Sujet: I call them Changelings...a text by Roger Kerr ...TRUTH ABOUT ORION "LIZARDS"
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Date: Thu, 31 May 2007 13:51:06 -0400 (EDT)


This is PartXX of 7 of my story about the Orion Lizards or Changelings.
I think I have come to know the truth about these Orion "Lizards". Perhaps Chameleon would be a better description, because just as David Icke and others have reported, they are shape-shifters. I call them Changelings, because I have come to realize that these Beings are really NOT Reptilian. In fact they are probably exactly the opposite, and they absolutely hate all Reptilian races. I have come to realize that the true Reptilian races and the Changelings have been mortal enemies for aeons. How do I know all of this, and how can I be certain that it is the truth? Well, it's a long story, and I am getting the message from my Spirit Guides and Higher Self that it is now time that I share that story with the world.