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Monday, 31 August 2009 
Security Goon Crushes Free Speech: ‘This Ain’t America No More’
'In a damning indictment of how the First Amendment has been eviscerated, footage from a recent town hall event shows a school security officer threatening a protester with arrest for holding up an anti-Obama sign while declaring that America has ceased to exist, arguing that unflattering representations of our dear leader are illegal.'
One minute thirty-six seconds that captures Obama's America.
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Monday, 31 August 2009 
Moody Blues - Nights In White Satin

Monday, 31 August 2009 
Bright Idea: Ban On Popular Bulbs A Turn-Off
'Shoppers are stockpiling traditional light bulbs while they still have the chance. An EU ban comes into force on Tuesday making it illegal for retailers and wholesalers to import most of the old-style bulbs. It means once stocks have run out, the only ones available will be the more pricey, low energy variety.'
Monday, 31 August 2009 
Was Bubonic Plague the Knights Templar's Revenge
'The Knights Templar were a military and religious order that also accumulated great wealth through their banking and lending practices. They were disbanded and brought under the Inquisition in 1307. They transferred their massive gold and silver holdings to Switzerland and turned their fleet of vessels into Pirates that plundered the vessels of Catholic Europe.
The Order was organized after Plato's Republic with the "Philosopher Kings" at its head; the second level was the Knights military leadership and the third was its Merchant and Banking Leadership. The Order was reformed as free-masonry and the top three degrees are reserved for the same three levels of leadership. These top three levels became known as the Rosicrucians at first, and now form our present Illuminati leadership. They worship the god Lucifer and his mythical nemesis Satan.'
Monday, 31 August 2009 
David will be speaking for seven hours with more than 1,000 illustrations at the Orpheum Theater, Phoenix.
Supported by the Meria Show
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Monday, 31 August 2009 
Liberal Jews, Sex & The New Satanic Order
'Born in 1949, my lifespan corresponds to a massive social engineering campaign on the part of Satanic elites to destroy the institution of marriage and family.This has been done by separating sex from both love and marriage ("sexual liberation,") and by teaching young women to seek careers instead of motherhood ("feminism.") 
Why? To make us servile. The Elite first needs to destroy the four legs of human identity: family, race, God (religion,) and nation to change human nature. How? They use the media to make people think self-destructive behavior is advanced and "cool".'
Monday, 31 August 2009 
As David Icke has been saying for a decade and more ... HIV = AIDS is Bollocks
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Monday, 31 August 2009 
The Massacre of Muslim Civilians is Always: 'Self-Defence' But Never Terrorism
'The Anglo-US-Israeli axis continues to market the murdering of Muslims civilians as the result of self-defence, through its media outlets. Any impartial observer seeing the carnage in Iraq, Lebanon and now in Gaza would conclude differently, because it is obvious who is being terrorised and slaughtered.'
Monday, 31 August 2009 
Swine Flu: Natural Pandemic or Man-Made Pandemonium?
'The latest in the barrage of media reports on swine flu is a Bloomberg news report (August 25, 2009) that it might hospitalize 1.8 million patients in the US and over-burden hospital intensive care units. This comes from a planning scenario released by the President's Council of Advisers on Science and Technology.'
Monday, 31 August 2009 
The Rise of Mercenary Armies: A Threat to Global Security
'The growing use of private armies not only subjects target populations to savage warfare but makes it easier for the White House to subvert domestic public opinion and wage wars. Americans are less inclined to oppose a war that is being fought by hired foreign mercenaries, even when their own tax dollars are being squandered to fund it.'
Monday, 31 August 2009 
Rothschild Zionist Benanke Threatens Economic Collapse if Fed Forced to Reveal Secrets
'The U.S. Federal Reserve asked a federal judge not to enforce her order that it reveal the names of the banks that have participated in its emergency lending programs and the sums they received, saying such disclosure would threaten the companies and the economy. The central bank filed its request on Wednesday, two days after Chief Judge Loretta Preska of the U.S. District Court in Manhattan ruled in favor of Bloomberg News, which had sought information under the federal Freedom of Information Act.
