were impressive stonecutters also.
The soil around the main Zimbabwe fortress (Power-Station) was poor and cannot sustain a large community. Once again, we have titanic monoliths transported far from the quarry and fit together without mortar. We have a pattern of smaller stones surrounding a main complex; same as pyramids, mounds and standing stones.
 This was all a system of 'wireless electricity' transmission. Atlantis was a World System of power distribution to the GRID points, then the energy was stepped-down to local areas. Zimbabwe falls perfectly along the GRID and is connected to the other, similar colonies around the planet. The physical evidence of a 'primary surrounded by many secondaries' repeats in the pyramid civilizations, mound-builders and standing monoliths (totems) or statues.
 These independent cultures, separated by thousands of miles, were not isolated...they were all connected to a global system.
Researchers make the fatal mistake of only studying Stonehenge or Easter Island or the Great Pyramid. Some experts have concluded that it was as if the 'same construction company' went out to these locations and built the Cradles of Civilization. Stand back and see the entire picture. Investigate all of the 13 sites and note the similarities in mysteries.
The FIRST 5 LOCATIONS ON THE GRID are ancient sites so famous, details of the unknowns do not have to be cited here. Hundreds of, if not more than a thousand, books have been written about them. Expeditions have been financed in search of them and sent to study them. Documentaries by the scores have been filmed. The ruins (or Plato's Atlantis) have mystified us for hundreds of years. Research the locations; discover how traditional history fails miserably in the explanation of the primordial enigmas.
 They are:
1. ATLANTIS once a continent in the Atlantic Ocean, (the prime Power-Station).
2. GREAT PYRAMID at Giza in the exact, geographical center of all landmasses.
3. INCA Civilizations in Peru around Lake Titicaca.
4. STONEHENGE in England and 'pattern' of surrounding monoliths or 'standing stones.'
5. EASTER ISLAND and the colossal 'maoi' stone giants on a remote, volcanic island.
Found by Donna Epstein; she emailed me this recent discovery, the 13th location! IT WAS THE LAST PIECE TO A PUZZLE THAT HAD HAUNTED ME SINCE 1974. She had read my (little-known) 'Wireless World' article and knew I had been in search of: SOMETHING just north of the U.S. and precisely on the border of Alberta and Saskatchewan. This is the exact area of the Indian carved in the mountains.
 The article that states the MAP-GRID prediction was posted on the and websites ever since 2002; before piece #12 and #13 were found (Brazil & Canada). The coincidence is these just happen to be CANADIAN UFO and Mystery websites.
Imagine a large map of CANADA on the wall, and in 1974, you predict that the first sign of ancient Canadians will appear...(then throw a dart from across the room) on the spot the dart lands. This is precisely what has occurred only the GRID LOCATIONS were not arrived at by the random throwing of darts. You can write to me ....(...).
and receive interviews/radio shows (also the map) where the origin of the 13-point map is revealed. Its origin is extraordinary and as unique as the Betty Hill Star Map. Yonaguni proved my MAP's validity. The unexpected grid-parks in Brazil proved its credibility. NOW...without question, the carved Indian mountains have appeared thanks to Google the anticipated area.
These physical facts (I believe) prove that the Canadian image was carved and could be connected to the global empire of Atlantis! As in all of the GRID points, a real mystery truly stands in each of the spots. The IRONY is that the Canadian image is an INDIAN!
 It is the LACK of Indians in Canada that demonstrates the error of traditional history. Many of the 13 locations were obliterated; some left deserts after what could have been ancient, atomic wars. Some remote colonies were never rebuilt; while others, their very spots were reused repeatedly. All traces of prehistoric Canadians were wiped out as great forests replaced what could have been a thriving metropolis.
What was NOT erased by the holocaust was a giant, Nazca-like Indian. Was the image a guardian of the past or its own prophecy of simpler Indians in future generations?
Now, your last assignment: Study the Wardenclyffe tower (NY 1900-1905), the work of Nikola Tesla; especially his 'World System' of Magnifying Transmitters and wireless electricity! You will discover that in the 19th Century, this super genius planned to OBSOLETE his AC invention with wireless power. It was only the basic principle, the blueprint of the far superior Atlantean System, yet it would work and could bring on an age of gods and goddesses. Tesla realized we are not ready for Paradise and dismantled his crowning life's achievement. The Earthlings would make wars with the first Magnifying Transmitter rather than let it freely power cities!
