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................... IMPORTANT UPDATE from JIM STONE ........... Feb 24 2016 - I am still sick, but might be on the rebound - The last couple of days have been posted as well as possible, to keep the site active.
 Feb 27 2016 -  Still not feeling great, but at least workable.  I have had a rough go of it lately, and have at least tried to put up, a few things worth reading. - - -   ( M4) //  March 4th,  he wrote:      Mushroom update - For those who read about this / the big mushr../, it is gone,  but I am getting sick again,( I rebounded for a few days), ..... but now I am getting sicker and sicker. It is very difficult to do battle with the web site, and the damn trolls, keep wiping the mail box out, and I just don't have the energy I need, to fight it. I am doing what I can, but I just cannot do it, the same, as even a month ago. They play to win, no one who is both honest and effective, has a chance, ..... they simply came from out of the blue, and nailed me.         I thought I out smarted them, by burning that thing off, now I am not so sure.       I will do what I can. //// March 5th he wrote: I removed the part of this post, that was about my health. -   from:  ( N3)   //////   March 13, 2016 - Health update: I am sick and not getting better. I have just been put on the maximum dose of one of the strongest antibiotics, that can be bought. This has gone on, for far too long, for it to be anything normal, ...... many of you remember what I said earlier about this, and I am trying to keep the site decent, but it is really hard to do, right now. // from
;  (   O5 ) NEXT : o7 - o9 then p2 p4 p6 ....   RMN: Nat.News: "Antibiotics can have severe lasting effects; choose raw horseradish,  or these natural remedies, instead"          hobie -- Mon, 00:25 a.m. EDT  http://www.rumormillnews.com/cgi-bin/forum.cgi?read=42454 //// Please send to him, good thoughts,or prayers - Reader vb - - -
................................................... This is what he posted earlier ( if you missed it ) ....morning   feb 29th.... I am certain I got nailed.     It happened in the week after I found the Tdap link to microcephaly in Brazil. There was a cyber cafe I found, that worked for securing the web site, and I had been there a few times. This cyber cafe was at a super crappy 70 % abandoned outdoor mall. It was a place where you would NEVER see anyone wearing a suit and tie.   I went there for another password change. Before I got to the cyber cafe, I noticed a 60 year old british looking guy, in a suit and tie. And I thought to myself "He does not belong here". Then I saw another. And another. I never said a word to them, yet when they saw me, they came to me and surrounded me. They were all smiling and talking, and were touching me, in various places. And I thought to myself: That was the perfect Rothchild type setup, where they place things on people, and a while later, they come down with cancer or some other malady and die.     After about 30 seconds of this, they split up, and went separate ways. And it creeped me out.           Then the crazy stuff started happening. I sprouted a large mushroom shaped growth, out the back of my head. Other places they touched me, produced similar small growths, but I kept them in check, by burning them with bleach. I kept quiet about this, on the web site, because I was still wondering "what if?"  Well, I got the answer to the "what if," so now I am going to say it, and give people a heads up -                            I had figured I would try to kill the mushroom off, by burning it. It was solid, very tough, and it had a way to commandeer my nerves, so if I did anything to it, it was like trying to cut a finger off. I started with a soldering iron, but just could not get the muster to do it that way, and also it was so large that a soldering iron just seemed stupid. So I then figured I might be able to get it hot enough, if I boiled water in a thick ceramic cup, and then used the ceramic to burn the mushroom, over several re-heatings. After about 45 minutes of that fun, the head of the mushroom came off, and I contiued to burn the stalk, all the way down to skin level. At no point, was there ever any blood. And I thought to myself: How did this thing get control of my nerves, so well it felt like a body part, without giving those nerves, any blood? Anyway it was better that way, because I did not end up with a huge bloody mess.   So the mushroom was gone. A hole was left, where the stalk was, and it dried over. And then the punishment started.     The next day I had a headache. It quickly progressed to muscle aches. The other small growths which were on my face, neck and left arm, responded to the death of the big growth, and also died, despite the fact I did nothing to them. Somehow they needed the big growth, to live.            And then I got sick as hell. This is the sickness that has screwed up my writing on this web site, for a while.    Then a large section of skin,( I never burned )  on the back of my head, turned the same white, the mushroom was, and dried out. It came off and left a huge long gash, on the back of my head, that was not the shape of the mushroom stalk. There was never any blood EVER, NOTHING which was really odd, because everything that happened, would normally leave a huge bloody injury, but there was never any blood.