“Immediate release of these documents will cause irreparable harm to these institutions and to the board’s ability to effectively manage the current, and any future, financial crisis,” the central bank argued.'
Sunday, 30 August 2009 
Fluedo: Health Chiefs Introduce Their Latest Weapon in the War Against Swine Flu... a Dice Game
August 31, 2009 12:20 PM   
Swine Flu Vaccine Linked to Deadly Nerve Disease              Jo Macfarlane
August  31, 2009     (written,August 16, 2009)
Swine flu jab link to killer nerve disease: Leaked letter reveals concern of neurologists over 25 deaths in America             Prevention: Is the swine flu jab safe?
A warning that the new swine flu jab is linked to a deadly nerve disease has been sent by the Government to senior neurologists in a confidential letter.
The letter from the Health Protection Agency, the official body that oversees public health, has been leaked to The Mail on Sunday, leading to demands to know why the information has not been given to the public before the vaccination of millions of people, including children, begins.
It tells the neurologists that they must be alert for an increase in a brain disorder called Guillain-Barre Syndrome (GBS), which could be triggered by the vaccine.
GBS attacks the lining of the nerves, causing paralysis and inability to breathe, and can be fatal.
The letter, sent to about 600 neurologists on July 29, is the first sign that there is concern at the highest levels that the vaccine itself could cause serious complications.
It refers to the use of a similar swine flu vaccine in the United States in 1976 when:
* More people died from the vaccination than from swine flu.
* 500 cases of GBS were detected.
* The vaccine may have increased the risk of contracting GBS by eight times.
* The vaccine was withdrawn after just ten weeks when the link with GBS became clear.
* The US Government was forced to pay out millions of dollars to those affected.
Concerns have already been raised that the new vaccine has not been sufficiently tested and that the effects, especially on children, are unknown.
It is being developed by pharmaceutical companies and will be given to about 13million people during the first wave of immunisation, expected to start in October.
Top priority will be given to everyone aged six months to 65 with an underlying health problem, pregnant women and health professionals.
The British Neurological Surveillance Unit (BNSU), part of the British Association of Neurologists, has been asked to monitor closely any cases of GBS as the vaccine is rolled out.
One senior neurologist said last night: ‘I would not have the swine flu jab because of the GBS risk.’
There are concerns that there could be a repeat of what became known as the ‘1976 debacle’ in the US, where a swine flu vaccine killed 25 people – more than the virus itself.
A mass vaccination was given the go-ahead by President Gerald Ford because scientists believed that the swine flu strain was similar to the one responsible for the 1918-19 pandemic, which killed half a million Americans and 20million people worldwide.
The swine flu vaccine being offered to children has not been tested on infants
Within days, symptoms of GBS were reported among those who had been immunised and 25 people died from respiratory failure after severe paralysis. One in 80,000 people came down with the condition. In contrast, just one person died of swine flu.
More than 40million Americans had received the vaccine by the time the programme was stopped after ten weeks. The US Government paid out millions of dollars in compensation to those affected.
The swine flu virus in the new vaccine is a slightly different strain from the 1976 virus, but the possibility of an increased incidence of GBS remains a concern.
Shadow health spokesman Mike Penning said last night: ‘The last thing we want is secret letters handed around experts within the NHS. We need a vaccine but we also need to know about potential risks.
‘Our job is to make sure that the public knows what’s going on. Why is the Government not being open about this? It’s also very worrying if GPs, who will be administering the vaccine, aren’t being warned.’
Two letters were posted together to neurologists advising them of the concerns. The first, dated July 29, was written by Professor Elizabeth Miller, head of the HPA’s Immunisation Department.
It says: ‘The vaccines used to combat an expected swine influenza pandemic in 1976 were shown to be associated with GBS and were withdrawn from use.
‘GBS has been identified as a condition needing enhanced surveillance when the swine flu vaccines are rolled out.
‘Reporting every case of GBS irrespective of vaccination or disease history is essential for conducting robust epidemiological analyses capable of identifying whether there is an increased risk of GBS in defined time periods after vaccination, or after influenza itself, compared with the background risk.’
The second letter, dated July 27, is from the Association of British Neurologists and is written by Dr Rustam Al-Shahi Salman, chair of its surveillance unit, and Professor Patrick Chinnery, chair of its clinical research committee.