When this writer read that Tesla planned for a World System of NINE TOWERS to complete his global grid; Wardenclyffe was only the first... I concluded that the MAP OF 13 ATLANTIS COLONIES operated on the same principle!!! Atlantis mastered what Tesla only proved on a basic level. The human race (in Eden) fed off the power and flourished...until even the greatest of empires FALL. Atlantis had a system of 13; Tesla's design was a global grid of 9 locations. Could Atlantis have been the ORIGINAL 13 colonies?
The 20th Century did not follow Tesla's wonderful, utopian vision. However, what does the future hold? The distant future will succeed with the return of Atlantis. A great circle will be completed as a technical Atlantis returns. History repeats and Utopia comes back to us, once again. A New Genesis for the human race speaks to the true GREATNESS of our ancestors and to the greatness of Tomorrow's children's children…
........................................................................................................... presents fascinating analysis and personal encounters with a wide range of paranormal and alternate topics such as anagrams, ancient mysteries, conspiracies, ufos, mars, earth, planets, hemp, tesla.
Pierre de Chatillon.............. ((  en ordre de parution...)) :
La saison de culture 2008 sera désastreuse à tout point de vue. Le prix de la nourriture continuera d’augmenter pour atteindre des prix sans précédent avant l’hiver prochain. 
Cette courbe se maintiendra pour encore 48 à 60 mois.
Les évènements guerriers se poursuivront dans les régions les plus touchées. Prévoir une nouvelle étape guerrière avant la fin de l’été.
Absence, glace noire, vent violent, mer violente, feux. Les raisons d’accidents ne manquent pas.
La disparition de la pièce de monnaie d’un cent a été proposée au Canada. Angles? Directions? Cuivre?
  Relisez Fondations!
Certains symboles sont bien plus que des symboles et font partie d’une hygiène de vie qui fut promptement effacée par les maîtres de l’Emporium. UN PLAN! Ne les laissez pas faire.
Îles de la Madeleine : Mes sympathies les plus profondes.
Ils croient que nous serions peut-être, possiblement, éventuellement en récession. Plus personne n’en doutera bientôt. Regroupez-vous et battez-vous pour ne pas perdre vos acquis de communauté. Ils vous affameront avec le prix du pétrole et de la nourriture et vous feront signer n’importe quoi!. Prévoyez des sources alternatives.  Chutes, vapeur, éolien, solaire! 
Accumulez le savoir!!!! Enregistrez les émissions « Comment c’est fait! »  Ayez des équipements électroniques de réserve! Achetez de vieux équipements d’impression, de radio! Pensez à ce qui est utile dans les situations extrêmes!
Ignatiev vient de Harvard. C’est un faucon. Les libéraux continuent d’être en déroute, à qui profite le crime?
Le gouvernement conservateur Canadien applique LE PLAN à la lettre et s’est mis en guerre sans votre consentement, il y a longtemps qu’il ne travaille plus pour vous!  Ils veulent changer la constitution pour faire plaisir au Québec! Une trappe à vermine!! Le fasces vous connaissez?
L’état policier n’arrêtera pas c’est le plan!
Que la vache dans l’étable croit à une possible conspiration n’a aucune importance. La cloche de l’abattoir vient de sonner. Si vous ne raidissez pas la corde, personne ne le fera. C’est ensemble qu’on est fort.
Mais si facile d’être en mode chacun pour soi n’est-ce pas?
Le Manège militaire de Québec a été construit sur les « Fondations » de Québec, à un endroit brisant l’équation temps distance.
L’expression « Courroux de Dieu » semble particulièrement bien adaptée. La petite monarchie de Québec est très excitée.
Pendant que la population regarde à cet endroit, elle ne regarde pas ailleurs.
Paul Watson : Il y a des coups de pieds au cul qui se perdent. Bravo Saint-Pierre & Miquelon.
Avec une mémoire de l’histoire qui ne dépasse guère 400 ans, nous ne sommes que des enfants.
Toutes les guerres et toutes les oppressions depuis l’époque romaine, furent fomentées en fonction de la récupération du savoir et de la culture, ainsi que de la destruction de la mémoire sociétale.
C’est le prix de l’impérialisme renouvellé. Le reste n’est qu’avantages collatéraux.
Il nous manque 450,000 ans d’histoire.
Et ça se poursuit.
Irak, Afghanistan, Tibet,
Ils cherchent actuellement des armes de destructions massives en Iran.
Avant la fin de l’automne 2008, un autre pays sera engagé dans cette guerre. Un plan!
Ils tenteront la conscription obligatoire avant 2010. Un plan.