          The sickness was not contageous. I still cannot figure out what it was. It was awful icky horrible illness, where for an hour, my tongue would hurt so bad, I wished I was dead, then the inside of my nose, would hurt that way, then my throat, then an arm, then this then that whatever, and sometimes I would feel like the flu, then a cold, then food poisoning, but it was all nothing, I could not cough up plhleghm, like a cold, Folks this one was weird, it was like that thing was re-wiring nerves and when it died, there was every sort of nervous malfunction, one could think of.                 I am still feeling sick, but a few days ago, the fever went away, and I at least got my strength back. And I am getting a little bit better, each day. The sickness was obviously related to burning that thing off, (whatever it was), and the concurrent death of all the other growths, when the big one was killed, is creepy to say the least. I think that was a genetically engineered organism, probably to give people cancer,.......... and by luck the main growth that gets it all started, happened to be in a place, I could get to it to kill it, rather than have it be inside the liver or wherever, leading to a hopeless situation.
I was suspicious of those three men in suits and ties, the moment I saw them. Why did they surround me, and "friend tap" me, all over the place, and walk off? That just does not happen, in every day life. I am confident now, that this is how hits are done, when they have someone who does not go to bars, visit prostitutes, or make themselves vulnerable, in any way whatsoever. They figured out I was going to that mall to reset passwords, and correctly guessed when I would be there. They probably nailed Steve Jobs, Aaron Russo, and others, the same way.          So I would like to give others, in alt media, a heads up, on one thing to watch out for.           I think they finally got sick of me, and took action after the Zika/Tdap bust. It had to be something of that sort, because I swear to God, I don't ever get surrounded by friendly guys in suits, who touch me everywhere, and then have things start growing out of me. That was more than just an anomaly.           In hindsight I think the following things ,can be concluded:                  When they nail people, there is a master location (a master growth) that has to be there, and is probably planted separately from the other growths. If it is not there to communicate with the smaller growths, it is assumed by the small growths that they are on the wrong person, and therefore should self terminate. This would make sense, because having a main growth control it all, would prevent other people from getting hit by the weapon. I dont think they ever expect anyone to get the gumption, to actually burn anything off, the way I did. I chose to burn it off, because I was afraid, that if I cut it off, pieces of it would enter my blood stream, and cause all sorts of problems elsewhere. The only way to nail it for sure then, would be to burn it, and that is why I chose that method. I also figured most doctors would be stupid about it, and that is why I handled it myself.  Killing the growth and getting sick, could be coincidental, but I doubt it. I doubt it mainly because no one else was sick, and no one else got sick, and the timing was like clockwork, it did not take even a day, for the punishment to start. It seemed like a direct correlation. Additionally, this was a very weird illness, that could not be pegged down as a cold or flu, even though it had some of the same symptoms. The actual pains were off the charts bad, but nothing ever manifested itself, to indicate there should be any pain at all.   I am surprised the small growths, died by themselves. I thought that if there was any connection, they would suddenly get bad, if I killed the big one. They did not, all they did, was die and go away. So there was obviously a connection there, that worked out for the better.   This could be ongoing, but so far, so good.
           Feb 28 2016   Hillary WILL BE PRESIDENT - Sit back and watch the slow motion horror show  ..... (....) ( M8) //////
March 11th he wrote:      Here is what is going on - This alternative media web site, is getting probed by the banks, for whatever reason, (my guess is because of what is published there,  at Unhived mind ) and because of his geographic location, is within their legal reach, and how he left his info open.               HEADS UP: It appears there are backdoor methods underway right now, to attack alt media, and they are not using the regular channels, to do it. As anyone who is aware, would know, the ' tribe' (the Khazars or Zionists) has left countless ways, for them, to get people.                 This web site(mine) has been in war mode, since day 1 fukushima report, I locked down everything tight as a drum, and have avoided this type of problem, and I am not giving out details beyond that . . . . . but HEADS UP: If you are in the alt media, get every stinking innocent piece of information possible that might be on your server, for people to read, such as addresses, names, and phone numbers, and EXPUNGE THEM ENTIRELY. I actually think Unhived mind is having problems right now, because that site works against the secret societies, and they are pissed, with everyone who laid the ground work for Trump to kick @ss, even if they never mentioned Trump's name. The "elite" are probably, because of Trump,....... ramping up their efforts...... to destroy all of us.  ///    (O1)***
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