Halted: The 1976 US swine flu campaign
It says: ‘Traditionally, the BNSU has monitored rare diseases for long periods of time. However, the swine influenza (H1N1) pandemic has overtaken us and we need every member’s involvement with a new BNSU survey of Guillain-Barre Syndrome that will start on August 1 and run for approximately nine months.
‘Following the 1976 programme of vaccination against swine influenza in the US, a retrospective study found a possible eight-fold increase in the incidence of GBS.
‘Active prospective ascertainment of every case of GBS in the UK is required. Please tell BNSU about every case.
‘You will have seen Press coverage describing the Government’s concern about releasing a vaccine of unknown safety.’
If there are signs of a rise in GBS after the vaccination programme begins, the Government could decide to halt it.
GBS attacks the lining of the nerves, leaving them unable to transmit signals to muscles effectively.
It can cause partial paralysis and mostly affects the hands and feet. In serious cases, patients need to be kept on a ventilator, but it can be fatal.
Death is caused by paralysis of the respiratory system, causing the victim to suffocate. It is not known exactly what causes GBS and research on the subject has been inconclusive.
However, it is thought that one in a million people who have a seasonal flu vaccination could be at risk and it has also been linked to people recovering from a bout of flu of any sort.
The HPA said it was part of the Government’s pandemic plan to monitor GBS cases in the event of a mass vaccination campaign, regardless of the strain of flu involved.
But vaccine experts warned that the letters proved the programme was a ‘guinea-pig trial’.
Dr Tom Jefferson, co-ordinator of the vaccines section of the influential Cochrane Collaboration, an independent group that reviews research, said: ‘New vaccines never behave in the way you expect them to. It may be that there is a link to GBS, which is certainly not something I would wish on anybody.
‘But it could end up being anything because one of the additives in one of the vaccines is a substance called squalene, and none of the studies we’ve extracted have any research on it at all.’
He said squalene, a naturally occurring enzyme, could potentially cause so-far-undiscovered side effects.
Jackie Fletcher, founder of vaccine support group Jabs, said: ‘The Government would not be anticipating this if they didn’t think there was a connection. What we’ve got is a massive guinea-pig trial.’
Professor Chinnery said: ‘During the last swine flu pandemic, it was observed that there was an increased frequency of cases of GBS. No one knows whether it was the virus or the vaccine that caused this.
‘The purpose of the survey is for us to assess rapidly whether there is an increase in the frequency of GBS when the vaccine is released in the UK. It also increases consultants’ awareness of the condition.
Panic over? The number of swine flu cases has fallen sharply in the past few weeks
‘This is a belt-and-braces approach to safety and is not something people should be substantially worried about as it’s a rare condition.’
If neurologists do identify a case of GBS, it will be logged on a central database.
Details about patients, including blood samples, will be collected and monitored by the HPA.
It is hoped this will help scientists establish why some people develop the condition and whether it is directly related to the vaccine.
But some question why there needs to be a vaccine, given the risks. Dr Richard Halvorsen, author of The Truth About Vaccines, said: ‘For people with serious underlying health problems, the risk of dying from swine flu is probably greater than the risk of side effects from the vaccine.
‘But it would be tragic if we repeated the US example and ended up with more casualties from the jabs.
‘I applaud the Government for recognising the risk but in most cases this is a mild virus which needs a few days in bed. I’d question why we need a vaccine at all.’
Professor Miller at the HPA said: ‘This monitoring system activates pandemic plans that have been in place for a number of years. We’ll be able to get information on whether a patient has had a prior influenza illness and will look at whether influenza itself is linked to GBS.
‘We are not expecting a link to the vaccine but a link to disease, which would make having the vaccine even more important.’
The UK’s medicines watchdog, the Medicines and Healthcare Products Regulatory Agency, is already monitoring reported side effects from Tamiflu and Relenza and it is set to extend that surveillance to the vaccine.
A Department of Health spokesperson said: ‘The European Medicines Agency has strict processes in place for licensing pandemic vaccines.