Levez-vous et dites non, parce que ces criminels ont pris votre silence pour un oui.
Parlant d’histoire cachée.
La lettre « W » est une évolution qui n’existait pas dans l’ancien langage. La plupart des transcriptions ayant eu à traduire des vocables utilisant le son « W », utilisèrent la lettre « V » pour la représenter dans les textes manuscrits.
Ainsi dans la phrase suivante, le « V » du nom propre se prononçait comme un « W ».
« Dans les régions de la « Terre de lune », sur les épaules d’Ottava, avec les filles de la création. »
Extrait du Kalevala dont la source se perd dans les dédales du temps.
À venir : Crises de follerie inexplicables et perturbations sociales exacerbées le 15 et 16 avril dans un triangle bordé par Québec – La nouvelle Écosse – New York ainsi que dans la grande région de Brisbane Australie.
Zut de zut, on nous a caché Dieu.
« Mais qu’est-ce que Dieu? »
Je ne sais pas, il est caché.
De Châtillon
Imbécilités en vrac!
La ministre Beauchamp nous explique que le Québec se porte bien en terme d’emploi.
Vit-on sur la même planète? On perd 2000 jobs par semaine....
Ils nous expliquent qu’il faudra se distinguer par la « haute technologie », celle que les Chinois ne savent pas produire.
Comme quoi? Dites-nous vite, car on perd 2000 jobs par semaine au Québec.
« Haute technologie » est le buzzword (mot super cool qui fait saliver tous le monde) des venteurs du libre-échange depuis 25 ans, voyez ce que ça donne. CRISS ON PERD 2000 JOBS PAR SEMAINE AU QUÉBEC...
Nathaly Elgrably, une spécialiste en économie de l’institut économique, nous explique que des jobs de service ou d’usine c’est pareil.
Wow, je suis impressionné
Ben ils auraient dû conserver les usines ici et envoyer les centres d’appels en chine, les choses auraient été passablement différentes.
Le ministre Dupuis nous explique qu’il ne fera pas travailler les prisonniers pour ne pas faire compétition aux entreprises. 
Wow, quel raisonnement grandiose. Je suis impressionné.
En attendant, qui paye?
De Koninck le mathématicien nous explique en rigolant, que les tickets à $500 et à $1000 dans les petites rues de la ville, seront une bonne chose. « Ils le font partout ailleurs »
Je suis impressionné.
Savez-vous combien de gens n’auront pas le moyen d’aller travailler le lundi matin, après avoir fait une erreur sur l’appréciation de leur vitesse automobile?
C’est ce qui se passe lorsque l’on vit à temps plein dans un pavillon universitaire qui porte son nom. Une autre planète.
Benoit Brière a dénoncé la conspiration sale qui régnait à l’intérieur du Parti Libéral du Canada. Lui va payer cher la trahison à sa gang.
Le peuple? Fuck le peuple et vive la gang.
Les pétrolières s’en mettent plein les poches...
Propagande d’enfants! Pas un homme d’affaires ne serait assez imbécile pour laisser de l’argent dans une tâche purement opérationnelle et mesurable. Cet argent quitte aussitôt les pétrolières pour la poche des actionnaires dont certains apparaissent partout en tête de liste de tous les actionnaires des grandes corporations.
Notre boulet.
Les marchés de l’or et de l’argent sont en feu. Protégez vos billes.
Ménagez votre argent et n’achetez que du solide et durable.
Sortez de vos dettes tant qu’il est encore temps.
Il ne manque pas de nourriture ce sont les spéculateurs qui s’en mettent plein les poches....
Faux! Mais c’est de là que la spéculation démarre.
La spéculation nécessite un agent de changement pour prendre forme. Dans le cas du riz, la production mondiale est en déclin depuis les années 95 et atteint aujourd’hui un déficit mondial d’environ 7%.
Ce déclin n’est pas vrai que pour le riz, mais pour pratiquement l’ensemble de la production alimentaire mondiale, sous toutes sortes de raisons.
À cet effet et suivant la modification climatique en cours, la réduction pour 2008-2009 sera beaucoup plus importante qu’elle ne l’a jamais été.
Beaucoup d’augmentations sont actuellement dans le courrier et se manifesteront dans les prochaines semaines au consommateur.
Prévoyez au-delà de 50% d’augmentation du panier d’épicerie avant la fin de l’an.
« Des jeux et du vin »
Les olympiques n’ont toujours eu qu’un seul objectif. Enroler dans l’Impérialisme, essence même du nouvel ordre mondial.
