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Comment: Even when tackling the Gaza blockade issue head on in a seemingly "Palestine sympathetic" manner, note the extreme avoidance of directly, explicitly saying that Israel is actually guilty of the consequences of its actions. It simply cannot be mentioned that Israel is deliberately causing deaths, is guilty of genocide. Instead, the words must be made to dance prettily round the edge of the issue.
"when Hamas seized control of the territory" - Firstly, 'seizing control' implies a forceable internal takeover that bears no relation to the true nature of Hamas as the majority Palestinian political party. Secondly, it is pointing the finger in completely the wrong direction, it is Israel who has "seized" control of the territory, and is using this control in the most horrific manner possible: to starve the people inside to death.
"the main problem was access in and out of Gaza" - is it SO difficult to say: "the main problem is Israel's blockade of Gaza". Even here when the article talks directly about it, we see the distancing of the word 'Israel' from the word 'problem'.
Sure, Israel is involved, and there is a problem, but somehow, it is not allowed to say: "Israel IS the problem."
"Israel is expected to come under international pressure" - by whom exactly? Israel has been committing Palestinian genocide for years. There is no 'international pressure'. On the contrary, there is enthusiastic international support.
Every grudging mention of an Israeli infraction is immediately followed up by the description of a Palestinian one, as if the situation were somehow balanced, and that this represents a 'neutral point of view'.
How can it possibly be 'neutral' to describe the systematic extermination of one group of people via the total military dominance of the other, while maintaining the lie of equal culpability on both sides? In such a totally unbalanced situation the 'neutral point of view' does not represent the truth.
For those who turn any discussion about Israel into an 'anti-semitism' mud-flinging contest, it should be pointed out that that is not the issue. It is about how a nation (ANY nation) must be held accountable for its actions.
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SoTT's analysis of this article is spot-on. Additional things I noticed:
"*Israeli troops were unable to identify Reuters cameraman Fadel Shana as a journalist before they fired at him, the Israeli army said yesterday, citing preliminary results of an investigation."
What does this little addition at the end of the article have to do with the article itself? Nothing, except it puts Israel and the IDF in a more 'harmless' light, ie: 'intending no harm.'
And yet, one wonders:
If soldiers could not identify the cameraman as a journalist BEFORE they decided to pull the trigger, why did they shoot in the first place? Does the IDF simply assume that anyone who cannot be identified as a journalist must be a 'militant' and thus a target?
We wouldn't even be hearing about this at all if it was just 'another nameless civilian' caught in a 'firefight between IDF and Hamas,' which 'seized control of Gaza' and 'is considered a terrorist organization,' which 'launches rockets against Israeli villages,' causing trauma and shock etc. ad nauseum.
Also, how can building a much-needed water treatment plant in Gaza be considered anyone's "pet project"?! Wording like this only marginalizes the dreadful situation in Gaza. It should, rather, be the RESPONSIBILITY of not only Blair but the international community and Israel in particular to (re?)build this water treatment plant, and much more...
A demonstration against nationalizing Holocaust Remembrance Day was held in Jerusalem on Thursday by ultra-Orthodox group Neturei Karta.(...)
"However, it is clear that the real Holocaust is that Zionism took a nation and assimilated it to the gentile nations in the State of Israel,” (( Israel Meir Hirsch said)).
When asked if he views the demonstration as offensive, he said, “this is a sensitive subject to the Israelis, not due to the Holocaust, but because the facts prove and speak for themselves these days.
"Zionists used the Holocaust in order to attain reparations, the Holocaust doesn’t interest them. They use the topic of the Holocaust cynically by exploiting it as a tool with which to establish a country and receive money, but nothing more than that.”
Israel Meir Hirsch, (( is)) son of Moshe Hirsch, who served as an honorary member of deceased Palestinian leader Yasser Arafat’s cabinet for Jewish Affairs, (and)) participated in the event. 
in UK:
There are two new vaccines on the market, Gardasil and Cervarix, that can prevent infection by up to four strains of HPV, which infects almost half of women in their 20s.
To achieve optimum success, injections need to be given before girls are sexually active because the vaccine is ineffective against existing infection.
In England alone, 2,200 new cases of cervical cancer are diagnosed each year, leading to more than 800 deaths. (...)
The main reason given by a third of those parents who did not want their child vaccinated was a lack of information on the jab and its safety.
Just one in 33 parents was concerned about the vaccine's possible effect on teenage sexual behaviour, while one in five gave no reason.
One in ten thought their daughters were too young for the jab.
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New Horizons in Financing: The Office of International Treasury Control -- General Information (video)