‘In preparing for a pandemic, appropriate trials to assess safety and the immune responses have been carried out on vaccines very similar to the swine flu vaccine. The vaccines have been shown to have a good safety profile.
‘It is extremely irresponsible to suggest that the UK would use a vaccine without careful consideration of safety issues. The UK has one of the most successful immunisation programmes in the world.’
Victim: Hilary Wilkinson spent three months in hospital after she was diagnosed with Guillain-Barre Syndrome
When Hilary Wilkinson woke up with muscle weakness in her left arm and difficulty breathing, doctors initially put it down to a stroke.
But within hours, she was on a ventilator in intensive care after being diagnosed with Guillain-Barre Syndrome.
She spent three months in hospital and had to learn how to talk and walk again. But at times, when she was being fed through a drip and needed a tracheotomy just to breathe, she doubted whether she would survive.
The mother of two, 57, from Maryport, Cumbria, had been in good health until she developed a chest infection in March 2006. She gradually became so weak she could not walk downstairs.
Doctors did not diagnose Guillain-Barre until her condition worsened in hospital and tests showed her reflexes slowing down. It is impossible for doctors to know how she contracted the disorder, although it is thought to be linked to some infections.
Mrs Wilkinson said: ‘It was very scary. I couldn’t eat and I couldn’t speak. My arms and feet had no strength and breathing was hard.
I was treated with immunoglobulin, which are proteins found in blood, to stop damage to my nerves. After ten days, I still couldn’t speak and had to mime to nurses or my family.
‘It was absolutely horrendous and I had no idea whether I would get through it. You reach very dark moments at such times and wonder how long it can last.
But I’m a very determined person and I had lots of support.’
After three weeks, she was transferred to a neurological ward, where she had an MRI scan and nerve tests to assess the extent of the damage.
Still unable to speak and in a wheelchair, Mrs Wilkinson eventually began gruelling physiotherapy to improve her muscle strength and movement but it was exhausting and painful.
Three years later, she is almost fully recovered. She can now walk for several miles at a time, has been abroad and carries out voluntary work for a GBS Support Group helpline.
She said: ‘It makes me feel wary that the Government is rolling out this vaccine without any clear idea of the GBS risk, if any. I wouldn’t wish it on anyone and it certainly changed my life.
‘I’m frightened to have the swine flu vaccine if this might happen again – it’s a frightening illness and I think more research needs to be done on the effect of the vaccine.’
Hotline staff given access to confidential records
Confidential NHS staff records and disciplinary complaints could be accessed by hundreds of workers manning the Government’s special swine flu hotline.
They were able to browse through a database of emails containing doctors’ and nurses’ National Insurance numbers, home addresses, dates of birth, mobile phone numbers and scanned passport pages – all details that could be used fraudulently.
And private and confidential complaints sent by hospitals about temporary medical staff – some of whom were named – were also made available to the call-centre workers, who were given a special password to log in to an internal NHS website.
It could be a breach of the Data Protection Act.
The hotline staff work for NHS Professionals, which was set up using taxpayers’ money to employ temporary medical and administrative staff for the health service.
The not-for-profit company runs two of the Government’s swine flu call centres – with 300 staff in Farnborough, Hampshire, and 900 in Watford, Hertfordshire.
Shadow Health Secretary Andrew Lansley described the revelations as ‘disturbing’.
Anne Mitchell, a spokeswoman for Unison, said: ‘There’s no excuse for such a fundamental breach of personal security. Action needs to be taken as soon as possible to make sure this does not happen again.’
A spokeswoman for NHS Professionals would not confirm whether access to the confidential files had been granted.
August 31, 2009 12:31 PM        UPDATE: A Fusion-Ignited Saturn Sun
 This is a documentation and study of the feasibility of creating a sustainable fusion reaction from an initial fission reaction on Saturn caused by a significant quantity of Plutonium-238 being inserted deep into the atmosphere.  A fusion-ignited Saturn-sun would be the key to creating a human-habitable area on Titan.  This report is the result of my intensive research on this subject since late 2002.  I could not be so confident in my assertions if it were not for the additional key research of Jacco van der Worp, a Netherlands physicist, and former NASA Consultant, Richard C. Hoagland.   I am sure I will be accused of being an alarmist, but I believe the information presented here will convince any open mind that there is at least some suspicious activity regarding NASA’s Galileo and Cassini missions.   ....(...)