L’endroit des jeux est toujours sélectionné en fonction d’une démonstration visant à influencer l’opinion publique. Le moment est toujours celui ou il tirera parti du plus grand niveau d’excitation sociale.
Le Chinois se prépare depuis des années à ces jeux.
Attention : Le niveau d’excitation sociale sera à son sommet en partant de juin 2008 pour atteindre une pointe à l’ouverture des jeux. Toute l’Asie est sous le projecteur. Il y aura de violents coups de gueule avant l’automne 2008, similaires à ceux de l’Ouest durant l’année 1968.
Le mensonge de l’éther et le radiomètre.
Après 100 jours de test en environnement contrôlé, les fluctuations de vitesse du radiomètre sont le reflet précis des différents alignements planétaires du système solaire. Non seulement ils sont donnés lieux à 3 cycles correspondant sommairement avec la position lunaire, mais le radiomètre a cessé complètement de tourner pendant quelques heures, durant les alignements de mercure et du soleil de décembre et d’avril.
Le calendrier des fondations de Washington est une excellente référence de ce qui approche. La plupart des grands évènements géoclimatiques et sociaux sujets à l’éther s’y retrouvent. Le calendrier d’évènements et le radiomètre sont deux outils précieux.
« C’est le moment d’oublier l’éther complètement et d’essayer de ne jamais prononcer son nom »
Einstein Évolution de la Physique (1938)
La crise sauvage dans les rues de Montréal suivant les éliminatoires de hockey, était prévisible et prévue.
La démonstration internationale en fut éloquente et titrait mensongèrement « 19 autos de police saccagées lors d’émeutes à Montréal».
« Quatre Saisons » est déjà mort. C’est ce que visait la stratégie derrière cette annonce publique.
Cessez maintenant de travailler et sortez dans la rue tant que vous n’obtiendrez pas un accord gouvernemental, sinon vous ne serez plus qu’un compromis d’entreprise et l’information au Québec ne sera plus que Gesca.
Le général Hillier démissionne au moment ou les Américains arrivent en Afghanistan. Surveillez le carnet de mort des Canadiens, être propulsé vers des sommets inégalés. Il y a longtemps que la mission de paix est terminée.
Merci Monsieur Harper et tous les autres qui SAVAIENT d’avance.
Si le gouvernement avait fait sa job, des produits comme les bisphénols n’auraient jamais atteint les tablettes.
Santé Canada et Santé Québec sont des organisations de communications publiques et ne servent à rien d’autres qu’à faire les bouffons des lobbyistes internationaux.
Percival Lowell avait découvert que la planète X était en fait Pluton. Aujourd’hui rétrogradé au rang de « planète naine », une fumisterie inventée pour la seule classification de Pluto, bien connue de la Grèce antique sous le nom de « Hades ».
Sitchin aussi avait lu le Timaeus de Platon.
Quiz : Pourquoi des rumeurs de planète X en provenance de scientifique anonyme de la NASA, apparaissent-elles toujours au printemps et simultanément sur le WEB francophone, anglophone et espagnole?
Fool gold! Ça pue la franc-maçonnerie à plein nez.
Matière à réflexion
« Ne voyez-vous pas que le seul objectif de l’information publique est d’encadrer la pensée?... Vous est-il déjà traversé l’esprit Winston, qu’avant l’an 2050, il n’y aura plus un seul humain vivant qui pourra même comprendre une conversation semblable à celle que nous avons présentement?... Que l’ensemble du climat de pensée sera différent. En fait, il n’y aura pas de pensée comme nous l’entendons maintenant. L’Orthodoxie signifie ne pas réfléchir, ne pas avoir besoin de réfléchir. L’Orthodoxie c’est l’inconscience. »
George Orwell 1984
- Non Mossieur, la conspiration n’existe pas et c’est une idée absolument ridicule...
-Donc c’est Oswald qui a tué Kennedy?
-Ben non voyons!
-Donc la conspiration existe bel et bien. Maintenant que nous en avons déterminé l’existence et le principe, il ne reste qu’à en connaître l’étendue.
Après la nourriture et la pharmacie, tôt ou tard chacun d’entre nous se heurtera au besoin énergétique. Le prix du pétrole à la pompe, sera du double au triple avant la fin de l’an prochain. Que ferez-vous?
5 ans que j’annonce ce qui se produit présentement dans le monde. Depuis j’ai reçu des douzaines de courriels d’insultes et de commentaires sauvages me traitant de « catastrophiste » et de « prophète de malheur ».
Je n’en reçois plus.
