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May 2, 2008

Top CIA Agent Killed Trying To Protect D.C. Madam

By: Sorcha Faal, and as reported to her Western Subscribers (Traducción
al Español abajo)

Russian Security Services are reporting today on a bizarre plot
currently unfolding in the United States where one of the Central
Intelligence Agency’s (CIA) top agents was gunned down by US police
while attempting to reach Deborah Palfrey [pictured 2nd left photo], a
woman known as the D.C. Madam, and who was, also, found dead by hanging.

Roland Carnaby [pictured top left photo], these reports state, the CIA’s
top US operative for American Affairs, and codenamed in former KGB files
as “Tuxedo”, was gunned down by police in Houston, Texas, after a
high-speed chase he was engaged in while attempting to foil the
kidnapping attempt against him and his wife.

US news reports also show that CIA Agent Carnaby’s attempts to call for
help from his contacts at the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI)
prior to his being murdered were not answered in time. US news reports
are also reporting that Carnaby’s wife has retained an attorney and
plans to sue American authorities for her husband’s brutal death.

To the greatest mystery, however, of the murdering of this CIA officer,
according to these FSB reports, is that Agent Carnaby was tasked by his
superiors to meet with the recently convicted D.C. Madam Deborah Palfrey
in her Florida home, and who had reported to the CIA that her life was
‘in danger’ over her threatening to release her secret files that would
detail the high-level US Government Officials who utilized her
prostitution services.

Of the top US Officials said to have been a client of the D.C. Madam was
one of their top War Leaders, Vice President Richard Cheney, and as we
can read:

"Apparently, the ABC-owned radio station did not like our report that
Disney/ABC, under pressure from the White House, killed the DC Madam's
list story. The two morning radio hosts also did not like our report
that Vice President Dick Cheney is on the list from his time as a
part-time resident of McLean, Virginia while he was President and CEO of

These FSB reports continue by stating that with the War Leaders in the
US currently in their last weeks, or days, of expanding their current
wars to engulf the entire Middle East, and with their time in office
running short, they could ill afford yet another scandal, of which the
secret files of the D.C. Madam would certainly ignite.

Russian Legal Analysts further point out in these reports that even
though the D.C. Madam had been convicted by a US Federal Court, her
death prior to her appeals being filed mean that her conviction is now
set aside and she is now, even though dead, now ‘innocent’ of all
charges against her.

The importance to this turn of events, the Legal Analysts say, is that
with the D.C. Madam now being ‘innocent’ the US Government now has no
legal claims to her secret files, and which they had planned on
confiscating since her announcement of releasing them to the public
through a bidding process.

It must be cautioned, however, the FSB concludes in their report
summary, that it is entirely possible that the D.C. Madam may not be
dead and has, instead, been brought into greater protection for later
use against American War Leaders through this apparent suicide of hers.

To whichever the case may be it is not in our knowing, expect to point
out the most obvious fact that, once again, events in the United States
continue to show a Nation divided against itself as it accelerates its
plunge towards the abyss.

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Sorcha Faal