  Let’s look at an expanding bubble in Saturn.  The cylinders are better built now, the density of the atmosphere compared to Jupiter is much less, and the pressure in Saturn doesn’t increase nearly as dramatically as in Jupiter.  This will allow the cylinders higher speed and much deeper drops before imploding:
Assume 10’s of lbs of Pu isotopes ignite initially into a gas bubble sphere that is 50 miles in diameter 25% of the way to the center of Saturn, or 8500 miles into the polar area.  Even if fusion does not start, this intensely hot gas bubble races to the surface at 1000 mph expanding rapidly to 100 times its current diameter the first 1000 miles increasing its size to 5000 miles diameter.  The bubble continues to expand now but the rate of expansion is reined in for the rest of the trip.  By the time the bubble reaches the surface it has slowed down dramatically but the diameter has increased to around 20,000 miles.  Imagine taking a big spoon the shape of half of a sphere and 20,000 miles in diameter and scooping it out of the top of Saturn.  This is the shape and size that would be affected in the most extreme scenario.  About 1-2% of the volume of Saturn could be rapidly shoved aside or blown out. (Diagram D)
1. Displacement of volume.
2. Thrust follows to fill back in from all sides and from below.
3. General rush from all sides as a building avalanche of matter falling inwards to aid in replacement.
4. Further inward fall unstoppable,  fusion heat builds.
5. Critical is reached and Saturn ignites.
     What will this blowout cause?  Even if fusion doesn’t start by initial fission heat, will Saturn begin to collapse in on itself having 1-2% of its volume suddenly displaced?  I see several parallels here to the “2001”, “2010” novels/movies.  Just before Jupiter ignites, a large cavity is seen increasing inside Jupiter (blowout cavity), it seems millions of black monoliths have converged in one area to cause this (iridium/carbon-cased plutonium cylinders?).  The cavity increases to the point that Jupiter begins to collapse in on itself creating a situation where internal pressure and heat inside the planet increases 100 fold, at which point Jupiter ignites into a star via internal fusion.23  Is this yet another possibility for ignition other than straightforward fission heat resulting in fusion?
     In “2010” the monolith was a catalyst and symbol of transformation of humankind to the next level of existence, somewhat of alchemists’ stone for the human spirit.  In a way, the black cylinders of Cassini seem to parallel this somewhat.
When Jupiter ignited in the novel “2010”, an unrealistically tame shell of ionized hydrogen buffeted the spaceship on its way out into space, but depending on how much Saturn decides to shed (a rough estimate would be 10% of its mass)24, the ejecta may be much stronger than that for a much longer time.
Praemonitus pramunitus—Forewarned, forearmed
While amazing and grand, no doubt, I also find the Lucifer Project callous in regard for the people of Earth unless there is a more profound plan at work here that is beyond my knowledge.  I have to conclude that the creators know the repercussions of a successful ignition of Saturn.  This ignition can also be used as a religious tool, a “sign from the heavens”,  possibly to give cause to ordain a great leader on Earth.  If people are unaware of the artificial nature of the ignition they may be fooled by the claims.  I still believe this event to be unlikely to happen despite the depth of research that I have committed to it.  Regardless, my intention was to raise awareness on the subject so that in the event of an ignition, we would not be caught blindsided and would know the truth of how the star came to be.....(....)
Conspiratorial theory and timeline of events (speculations and wild conjectures are italicized)
2003 (Sept. 21) Galileo dives into Jupiter at the equator.  As was likely expected, nothing happens.  Then 4 weeks later:
2003 (Oct. 19) Olivier Meeckers images a “mystery spot” the size of Earth with a streak trailing away near the equator of Jupiter.  All other professional telescopes ignore the spot!
2003 (late Oct.) Richard C. Hoagland publishes a report detailing the entire amazing scenario showing that the “mystery spot” is most likely Galileo’s plutonium that had drifted down 700 miles into Jupiter at 1 mph for most of the trip!
2004- Cassini arrives at Saturn to study the system.  The start of attempt #2.