N’est-ce pas étrange...
...Mais il y a encore des gens qui m’écrivent pour me dire que le climat va bien.....
Il y en a qui l’ont... et il y en a qui ne l’auront jamais.
Bonne chance.
« Papa, papa, ça serait amusant un monde ou tout serait gratuit n’est-ce pas?
-Oui mais ça ne pourrait pas fonctionner. Les spécialistes de l’économie l’expliquent, s’il n’y avait pas d’argent, il y aurait plein de gens qui en profiteraient.
-Mais papa, il n’y a pas d’argent entre nous et ça fonctionne non?
-Oui, mais ce n’est pas pareil, toi je t’aime.
-Mais pourquoi les autres on ne les aime pas?..... »
« ....Papa, papa, pourquoi ça ne marcherait pas sans argent, les riches eux le font.
-Mais non, les riches payent aussi pour ce qu’ils prennent.
-Oui, mais eux ils sont si riches que c’est tout comme si tout était gratuit.... »
Quoi? Vous ne croyez pas en ma théorie de la conspiration?
Moi c’est bien pire, je ne crois pas en votre vérité.
La guerre des étoiles est commencée.
Non, vous n’avez pas compris, la guerre des étoiles est commencée. Non, pas les étoiles de l’espace, mais les étoiles de la société s’arrachent votre attention. Lorsque les médias jouent à l’arbre qui cache la forêt...
Devant un coup dur, le petit entrepreneur se battra avec les siens pour reconstruire, alors que la grande corporation se battra contre tous pour transférer sa production ailleurs.
Je suis aux prises avec un problème complexe, qui occupe tout mon temps et limite ma capacité à mettre à jour mon site.  Continuez d’espérer, vous n’êtes pas au bout de vos surprises.
Pierre De Châtillon      2 mai 2008
Ce curieux équilibre astromathématique qui apparaît dans toutes nos villes et que j’ai décrit dans les  Fondations  nous a permis d’apprendre des choses étonnantes et inusitées, qui ne sont rien de moins qu’un inconnu dans le placard.
Il était impossible de croire qu’un effet aussi puissant ne puisse avoir aucune influence sur le développement de la vie, il fallait simplement trouver une façon de l’aborder qui ne frise pas le mysticisme à chaque mot.
Mais les mots astro et cycles n’ont pas toujours eu la même portée. Alors que nous y sentons une odeur de ridicule, GARE AUX MOTS il y a 50 ans à peine, tout ceci faisait encore l’objet d’une science supérieure.
« Elle est la science de tout ce qui bouge. »
Tout ce qui bouge, tout mouvement, qu’il soit apparent ou qu’il se déroule sur des femtosecondes ou des millénaires, le fait en fonction d’un certain ordre. Cet ordre peut-être défini par un ensemble de lois mathématiques, qui permettent d’expliquer d’une façon rationnelle, une synchronicité d’évènements auparavant jugée tout à fait disparate.
Appliqué dans un mince quadrant du spectre qu’est la portion humaine et sociale, elle permet de prédire avec une grande précision, la venue de fenêtre d’exception ou la concomitance des cycles, ce moment ou les crêtes ou les creux s’additionnent pour former une super crête ou un super creux, permettent de déterminer des moments de grande force ou de grande faiblesse quelque soit la facette analysée.
La bourse, la pousse des plantes, l’humeur, les maladies, les époques glaciaires, les cycles du climat.
« Et de la direction dans laquelle elle bouge. »
Ou l’effet dieu, puisque le cycle optimal sera plus achevé dans une direction que dans toutes les autres, ajoutant à l’amplitude des cycles et facilitant.
Facilitant quoi ? Tout ce qui bouge.
Vous avez apprécié les fondations ?
Vous avez apprécié Les Rythmes du Climat de Ed LeDanois ?
Pour votre bibliothèque personnelle, voici « Cycles et Rythmes » de Tocquet  qui ajoute  quelques nouvelles briques à ce savoir interdit.
Vous apprécierez ce nouveau bijou, qui ne reviendra jamais sous presses,  et qui fut retrouvé sur une table de marché aux puces par Gab, une passionnée de ces sujets et une source d’information pleine d’inspiration.
Un cadeau d’une valeur inestimable! Ceci ne doit plus jamais disparaître!
De Châtillon
Chatillon 2006:
Il y a maintenant 2 ans, je publiais l'ensemble de mes recherches sur Internet.