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Court-Approved Wiretapping Rose 14% in '07

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US Rejects Canadian's Child Soldier Defense

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Mixing Maple Syrup and Baking Soda for Cancer Treatment

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The Great UFO Hoax - mp3

May 2, 2008 8:14 PM

Forty-two Percent in U.S. Live in Unhealthful Air (Update1)


Welcome to The Hal Turner Show

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The Southern Poverty Law Center Says "Hal Turner is very much the violent public face of the White Supremecist movement"

The Anti-Defamation League says "Hal Turner is a violent, dangerous man."

After remarking on his show that a particular ruling by a US District Court Judge "made her worthy of being killed" the Judges family was slaughtered in Chicago. Afterwards The FBI Joint Terrorism Task Force, US Secret Service, US Marshalls Service, The US Capitol Police, the US Department of Justice, New York City Police, New Jersey State Police Office of Counter Terrorism and others have all repeatedly investigated Turner and lament, "He's coated with Teflon; we KNOW he gets his followers to commit violent crimes, we just can't prove it."

When the FBI smugly told Turner "You can't make a move without us knowing about it" he laughed. A few months later an Official White House photo was released showing President George W. Bush, in the Oval Office, standing next to . . . . . a freelance photographer who is widely known to have been with Hal Turner at several public Nazi and Skinhead events! The FBI and Secret Service were so outmaneuvered the only thing they could do was pull the photographers White House Press Pass after-the-fact. But it was clearly too late. Turner proved he could get to anyone - even a U.S. President - and the mighty feds had no idea it was even coming.

So effective is Hal Turner that no less than the President of the National Council of LaRaza, appearing on CNN's "Lou Dobbs Tonight" blamed Turner BY NAME for "creating a wave of hate" against illegal aliens.

A major recent Turner triumph was successfully intimidating so many members of the United States Senate they changed their votes and killed the "Comprehensive Immigration Reform" legislation just twelve hours after Turner released to his audience, Senators home addresses and unlisted phone numbers! Senators reportedly received so many overtly violent calls and direct death threats, they tucked tail and ran away from Amnesty for illegal aliens and haven't dared try to approve it since.

Hal Turner is the only media personality in the history of the United States to draw up and publish a plan to forcibly and violently overthrow the federal government and do so in a way that cannot be defended against if it were implemented!

So fearful of him are government agencies that when Turner went to Washington, DC on April 19, 2008, the government put over one thousand (1,000) police on the streets near the US Capitol, with over half those cops in full riot gear to protect the government. On that day, Turner stood on the west lawn of the U.S. Capitol and warned the government that unless they built a wall to keep illegal aliens out, and unless they began deporting huge numbers of illegal aliens, he would return to Washington. . . . .NOT to exercise his First Amendment rights, but to exercise his SECOND Amendment rights" and told Congress we would "clean house."

Analysts inside the FBI Headquarters in Washington, DC have published reams of reports about Turner, even going so far as to call him a "Domestic Terrorist." Yet despite such government theatrics, Hal Turner uses his power and influence in support of White Americans and the "common man."

Only when government operates outside the law does Turner step up to rein them in with fierce rhetoric, backed up by an audience of racially-aware white people, members of the US military, members of law enforcement Nazis, Skinheads, Ku Klux Klansmen and members of Aryan Nations. He uses his power responsibly; governed by a conscience, a strong faith in God and a commitment to the truth.

That's why Hal Turner enjoys friends inside almost every law enforcement agency and intelligence agency in the nation. They know that just because something is illegal doesn't make it wrong. They also know that force and violence need not be legal in order to be effective.

Thankfully, Hal does the right thing, at the right time, for the right reason - even if its illegal.