2005 (early) - Cassini-launched Huygens probe studies Titan in depth revealing its primordial earthlike attributes.
2008 (early July to late July) – Cassini plunges into a polar region of Saturn in order to increase acceleration of gravity before impact (Saturn is very oblate).  This will give the pellets a head start and a much greater penetration depth than if the equator were used.  Also the polar region is less likely to have a storm brewing.  A few days later, or maybe weeks later, the plutonium pellets reach crush depth and implode 15-25% of the way to the center of Saturn and igniting it entirely into a star.  NASA does not have to officially deny responsibility because the question is never asked of them “Did Cassini cause this?” just as they were never questioned about the mystery Jupiter spot at the point where Galileo went in.             The trick has been all along how to get the pellets in deep enough for a significant disturbance to occur.  Saturn allows this with much less density than Jupiter and less of a radius to start with especially going into Saturn at its pole where the radius is 10% less than Saturn at the equator.  Jupiter may have been a hopeful first try and more of a test or precursor to Saturn.  Even A.C. Clarke and Stanley Kubrick originally envisioned Saturn as the best candidate.  Another thing to note is that a Saturn ignition is much safer for Earth than a Jupiter ignition as far as ejecta disturbing our atmosphere.  The amount of ionized hydrogen that reaches us from Saturn will be a fraction of that from a Jupiter ignition, but still risky .  I estimate the mass of ionized hydrogen intercepted by the Earth to average  .015 kg/m2/day for every square meter of the Earth for about two weeks and traveling at high speeds. During the last couple days heavier elements will reach the Earth in smaller quantities.
2008 (late July) – The new star is named, possibly Lucifer, or a derivative of that.  The “sign from the heavens” is used to ordain a great world leader, or a leader who had just taken power prior to the event.
2008 (Jul/Aug/Sept) – After a few weeks of 24/7 talk of the implications, causes, effects, etc. of the new star, Earth begins to get showered with the ejecta from Saturn.  The shower lasts 2 to 3 weeks and includes some heavier elements towards the end.  This directly or indirectly kills millions of people and animals on Earth - a great boost for population control.  Those “in the know” hide out in underground cities and bunkers for several weeks to several months until Earth’s ozone shell has recovered.
2009 – The new world reality sets in.  After coping with the effects of the event, the survivors find that having a second sun is novel. Earth is completely changed, all infrastructures, political structures, and religions are thrust into chaos.  The strongest surviving military force soon takes control of the Earth.
2010 – A call goes up to investigate and explore the new system of Saturn/Titan. 365/24/7 time and unlimited resources go into the new international venture.  Terraforming plans start on a grand scale.
2033 - Humans set foot on an earthlike Titan....(...)
EDITOR DISCLAIMER: being one of the unwashed with no tether to "Secret-agenda" I have no privileged insight that there is a group trying to solar-form Saturn. But if there does exist such crew of planetary-engineers with intention to ignite one of our sister worlds then my deepest human intuition shouts that this is a bad idea, A REALLY REALLY BAD IDEA! --Kent Steadman, ORBIT....(...)
Hooking the World on Prozac
Read Eugenia Tsao’s brilliant report on the global trade in psychotherapeutic drugs. As  third world neoliberal economies plunge millions into hunger and desperation, sales of Prozac and other antipsychotics boom. First World to Third:  Don’t organize .Blame yourself for being crazy and pop a pill.
Also find Elyssa Pachico’s amazing account of how the US Patents office helped a Colorado man claim ownership of the Mexican mayacoba bean. And read Alexander Cockburn’s account of how al-Megrahi, the Libyan  sent home from a Scottish prison amid a vindictive uproar in the U.S., was framed in a bid by the U.S. and U.K. to pin the Lockerbie bombing of Panam Flight 103 on Qaddafi’s Libya. Get your new edition today by subscribing online .......
Bouthaina Shaaban is Political and Media Advisor at the Syrian Presidency, and former Minister of Expatriates. She was the spokesperson for Syria and nominated for Nobel Peace Prize in 2005. She can be reached through........(...)