Du même coup, j'annonçais:
<!--[if !supportLists]-->·          <!--[endif]-->Que j'avais redécouvert le fonctionnement des cycles géoclimatiques permettant de prédire la venue des cycles du climat et des tremblements de terre. De plus, ceux-ci étaient bien connus depuis la très ancienne histoire.
<!--[if !supportLists]-->·          <!--[endif]-->Que depuis l'époque romaine, toutes les guerres furent conduites en fonction de ces cycles, utilisées depuis comme arme de conquête et de contrôle de la population.
<!--[if !supportLists]-->·          <!--[endif]-->Qu'aussi dégoûtante que soit la pollution occasionnée par les industriels et les automobiles, les gaz à effets de serre n'ont rien à voir avec l'actuelle crise climatique.  L'apparente noblesse, d'ententes mondiales comme le protocole de Kyoto, n'est qu'apparente et ne sert aucun intérêt public. En plus de dissimuler le vrai problème, ces ententes "politiques" permettent une échappatoire morale en établissant un raisonnement intellectuel court, dans lequel l'ajout d'argent public sous forme de taxes ou de coûts de production additionnels, résoudra le problème.
De plus, j'ajoutais:
<!--[if !supportLists]-->·          <!--[endif]-->Que la crise climatique actuelle s'accélérera et que la mesure de ces cycles du climat, annonçait la venue d'une importante crête climatique qui culminera à la fin de 2007 et que la venue de cette crise était connue des anciens habitants de la terre.
<!--[if !supportLists]-->·          <!--[endif]-->Que la montée de cette crise apportera un affaiblissement critique de notre écosystème, susceptible d'en rompre le fonctionnement et ainsi, par la rareté, propulser le prix des denrées alimentaires mondiales dès 2006
<!--[if !supportLists]-->·          <!--[endif]-->Que l'approche de ce cycle climatique  sera aussi la marque d'un nouveau cycle de guerre et de conquête, qui débutera dans les prochains mois et devrait culminer en 2008. Le jumelage de l'importance des cycles et des guerres indique l'approche d'une guerre aux proportions démesurées.
<!--[if !supportLists]-->·          <!--[endif]-->Que ce cycle de guerre vise la destruction du bien-être du peuple et mettra donc en marche des processus de désoeuvrement envers les institutions sociales comme la famille, l'économie, le savoir-faire, la santé, la religion.
Effectuer de telles prédictions en 2004 alors que rien ne laissait présager une escalade aussi rapide des évènements, relevait d'un comportement assassin mettant en oeuvre dans l'esprit de M. LeMoyen, un circuit de dérivation cérébrale court, rejetant le tout dans la boîte "croyances naïves", sous l'étiquette "prophéties-fin-du-mondistes" .
Le livre:
Pourquoi se contenter de si peu, alors dans mon livre j'ajoutais:
<!--[if !supportLists]-->·          <!--[endif]-->Les détails nécessaires à la reconstruction de ces cycles et les preuves associés.
<!--[if !supportLists]-->·          <!--[endif]-->Que George Washington avait contribué à la construction d'un gigantesque monument, caché dans les fondations entourant la grande baie de New York , identifiant précisément la date de 2007.
<!--[if !supportLists]-->·          <!--[endif]-->Que beaucoup d'autres hommes de l'histoire avaient identifié la date de 2007 comme critique.
<!--[if !supportLists]-->·          <!--[endif]-->Que l'Atlantide fut vraiment une civilisation ayant atteint un haut niveau de développement et que sa localisation fut très précisément celle décrite par Platon, il n'y a qu'à savoir ou regarder.
<!--[if !supportLists]-->·          <!--[endif]-->Que Thulé la cité de l'ancienne histoire, n'était pas qu'un mythe, il n'y a qu'à savoir ou regarder.
<!--[if !supportLists]-->·          <!--[endif]-->Que les vrais responsables de cette "Tour de Babel" n'ont jamais changé.
<!--[if !supportLists]-->·          <!--[endif]-->Que notre planète est soumise à des forces gigantesques ad vitam aeternam, qui s'activent à intervalles régulières et bousculent le cours de l'évolution.
Depuis, j'ai trouvé des douzaines de témoignages de l'ancienne histoire parlant de tout ceci, que j'entends partager au cours des prochains mois,  en plus des évènements mondiaux et prévisions dignes de mention.
Je suis aux prises avec un problème complexe, qui occupe tout mon temps et limite ma capacité à mettre à jour mon site.  Continuez d’espérer, vous n’êtes pas au bout de vos surprises.
Pierre De Châtillon      2 mai 2008

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