Nowadays a lot of people walk around just LOOKING for something to be offended at; Hal Turner accommodates them! On this show, you'll hear Hal and his callers telling it like it is with a "brash, in-your-face style" making the sacred cows of political-correctness and government tyrants run for cover!

Hal Turner is so far to the right he makes Rush Limbaugh look like a liberal and Sean Hannity seem like a girlie-man!

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Al Sharpton Protest Locations!

Time for us to appear at each location and stir up racial tensions!

Race-Hustler and poverty pimp Al Sharpton is asking his supporters to "Protest" the NOT GUILTY verdicts against 3 NYPD Detectives in the 51-shot death of Shawn Bell. Sharpton wants his people to be in the streets to STOP TRAFFIC in New York City at the locations below, this coming WEDNESDAY, May 7.

Third Avenue at 125th Street;
Park Avenue at 34th Street;
Third Avenue at 60th Street;
Varick and Houston Streets;
One Police Plaza;
415 Atlantic Avenue in Brooklyn.

Protesters will probably bring signs with large numbers from 1 - 51 to represent each of the shots fired at Shawn Bell's car. I think we should arrive with signs that ask, "Where were 52 and up?" or "Way to go NYPD!"

For my part, my sign will read, "Don't shoot Blacks, LYNCH THEM!"

It ought to be a real hoot to stir the shit up with real live ghetto negroes, then talk about it on my show THIS WEDNESDAY NIGHT. I'm looking forward to a real "blast." Those wishing to attend with me should send an e-mail to: to obtain information on where we will meet in advance!
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Hospital Employee Assaults Patient Who Wanted To Leave

State Troopers warn others in hospital "don't speak a word to anyone or face arrest"

Tyler Hospital in Tunkhannock, PA is headed for a lawsuit after one of their employees, Frank Doyle (Employee #1943) attacked a patient on Saturday evening.

A patient who was brought in by ambulance after a motorcycle accident, was tired of waiting for X-rays and told hospital workers he was leaving. According to an eye witness, when the patient attempted to walk out, Frank Doyle said "We'll see about that" and punched the patient in the back of the head, then tackled him to the ground, ripping out an IV and further injuring the patient.

Tunkhannock Police and Pennsylvania State troopers responded to the hospital and are investigating whether Doyle committed assault, battery and unlawful restraint.

At this time, no arrests have been made and no charges have been filed, but the patient says he plans to file a civil lawsuit against Tyler Hospital and against Frank Doyle personally.

Strange Police Conduct In Hospital - Affirmative Action strikes again?
Cell phone video of the incident and of police conduct in the main lobby of the hospital was taken by a person in the hospital at the time of the incident and is on its way to The Hal Turner Show. I'm told the audio portion includes at least one state trooper, who was described by witnesses as "having dark skin, possibly an Arab" telling someone not involved in the scuffle he was not to speak a single word to anyone or face being arrested for "hindering prosecution." This left me wondering if the darkie was an affirmative action employee with a chip on his shoulder.

When contacted by phone, Trooper Rothchild at the Tunhannock Barracks of the Pennsylvania State Police refused to identify the Troopers who responded to the call and went on to say that cell phone video or audio of the incident would be considered "unlawful wiretapping which is a crime in Pennsylvania."

Since no "wire" was involved and since there is no expectation of privacy in the public lobby of a public building, I'm laughing at such an assertion and plan to air the video and audio on The Hal Turner Show this Wednesday. I expect to have the Troopers name by then.

I wish the Pennsylvania State Police good luck in prosecuting me since I'm not in their jurisdiction and, thanks to Journalist "Shield Laws", I won't have to reveal my source either!

Incidentally, as you all know, it is my policy to not only reveal the names of misbehaving government employees (like State Troopers), but also their home addresses. I will follow that protocol with both Frank Doyle and the Pennsylvania State Trooper too.

Tune-in Wednesday night at 9:00 PM EDT via the LISTEN LIVE links at the top right of this page for further details.
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The dirt flies as Primary election in Indiana nears. It's so cool seeing the Jews as they truly are: Racists, Bigots, Hatemongers and frauds!

Folks in Indiana would be right to grab this filthy jew pig, Mickey Kantor, by the scruff of the neck and beat the shit outta him!
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