New York Times Director Probed for "Breach of Trust"
To the Sulzberger family that controls the New York Times he has been the ultimate Good German. High-flying Thomas Middelhoff took New York by storm, buying Random House for Bertelsmann, invited onto the NYT board, a member of its compensation committee. Read Eamonn Fingleton’s exclusive on how Middelhoff has crashed to earth and how the NYT has buried the story. Amid New York’s savage fiscal crisis, guess what? The city ponies up $50 million for a nice new park for rich people in Manhattan. Read Carl Ginsburg on the High Line. PLUS Elyssa Pachico on how rural revolution in Colombia has gone digital. PLUS co-editor Cockburn on how, in Obama Time, the Israel lobby is carrying all before it. What a surprise. Get your new edition today by subscribing online.....
.........    Alison Weir is executive director of If Americans Knew. A version of this article containing citations and additional information is available at http://ifamericansknew/cur_sit/sweden.html
Comment: Who Profits has compiled a comprehensive list of company who implement or benefit from the oppression of the Palestinian Occupation.
    The Occupation Industry Research Project
    This database reflects an on-going grassroots investigation effort by activists in The Coalition of Women for Peace, a leading Israeli feminist peace organization, dedicated to ending the Israeli occupation of the West Bank, Gaza and the Golan Heights and reaching a just peace in Israel/ Palestine. In exposing companies and corporations involved in the occupation, we hope to promote a change in public opinion and corporate policies, leading to an end to the occupation.
    Along with various political, religious and national interests, the Israeli occupation of the West Bank, Gaza and the Golan Heights is fueled by corporate interests. Israeli companies and multinational corporations lead real estate deals, develop the Israeli infrastructure and settlements in the Palestinian occupied territories and the Golan Heights, contribute to the construction and operation of an ethnic separation system, including checkpoints, walls and roads, design and supply equipment and tools used in the control and repression of the civilian population under occupation.
    Currently, we focus our attention on three main areas of corporate involvement in the occupation: The Settlement Industry, Economic Exploitation and Control of Population. At this stage in our project, we are not investigating the vast industry of military production and arms trade. The information we provide on the exploitation of Palestinian labor and production is also very limited. Other organizations (Kav LaOved, Adva Center, and The Alternative Information Center) have investigated these fields of involvement in depth, and wherever necessary, we show a link to their publications.
    The information we publish on this website has been collected by activists of the Coalition of Women for Peace. This is a continuous community research effort, and the published database reflects parts of our on-going investigation and work in progress. The online database, therefore, is ever-changing and incomplete, and the information published may be partial or outdated. However, we never publish any allegation without corroborating it ourselves, using public documents, the companies' own publications, or site visits. The information we share in this website is not "secret": even if some firms try to obscure or downplay their involvement in these controversial projects, at most times the information is readily available.
    We hope that this information will stimulate a candid public debate about the costs and benefits of the occupation to different parts of Israeli society, the international and local economic interests that play a role in the occupation, and how these interests influence political decision-making. We hope to serve as an information center for queries about corporate involvement in the occupation from individuals and groups working for corporate accountability, social justice and labor rights.
 (( ))
« Espaces métropolitains » : une stratégie vers une « gouvernance mondiale »
par Pierre Hillard*
Les partisans d’une « gouvernance mondiale » manipulent la classique rivalité entre pouvoirs locaux et nationaux pour affaiblir les États-nations.....(....)  en francais.
Comment: Some more background on Osama Bin Laden's relationship with the CIA:
Bombshell: Bin Laden worked for US till 9/11
Pakistani president to NBC News: Osama bin Laden is dead, Oh and by the way he was a US government operator
Bin Laden Took Part in 1986 Arms Deal, Book Says, Funded by CIA
'Leave the bin Ladens alone' Bush told agents before September 11
Comment: The reader may also be interested in:
Blackwater Founder Implicated in Murder
Ex-employees claim Blackwater provided child prostitutes in Iraq
US Still Paying Blackwater Millions
..................a comment:..............................
Smom=Cia=Black Water               comment By: tognola
the Order of malta, the paramilitary of the Vatican simply went secret service "SS" after WW2, today the Order of Malta holds permanent status at the U.N., this seems to be the final stage on corporate world government, world facism facism.
Forum Thread On Black Water / Malta    comment     By: tognola
at this thread  [Link] :

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August 31, 2009 11:30 AM  US National Debt (animation)
August 31, 2009 11:28 AM  Three Moderate Quakes Hit Cascadia Subduction Zone
August 31,  11:27 AM  Chain of Volcanoes Activate Simultaneously in Russian Far East
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August 31, 2009 11:12 AM  A Letter to the U.S. Legislature
August 31, 2009 11:09 AM  The H1N1 Swine Flu Pandemic: Manipulating the Data to Justify a Worldwide Public Health Emergenc
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August 31, 2009 11:05 AM  The Militarization of Latin America
August 31, 2009 11:03 AM  Teddy Kennedy's Deadly Legacy For America
August 31, 2009 11:01 AM  Palestinian family claims to be victim of organ trade by Israel
August 31, 2009 11:00 AM  CDC States H1N1 Vaccine May Maim and Kill 30,000 Americans, FDA Requires Minimal Efficacy
August 31, 2009 10:46 AM  The New "Blood Libel"? Israeli Organ Harvesting
August 31, 2009 10:45 AM  Capitalist Moral Reality
August 31, 2009 10:43 AM  From Dust to Bust, America's Poor Take On a New Type of Monster (withe video)
August 30, 2009 3:30 PM  'HELLO, CENTRAL!' WE ARE FRAGMENTS OF LIGHT! (Updated August 28, 2009)
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August 30, 2009 3:10 PM  Video: Top Conspiracies Exposed!
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August 30, 2009 3:02 PM  Spain's Bullet Train Changes Nation -- and Fast
August 30, 2009 2:58 PM  New Law suit filed in the Western District of Texas. Flight Surgeon Cpt Connie Rhodes, MD refuses to be deployed to Iraq until Obama’s legitimacy for the position of the Commander in Chief is verified
August 30, 2009 2:51 PM  Town-hall clash! Arrest threat over Obama 'Joker' poster
August 30, 2009 2:48 PM  CALL FOR A NATIONWIDE STRIKE ON The 8th Anniversary of September 11, 2001
L'UA achève son sommet sans mesures concrètes contre les conflits africains
AFP - TRIPOLI (AFP) - Le numéro un libyen Mouammar Kadhafi a conclu lundi soir à Tripoli un sommet extraordinaire de l'Union africaine consacré aux conflits en Afrique, sans prendre de mesures qui pourraient venir à bout des guerres qui minent le continent.
           Gabon : sécurité renforcée, trois candidats crient victoire à la présidentielle 
Les USA pressent la Birmanie de cesser son offensive contre les minorités 
Jaycee Dugard avait tissé des liens étroits avec son bourreau présumé 
 Accord Arménie-Turquie sur un projet d'établir des relations diplomatiques 
Afghanistan : Holbrooke se félicite de succès militaires dans le sud
Ouragan Jimena : La côte mexicaine est menacée
Radio-Canada - Jusqu'à 20 000 familles pourraient être évacuées au Mexique à l'approche de l'ouragan, de force 4 sur l'échelle de Saffir-Simpson. Il est attendu dans la nuit de mardi à mercredi.
 Ouragan Jimena: le Mexique envisage d'évacuer jusqu'à 20.000 familles 
Afghanistan : Plaidoyer pour une nouvelle stratgie 
Afghanistan: Gates annonce plus de moyens, prédit un combat difficile 
L'incendie meurtrier près de Los Angeles se propage à grande vitesse 
Californie: les incendies progressent, des milliers de personnes évacuées
Harper government on 'life support,' says Ignatieff
Liberal leader Michael Ignatieff speaks during a news conference on the first day of the Liberal caucus summer retreat in Sudbury, Ontario, August 31, 2009. REUTERS/Chris WattieThe Canadian Press - SUDBURY - Michael Ignatieff says the Harper government is on "life support" - but he won't say when he'll try to pull the plug.
      Hurricane Jimena roars towards Mexican coast
      British inmates fed better than patients: study
      Woman jailed for flinging pie at Alberta premier
      CBC ordered to apologize for Obama assassination joke
      Police to review 1969 death of Rolling Stones' guitarist